How To Care for a Pomchi Puppy

Red-furred Pomchi standing in a sunny field

Pomchi Breed Overview

Pomchi dogs are mixed-breed dogs that cross between the Pomeranian and Chihuahua breeds. Dogs in this chaotic breed are often very playful and energetic. These small dogs go by many names, and some people call them Pomahuahua, Chimeranian, Chi-Pom, or Pom-Chi. Thanks to its parent breeds, the Pomchi puppy inherited excellent traits from its parent breeds and is a loyal and devoted dog.

Not all dogs are as adaptable as the Pomchi breed. These small dogs’ enthusiasm makes them great emotional support and therapy pets. These dogs have a natural intelligence that comes with their style of sass and stubbornness. Many Pomchi puppies might go through phases of ignoring their parents. Still, with the right attitude, Pomchi owners will see that patience and positive reinforcement will result in their pet thriving.

This breed can be a great fit for households looking for a family pet or someone to keep them company in an otherwise empty home. If you work from home and are devoted to giving your Pomchi puppy enough daily enrichment, these dogs would be an excellent fit for your lifestyle.

History of the Pomchi Breed

It’s more than likely that this breed existed naturally for a long time. No matter how the breed began, it grew in popularity in the late 1990s. Once this breed became very popular, breeders started mixing Pomeranians and Chihuahuas to keep up demand for these puppies.

Both parent breeds of the Pomchi are companion pets, and as a result, they make a compatible companion dogs. These dogs descended from generations of popular Chihuahua and Pomeranian breeds and acquired many traits from both.

Technically, because this breed is a mix, there is no breed standard, and they aren’t a member of the American Kennel Club. However, the Pomchi is a prevalent and well-known dog breed.

Pomchi in the sun with water in the background

Pomchi Size

This small breed typically weighs between 4 to 12 pounds and stands around 6 to 10 inches at its shoulders. Even though these dogs have a general size standard, they’re a mixed breed and are likely to range outside their general measurements anyway.

Sometimes dogs like to walk as close to their owners as possible, which can get dangerous with small breeds like the Pomchi. Pomchi puppies get under their owners’ feet, especially when they’re excited, and because they can be only 6 inches in height, it can get very easy for owners to trip on them. Any dog owner who adopts a Pomchi needs to train their dogs to not wander beneath their feet to ensure both parties don’t get injured. Small dogs can do more damage than big ones, but small dogs can cause a lot of injury to themselves or their owners if they crawl under their feet, especially if this happens in a kitchen setting.

Pomchi Breed Intelligence

This dog breed comes from two small intelligent breeds that pass their natural smarts onto their hybrid. These dogs are pretty easy to train and don’t require an experienced owner, thanks to their intelligence. Because of how easy it is for these dogs to become fearful of things, owners should always be ready to train any dogs they adopt.

Dogs take best to training lessons when they are kept short and consistent. Giving your dog regular obedience lessons daily for five minutes can help them grow to become their best selves. Some owners like to keep a couple of treats on them all day if their dog does something rewarding or something to that effect.

It’s essential to stay consistent with proud dogs like the Pomchi breed. Small breeds are notorious for being yappy pets, and it’s because of this behavior it has to be trained out of them efficiently and quickly. Owners have to be sure to tell their dogs ‘no’ if they bark too much and always be ready to reward them when they calmly meet a new person. It can be challenging to remember to do these things often, so it is so hard for these dogs to break their bad barking habits.

Pomchi at the top of an obstacle course

Pomchi Puppy Temperament

Small dogs like the Pomchi are often noisy dogs, and Pomchi puppies are also loud dogs and have very outgoing personalities. These dogs are great if you’re looking for a pup to take everywhere. Many Pomchi puppies are sassy, intelligent, and bond very closely with their owners.

They are pretty active dogs and are eager to learn tricks and play games. These dogs need to be socialized at a young age to avoid their tendency to bark at strangers. Small dogs can easily become fearful of new environments if they aren’t welcomed adequately into new situations. There are many ways owners can help their dogs enjoy trying new things.

Owners should take their dogs to as many different environments as possible. Providing treats and verbal praise can help reinforce a positive message so dogs will begin to enjoy meeting new people and traveling to new places. All dog owners should also know not to pressure their dogs into new environments. Socialization is a very careful process, and owners should be as patient as possible to ensure their dog has the best reaction possible.

Some small dogs can become very demanding of their owner’s attention and find it easy to get into trouble if they don’t feel they’re getting enough attention. These dogs are motivated by affection and praise, holding these actions close to their heart.

Shedding Habits

This dog breed’s coat is typically sable and brown. Pomchi puppies can also have other coat colors like blue and tan, black and tan, or even cream. This breed occasionally has solid coats but often has a mix of colors in its fur.

Even though these dogs are small, they might get fur all over your house. They have long fur coats and aren’t a great pet choice for people with allergies.

These pups will shed year-round but brushing them will help control the amount of fur that finds its way to your black pants. These dogs will shed more during significant changes in seasons, like during spring and fall.

