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a complete guide to the rottweiler dobermann breed

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A Complete Guide to the Rottweiler Dobermann Breed

The Rottweiler Dobermann mixed breed is super friendly and gets along well with its family. This dog combines two purebred breeds, the Dobermann Pinscher dog and the Rottweiler. Both breeds have a history in Germany and working for watchdogs. The Rottweiler breed helped create the Doberman Pinscher dog breed, even though they are separate breeds today.

Many people enjoy the company of Rottweiler Doberman dogs and see them as great companion animals. This breed also goes by the name Rotterman, Rottie Dobie, Doberott, Doberweiler, Doberman Rottweiler mix, and Rottweiler Doberman mix. These pets are great watchdogs and fit well in many homes. If you’re looking into adopting a Rottweiler Doberman puppy, this article can help you decide if you’re the right fit for them.


The Rottweiler Doberman breed has a little history since it’s a mixed breed. Most mixed breeds are too young to have a long and documented history like their parent breeds. But, the Doberman Pinscher parent breed began in Germany and was first registered in 1893. The Rottweiler was a Roman dog breed that migrated to Germany over time. Both of these animals almost faced extinction in their history, and both have become more common breeds in the US.

Since mixing the two breeds, the Rottweiler Doberman mix has become increasingly popular for its loving temperament but intimidating stature.

Rottweiler Dobermann dog


This hybrid dog is one large dog. An average Rottweiler Dobermann dog can reach up to 25 inches tall, with an average spanning between 23 and 25 inches. These dogs can also weigh a lot; the hybrid breed‘s average weight is 65 to 120 pounds. These are very strong dogs, and even though they might look scary, they’re much more friendly than mean. Rottweiler Dobermanns have a great temperament with all types of owners. These dogs won’t live well in apartments because of their massive size, but they would be happy in a home, even if it doesn’t have a fenced-in yard.


As stated earlier, the Rottweiler Dobermann has a wonderful temperament. They have sweet eyes but scary-looking stances. Even though they seem intimidating, they’re very gentle animals in reality. This breed is great for families, singles, older adults, and disabled people. The Rottweiler Doberman could make for a great companion animal, service dog, or watchdog.

With a loyal and devoted outlook, Rottweiler Doberman always bonds closely with its owners. They pick one person to develop a very special bond with. Also, these dogs love children are can easily devote themselves to protecting children. They’re very tolerant and patient animals when cared for correctly. Even though they’re big dogs, they would be found living with other dogs and might even enjoy the company. But, it’s always important to properly socialize your pet so you can get all the benefits of their breed.


This hybrid breed comes from two-parent breeds trained to complete many tasks. Both parent breeds worked in war and worked for families on farms and butchers alike. If the parent breeds were hardworking and very intelligent, the hybrid breed would be too. However, dogs like this need firm and consistent training from people devoted to having daily sessions with them. Dogs do best in shorter sessions ranging from ten to fifteen minutes. If you want a super well-trained dog, you can try having multiple training sessions daily, spread out over a few hours.

It’s best always to keep training positive when teaching a Rottweiler Dobermann. These dogs can be proud and stubborn. The best way to get a stubborn dog to listen to you is to convince them good things will happen by listening to you. Many pet owners think the right lesson is through punishments, like ignoring your pet, chastising them, or yelling at them when they mess up. All these things set dogs into a panic where they don’t understand why they’re in trouble. Instead, focus on getting your dog to enjoy listening to you by only giving them feedback when they do listen to you. The more positive your training sessions, the faster your dog will love them, and the quicker they’ll learn new commands.

Rottweiler Dobermann lying in the grass


Because of the parent breeds, the Rottweiler Dobermann breed has a normal coat that comes in sable, black, brown, and fawn colors. These dogs have sleek, shiny, and normal fur; their fur is usually straight and has an average density. Sometimes, it looks like Rottweiler Dobermanns are wearing little tuxedos because of how straight and sleek their fur is.

