A Guide to the Coolest Gifts for Traveling Dogs

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Key Points 

  • Finding the coolest gifts for traveling dogs doesn’t have to be hard. 

  • The travel containers featured as the coolest gifts for traveling dogs offer peace of mind about your dog’s food. 

  • With the week away bag from Mobile, you no longer need to share your suitcase. 

  • For mud-loving dogs, say goodbye to muddy footprints with the Kurgo portable shower. 

The likelihood that you are or have a dog lover in your life is high. As of 2022, 69 million U. S households had a pet dog. No matter where you take your pup, be it the breezy trips to far-flung cities or the long hiking trips up the mountains, your dog needs water, food, and tools just in case of emergencies – just like you do. 

Finding the coolest gifts for traveling dogs is not an easy task, but it can be fun, too. As soon as you open Amazon, you get flooded with results with reviews claiming that they are the best.

Ensuring that you have everything your pup needs for a trip is stressful – especially if you have a service dog or a companion dog. Finding items that work for you or someone you love doesn’t have to be hard. The items discussed in this article are sure to keep your pup happy and keep you from stressing out about forgetting something important. 

GAMMA2 Vittles Vault Travel-Trainer

Vittles Vault Travel-Trainer

by GAMMA2 

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11/30/2023 09:19 am GMT

Sadly, you can’t just drive up to the nearest drive-through and order your pup their dinner like your own. It simply doesn’t work that way. 

That’s where the GAMMA2 Vittles Vault comes in. This portable pet food storage keeps your dog’s food fresh on the go. Made from BPA-free plastic the bowls are easy to clean, making it ideal to travel with. What’s not to love about a container that holds six cups of food with a built-in food bowl? 

GAMMA2 Vittles Vault Travel-Trainer

What to Love About It

A big worry with plastics is the toxins some have. This travel container is BPA-free, meaning your dog’s food is safe from any harm

The top and bottom of this container double as food and water bowls, resulting in one less thing you have to pack and worry about. The carrying handle also doubles as a handle and a locking mechanism to keep the bowls together. You won’t have to worry about your pet’s food spilling out.  

For a brief road trip or even just a hike, this container ensures your pet gets their food without having to fight a Ziplock bag. 

GAMMA2 Vittles Vault Travel-Trainer

Missing the Mark

Any pup parent on the go wants something easy to clean. The two bowls are dishwasher safe but the clear storage part is not. Putting the storage container in the dishwasher leads to melting – aka no longer being able to use it. This also means that sanitizing this container if food has been sitting inside for a while isn’t an effortless task. 

The handle is not as sturdy as a metal one would be. It’s made out of plastic, and while it is great at keeping everything compact, in harsh weather like extreme heat or cold, it bends or snaps, making it unusable. Replacing the handle is difficult and means you have to buy a whole new product. 

The container only fits food for a short period of time. If you have a smaller dog, it’s possible to stretch this time out, but for the giant dog breed owners this is a one-day trip kind of item. 

Kurgo Portable Shower for Dogs

Portable Shower for Dogs

by Kurgo 

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11/30/2023 09:10 am GMT

Every dog owner out there knows mud puddles attract every canine to their dirty depths. While it may not be the whole dog that gets muddy, the mud still coats their paws. Bring in the Kurgo portable shower, where just attaching any plastic soda bottle becomes a way to clean your pup’s paws off in a snap. 

Kurgo Portable Shower for Dogs

What to Love About It

Who doesn’t love a product that does exactly what you expect it to do? You just attach the Kurgo shower to a bottle and squeeze. It looks just like a shower head on a smaller scale. The only thing that you have to do is apply pressure to the bottle attached to make the water flow faster and stronger.  

Not only does it work perfectly for your dog, it works just as well for you, too! Having a product that doubles in function saves space in your backpack. This little device is perfect for camping, hiking, or even just using it to clean your dog’s paws off before they get into your car after a run in the park. 

The shower lasts up to a minute with a two-liter bottle if you use it on a constant stream. If you are only using it in bursts, it lasts far longer. 

After use, just pop it in the dishwasher to sanitize. The cleanup is easy and perfect for those who don’t want to worry about hand-cleaning all the little holes of the Kurgo. 

Kurgo Portable Shower for Dogs

Missing the Mark

The downside? The Kurgo shower doesn’t fit standard water bottles in other countries. It only fits 16 oz bottles and two-liter bottles. The only water bottle that fits is the Japanese-made Evernew water bottle. Other than that, you’re stuck using bigger bottles. 

Two-liter bottles are heavy when full, and it’s pretty challenging – or impossible – to hold it in one hand. If you or your loved one have dexterity issues, then using the product is next to impossible on your own. Pup parents who have to keep a hold of their pup are likely to struggle with this product. If your pup sits still, then you have a far better chance of success than others. 

If you were hoping you could put it down and avoid spilling, you’re out of luck. Sadly, if you tip this over the water is going to come out. The only way to prevent spilling is to take the Kurgo off and cap the bottle again. 

Mobile Dog Gear Week Away Bag

Week Away Bag

by Mobile Dog Gear 

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11/30/2023 09:05 am GMT

There’s no need to leave your pup at home with this bag! Sure, hiring a pet sitter is an option, but why not take them with you? 

Seriously, now your dog has their very own suitcase from Mobile. This bag ensures you are able to fit everything your dog would need inside it, and still allows you to carry it easily with the adjustable strap. Gone are the days of worrying about where you’re going to pack that large ziplock bag of dog food in your suitcase!

Mobile Dog Gear Week Away Bag

What to Love About It 

It meets airline carry-on requirements. Traveling with your dog through the airport is stressful. You won’t have to worry about your dog’s food, medication, comfort toys, or anything else you need for your dog because you have it all on the plane with you. Rest assured that if your luggage gets lost, your pet’s luggage won’t. The back also has a luggage sleeve that fits right over your pull-up handle on your suitcase for easy stacking, keeping your hands free to carry more items. 

The bag includes two five-cup collapsible dishwasher-safe silicone bowls and a placemat. The lined carriers inside stack neatly and hold up to 30 cups of dog food or treats. To keep everything organized there is a divider to keep everything in place when you aren’t using it. 

You do not have to worry about having space for everything. There’s ample room to ensure the necessities are there. For those who love hiking, there’s a strap that allows you to carry it crossbody or on your shoulder. The side pockets are made for you to carry two bottles of water – one for you and one for your dog. 

Mobile Dog Gear Week Away Bag

Missing the Mark 

Many pet owners who love this bag found the divider to be annoying. Removing the divider isn’t possible, and if you have a bigger toy, then fitting it is next to impossible. The zippers catch the inner lining if you’re in a rush. Both of these things aren’t deal breakers to most users, though. 

The only other downside is this bag only holds a week’s worth of food for small or medium-sized dogs. Larger dogs like Great Danes or shepherd mixes most likely need two bags for a week or longer trip. 

The placemat is small and for messy water drinkers or eaters, it simply isn’t big enough to cover spills. 

All Dogs Go on Vacation 

Traveling with your pet doesn’t have to be difficult. Having the proper tools with you makes the trip far more enjoyable. For those who are looking for better ways to travel with your pet, the products above give you options on how to do it. Sometimes you just need to get away with your pet for a little bit and having the right tools makes it all the more fun!

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