Yorkiepoo Dog Breed Guide Overview

A cute Yokipoo standing in an autumnal park

Yorkiepoo Dog Breed Overview

The hybrid Yorkiepoo dog is a great fit for many different types of families. These playful furry dogs love getting themselves into adorable and troublesome situations. Getting a Yorkiepoo dog means having someone get excited to see you every time you come home, but it also means you should never leave any food in their reach, or they will get a good snack out of it.

These dogs are truly versatile and are great for first-time dog owners. Because of their intelligence, size, and grooming needs, these dogs are pretty low maintenance as far as puppies go.

Yorkiepoo puppies are also great pets when it comes to living with children or other animals. These dogs just need attention and exercise in their days to be happy. As long as they get their daily dose of love and get their energy out in a healthy way, these dogs should be happy wherever they end up.


While the hybrid breed Yorkiepoo is new, their two parent breeds have extensive and rich histories.

Yorkshire Terriers have worked as rat hunters, and Poodles have historically worked as waterfowl hunters. Since both of these parent breeds have a history of hunting, it's likely the Yorkeipoo dog will have a prey drive.

Also, because both breeds historically worked for their families, these dogs are incredibly intelligent and easy to train. Both parent breeds also create deep bonds with their owners. This loyalty is an amazing trait, but it also means they're likely to suffer from separation anxiety.


This tiny dog breed only weighs between 5 to 15 pounds. Yorkiepoo puppies only stand between 7 to 15 inches at their shoulders. However, because this is a mixed breed, many Yorkiepoo puppies might be a little under or above these measurements.

Mixed dog breeds like the Yorkiepoo dog don't have breed standards that are as strict as official purebred dog breeds do. The American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn't actually recognize any mixed breed as a breed. But, many owners can still learn plenty about this hybrid breed by better understanding its parent breeds.

Their small size means that they're more fragile than some other dogs. Even though these dogs are quite energetic, they might accidentally injure themselves from jumping at too tall of a height. Dog owners need to make sure that anyone who handles their Yorkiepoo dog knows how to hold them appropriately because they can easily get injured if they're mishandled.


Yorkiepoo puppies are very social pets. These dogs don't shy away from strangers, people, or other animals as they prefer to socialize. Yorkiepoo dogs are naturally very inquisitive, and they're happy to get to know everyone around them. They're very playful dogs, but they might have somewhat of a prey drive in them. While it's natural for many dogs to have play drives, it means they should be kept on a leash at all times outside because they really might sprint away at the first sign of a squirrel.

It's really important to keep your dog well socialized if you have a Yorkiepoo dog. Because these dogs are small, they might become extra timid if they are poorly socialized.

Overall these dogs are very gentle and friendly. Most people describe them as outgoing and playful. Yorkiepoo puppies are not scared to show their personalities to their owners and are likely to goof off a little bit.


Yorkiepoo puppies are a mix of Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles, making the Yorkiepoo dog very intelligent. These little dogs are very eager to learn and treat driven. Owners will find that consistency is key to keeping your Yorkiepoo well trained.

Dog owners should never chastise their dog for not completing certain commands and should always give their dog rewards for finishing the tasks. If your dog becomes stubborn, it's best to try to redirect their attention or simply give them one last treat and end the training session. Try to keep training sessions under five minutes to make sure you get the most out of your time and do them daily to make sure your dog fully understands your commands.

Yorkiepoo Shedding

Many people are attracted to Poodle mixes because of their hypoallergenic traits. Even though the Yorkshire Terrier is already a naturally light shedder, mixing these dogs with Poodles makes them even more allergy-friendly. Yorkiepoo puppies can have brown, chocolate, liver, cream, black, blue, or gray-colored fur. They can have bicolor, tricolor, or even sable fur patterns.

These dogs do not shed very much, and as long as owners brush them a few times a week, they can manage any dead hair that falls off their pup with ease. If you have a dog allergy and are looking to adopt a Yorkiepoo dog, be should be sure to meet with them to see if they irritate your allergies. Even hypoallergenic dogs can aggravate allergies when they produce enough saliva or dandruff, and it's better to spend an hour or two with a pup before bringing them home to make sure you won't have an issue with them later.

Yorkiepoo Dog Breed Health Overview

All dogs are at risk of contracting certain health conditions that they're genetically predisposed to contract. Yorkiepoo puppies have their fair share of health risks they're predisposed to experience, but most of these dogs will never suffer from any physical health ailment.

In fact, Yorkiepoo puppies can live anywhere between 10 to 15 years long. Even though not all of these dogs will experience any physical health ailments, they will eventually experience psychological health concerns. Owners can educate themselves about what causes stress and anxiety in Yorkiepoo puppies, and then they'll be prepared to help their dog live their happiest life.

Common Psychological Health Conditions


All dogs will experience stress at some point in their lives. Stress can occur because of poor socialization or other factors. For example, many dogs have stress symptoms and reactions to loud noises like fireworks, police sirens, or thunderstorms.