Even though these dogs aren’t big shedders, it doesn’t make them hypoallergenic. This dog breed doesn’t shed much since their fur is so short, but they will still irritate the allergies of a person allergic to pets. It’s important to ensure you don’t mind having dog fur all over your house because even if they don’t shed much, the fur accumulates unless you sweep down all your furniture regularly.

Rottweiler Dobermann Dog Health Overview

Like all breeds, the Rottweiler Dobermann breed risks inheriting several health conditions. Most dogs in this mixed breed will live healthy lives without experiencing any physical health risks. Almost all dogs in this mixed breed will live a life expectancy of 9 to 12 years. However, some dogs might develop issues that can impact their overall health.

This breed has a few minor health risks that, if contracted, will not shorten its average lifespan. Instead, these health issues may cause discomfort or pain, but with the help of their owners, these dogs can relieve their symptoms. In addition to minor physical issues, this breed will likely experience stress and anxiety at some point in their lives. All dogs struggle with stress and anxiety, but as long as pet owners are prepared, they can help their pets overcome any issues with anxiety and stress.

Rottweiler Dobermann puppy standing

Common Psychological Health Conditions


It’s common for many dogs to experience stress, and the Rottweiler Doberman mixed breed is no different. This breed is very loyal to its owners, and even though they look mighty and tough, they are also huge softies on the inside. This dog can get stressed out at any normal thing like other breeds. Common things that cause stress in dogs are poor socialization and noise-induced stress. When dogs are poorly socialized, they’ll experience signs of stress near new places, people, or animals. Many dogs struggle with noise-induced stress and experience signs of distress during thunderstorms, sirens, or fireworks.

When dogs experience stress, they hold their ears back, lower their heads, and pace. Some other signs your Rottweiler Doberman dog might show are barking, whining, crying, or trying to escape their home. Some animals hide behind their owners or sit very close to their owners for protection. There are plenty of ways owners can help the Rottweiler Doberman mix calm down. The best way to help these dogs is to remove them from what’s causing them stress. If you can’t remove them from the stressor, try to provide calming supplements. A long-term way to help your dog stress less is to provide proper socialization training.


Many dogs experience anxiety in their lives. The most common cause of anxiety in animals is separation anxiety. A loyal breed like the Rottweiler Doberman dog might struggle with anxiety if they aren’t adapted to their home schedule yet. A dog can get anxiety from numerous things. Many shelter animals face anxiety from past trauma experiences like neglect, abuse, homelessness, or abandonment. These dogs will react with anxiety symptoms when reminded of their past trauma.

There are a lot of signs your Rottweiler Doberman puppy can show you when they’re struggling with anxiety. Some animals will cower in fear, cry, hide, or put their tails between their legs. Some dogs hold their head back, drool excessively, and bark. This dog might also try to run out of their homes or stop their owners from leaving if they struggle with separation anxiety. Separation anxiety often leads to dogs destroying their owner’s homes in their absences because of panic attacks. When dogs have panic attacks, they have no clue what to do with their stress, so they react by releasing it by destroying their surroundings. There are tons of ways owners help their pets overcome anxiety. The most common way to help your pet is by giving them calming medicines like canine CBD. Other options include providing your dog with a safe space or counterconditioning training. Although this special training can be costly, it isn’t for everyone.

Rottweiler Dobermann running at the beach

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Calming Dog Products

Pet owners can purchase many products to help their dogs overcome symptoms of stress and anxiety. The most common thing pet parents do today is making a safe space for their dog to retreat to in times of stress. A safe space is an area that is dedicated solely to your pet. It can be a whole room or a small space in your bedroom, but wherever it is, your pet should be able to sit alone so they can destress from people. These spaces are full of items that give your dog comfort. Most commonly, owners put their pet’s dog bed in these spaces and a dog cage. Some owners will add blankets and toys to this area. Many dogs would benefit from calming zen treats and a bowl of water in these areas. Owners can put whatever they think will help calm their dog down in their pet’s safe spaces. There are many options, and some owners get very creative while making this space for their pets.

