6 Dog Training Tools for Professional Trainers

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Key Points

  • Always consult a professional before using a prong collar.

  • Agility training helps dogs feel confident and more aware of their bodies.

  • Shock collars don't work on every dog.

For a professional dog trainer, access to reliable and effective tools is essential for successful training sessions. You don't want to be caught with no treats to reward the desired behavior.

This article presents information on six top-notch dog training tools highly regarded by sophisticated, critical trainers.

Whether it's a remote training collar, conditioning equipment, or accessories for positive reinforcement, this comprehensive guide gives you what you need to make informed decisions.

These training tools may allow you to teach proper behaviors and avoid an incident like that of Stella in early 2023, when she flipped a switch, going from calm to wild in a matter of seconds.

1900S Remote Training E-Collar

by Dogtra 

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09/28/2023 08:19 pm GMT
Dogtra 1900s Training Collar

The Dogtra 1900s Training Collar is a versatile tool to streamline your training efforts. Its advanced LCD remote and exceptional range mean distance isn't a communication barrier with your dog.

The collar offers several stimulation levels for adjusting the training intensity to fit your dog's needs and temperament. Its durable construction ensures longevity, making it a reliable choice for professional trainers.

Best Tips

Start with the lowest stimulation level and gradually increase if needed. Use this collar with positive reinforcement techniques — giving something desirable (treat, praise, etc.) to reward desired actions — to get the best results.

The LCD screen provides clear visibility in various lighting conditions. The collar is waterproof to enable training sessions in multiple environments.

Pros and Cons

This collar 1 is effective during remote training exercises. The durable construction gives you long-lasting use.

It isn't suitable for dogs with sensitive necks and requires an initial setup and synchronization process, so training can't start immediately.

K9FITbone CanineGym®

by FitPAWS® 

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09/28/2023 08:03 pm GMT

FitPaws Canine Conditioning Equipment

FitPaws Canine Conditioning Equipment offers several tools to improve your dog's fitness, balance, and coordination. Items such as balance discs and pads, paw pods, and inflatable exercise balls give you various options to target specific training areas.

Using this conditioning equipment in your training regimen enhances your dog's proprioception, body awareness, and core strength. These tools are particularly valuable for rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Hidden Gems

Start with simple exercises and gradually progress to more challenging ones. When using inflatable exercise balls, keep an eye on your dog to prevent injury.

Using the balance beams improves your dog's confidence and focus.

The FitPaws equipment quickly inflates and deflates for storage and transportation.

Pros and Cons

The FitPaws equipment improves your dog's balance, coordination, and core strength. It works excellently for rehabilitation and injury prevention.

That said, you know what they say about "all work and no play." The equipment is also suitable for fun and interactive playtime.

It isn't so good for dogs with physical limitations or health conditions.

It requires patience and effort to acclimate your dog to use the equipment.

Delta Sport XC Bundle

by Garmin 

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Garmin Delta Sport XC

The Garmin Delta Sport XC is a state-of-the-art training system offering exceptional features and functionalities. Its user-friendly remote allows you to effortlessly train your dog with simplicity and efficiency.

The system provides multiple training modes to suit different training scenarios, including tone, vibration, and momentary or continuous stimulation.

A long-lasting battery life and built-in BarkLimiter™ technology make the Garmin Delta Sport XC a reliable choice for trainers seeking optimal performance.

Top Tips

Gradually introduce the various training modes as you monitor your dog's comfort and understanding. Be consistent and use the training equipment with positive reinforcement for best results.

The BarkLimiter™ technology controls excessive barking during training and can train up to three dogs with additional collars.

Pros and Cons

This collar is easy and efficient during remote training. Its multiple training modes let you tackle various training scenarios to keep your dog engaged.

The long-lasting battery life and built-in BarkLimiter™ technology give you uninterrupted training sessions.

Dogs with noise sensitivity need more conditioning than others. While there is a great range, environmental factors do affect it.

Calming Dog Ad

Ultra-Plus Prong Dog Training Collar


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09/28/2023 07:59 pm GMT

Herm Sprenger Prong Collar

The Herm Sprenger Prong Collar provides effective control with a humane approach. This high-quality collar gives trainers precise control and clear communication during training sessions.

Its design ensures gentle pressure distribution to avoid harming your dog's neck while delivering effective training results. This prong collar is an excellent choice for professional trainers who prioritize training effectiveness and their dogs' well-being.

Tips and Hidden Gems

Before buying a prong collar, measure your dog's neck for size and fit. Always consult a professional trainer on properly using a prong collar to keep your dog safe.

The removable prongs allow you to adjust the collar as necessary. Herm Sprenger has an extensive range of sizes to accommodate different breeds and fur lengths.

Pros and Cons

You have precise control and communication with your dog during training. The high-quality materials of this prong collar mean it lasts for years.

Properly using the prong collar is a gentle and humane way to train your dog.

However, this collar is unsuitable for dogs with neck or respiratory issues. You need proper training in using this equipment to keep your dog safe.

The SPCA of Northern Nevada reminds everyone that "Improper use of a prong collar can make dogs prone to redirected aggression. This means dogs often mistake where a correction, the pinching feeling, came from and take it out on the human or dog they are interacting with."

i-Click Clicker 5 Pack

by Karen Pryor 

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09/28/2023 08:34 pm GMT

Karen Pryor Clicker Training i-Click Clicker

Clicker training is a popular positive reinforcement method, and the Karen Pryor Clicker Training i-Click Clicker is a top-notch tool for efficient and precise training. This clicker offers a distinct sound that marks your dog's desired behaviors.

Clicker training enhances timing, shapes behaviors, and promotes clear communication with your dog. Professional trainers value the i-Click Clicker for its effectiveness and ease of use.

Helpful Tips

To get the most out of your clicker, use it with high-value treats. Keep your clicker training consistent by practicing proper timing.

The raised button ridges mean you don't have to look before you click.

The i-Click Clicker is small and lightweight, making it convenient to carry during training sessions.

Pros and Cons

This clicker gives you positive reinforcement with clear communication. It easily marks the desired behaviors.

The comfortable grip reduces hand fatigue during training.

On the other hand, not all dogs respond well to the clicker sound. Some need more initial training to associate the clicker with positive reinforcement.

Treat Pouch Sport- Durable

by PetSafe 

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09/28/2023 07:57 pm GMT

PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport

The PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport is an essential accessory for professional dog trainers using positive reinforcement techniques. This convenient pouch provides ample storage for treats, allowing quick and easy access during training sessions.

Its hands-free design lets you move freely during exercises without the hassle of holding onto treats. The durable and washable materials ensure longevity, making it a reliable option for trainers who need accessible treat storage with high-quality construction.

Hidden Gems

Use the pouch consistently to condition your dog to associate it with training. The pouch's front pocket stores small essentials like poop bags or clickers.

Pros and Cons

The pouch is convenient and accessible for treats during training sessions. The hands-free design lets you focus on your dog rather than fumbling with a treat bag.

Each pouch is durable and washable for long-term use.

The downside is that the pouch doesn't hold many treats, so you have to refill it regularly.

Another thing to consider is that odors build up quickly if you don't wash it.

Teaching New Tricks to Old and New Dogs

When it comes to professional dog training, selecting the right tools is paramount.

Each tool reviewed provides a way to keep your dog focused during training. Using positive reinforcement yields the best and longest-lasting results.

A happy dog is more likely to do what you want them to do.

If you're a professional trainer, use these reliable and practical tools to enhance your training sessions and contribute to your overall success.

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