Most Adorable Small Dog Breeds

Key Points

  • Yorkshire terriers and Chihuahuas are small, portable dogs suitable for individuals who travel often.

  • Boston terriers, French bulldogs, and Yorkshire terriers don't do well with hot weather or humidity.

  • French bulldogs and Shih Tzus are prone to eye problems.

Although all dogs are lovable, welcoming an adorable small dog breed into your life is the best possible idea for many. With their forever-puppy features, playful natures, and loyal personalities, it's easy to see why tiny companions capture so many people's hearts.

If you're considering getting a small dog, this article details six adorable small dog breeds for your family giving you insight into basic facts and stars, common health issues, and reasons to fall in love.

Chihuahua: The Compact Guard Dog

When someone mentions adorable small dog breeds, you probably picture a Chihuahua. Originating from Mexico, these feisty and affectionate furballs only stand between five to eight inches tall and rarely weigh over six pounds.

Grooming Needs

The short coat variation requires much less grooming than long coats. Still, they need weekly brushing and daily teeth and eye cleaning to maintain their hygiene. As for the longer-coat pups, they require daily brushing to prevent tangles.

Common Health Issues

The Chihuahua's life expectancy ranges from 14 to 16 years. Common issues include heart problems, eye diseases, and patellar luxation (slipped kneecaps). Some may also have idiopathic epilepsy. Nevertheless, regular vet visits and a healthy lifestyle help keep these potential issues at bay.


These bossy pooches are affectionate towards their family members but wary of strangers. However, they turn into love bugs when you introduce early socialization. They also love participating in group activities, from short walks to playtime in the house. After a long day, they enjoy cuddling in their owners' lap.

Chihuahua small dog breed

Pomeranian: The Fluffy Muse

Pomeranians are famous for their adorable looks and fluffy coats. They resemble teddy bears, like the social media-famous "World's Cutest Dog," Boo. These pint-sized pups typically stand between six to seven inches tall and weigh between three to seven pounds.

Grooming Needs

As part of the Spitz family that brave the Arctic environment, these little dogs naturally sport a thick, long double coat that insulates their bodies while protecting their skin from UV light. As a result of the dense undercoat, they require regular brushing and frequent grooming visits to stay tidy.

Common Health Issues

Poms have a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years. They're usually healthy little dogs but prone to hypothyroidism, collapsing tracheas, patellar luxation, alopecia, seizures, and congestive heart failure. Despite these concerns, they're sturdy little pooches, even surviving the horrific Titanic accident in 1912!


With lovable and affectionate personalities, Poms are intelligent and social animals. They get along relatively well with other dogs and love engaging with their human family members.

Although these entertaining pups require short daily walks, they do well as faithful companion dogs. Throughout history, they accompanied Mozart while he completed his famous arias, inspired Chopin to write "Waltz of the Little Dogs," and waited on Michelangelo as he painted the Sistine Chapel.

Pomeranian dog breed

French Bulldog: The Irresistible Couch Potato

As the mascot of the doggy product brand Frenchiestore, the French bulldog has a distinctive look with bat-like ears and a wrinkled face. These lovable gremlins usually stand between 11 to 13 inches tall and weigh under 28 pounds.

Grooming Needs

Because Frenchies have short, smooth coats that shed mostly during seasonal changes, the American Kennel Club suggests "weekly brushing with a medium-bristle brush, a rubber grooming mitt or tool, or a hound glove." Other than regular eye, ear, and teeth cleaning, they require minimal grooming.

Common Health Issues

Their average life span ranges between 10 to 12 years. They're prone to breathing problems and eye issues, including juvenile cataracts, cherry eye, and entropion. These flat-face dogs struggle in hot and humid weather and may require sweaters during winter. Find all kinds of Frenchie accessories at the Frenchiestore.

Calming Dog Ad


French bulldogs are couch potatoes that love double-duty as lap dogs. They're playful and affectionate and get along with almost everyone and every animal. Although they prefer lounging at home, they enjoy brisk walks and indoor games to keep them happy.

French Bulldog breed

Shih Tzu: The Silky Lap Dog

The Shih Tzu, which translates to "little lion" in Chinese, has had an extensive fan base among royalty and temple monks throughout the centuries. These pups typically stand between 9 to 10.5 inches tall and weigh 9 to 16 pounds.

Grooming Needs

These little beauties are famous for their luxurious silky locks that require daily grooming to prevent mats from forming in their coats. Even though they shed minimally, they need regular visits to the groomer to keep the hair away from their eyes and at a manageable length.

Common Health Issues

They enjoy a life span between 10 to 18 years. Although this ancient breed has few genetic problems, they face several health concerns. They're sensitive to heat and do not enjoy water. In addition, they're prone to hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and eye problems.


The little lions look like the Ewoks from Star Wars and are equally delightful in personality. They are eager to please, making them easily trainable and highly sociable. They get along well with animals, young children, and adults alike.

Shih Tzu small dog breed

Yorkshire Terrier: The Petite Companion

The iconic Yorkshire terrier face is everywhere, from the boxes of PetSafe products to the Royal Canin food packages. These tiny dynamos typically stand seven to eight inches tall and weigh between four to six pounds, making them a portable breed ideal for city living or frequent travelers.

Grooming Needs

These pint-sized pooches have long, silky coats that shed minimally. However, they need daily brushing to keep the hair smooth and tangle-free. They require frequent grooming to prevent their hair from growing too long, causing tripping hazards and eye infections.

Common Health Issues

Yorkies usually live between 11 to 15 years. Their common health problems are eye anomalies and patellar luxation. They may also suffer joint issues if they jump excessively. Overall, they're the PetSafe poster children of healthy dogs.


Their playful nature often results in lots of fun and mischief, making them a favorite among pet owners looking for an active pup. Though they're friendly with family members and young children, they're wary of other dogs and strangers. To break Yorkies of their barking habit, these furballs require early socialization to warm up to unfamiliar animals and humans.

Yorkshire Terrier dog breed

Boston Terrier: The Mischievous Playmate

The popular Boston terriers have huge expressive eyes and tuxedo-like coats, heightening their cuteness factor. Standing at 15 to 17 inches and weighing around 12 to 25 pounds, these pooches are one of the larger options among the adorable small dog breeds.

Grooming Needs

These terriers have short, smooth coats that only require brushing once or twice weekly. They drool very little and have minimal body odor. All these qualities make them an excellent choice for low-maintenance owners.

Common Health Issues

Boston terriers are prone to eye irritation, corneal ulcers, cataracts, and glaucoma. They're also sensitive to weather changes and do poorly in extreme temperatures and humidity. During wintertime, they may require a sweater to keep warm.


They're highly intelligent and full of enthusiasm. They enjoy daily walks and need plenty of playtime to thrive. They love being around people and other animals and respond extremely well to positive reinforcement training.

Boston Terrier dog breed

Which Breed Is Right for You?

When choosing a pet, find a breed that fits your lifestyle and energy level. Whether you opt for the playful and curious Boston terrier or Pomeranian, the love bug Frenchie or Shih Tzu, or the brave Yorkie or Chihuahua, these pups will be a delightful addition to your home.

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