What To Look For in Dog Socks Plus Our Favorite Options

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When you become a pet parent, you can learn so much about pet life. For example, some none pet parents don’t realize that items like a dog boot, dog shoe, or even compression socks can be super useful. It seems weird that dogs would want to wear dog boots, and they might not want to, but the fact is that they can be very helpful. Booties look funny on many dogs, but dog booties can be super helpful if your pet has traction issues. A dog owner would naturally be worried if their dog falls over everywhere, and purchasing dog booties might be the best way to help their dog feel safe and stable. This article will help you discover the best dog boots on the market. 

Dog Clothing Options

Some pet owners might not know this, but there are many great options for dog clothing. Many owners give their pets cute little hoodies or sweaters to wear in winter. In fact, short-haired dogs might benefit from a warm sweater when winter comes around. A dog’s fur keeps them warm, and if they are like a Husky, who has two coats, then they won’t ever need a sweater or jacket. Siberian Huskies have grown their fur to the point where they can chill outside in near-freezing temperatures and be fine. That’s why so many Huskies love running and snow, and it’s part of their breed’s history.

But, dogs like Chihuahuas might not be built for colder weather in that way. However, the same can be said for Huskies in warm weather. Their thick coats can keep them hot, so it’s important to keep a close eye on them in warmer climates and weather to ensure they don’t overheat. It can be very easy for a dog with a lot of fur to overheat, and that’s why people absolutely should not leave their dog in a hot car. But, many pet companies have invented things that are designed to help keep dogs cool in hot weather. A dog handkerchief is great at keeping pets cool; it does its job by soaking up water and letting it evaporate onto your dog’s skin. Dogs don’t sweat; they can only cool their body down by panting and through their paws. Wetting a dog’s fur and skin is the best chance you have to cool your dog down physically, and a wet handkerchief can come in a lot of handy in these environments. But, even if you use these, you should always keep plenty of fresh water out if your pet is playing in the heat.

Another fun item of clothing some owners get their pets is shoes or socks. It might look funny when some dogs walk in socks. A lot of times, dogs will develop a strange walk because they aren’t used to the unnatural feeling socks cause them. But, if you give your dog socks for the right reason, i.e., protection, stability, or safety, then dog socks can be a great help. Owners might want to give their pet socks if they’re struggling to balance or if it’s winter and there is a lot of ice or salt on the ground. Socks can help protect your dog’s feet from potentially harmful things such as salt or ice that can hurt their feet when they walk. A dog’s feet are made of very sensitive tissue, so keeping them protected is important. There are many benefits dog socks can offer you and your pup.

What Are the Benefits of Dog Socks

There are a handful of helpful benefits when it comes to dog socks. Many dog socks are great for animals that have injuries on their paws. If your pet has allergies based to contact, socks can help protect their feet from getting too irritated. Socks can also be super beneficial if it’s too cold outside. Sometimes in cold weather, dogs can accidentally hurt their paws. Also, if there is salt on the ground to melt snow and ice, then their paws can get injured from sharp pieces of salt. Many dogs slick their paws to clean them, and they might injure themselves from eating salt residue. 

These socks are also great at providing traction for your pet. If you have a clumsy dog or an older pet, they might accidentally injure themselves from falling. If your pet scratches themselves to the point of bleeding, you might find these helpful too. 

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Reasons Your Dog Should Not Wear Socks

There are a few circumstances where your pet should leave the socks off. If your dog is going swimming, don’t let them wear socks. Dog’s feet have natural webbing in them, and putting socks on them might make it difficult for them to swim. This can then cause a bunch of other issues, like your pet might get very panicked in the water and might not know how to swim right. Also, if you’re walking your dog outside during the summer or if they’re out in the yard playing in warmer weather, you should definitely take your pet’s socks off. These socks can be breathable, but only to a certain extent. Dogs sweat through their paws, so allowing them to have cool weather reach their paws is incredibly important in warm weather, especially because dogs have higher body temperatures on average than people do. 