When dogs are experiencing symptoms of stress, they might hide their tail between their legs or hide behind their owners. Some dogs might try to block their owners from leaving the house, and some dogs might shake like their wet. Small dogs like the Yorkiepoo dog might develop a bad habit of standing underneath their owners when they're stressed.

Dog owners will come to understand their dog's emotions and how they express their symptoms through body language.

Observe what symptoms your dog shows and what causes these symptoms, and you'll be able to help them overcome these symptoms. Many owners use tasty snacks to distract their dogs or calming supplements to help their dogs relax easier. More difficult situations might require some medication, but these medications have a lot of side effects and should only be used as a last resort.


All dogs will experience anxiety at some point since it's a natural reaction to a stressful environment. The most common type of anxiety that dogs struggle with is separation anxiety. Yorkiepoo puppies are more likely to suffer from separation anxiety since they depend on their owners' attention so much.

Yorkiepoo puppies that have experienced any past trauma are also likely to feel anxious symptoms when they are reminded of their trauma. Typically dogs will show varying symptoms of anxiety that reflect the intensity of their condition.

Common symptoms a Yorkiepoo dog suffering from separation anxiety will show includes barking, whining, or crying whenever their owners are about to leave. Some dogs destroy their homes in their owner's absence to relieve themselves of the stress they experience during their panic attacks. Some animals might defecate or urinate in the house if they suffer from extreme anxiety. All of these symptoms can appear because of normal anxiety or separation anxiety, and it is up to the owner to notice what event causes these symptoms to appear.

Owners can treat any Yorkiepoo dog suffering from anxiety by providing calming supplements and dog CBD. More severe cases of this condition will require professional help like a dog behaviorist to eliminate intense symptoms.

Calming Dog Products

There are many ways owners can assist an anxious pet, and one of the more trendy ways is to provide their dogs with a safe space. A safe space is an area where owners can dedicate to their Yorkiepoo dog, where they would retreat to in times of stress. These spaces are supposed to be quiet and away from any heavy foot traffic in your homes.

These safe spaces usually comprise of comforting measures for your dog. If your pet likes a cage, then you should put their dog cage in the area. Many owners choose to put a dog bed, a water bowl, some treats, and some blankets in these areas to make them extra relaxing. Some owners go even further and give their dogs their favorite treats or provide aromatherapy or calming music to help their dogs de-stress. There truly are no limits when it comes to calming your stressed-out Yorkiepoo dog.

Common Physical Health Conditions

Every dog breed is at risk of experiencing breed-specific health ailments. The Yorkiepoo dog is likely to experience a few common joint conditions as well as issues that appear in smaller dog breeds.

Even though Yorkiepoo puppies are at risk of experiencing some joint dysplasia and oral health problems, this does not mean that all Yorkiepoo puppies will experience these issues. Even Yorkiepoo dogs that experience these conditions can be treated at home with a few simple products and the help of their owners.

Patellar Luxation

A common joint condition that many toy-sized breeds suffer from is patellar luxation. This condition is caused when a dog's kneecap pops out of its correct location every now and then. Yorkiepoo puppies are at risk of experiencing patellar luxation, although owners should rest assured knowing many cases of this condition are only minor in severity and can be treated at home.

Calming Dog Ad

If your Yorkiepoo dog suffers from patellar luxation, they might look like they're skipping every now and then when their joint is falling out of place.

Some dogs with this might live their entire lives without needing any treatment. Usually, when dogs suffer from patellar luxation, they can be treated with a few pain supplements to help their dog with any discomfort. Dog CBD is also an excellent tool to aid any joint discomfort because it has both anti-inflammatory and pain management properties.

Hip Dysplasia

Many animals are born with hip dysplasia but go years without ever experiencing any symptoms. Yorkiepoo puppies have a somewhat predisposed risk of experiencing joint issues like hip dysplasia. When a Yorkiepoo experiences this condition, it's likely they will only suffer from minor symptoms of pain and discomfort.

This joint is supposed to work like a ball in socket and run smoothly when a dog uses it, but if they suffer from joint dysplasia, they'll experience arthritis or joint inflammation. Then Yorkiepoo puppies will show symptoms by developing a strange run where they try not to use one of their back legs. These dogs are also likely to avoid jumping, running, using the stairs, or other things that might add pressure to their hip joint.

Some dogs will lose muscle mass in their hind legs while they gain in their shoulders as they compensate for carrying more weight in the front of them. Owners can help their Yorkiepoo dog with hip dysplasia by providing joint supplements and anti-information medication to help their pets aches and pains.

Tracheal Collapse

Even though this condition sounds scary, most cases of tracheal collapse do not evolve past minor concerns, as long as owners take care of their Yorkiepoo dog well. Many smaller dogs like Yorkiepoo puppies are at risk of tracheal collapse because they're born with developmental issues that affect the cartilage in their trachea.

Signs a Yorkiepoo puppy is dealing with this condition include regular coughing attacks, but typically a vet will be able to diagnose your pooch with this condition during regular vet exams.