Common Physical Health Conditions

Hip Dysplasia

There are a few health conditions that occur in almost every breed. Canine hip dysplasia is common in many dog breeds, and the Rottweiler Doberman is no exception. This breed is at risk of developing this joint disorder. Hip dysplasia occurs when the hip joint is out of place, and this happens at birth and causes the hip joint to grind off itself painfully instead of sliding past itself. When this condition occurs, many dogs show symptoms of pain associated with their hip.

Some dogs develop muscle mass in their shoulders as they lose muscle mass in their hind legs. These dogs overcompensate their weight in the front of the body to make their hips work less. Some animals also cry when someone pets their hip, or they may run, jump, and play less. If your pet is suffering from hip dysplasia, getting them to exercise correctly is crucial. Without enough activity, their joint can lock up, making everyday tasks like eating and going to the bathroom all the more painful. If you overwork your pup, they can get an inflamed hip joint and lead to more pain symptoms. You can treat your pet’s pain symptoms. All you have to do is provide pain management supplements available at your local pet store. Many pet owners will give their dogs joint supplements to increase lubrication in the joint, as well as canine CBD, which has anti-inflammatory and pain management properties.

x-rays of a dogs hip dysplasia

Elbow Dysplasia

Another health condition that is common in many dogs is elbow dysplasia. The elbow joint in a dog is comprised of three bones that meet together perfectly. However, dogs aren’t uncommon to be born with their joints misaligned. Even the slightest misalignment can lead to elbow dysplasia which is why the disease is so common. This condition occurs more often in larger dogs because they are more susceptible to growing fast and injuring their joints accidentally. No matter, most animals only experience symptoms of this condition once they are in their twilight years.

When a Rottweiler Doberman dog is experiencing elbow dysplasia, owners can help them by understanding their signs and symptoms. Many dogs with elbow dysplasia may limp occasionally, develop a strange hopping run, or cry when people touch their elbow joint. These dogs would benefit from a soft place to rest their joints so they aren’t touching the ground. You can help dogs with elbow dysplasia similarly, and you can help animals with hip dysplasia. It’s important to provide them with joint supplements and pain management aids.

Von Willebrands Disease

Von Willebrand’s disease is a common blood disorder in humans and dogs. When a canine has this condition, they are missing a factor in their blood that aids the clotting process. Dogs with this disorder will bleed more and longer than dogs without this disorder if they get any scratches or cuts. There aren’t symptoms that accompany this disease, except for prolonged bleeding. Veterinarians usually diagnose this disease in a dog when the dog undergoes a sterilization process such as neutering or spaying. When dogs have this condition, owners cannot do anything to treat it, but they should do as much as possible to prevent their dog from being injured. This condition often isn’t deadly and only has minor side effects. Owners of Rottweiler Doberman dogs with this disease should keep a clotting agent in their pet’s first aid kit to ensure they’re ready in case their pet gets a scratch. They should also try to help their dog avoid this issue by not allowing them to play on concrete surfaces and avoiding letting them play with other dogs.

Oral Health

A dog‘s oral health is an incredibly important part of its health, although it is often overlooked. If your pet has poor oral health, it can lead to bacteria and debris accumulating in their mouth and teeth when they eat and drink. This bacteria can then turn into plaque and tartar, which can develop into the first stages of dental disease. Aside from dental disease, an accumulation of bacteria in their mouths can cause dogs to ingest this bacteria and may even lead to respiratory and heart disease in severe cases. Although most dogs don’t experience the most severe cases, many in the US suffer from the first stage of dental disease and have swollen and painful gums.

To help your Rottweiler Doberman puppy avoid the same fate, you need to brush their teeth multiple times a week. It’s best to aim for three brushing sessions a week, but if you can’t achieve that, then at least aim to provide one brushing session a week. Only use canine-specific products because human toothbrushes are too rough for a dog‘s gums, and human toothpaste is toxic to dogs. In between brushing sessions, you can give your dog oral health treats to help keep up with their oral health needs.

