6 Best Slow Feeder Bowls for Every Dog Size

Nothing is more exciting to a dog than the sound of food in their bowl. Whether breakfast, lunch, or suppertime, your pet is ready to chow on anything you serve. Whether it’s grain-free dry food or that delicious human-grade raw food you purchased at the organic food pet store, dogs tend to eat incredibly fast and with vigor. But rushing to feed isn’t always in your pup’s best interest. Especially when dogs gulp down food and their bellies cannot handle excessively huge meals all at once. Despite our joy that they are in love with the food choice, sometimes too much of a good thing is truly an awful decision. A slow feeder dog bowl is recommended to reduce the chance of indigestion, bloating, vomiting, and other digestive disorders. Some are even so serious that they are life-threatening, such as GDV (gastric dilation-volvulus) or canine bloat. As Dr. Jennifer Freeman, DVM and Pet Smart resident animal expert states, “Ingesting air can lead to upset stomach in your pup or worse, it can increase risk of gastric dilatation with volvulus (GDV) or more commonly known as bloat, which is a life-threatening condition in dogs that requires emergency surgery.” Purchasing a slow feeder dog bowl for your dog is an investment in their digestive health and wellness.  

What Is a Slow Feeder Bowl?

A slow feeder bowl is an answer to how to encourage your fast eater to take it easy at meal time. They slow your dog’s disappearing acts with dry kibble or wet food. Slow feeder dog bowls are an acceptable veterinarian-recommended tool for limiting digestion trouble, food waste, and significant health consequences of overeating. Slow feeders are bowls with raised bumps, grooves, mazes, and other obstacles that prevent dogs from eating too quickly. Fascinating and intricate puzzle feeders limit the amount of food the dog can eat at one time. They are easy to spot, with bright, cheerful colors. It’s a challenging activity for pets that eliminates excessive air ingested while feeding. A slow feeder dog bowl would also be ideal for pups that get bored quickly. Slow feeders make meals more than nutritious; they make feeding your dog safe, decrease food waste, and lessen the gulping of meals. The high ridges and low indentions keep kibbles where they belong: in the bowl and off floors. Slow Feed bowl with food in it

Slow Feed Your Treats Too

Dogs are known to go overboard with treat time. Help make treats go further by placing them inside a slow feeder dog bowl. Your dog will need persistence and hunting skills to get to those yummy treats. Isn’t it an excellent thought that you can save money on those incentives for good behavior?

What to Look For in a Slow Feeder

When selecting a slow feeder dog bowl for your pup, consider the material, height, size, and shape of the obstacles, and the bowl size. Be sure to also consider the size of your dog and their nose shape because getting to the interior nooks and dips means being fed. Dogs with broad noses or flat snouts may find some shapes and designs challenging or impossible to access. If they cannot reach the main course, this could lead to underfeeding. If the material is not easy to clean or dishwasher friendly, your pet could be exposed to mold or bacteria growth. Stainless steel is an excellent material for optimum longevity and ease of cleaning. Ceramic bowls are dishwasher safe but can chip after use or break unexpectedly. A material that can withstand the wear and tear of a hungry, motivated dog is ideal for a slow feeder dog bowl. If your go-to is plastic, it would be best to avoid any products that incorporate BPAs. Bisphenol A is an additive that helps plastics bend and flex. However, BPA could potentially be harmful to dogs and humans, and during activities where food is involved, BPA could transfer into the food from the plastics. 

6 Best Slow Feeder Bowls for Every Dog Size Reviewed

We have rounded up the best of the best six slow feeder dog bowls for every size dog. These popular products have received excellent customer reviews and ratings. The highest-rated slow feeder dog bowl has over 80,000 reviews! Dog parents can be confident that this list is an up-to-date compilation of slow feeders currently available online on sites such as Amazon.com. Your dog will be delighted and surprised by these slow feeder dog bowl meals.

1. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl is the #1 top-rated slow feeder dog bowl on Amazon. This fan-favorite slow feeder dog bowl ranks high for so many reasons. Not your typical dog bowl, Outward Hound makes bowls that wow and interest both dogs and humans. Each unique design is nothing short of stunning. Bright, engaging colors like turquoise, orange, and purple will attract any pup toward this slow feeder dog bowl. In fact, over 1 million Fun Feeder Slo Bowls have been purchased. There is a bowl size for every dog, small to large. Sizing for the Fun Feeder Slo Bowl is in mini, medium, and regular.

