10 Products Every German Shepherd Owner Needs

Key Points

  • Invest in an excellent de-shedding brush to reduce the constant shedding problem.

  • If you fear cutting too much off your pup's nails, consider using a nail-clippers grinder instead.

  • Get a slow feeder bowl to reduce the risk of bloat.

  • Provide dog puzzle toys for mental stimulation and entertainment for your puppy as a preventive measure against destructive behavior.

Congratulations on welcoming a new furry friend into your home, and they just so happen to be a German shepherd puppy. These adorable and loyal pups are famous for their strong work ethics, intelligence, and love for their owners. However, they require the care and training to ensure they blossom into your amazing canine companion.

For first-time owners, you may find caring for your new pooch difficult or even impossible without all the necessities. To make this transition easier, here are 10 products that every German shepherd owner needs.

High-Quality Dog Food

Your dog's food is your list's first and most pressing item. German shepherd puppies require specific nutritional needs to grow into healthy, strong, intelligent animals.

German Shepherd eating dog food

A high-quality dog food provides the little furball with the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals to support their development. Feeding your puppy a diet devoid of essential nutrients eventually leads to developmental, immune system, and digestive problems.

Instead of purchasing a general bag of commercial dog food, German shepherd-specific foods, such as Best Breed Dr. Gary's German Dog Diet, cater to your dog's needs. Unlike other foods produced in foreign countries, Best Breed is a high-quality dog food made in the United States with high health and safety standards. This way, you have one less worry to deal with as your pup grows.

Strong Leash and Collar

Walking your furry friend is one of the most enjoyable parts of owning a dog. Before they walk by your side, they are little rascals constantly tugging on the leash and attempting to run off. A strong leash collar is significant for German shepherds because they are powerful creatures with strong wills.

Investing in a strong leash collar, like the Active Pets Strong Dog Rope Leash, saves you from embarrassing moments when your puppy drags you around the park or away from home. In addition, the right leash encourages proper training because it helps you control your puppy without hurting them while they learn to walk correctly by your side.

Durable Dog Crate

A well-sized German shepherd crate provides a safe and comfortable space for your puppy, aiding in crate and potty training, and giving them a dedicated space for rest. It also minimizes destructive behavior. Unlike flimsy, lightweight carriers, a strong and sturdy German shepherd crate offers the needed weight to keep your puppy from dragging it across the floor.

German Shepherd in car crate

BestPet Dog Crate for Large Dogs is a wonderful choice for German shepherd owners. This spacious, sturdy crate features heavy-duty steel construction with a divider panel to easily adjust the crate's size as your puppy grows bigger so that they receive the proper potty training. This way, you save money as you don't need to replace crates as the furball reaches adulthood.

Orthopedic Dog Bed

According to Veterinary Medicine and Science research study, "male German shepherds neutered prior to a year of age have a significantly higher 21 percent diagnosis with one or more joint disorders … females neutered prior to a year of age, this measure was 16 percent." If you decide to neuter your puppy, an orthopedic dog bed is a necessary investment to ensure their joints remain healthy.

Orthopedic dog beds, like Sealy, Casper, Big Barker, and Barefoot Dreams, incorporate a superior memory foam fit for even human use. The memory foam's conformability relieves pressure on your dog's joints while they sleep, provides optimal sleeping temperature so they don't overheat, and ensures your pup wakes up refreshed.

Training Treats

Training a German shepherd puppy is no easy feat.

Rewarding them with yummy training treats helps motivate and encourage your pooch while they learn the basic commands and proper behaviors. However, not all treats are equal. Many low-quality brands contain unhealthy ingredients and harmful toxins, such as chemical preservatives, by-products, and food coloring.

Calming Dog Ad

German Shepherd in training

If you want the best training treats for your furball, you want to look into human-grade treats that only include all-natural ingredients from responsible farmers and contain no GMOs or artificial preservatives.

Durable Chew Toys

Dogs are chewers. German shepherds, in particular, have mighty jaws that destroy anything flimsy.

Because puppies like to chew on everything, it's best to provide them with durable chew toys that satisfy their chewing needs while keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Plastic chew toys have the common problem of being too abrasive on your dog's teeth and gums.

Instead, look for softer, durable chew toys that provide the same satisfaction. Rope toys, such as AMZpets Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers, are excellent for your puppy. The durable and tightly knit ropes help floss their teeth, provide a great chewing session, and are comfortable enough to play tug-of-war games.

Dog Brush

German shepherds are fur monsters that shed nonstop regardless of the season. To control the shedding, you need dog brush grooming that attacks their undercoat and removes all the loose hair before it lands on your furniture and clothing. The de-shedding dog brush grooming and the slicker brush are excellent for this purpose.

Brushing a German Shepherd

However, if you want a multi-tasking brush, the Furminator brush is the ultimate grooming brush designed to rake through your pup's coat and guarantees to remove up to 90 percent of loose hair when you regularly use it to brush your furball.

Nail Clippers

Puppy nails grow quickly and easily damage your clothing, furniture, carpets, and even hardwood floors. They also may scratch your hand and slip surfaces.

Clipping dog's nails

To protect your home and family and prevent any discomfort your pooch may experience, you must regularly trim their nails using a proper nail clippers grinder. However, for first-time owners, regular nail clippers may easily cut too much off your puppy's nails, causing them to bleed. Instead, opt for nail clippers grinders that safely file down your pup's nails. 

Slow Feeder Bowl

German shepherds often scarf down their food hastily. This habit may lead to bloat, a stomach disorder that arises when too much air accumulates inside your pooch's tummy. In severe cases, the condition causes the belly to turn over and disrupt blood circulation to other body parts. To avoid such issues, invest in a slow feeder bowl as it helps regulate your puppy's eating speed and habit effectively.

The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl is an excellent choice for German shepherds. Made of durable, food-safe plastic materials; this slow feeder bowl features a unique maze design that encourages your puppy to slow down while they eat. This way, you don't have to sit next to your pup while they eat. It also provides more entertainment for your pet, helping them avoid destructive behavior.

Snuffle mats and slow feeders

Dog Puzzle Toys

The German shepherd's intelligence is a double-edged sword. Instead of yelling at your puppy after a disaster, take the proactive approach and provide them with dog puzzle toys that stimulate their brains and disperse their energy.

These toys usually take the form of treat-rewarding toys. Your puppy needs to figure out how to open these dog puzzle toys, often by gnawing at them, pushing aside obstacles, or spinning the device, and receive a tasty treat hidden inside the toy as a reward.

Another newer type of dog puzzle toy takes shape as an interactive throwing ball game in which your pooch drops the ball into the launching device and allows it to throw the ball inside your home. This game helps the puppy get in a healthy amount of exercise while receiving mental stimulation and figuring out how to relaunch the ball.

Time To Shop and Prep Your Home for Your Puppy

German shepherd puppies are so adorable, and bringing one home is an exciting experience you will always cherish. However, it's also a responsibility that takes a lot of planning and preparation to ensure your home is puppy-ready.

The 10 products mentioned in this article are the essential items every German shepherd owner needs to have in their home. From safety gear and chew toys to brushes and puzzle toys, these products make it easier to care for your pup and keep them happy.

Obviously, there are many more products that enhance your German shepherd puppy's life. Instead of splurging immediately and ending up wasting your money, start with this list and purchase additional items as you gain more perspective on your puppy and your preferences. Remember, when in doubt, invest in quality, durable items that last for a long time. Your puppy is worth it.

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