Health Overview of the Pomchi Breed

Many dog breeds have natural health risks they’re predisposed to contracting. Even though all breeds have their inherited genetic risks, many dogs in the breed don’t experience any of these physical health conditions. Most Pomchi dogs will live a healthy life anywhere from 12 to 18 years long without suffering from bodily health issues.

Even though many of these dogs won’t experience physical conditions, it doesn’t mean they won’t experience mental issues. All dogs will struggle with stress and anxiety at some point in their lives, and Pomchi puppies are likely to experience this. Most cases of these psychological conditions will be minor, and owners can treat their pet’s symptoms with easy remedies. Some situations will be much more difficult and require more professional help.

Common Psychological Health Conditions


All dogs will experience stress at some point in their lives. Many dogs have stress symptoms in response to similar environments. For example, some dogs experience stress from loud noises like fireworks, thunderstorms, or police sirens. Some dogs are stressed by large crowds of people too.

No matter the cause of a dog’s stress, owners won’t be able to help ease their dog’s symptoms without knowing what they are. Pomchi dogs are likely to bark, whine, or cry when stressed out. These little dogs might pace or try to dig up your couch cushion. Stressed animals occasionally get destructive as well.

Once owners spend more time with their pets, they will naturally understand their Pomchi puppy’s body language and tendencies. Understanding your dog’s body language will play a large part in being able to help your dog through uncomfortable situations. Once you know your dog’s choice of symptoms, you’ll be able to prepare better for stress-inducing moments.

Owners can help their anxious Pomchi puppies by providing calming remedies like treats or supplements in times of stress. Owners can remove their dog from the stressor, and it eases their pet’s symptoms. Owners can also talk to their vet about ways to help their Pomchi if they think their dog is experiencing extreme signs of stress.

Anxious-looking Pomchi lying on a rug


Many pets face anxiety, especially when their owners are away. Small dogs commonly suffer from separation anxiety because they are companion animals, requiring a lot of company. Naturally, these dogs begin to wig out when they’re left alone for too long.

Anxiety can come as a reaction to a large number of things. Dogs rescued from shelters are more likely to experience anxiety because they can remember their traumatic past and face anxiety symptoms. Dogs who experience abuse, neglect, abandonment, or homelessness struggle with good behavior.

Anxious dogs are not great listeners, but only because of their fear. These dogs still love their people just as much as when they aren’t nervous, but many animals can’t control their focus when they have these anxieties.

Owners can help their Pomchi puppies that suffer from anxiety by providing calming remedies. Some owners build their dogs a ‘safe space’ to calm them down, and owners can also provide calming supplements.

Calming Dog Products

The best way to help stressed and anxious Pomchi puppies is to remember their inciting incidents and be prepared to help them de-stress.

If you are aware your dog hates thunderstorms and you’re going to have one soon, you should provide your dog with calming methods ahead of time.

Many pet owners are proactive about their dog’s stress symptoms giving them calming treats or supplements before their symptoms begin appearing. It is a great way to help your dog relax more in general, and providing areas for them to retreat to is another great method to help them. Owners should give their dogs a bed and their own space when dogs need a break from people.

Common Physical Health Conditions

Pomchi puppies are at risk of several health issues, including hypoglycemia, patellar luxation, and tracheal collapse. While it sounds scary that this breed is at risk of developing these conditions, most dogs will live long lives without physical health issues.

Even the dogs that experience some of these issues will likely have mild cases of these conditions. It’s rare for any health condition to impact a Pomchi puppy’s life greatly.


Hypoglycemia is the special veterinarian word for ‘low blood sugar.’ Dogs with hypoglycemia often suffer from low blood sugar, affecting small breeds more than any other size.

Certain breeds like the Chihuahua are more prone to experiencing hypoglycemia, so their Pomchi relative also risks this condition.

Low blood sugar occurs in smaller dogs often because they aren’t getting fed enough or being too active for too long. Owners can avoid this by limiting their dog’s consecutive exercise time and ensuring to feed them a proper diet.

Some owners help their dogs by feeding them many small meals throughout the day. Splitting one cup of food into four quarter cup meals can help your dog keep a steadier sugar level. Sometimes when dogs go into low blood sugar shock, they might pass out or have moments of lethargy.

Owners can help their dogs by always having good treats on hand or by adding sugar to their dog’s bowl. They can also easily buy supplements to aid their Pomchi puppy’s condition.

Pomchi sniffing around the ground

Patellar Luxation

There are many common joint issues among dog breeds, and one is patellar luxation. Patellar luxation is especially common in small dog breeds and occurs when the kneecap often gets displaced. Dogs get displaced kneecaps when their joint doesn’t grow correctly. Many dogs are born with this condition and never receive treatment because of how mild it is.

One of the symptoms a dog with patellar luxation might show is developing a strange hop. These dogs might fall over or limp, but dogs with patellar luxation often have very minimal symptoms.

