Travel Buddies: Essential Car Accessories for Dogs

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  1. Key Points
  2. Deluxe Multi-Panel Hard Bottom

    by Furhaven 

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    12/01/2023 11:40 pm GMT
    FurHaven Pet Dog Barrier and Furniture Cover
  3. K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat
  4. Kurgo Journey Hammock-Style Dog Car Seat Cover
  5. Travel Safe

Key Points

  • The FurHaven barrier keeps your dog from jumping up front, while their covers protect your seats.

  • The K&H dog seat allows your small dog to look out the window, which reduces motion sickness.

  • The Kurgo Journey Hammock keeps your seats safe and your dog in the back seat, allowing you to drive distraction-free.

Are you a dog owner who loves to travel? If so, you need to know some things about traveling with your pet — including some of the coolest gifts for traveling dogs. Despite the old saying, accidents don't "just happen." Accidents are caused, and most can be prevented with some thought and preparation by the "captain of the ship" sitting in the driver's seat.

Did you know over 29 percent of drivers traveling with their pets admit their animals distract them? Approximately 84 percent don’t even secure their pet, meaning Fido ends up in the front seat trying to drive. 

Pennsylvania-based Eckell Sparks Attorneys at Law says, “Many dogs have trouble relaxing when restrained or in a crate. You can try a back-seat barrier for your vehicle, preventing your dog from coming up on its own or if you have to brake suddenly.” 

This barrier keeps you distraction-free and your dog safe in the back seat. With so many car accessories to consider, how do you choose the right product for your dog? The decision-making process can be overwhelming — but don’t worry. This article presents three effective ways to keep your traveling companion safe and your car interior looking great. 

Deluxe Multi-Panel Hard Bottom

by Furhaven 

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/01/2023 11:40 pm GMT
FurHaven Pet Dog Barrier and Furniture Cover

The simple yet functional design of the FurHaven Pet Dog Barrier makes it a winner for all pet parents who love traveling with their dogs. Made from a blend of polyester and nylon, it provides the perfect balance between durability and softness. The webbing prevents your dog from jumping into the front seat without blocking their view of you. It adjusts to suit various car seat types and sizes. 

The FurHaven cover stands out due to a reversible design that suits different interiors. It's machine-washable for convenient cleaning and easy to install and remove. Its protective flaps and tuck-in seat cushions protect your car's seats and surfaces. It's a practical solution for a happy, mess-free, and safe car ride with pups.

Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat

by K&H Pet Products 

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K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Dog Car Seat

The K&H pet car seat allows smaller dogs to enjoy the view outside, making journeys fun and stress-free. The boosted view also reduces the risk of motion sickness. This device is easy to install and keeps your dog safe while providing comfort with a quilted interior and plush foam cushion.

This dog car seat has a security leash and front and back straps for extra stability. Its heated bucket booster seat provides comforting warmth during cold weather. To be fully effective, the K&H pet car seat must fit your dog correctly. Note the dog's weight and size measurements before purchasing a car seat. The seat cover is removable and machine-washable for easy maintenance and durability.

Dog Hammock Car Seat Cover

by Kurgo 

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12/02/2023 12:01 am GMT

Kurgo Journey Hammock-Style Dog Car Seat Cover

The Kurgo Journey Hammock Style Car Seat Cover's unique design provides the best of both worlds, keeping your pet secure while protecting the seats from fur and dirt. Its most distinguishing feature is the waterproof, stain-resistant ripstop material. Dogs who love to jump around in the car with dirty paws or are anxious diggers don’t stand a chance against this material.

The product is compatible with all types of vehicles and has a lifetime warranty. Using the Kurgo Journey cover significantly improves your car's cleanliness and your pet's safety during rides. Larger dogs may find their space limited and feel too restricted. This cover is not the ideal choice if you have a giant breed dog.

Travel Safe

Your dog gives you much joy, pleasure, and unconditional love. Along with that comes some frustration, aggravation, and unexpected problems. It's a package deal.

Hopefully, you never face the problem of Chickie the golden retriever's owner. On August 17, 2023 — a week before his planned flight for a wedding in Italy — the Massachusetts groom-to-be's dog ate his passport. Whether Chickie was just bored or figured he could stop his owner from leaving, nobody knows. As of this writing, it appears the State Department successfully expedited the request for a new passport, preventing the bride from going on a trip-of-a-lifetime without her "better half." Chickie was still not invited to the wedding.

Each of the reviewed products offers features to provide comfort and safety for your dog during car rides. It is up to you to determine if a product meets your specific needs and those of your pet, including their size and behavior.

Using these accessories yields a more enjoyable ride for your dog and peace of mind for you. Your pre-trip checklist must always include inspecting the car seat for any problems or defects. Replace it promptly when necessary.

Knowing your travel buddy is secure, content, and comfortable in the back seat allows you to focus on the primary task — getting to your destination safely. Remember, "Watch out for the other guy," and have safe and enjoyable travels with your dogs!

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