Features of Outward Hound Fun Feeder

Food Consumption Rate Slowed 10x

Several key features of the Outward Hound Fun Feeder are impressive and should make dogs and humans feel good about this slow feeder dog bowl. One plus is the rate of food consumption is slowed by ten times. Your dog cannot take in as much food at once and must work harder to find every kibble in the dish. Ridges in the dish extend meal time and reduce what goes into the dog’s system.

Helps to Prevent Overeating and Digestion Issues

Fun Feeder Slo Bowl succeeds in limiting your pup’s consumption by pacing the feeding process. The construction of each slow feeder dog bowl includes raised ridges and grooves that make every meal a new adventure for dogs. Finding and eating food becomes a lengthier process that may lead your pet to think it is done instead of ravenous. Slower ingestion will also decrease the likelihood of choking on dry food. 

Use With All Types of Diets and Foods

The Slo Bowl is versatile. Your dog is not restricted to only dry kibbles. Try using it for wet food or raw meals. Anything you would typically give to your dog is compatible with this slow feeder dog bowl. 

Made With Food Safe Materials

Fun Feeder slow feed dog bowl is not made with harmful materials like BPAs, PVC, or phthalates. This product is made of food-safe materials that won’t hurt your dog. Some companies aren’t as careful about what materials or chemicals they use in pet products. Eating wet or dry food is made safer and eco-friendly with Outward Hound. No wonder it is so highly rated and trusted by “pawrents” all over the country.

Easy To Clean

Outward Hound Slo Bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe which is so helpful for busy pup parents. No need for labor-intensive hand washing or extra time spent getting into the myriad of small nooks in the bowl. This slow feeder dog bowl is simply easy to use and easy to love.

Non-Slip For Fewer Messes

When dogs are extra ravenous and ready for supper time, they tend to scoot and slide bowls all over the place. Before we realize it, we’re stepping on puppy kibbles and food particles. It’s a relief that the Fun Feeder Slo Bowl has a non-slip base to keep those valuable and delicious kibbles inside this slow feeder dog bowl where they belong. 

Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

by Outward Hound 

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2. Noyal Dog Slow Feeder Bowl Non-Slip Puzzle Bowl

Encourage your dog to take time to digest and experience food by buying a NOYAL Slow Feeder Dog Bowl. This slow feeder dog bowl has earned the Amazon’s Choice designation for slow feeder bowls. Get excited if you own several doggies because the price point is something to cheer about at $9.99-$10.79 MSRP. The product has over 18,000 reviews from pet owners just like you, and many are incredibly pleased with the NOYAL slow feeder dog bowl.

Exciting Color Selections

Buying a NOYAL slow feeder dog bowl brings a world of color into your home. Choose one of nine shades to add a pop of color and joy to your pup’s life and meals. Your dog will go wild for all the attractive shades and a new way to eat dog food.

Includes Non-Slip Mat

Anchoring your slow feeder dog bowl to the floor should not be a massive headache. NOYAL includes four non-slip mats that can be glued to the bottom of the bowl. Dogs may push and pull to get to every little crumb and kibble in the bowl, but it won’t slide away or spill on the floor. And as excited as dogs get over mealtime, it’s good to know that wet food won’t get knocked over by accident.

Anti-Skid Pads

If you own hardwood floors, skidding of hard objects is an issue that you may wish to prevent. Dogs are known to scoot things around in their anxiousness or glee and race about with them all over the house. NOYAL’s slow feeder dog bowl has protective anti-skid pads, so no traces of markings will get left behind after feedings. 

Wet or Dry Food Approved

Use whatever food your puppy loves the best with the NOYAL slow feeder dog bowl. It’s compatible with raw meals, dry kibbles, wet foods, and fresh gourmet food. It’s that simple to give your pet everything they love while protecting their digestive systems from the dangers of fast swallowing.

High Grades for Durability and Value

The reviews are from Amazon, and many customers agree that NOYAL is a durable and affordable pet slow feeder. Ratings in the value for the money category is 4.8 out of 5 stars. The durability category ratings are 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowls


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3. OurPets Spiral Slow Feeder Insert

What if you already have a favorite dog bowl and don’t want to toss it just yet? You can add an insert like OurPets Spiral Slow Feeder to your dish, and voila, there’s a super slow feeder for your doggie.  Made of a silicone material free of BPAs, PVC, or phthalates, it is as healthy for dogs as the dog food you lovingly give them. The slow feeder minimizes gulping and fast or overconsumption of foods of all types. Decrease vomiting or choking in your pet by using an insert in stainless steel or ceramic water bowls. It is also compatible with plastic and glass bowls. 

