Best Dog Carriers for Long Distance Travel

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  1. Key Points
  2. Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Travel Carrier

    by Amazon Basics 

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    03/08/2024 06:29 am GMT
    AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier
  3. GAPZER Pet Travel Carrier
  4. JetPaws Airline-Approved Dog Carrier
  5. Siivton Expandable Dog Carrier
  6. Car Seat Lola
  7. Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack
  8. Travel Safe

Key Points

  • Measure your dog before settling on a carrier to ensure a proper fit.

  • Proper ventilation keeps your dog from overheating.

  • Keep your comfort in mind with padded adjustable straps, making it easier to travel long distances.

Before you settle on that cross-country road trip with your dog, there is one very important thing to consider. How is your dog traveling with you? 

The Humane Society of the United States says, “The safest way for your dog to travel in the car is in a crate that has been anchored to the vehicle using a seat belt or other secure means…If transporting your pet by air is the only option, find out whether they can travel in the cabin with you. Most airlines will allow you to take a cat or small dog in the cabin for an additional fee.”

Traveling doesn’t have to be anxiety-inducing, though. Finding the right carrier for your style of travel makes all the difference.

Gracie, a 15-year-old basset hound, has a unique carrier, as her human shared in a video on August 29, 2023. She has a wagon just in case she gets tired on her daily walks. A wagon might not work on long travels, but what a show of pure love it is. 

For those who can’t have a wagon, don’t worry! Below are the top carriers for those road-loving dogs out there.

Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Travel Carrier

by Amazon Basics 

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03/08/2024 06:29 am GMT
AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

The AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier combines convenience and comfort. Its soft-sided design provides cozy comfort for your pet, while rear pockets offer handiness for you, allowing storage of treats, leashes, and bags. The carrier also includes a safety belt buckle to restrain the carrier with vehicle seat belts.

Available in different sizes, the carrier can fit various breeds. Small-sized carriers suit your miniature breeds like Chihuahuas or toy poodles, while the larger ones comfortably accommodate bigger breeds like beagles or basset hounds. Always consider your pet’s physical size and weight limits of the carrier for optimum comfort.

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Well-equipped for long-distance travel, this carrier has breathable fabric, ensuring good airflow and making it suitable for extended travel periods. Its slim design makes it perfect for air travel, as it fits under most airline seats. The padded shoulder strap offers comfort during extended carry times.

Soft-Sided Pet Carrier


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GAPZER Pet Travel Carrier

The GAPZER Pet Travel Carrier combines ease of use and practicality for those long trips. This top-of-the-line dog carrier keeps comfort, convenience, and safety in mind, ensuring a stress-free travel experience for both you and your beloved companion. 

The carrier keeps the larger breeds in mind with its largest size and max load of 20 lbs. Your dog doesn’t have to worry about not having enough space to turn around in order to find that new comfortable position. With such ample room, most dogs have no issues stretching out.

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Each carrier has four large mesh windows to allow for great ventilation to prevent overheating. For dogs who want more privacy, lower the side panel flaps and secure them in place with the velcro strips. The large windows also allow you to monitor your pet without having to open the carrier. Add in the soft wool mat or the summer cooling mat and your dog has the most comfortable palace to settle down on long trips.

It isn’t just your pet who has comfort. With an adjustable padded shoulder strap, carrying your pet doesn’t have to hurt. It also doubles as a belt that goes around most car seats to keep your pet secure in the car. On top there is a mini storage bag that fits treats, tags, and other small items.

Worried about escaping pets? Say no more with the inner leash that attaches to your dog’s harness. The locking zippers also keep escaping pets inside the carrier.

Official Pet Carrier of JetBlue Airlines

by JetPaws 

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03/08/2024 08:00 am GMT

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JetPaws Airline-Approved Dog Carrier

Take to the skies with confidence using the JetPaws Airline-Approved Dog Carrier. Designed to meet the strict regulations of major airlines, this carrier ensures a safe and comfortable journey for your dog during air travel.

Its sturdy construction, reinforced seams, and secure locking mechanism provide peace of mind, while the well-ventilated design keeps your furry friend cool and relaxed throughout the flight. Add in the five pockets for storage, and you have the perfect carrier that holds all your dog’s items.

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This carrier is perfect for those who travel with JetBlue. While it fits other airlines, this is the official carrier of Jetblue.

The carrier features a padded interior with a removable plush bed for added comfort, and the adjustable shoulder strap allows for easy carrying. Travel in style and convenience with the JetPaws carrier, offering a hassle-free experience for you and your pet.

Airline Approved Pet Carrier

by Siivton 

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03/08/2024 09:14 am GMT

Siivton Expandable Dog Carrier

Gear up for long-distance adventures with the Siivton Expandable Dog Carrier. This innovative carrier adapts to your dog’s needs, offering a spacious, expandable interior that provides extra room for your pet to stretch out and move comfortably during travel. 

This carrier comes with mesh windows, giving you plenty of ventilation while providing an easy viewing of your pet. The inside clip keeps your pet securely inside the carrier while you use one of three doors to retrieve your pet.

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The cozy fleece pet bed is machine washable for easy cleaning. Your pet’s comfort isn’t the only thing this carrier keeps in mind. The adjustable padded straps and ergonomic design ensure your comfort as well. 

With its multiple pockets for storing essentials and a foldable design for easy storage, the Siivton carrier is a versatile choice for long journeys, hikes, and outdoor escapades.

Car Seat Lola

The Car Seat Lola is the go-to choice for seamless transitions between car rides and long-distance travel. This multifunctional carrier serves as a secure car seat for your dog, ensuring their safety during road trips, while also transforming into a comfortable travel carrier for extended journeys. 

The carrier features adjustable straps, a removable padded bed, and an inner safety tether. The sturdy construction and reinforced handles provide durability, and the carrier’s foldable design allows for easy storage. 

For added safety in the car, this carrier has two adjustable straps that fit virtually any car seat. No matter what happens, your dog’s seat won’t go anywhere. 

Whether on the road or exploring new destinations, the Car Seat Lola carrier offers versatility and convenience.

G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack

by Kurgo 

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Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack

The Kurgo G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack is a must-have for adventurous souls who love hiking and exploring. This carrier is specifically designed to comfortably carry your dog on your back while leaving your hands free to navigate the trails. 

It features a rugged yet lightweight construction with adjustable straps for a secure fit and even weight distribution. The carrier includes mesh panels for breathability and a padded interior for your dog’s comfort. When not on our back the backpack turns into a carrier when laid on its side.

With multiple storage compartments for essentials and a built-in leash attachment, the Kurgo G-train carrier is perfect for long-distance hikes and outdoor expeditions, allowing you and your pup to enjoy nature together.

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Travel Safe

The right carrier has a significant positive impact on your pet’s travel experience and your peace of mind. With a quality carrier, you and your pet enjoy comfortable, safe, and worry-free travels, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

With all your knowledge of the different carriers, you won’t have to worry about if the carrier you got is safe for traveling. It’s time to get going and explore the world with your dog at your side. 

Remember that the perfect carrier fits your dog’s measurements. Before you buy anything, take the time to get your dog’s size. Also, don’t forget to check every airline’s carrier requirements, as one carrier might fit one airline but not another. 

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