Tia Kitchens


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Tia Kitchens enjoys sharing their love of dogs while helping others learn about their canine best friends.


  • Tia has five years of professional experience creating print and digital publications content.
  • They have several blogs and published articles.
  • Tia has 15 years of experience testing dog products and writing reviews.


Tia writes blogs and articles dedicated to keeping pup parents in the loop. These compositions cover everything from what makes the best chew toys for aggressive chewers to comprehensive dog guides. As a proud pup parent themself, they are dedicated to their work at BreedExpert. Tia was a former dog walker with over 50 steady clients, learning on the go about what leashes, leads, and harnesses work best for various dogs. They strive to provide the best information possible for all pet parents.


They attended Capella University and earned a Bachelor's in Psychology. They graduated Suma Cum Laude.

Expertise: Psychology

Education: Capella University

Location: Plano, TX

Title: Writer