There aren't many things you can do to treat your Yorkiepoo puppy's tracheal collapse except to always use a harness. Using a collar and leash on a dog with tracheal collapse just puts unnecessary stress on an already sensitive part of their body. The best thing you can do is always put your pet in a harness unless they're not going outside. Some owners also give their Yorkiepoo puppies some cough suppressants to help them manage their conditions.

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Oral Health

A dog's oral health is one of the most important factors in a dog's overall physical health. Poor oral hygiene can lead to several other factors in a dog's health, such as dental disease. Many dogs already experience some symptoms of periodontal diseases, such as inflamed, red gums, and most often, their owners aren't even aware. Issues in oral health care can lead to respiratory disease and even heart disease in dogs.

Smaller dogs are more likely to have dental issues than large dog breeds. Part of this is because the small dogs have smaller mouths, leading to teeth overcrowding. Teeth overcrowding occurs whenever there are too many teeth in a tight space until they are all crammed together. Then these teeth create tiny pockets in a dog's mouth that are perfect for plaque and bacteria to build up.

Their mouth gathers bacteria, plaque, and tartar that stick to their teeth whenever dogs eat. Over time this might cause a dog to lose their tooth. Yorkiepoo dogs will need their teeth brushed daily to ensure they don't develop periodontal disease. Some owners often find they cannot give their dogs a dental cleaning, and then they use helpful tools like dental cleaning treats to assist their dog's oral health needs. While oral health treats are better than not cleaning their teeth at all, those treats cannot replace the efficiency a dog toothbrush and toothpaste offers to your pet's oral health.

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Yorkiepoo Dog Breed's Needs


Small dog breeds like the Yorkiepoo dog don't need very much exercise, which is why they make such great companions for older adults. Yorkiepoo puppies only need a short walk a day, and a ten-minute walk around the block might be enough for these pups. Some smaller dogs might have much more endurance or energy than you'd think, and they might require about 30 minutes of daily activity.

Many dog owners forget that it's just as important to provide their Yorkiepoo dog with plenty of mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation. There are tons of enrichment activities you can complete with your dog that can target both of these needs at once. Things like agility or competition training are also a great way to provide all of these needs in just a few simple activities.

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These small dogs won't require more than a cup of food daily, but you should still try to feed them multiple smaller portions throughout the day. Feeding them many smaller portions will help them feel full longer while also keeping their blood sugar up, as smaller dogs often struggle with low blood sugar. A Yorkiepoo dog's diet may change based on its size, age, sex, or overall health.

The other tricky thing about Yorkiepoo puppies is that they have a high potential of becoming obese. Poodle puppies are known to scarf down anything in sight, and this parent breed passes their weight issues on to this hybrid mix as well. Owners just need to ensure they give their dog the recommended amount of daily exercise along with the necessary amount of calories.

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Thanks to the parent breeds of the Yorkiepoo dog, they have the potential to be hypoallergenic dogs, although no dog is 100% hypoallergenic. Yorkshire Terrier puppies are very low shedding dogs in general, and combining that with the hypoallergenic coats that Poodles have can make for a very allergy-friendly dog.

Dog allergies stem from dead hair, dandruff, saliva, and other bacteria that every dog produces. Even the most hypoallergenic dogs produce these irritants. However, Yorkiepoo owners can keep up with their dogs' dead hair and dandruff by brushing them regularly, at least three times a week. Providing regular brushing sessions is also a great way to keep their coats clean of any debris and create a bond with your pet where they will learn to love grooming sessions.

Top Product Picks for Yorkiepoo Puppies

Potential Yorkiepoo dog owners should look into getting helpful dog supplies before they bring their pets home. Whenever you bring your new Yorkiepoo dog home, it can be easy to get distracted by the excitement of your new pet, but you should remember how stressful this time of change can be for your new dog.

You should ensure you have a few necessities whenever your dog walks through the door for the first time. For example, you need to have a dog leash and collar ready, and it's a good idea to get two of each just so you always have a backup. Your new Yorkiepoo dog will feel much more comfortable if they come into your home and see that there is already a bowl of food and water ready for them, so you should make sure to purchase these things ahead of time.

Owners should consider buying other helpful things for their new Yorkiepoo dogs, like a food storage container, portable food bowls, or dog poop bags. Some more experienced dog owners will know that having some dog treats ready during this time of change can come in handy when trying to help your Yorkiepoo dog calm down in their new house.

Some owners like to buy harnesses, crates, calming treats, CBD, or some toys to make a move easier on their new pet. When getting a Yorkiepoo, you will need to get a harness, but you might want to wait to purchase one until after you know which size harness your dog will fit.

Owners just need to remember that the best thing they can do to keep their Yorkiepoo dog happy is to provide as much love and patience as possible. During big times of change, it's best to let your dog explore their new home on their own and allow them to come to you by themselves. Show them that this is just as much their home as it is yours by letting them roam around and be prepared to provide calming affirmations and verbal praise when they come around to you. It's also entertaining to use treats to bribe your new Yorkiepoo dog to like you more, as there is never a better time to give them a ton of treats than there is during a huge life change.

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