Our Favorite Dog Socks

Double Side Anti-Slip Dog Socks
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EXPAWLORER Double Side Anti-Slip Dog Socks with Adjustable Straps

EXPLORER is a great pet brand that offers top-notch double-side, anti-slip dog socks. Each pair comes with adjustable straps so you can get the best fit possible. Pet owners have the choice to purchase black, brown, beige, gray, heather gray, or red socks for their pooch. Pet owners also have the choice between different size options, including an x-small, small, medium, or large count. Also, if you’re going to purchase a small or medium size, you can choose between packs of four or six socks. EXPLORER has tons of options when it comes to purchasing the best socks for your pup. The smaller socks will only fit little paws, so you must measure your pup before purchasing any socks so you can be sure they’ll fit right. 

These socks don’t harm floors and protect wood flooring from the scratches pet nails can leave behind. Your pet won’t make clacking sounds when they wear these because the socks are great at quietening their steps and improving every pet parent’s quality of life. If you need extra elasticity, these socks come with an extra elastic back loop fastener to make the socks stay on your pet’s feet right. They won’t ever fall off easily and are made with a super soft material. This material allows the socks to maintain anti-slip traction but keeps them durable and comfortable. These socks have strong traction, so your pup will be safe while they run around the house fooling around in their socks.

Double Side Anti-Slip Dog Socks
$11.99 ($3.00 / Count)


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EXPAWLORER Double Side Anti-Slip Dog Socks – Paw Protector with Adjustable Strap

EXPAWLORER makes another great anti-slip dog socks product. The Paw Protector with an adjustable strap comes in a lot of size and color options. Pet owners can purchase their dog’s socks in gray, khaki, or ash black. These socks come in small, medium, and large options, and they come in four-packs. This brand recommends choosing the smaller size if the paw is in between two sizes. Pet owners know they’re getting a great product since these socks are made of high-quality fabrics. These anti-slip socks are designed to be comfortable and safe. Paw protector has adjustable straps to make your dog comfortable and ensure they don’t fall off while running around. If your dog likes running, these socks even come with silicone gel that offers extra traction. This enhances the friction between these socks and the floor, making it so your dog can run around as much as possible and they won’t fall off. Even these will stick to the floor securely. They won’t scratch any surfaces. Your pet can hop all over wood flooring or tiles and won’t leave scratches behind. These socks are great at protecting your pet’s paws and your floors. They’re also anti-dirty and waterproof, so you can let your pup play in the backyard without stressing out about them being messy. 

Calming Dog Ad
Double Side Anti-Slip Dog Socks
$11.99 ($3.00 / Count)


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PUPTECK Double Side Anti-Slip Dog Socks with Adjustable Straps for Indoor Wear 

PUPTECK double-side anti-slip dog socks are one of the best options when it comes to dog socks. These socks come in small, medium, and large size options. Each pair comes in two pairs. Pet owners have the choice to purchase beige, gray, khaki, pink, ugly khaki, and ugly pink colors for their dog’s socks. This brand recommends owners measure their dog’s paws before purchasing them. They also recommend that owners purchase the smaller size if their dog is in between sizes. High-quality dog socks like these are made with a super soft material, so their pet is comfortable and safe. 

Anti-slip socks are great for keeping your pet comfy and stable. These socks have anti-slip silicone gel to offer extra traction on all types of surfaces. Your pet can run around happily on tile, hardwood, or other slippery surfaces and maintain traction to the floor as long as they have their socks on. Owners can rest easy knowing their pup will be safe thanks to their steady traction and that these socks aren’t damaging. Your pet can run across any surface, but they won’t be leaving little scratches on your beautiful wooden flooring. This can help them feel safer while walking and reduce any stress pet parents might get. Also, socks can help protect your pup and keep them from getting hurt. These socks are extra special because they are anti-dirt and they’re waterproof. This brand provides many more benefits and color options than many other sock brands. 

PAWks Dog Socks

by RC Pet Products 

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RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks

RC pet products make a dog sock that comes in a variety of sizes. Pet owners can measure their pup’s paws and pick from sizes like xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large. Pet owners can choose to purchase these socks in an aqua argyle, black melange, black sneakers, and blue stripes color options. Other color options are burgundy melange, golf, grape argyle, preppy girl, gray stripes, nautical, and navy melange. Some of the last few color options are panda, pink mary jane, preppy, slate argyle, shark bite, rainbow stripes, purple stripes, and puppet. These pet products dog socks are great for pups who need some traction on their feet. Unlike some other dog socks, these are super comfortable and have anti-slip paw print decals to maximize the grip of the socks and enhance traction. They’re made from soft quality cotton and available in many patterns and colors.

