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At Breed Expert, we provide researched-based information and education for dog owners and potential dog owners seeking breed-specific facts and statistics. We also pride ourselves on recommending top notch, effective products to improve your dog’s quality of life. We know that every dog deserves the best life possible and we make it our purpose to provide the education to make that a reality. From the best dog companions for anxiety to breed-specific advice, let Breed Expert guide you in becoming well educated about your specific breed of dog.  

We help countless users each month find the reliable and user-friendly information they need. Our content library provides dependable and honest information on everything from practical how-tos, gift guides for dog lovers, as well as guides to owning specific breeds. Whether you’re looking to adopt a new family member, better treat your pup’s separation anxiety, or discover dog breed facts to wow the crowd at your next trivia night, we’ve got you covered! 

Our team of expert writers have a wide array of experiences and expertise that they bring to our content with both fidelity and inclusivity in mind. 

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of dog breeds, or you’ve been a pet owner for as long as you can remember, you’ll fit right in with the Breed Expert community! 

Please note that Breed Expert does not intend to provide any veterinary advice. The content on this site is not a substitute for veterinary advice. Please see the advice of a trained veterinary professional familiar with your dog in the event of an emergency. 

Review Boards

Finding accurate and credible information online can be quite the challenge. While more and more online autonomy can be a great thing, it also means that the web is full of falsifications or personal opinions camouflaged as the truth. To help combat that, every article on Breed Expert is reviewed by skilled professionals before being published. Our goal is to always provide you with top-quality, well-researched, factual-based information.

The Review Process

You may notice some of our articles have a last updated date that differs from their published date. The last updated date signifies that a member of our team has reviewed and edited the article to provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Editorial Guidelines

At Breed Expert, we have a great sense of dignity that stems from the integrity of our content. We consistently deliver on the high level of professionalism that defines Iko Brands. Top notch editorial standards guide us in producing authentic content that is honest, honorable, and humane. 

We tirelessly work to produce high quality content from writers who are not only gifted authors, but also live and breathe the content in their niche. Our content undergoes a rigorous, multi-step editorial process before publishing. 

You will never find AI (artificial intelligence) generated content on our site. Instead, we value the creativity, experiences, and expertise of real human beings. 

If you ever come across an article that you think needs improvement, please reach out by emailing contact@breedexpert.com

Fact Checking

Every article published on Breed Expert is research-based and recommends best practices. Each piece of content goes through an in-depth review and editorial process. Each member of the team at Breed Expert is a professional who was selected and considered based on their qualifications and unbiased expertise. Articles published on Breed Expert cite and quote credible sources in a professional manner. 

Product Reviews

The product reviews at Breed Expert are independent reviews, based on research and product testing. We participate in various affiliate programs, which means we may earn a commission on any purchases made using our links.

Diversity & Inclusion

Breed Expert’s mission is to produce in-depth information for those seeking information, statistics, and product recommendations specific to certain dog breeds. Breed Expert recognizes that we must educate ourselves about our dogs in order to provide them with the best life possible.

In an era of abundant information on the internet, we use our platform to educate and spread messages of truth, inclusivity, fairness, and human rights. We strive to do our part in creating a world that is kind and fair to everyone – no exceptions – through creating a site that publishes content that is unbiased and promotes diversity. 

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Are you a subject matter expert? We are also interested in collaborating with qualified subject matter experts who are willing to be featured on our platform through written Q&A style content. 

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Iko Brands creates synergistic opportunities in the online space. We believe brands are stronger when they are operated in unison, at scale. Iko Brands is one of the first brand incubators to pair a powerful data infrastructure with a portfolio of consumer-facing brands. Our businesses solve real-world enterprise and supply chain issues and inefficiencies. Iko Brands manages over 20 websites. 

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