  1. Daily Oral Care Treats
  2. Petsmile Toothpaste

Rottweiler Dobermann Breed‘s Needs


This active dog needs a solid 90 minutes of exercise daily. They are large dogs, and owners must know how much their dog gets regular activity. Without the right amount of activity, this dog breed can easily become obese, develop bad behavior, or develop health issues like joint dysplasia faster. Dog owners need to remember that this breed also needs mental stimulation to keep their busy minds at ease. Some dogs can become very badly behaved when their needs don’t get met. They become bored, destructive, and disobedient. The best way to avoid this is by taking your pet on regular walks daily and providing regular mental stimulation. Daily training sessions count for mental stimulation, as do enrichment activities. These things can help your dog maintain good health both physically and mentally.

Rottweiler Dobermann playing with a stick in the grass


A large dog like the Rottweiler Dobermann needs a lot of food to stay healthy. Because of how big this dog‘s size variation is, they might need anywhere from 2 ½ cups of food to 4 cups of high-quality dry dog food daily. Owners should remember that a dog‘s dietary needs can change based on age, sex, weight, activity, health condition, and many other factors throughout their life. If you’re ever concerned your pet is getting too much for too little food, you can always check in with your vet to ensure you aren’t overfeeding them.

Also, dogs usually have treats daily, which is great for them motivationally. However, their treats shouldn’t take up 10% of their daily calorie needs, or it’s unhealthy. About 50% of adult US pet dogs are obese, so it’s very important to pay close attention to your dog‘s nutritional health to keep them as healthy as possible.


This hybrid breed has super sleek and soft, short fur. Their fur doesn’t need a ton of upkeep and typically only needs to be brushed once a week. Like many other breeds, this hybrid will blow its coat twice a year to adapt to fall and spring weather. The best thing to do during these times is to brush your dog daily and give them a bath to help take care of extra fur and skin dander. A pin or slicker brush is best when you brush a Rottweiler Dobermann dog. Make sure only to use dog-safe shampoo and conditioners when you bathe them.

Top Product Picks for the Rottweiler Dobermann Breed

When bringing home a new dog, it can be easy to get lost in the excitement of your new pet. However, it can be difficult for a dog to move homes and adapt to a new place of living. You can take plenty of steps to make a move easier on your Rottweiler Dobermann hybrid. It would help if you prepared yourself for your new pet before they come home with you.

Before you get your dog, you should have a collar, leash, and harness. Some owners like to wait to purchase a harness until after they have their dog, so they’re sure they get the right sizes, but if you know your pet’s measurements, you don’t need to wait. Also, you’ll want a bowl of dog food and water ready so your pet sees that you were expecting them. It’s also an excellent idea to have things to comfort your new pet, like a dog bed or crate. Many dogs don’t feel comfortable sharing a bed with their new owners right away, and many owners aren’t yet comfortable allowing their dog to be in the home alone, so a dog cage and bed is a perfect way to make everyone happy.

More experienced owners know some items just come in handy when owning a dog. Owning a food storage container makes it easier to keep your pet’s food fresh. Also, if you plan on hiking with your dog, you may invest in a doggy car seat belt, doggy waste bags, and portable food and water dishes. These items can come in handy when taking your dog out and about.

Lastly, give your dog some comfort items to make them a little happier upon arrival. All dogs don’t enjoy the same toys, but many dogs like chewing on stuffed animals or ropes, so you might want to buy a toy or two for your pet to unwind with. When bringing home your dog, you want them to come to you independently. Don’t crowd your new puppy; give them reasons to see that coming to you is in their best interest. If they come to you, give them tons of praise and pets, and provide them with a treat or two. It won’t take long for your new Rottweiler Doberman puppy to adapt to their home.

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