Sometimes, Pomchi puppies need anti-inflammation supplements so their joint doesn’t get too irritated—most dogs with this condition experience minor side effects. More difficult situations will require surgery, but owners can find home pain remedies for their Pomchi puppies with less severe cases of patellar luxation. Owners can also find pain supplements at their local pet stores if they find their Pomchi is experiencing any discomfort.

Tracheal Collapse

A scary and common condition among small dog breeds is tracheal collapse. Tracheal collapse is a condition that occurs when a dog’s trachea collapses. It happens because their cartilage deteriorates, and over time the structure of their trachea falls. You can resolve most of these health conditions situations with some pain medication and careful observation from the owner.

Many owners of Pomchi puppies with tracheal collapse are sure to provide pain meds and cartilage supplements. These owners are also sure always to use a harness with their dogs to prevent a collar from pulling on their trachea, causing further damage.

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Oral Health

Periodontal disease is a dental disease that appears in dogs’ mouths often. Many dogs have red or swollen gums, a common sign of gingivitis, the first step of dental disease. Dental disease can cause your dog to lose their teeth and even worse physical health by causing respiratory or heart disease.

Owners have to clean their Pomchi puppy’s teeth at least three times a week to ensure they are as clean as possible. Smaller dogs have teeth overcrowding often because their mouths are too small for the number of teeth they have. It makes it easier for bacteria and other diseases to grow and nest.

Some owners use tools like dental hygiene treats to help keep up with their dog’s dental needs. Dental chews can help dogs keep their oral health in check, but it’s essential to get your dog’s teeth cleaned professionally now and then.

Owners need to be sure they never use any oral health products that aren’t specifically made for canines, as this can cause harm to their Pomchi puppies.

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Pomchi Breed’s Needs


Every dog breed needs daily physical and mental stimulation. Even though this breed is small, it benefits from at least thirty minutes of daily activity. Owners can be sure to provide daily activity by taking their Pomchi puppies on short walks or playing with them.

Owners forget that mental stimulation is almost as crucial to your dog’s health as physical stimulation is. Dogs that don’t have enough stimulation might have lousy behavior or become depressed. It’s easy to provide mental stimulation to naturally intelligent dog breeds like the Pomchi. Owners have to decide on an enrichment plan to tackle and use that to help their dogs get healthier.

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Pomchi running across tall grass


Pomchi dogs will require a special diet formulated for high-energy small dog breeds. These dogs can easily gain weight because owners commonly overfeed dogs without providing enough daily activity.

A dog’s diet can change based on sex, age, activity, and health conditions. Your dog’s specific calorie and nutritional requirements will vary, and you can always ask your vet to help you decide the best way to provide nutrients for them.

Owners can give their dog’s a rough health examination by examining them. This examination is in no way factual and is a general look into your dog’s overall fitness.

Owners can tell if their Pomchi puppies are at a healthy weight by looking for a waistline. These dogs should have subtle waistlines if they aren’t obese, but they shouldn’t be too exaggerated, or they might be underweight.

Another way to tell if your dog is generally healthy is to put your hand on their side and press your fingertips slightly into their ribs. If it only takes a little pressure to feel your Pomchi puppy’s ribs, then your dog is in great shape. If you have to use more than a little bit of pressure, your pup might be overweight, and if you don’t use any pressure, your dog is likely underweight.

Owners should always talk to their vets if they’re worried about their Pomchi puppies’ overall health.

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These dogs can have a lot of different types of coat colors and can come in solid coats or mixed-color coats. Usually, these dogs have longer coats, making them shed more often. Because of this, these dogs need to be brushed more often and aren’t great pets for people with allergies. They have a double coat, so they look like fluffy dogs.

Even though these dogs have longer coats, they aren’t great in colder temperatures and might benefit from a nice sweater or coat. Owners should also bathe their dogs every five to eight weeks.

Closeup of a Pomchi's face

Top Product Picks for Pomchi Puppies

All dog owners will get excited about getting a new dog, but they often forget about how their dog might feel about being adopted. Sure, adoptions are almost always better situations in the long run, and they are more than happy to find a forever home where they feel safe. However, when dogs first move to their new home, they are going through a big change, and there are many ways owners can help prep their house to make their dogs more comfortable.

The best way to help your Pomchi puppy fit in upon arrival is to have a space ready for them. That means you should buy a bed, crate, food, leash, collar, and harness for your dog. You might want to wait to get the harness until getting them, but the rest you should have before they walk through your door.

Other products that help dogs adjust to their new homes are treats, toys, blankets, pillows, and calming toys. Owners can use fun items like treats and toys to provide an encouraging environment. Some dogs are very stressed in new places, so giving them calming supplements can help them during such a big change.

Many dog owners will realize they want other products to make owning a dog more manageable. For example, investing in a food storage bin and portable bowls can help you. But overall, owners will realize that after owning their dog, they’ll better understand their likes and dislikes and the best way to shower them with love.

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