Bark'n Boot Liners Stretch Socks


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RUFFWEAR, Bark’n Boot Liners Stretch Socks for Dog Boots

RUFFWEAR makes great socks for dogs. These Bark’n Boot Liners are available in four different size options, and each comes in the color twilight gray. Socks for dogs can improve a lot of comfort, but these socks are specifically designed to improve your dog’s comfort when wearing boots. RUFFWEAR sells dog boots, and if you own a pair for your pup, these socks are great at improving the performance and comfortability of their dog boots. These socks are designed with a tapered cuff with their boots in mind. A tapered cuff keeps the boot liner in place on your dog’s paw. This way, they can move freely without restriction. Even if your dog wants to run, jump, play, or sprint around with their socks on, these socks will stay secure and won’t sag or fall off during their fun playtime. 

Socks like RUFFWEARs are quick-drying thanks to their material. These socks are made with a polypropylene and spandex blend. Materials like these are part of why these socks can keep a secure fit on your pup. A bonus of this material is that it also wicks away moisture and dries super quickly. The flexible material is also super important when it comes to doggy socks, and these socks can stretch to stay comfortable. A curved “claw box” is built into the socks design. The dog-focused design follows your pup’s pay anatomy and reduces the risk of these socks bulking up on their feet. This makes these socks super ideal if your puppy has a dew claw. This way, they won’t pull or tug your pup’s paws. Even dog socks need to be cleaned regularly; these socks are owner-friendly. They’re super easy to clean and can be washed in a machine with cold water and a mild pet-safe detergent. Just make sure you air dry these socks, and you can have your pup back in their comfortable socks in no time. 

How To Buy the Best Dog Socks

When looking for the best dog socks for your pet, you want to consider many factors. Price should be a factor, but before considering the price, there are a few important things you need to make sure your pet’s potential socks have. When dogs wear socks, they can’t use their paw pads and nails to get traction like how they normally would. Dog socks need to have traction, or else they risk injuring themselves. So when looking for socks, make sure they have plenty of traction so your pet won’t fall over and accidentally injure themselves. When choosing your pet’s socks, you should also ensure they’re breathable and comfortable. Dogs’ paws and toes have very sensitive tissue. When socks fall down or crinkle up on their feet, they can make them very uncomfortable. Many animals try to chew or tear at uncomfortable socks, so if you don’t want to have to keep buying new socks, be sure to get your pet a comfortable pair. The socks have to be breathable since dogs sweat through their paws, so if they aren’t breathable enough, they could accidentally overheat.  

Another factor when picking the best socks is their colors. Many socks have fun patterns that you can use to make your pet look adorable. Collars and tags are fun ways to personalize your dog’s look, and watching them walk around in little socks can be fun. Aside from color, pet parents should aim to purchase anti-dirty and waterproof socks. Often, dogs can benefit from wearing socks in cold and dirty areas. It’s super beneficial to buy socks that won’t get dirty quickly since this means you’ll have to wash them less. 


Giving your pet paw protection is no joke. Your dog can accidentally fall on slippery floors if you don’t get the right kind. Or, you might get the right kind of socks so your pet won’t fall on a slippery surface, but they might scratch your hardwood floors. As long as dog lovers focus on getting their dog socks that come secure, with a strong grip, and a way to adjust to their pet’s feet, like with a velcro strap, they should be able to find and purchase a pair of dog socks that work exactly as how they’re supposed to. 

Putting dog socks on your pet might be harder for them if they have sensitive paws. A dog’s paw pad is super sensitive, and they can easily get uncomfortable in dog socks, especially if their nails are too long. So any pet owner should ensure they have the right size sock for their furry friend. It’s important to measure your dog right and pick the right material so your dog can live the best life in their fun new socks. 

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