One Size Fits All Dogs

Your small, medium and large breed pet will benefit from a slow feeder experience with the addition of a spiral slow feeder insert that works for all. This single size is recommended to fit all breeds of dogs and is compatible with dishes of all capacities. The insert is a great way to convert your existing dish that fits your dog’s feeding needs without tossing their favorite dish away. Large dogs can also enjoy the benefits of slow feeding bowls with the OurPets slow feeder insert in a bowl that suits their nutritional needs. 

Affixes With Suction Cup

Using the OurPets slow feeder insert in your existing dog bowl is a snap. Per instructions on the website, there is a suction cup on the product’s base. Just clean your bowl, rinse off the suction cup beneath the water, and affix the cup to the surface, taking care to press out any air bubbles. 

Spiral Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

by Our Pets 

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4. Neater Pet Brands Stainless Steel Slow Feed Bowl

The Neater Pet Brands Slow Feed Bowl is the first stainless steel bowl on the list. Why is it so special? It does not make using a slow feeder super complex for your dog. This is a version minus the puzzling valleys and peaks many slow feeder bowls have. How it stands out from the crowd is easy to see in terms of durability and longevity. A bowl must withstand the rigor of daily feeding and everyday doggie behavior. Neater Pet Brands accepts the challenge. Plus, if you happen to be an owner of a Neater Feeder product (such as the Neater Raised Slow Feeder), this feeder bowl fits perfectly into the housing. 

Unique Slow Feeder Shape

When you look at the NPB Stainless bowl, you’ll see a trademark puppy paw on a raised node in the middle of the dish. This is usually where many pups stick their noses and mouths while eating. This design forces dogs to find a way around to get to their food, thus slowing down feeding and averting gulping, bloating, vomiting, and overeating.

Stainless Steel Is A Sterile Surface

Stainless is probably the ideal material for a bowl to feed your dog. Slow feed bowls made of stainless steel won’t harbor bacteria and mold at the rates of other materials. Stainless steel products are non-porous, which means smooth and covered, so nothing gets trapped or stuck inside the material. This slow feeder dog bowl is ideal for dogs who often “lick the bowl clean” when eating wet or dry food.

Stainless Steel Slow Feed Bowl

by Neater Pet Brands 

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5. JW Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl

Inexpensive slow feeder dog bowls are hard to find these days. Budget shoppers will love the JW Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl. It is a no-frills version that gets the feeding job of a sometimes messy puppy done. Eating mindfully will be part of your pup’s daily routine with this Amazon find. The $4.94 price point is even harder to believe, with sturdy plastic construction and a non-slip base. Don’t worry about this being a plastic bowl; there is no BPA as it is made of polypropylene. Care for your puppy’s digestive health while watching your wallet with this budget friendly slow feeder dog bowl.

Simplified design

The simple triangular design of this slow feeder dog bowl won’t frustrate your dog as he dutifully forages for kibbles. It is very straightforward, with an open space in the center and triangles all around.

Dishwasher Safe

Toss your JW Slow Feed Bowl into the dishwasher and enjoy the convenience of worry-free cleaning. Plastic bowls like this one do just fine on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl

by JW 

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6. Upsky Slow Feeder Bowl Small Dog Bowls

The UPSKY Slow Feeder Bowl is the perfect size for your small to medium dog (weighing 15 to 50 lbs). The ridges and bumps in this slow feeder dog bowl are shorter and broader to lessen your pet’s stress in finding and eating food. This bowl can be purchased in a wide variety of colors that are guaranteed to catch your hungry pups’ attention and fascination. Your puppy will not feel overwhelmed with the confusing elements of some slow feeder dog bowls, but will slow down the pace just enough at each feeding. It is a charming product, perfect for any decor or small space if you happen to be space-challenged. The material is food and dog safe with a PP coating to protect its plastic material. 

Slow Feeder Small Dog Bowls


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These top six slow feeder dog bowls are great for every breed, with an option for everyone’s budget and lifestyle. They are an easy way to ensure your dog catches its breath while preventing many digestive conditions and illnesses. Eating too quickly has been proven to cause more than a full puppy tummy. Take charge of your puppy’s diet and lifestyle by controlling which dish comes out at mealtimes. A slow feeding dog bowl is an excellent preventative measure to combat excessive overeating and increase your pet’s wellness for a lifetime. 

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