A Complete Guide to the Irish Doodle Breed

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The Irish Doodle breed is a mix of the Irish Setter breed and the Poodle breed. These dogs are great fits in many home types. They do well with children, singles, families, pets, and older adults and can happily live in apartments and houses. The Irish Doodle dog is a lovable pet with tons of energy. Some people call these dogs Irish Doodle Setter, Irish Setterpoo, Irish Poodle mix, Irish Poo Setter, Irish Setterdoodle, and Irish Setter Poodle mix. These loyal dogs make great furry friends in all types of homes, and if you’re looking to get one, this article will help you deduce if the Irish Doodle breed is the right pick for you.


Like most mixed breeds, the Irish Doodle doesn’t have much history. Irish Doodle puppies don’t have a very well-documented history, but they started gaining traction in the last 30 years. People have been making a note of their lovely personalities and alert energies these last three decades. This breed is great for many home styles; they need at least one walk a day to thrive.

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Irish Doodle dogs have the size of their parent breeds. Like all Poodle mixes, they have the option of being born from at least three different sizes of Poodles. This breed can come from the Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and Toy Poodle. However, most dogs of the Irish Doodle breed are made with Miniature and Standard Poodles. That’s why the Irish Doodle has an average size of 40 to 70 pounds and an average height of 13 to 15 inches. The Standard Irish Doodle is the product of a Standard Poodle, and the Mini Irish Doodle is the rare mix from the Toy Poodle. Even though they can grow to be large dogs, they’ll maintain their health and happiness with the right exercise and training. 

Irish Doodle Temperament 

If you’re looking for an alert dog to let you know when strangers approach your home, the Irish Doodle can help be a watchdog for your home. The hybrid Irish Doodle also tends to form strong bonds with its owners, which is why so many pet owners love them. These loyal dogs are super affectionate while being a protective breed. They won’t ever be violent or aggressive and can be trained to be great service animals. Even though they are very intelligent, the stubborn nature of the Irish Setter can make the Irish Doodle difficult to train. As long as you stay consistent, any owner can successfully train their Irish Doodle dog. 

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As previously mentioned, the Irish Doodle dog is super intelligent and comes from one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. The Poodle is a very intelligent dog trained for hunting or official work. These dogs pass on their genius to this hybrid breed, but the will of the Irish Setter breed might make it more difficult for the Irish Doodle to listen well. Because of this, the Irish Doodle hybrid needs a consistent and patient owner. They need to keep training sessions short and give plenty of rewards and praise. The way to get a stubborn dog to enjoy training sessions is by teaching a dog to love training. It can help them grow to be easier to train. 


The Irish Doodle breed is a very low-shedding hybrid, but they aren’t hypoallergenic. This breed typically grows dense coats with curly or shaggy-haired textures. They can have cream, brown, black, blue, silver, red, and red coats. Even though they don’t shed a ton, they tend to have longer coats and aren’t great fits for people with allergies. 

Irish Doodle Dog Health Overview

The Irish Doodle is a mixed breed, which many people think means they are healthier dogs. Even though the dog is mixed, it can take more after one parent breed than the other. Also, if two parent breeds are at a high risk of the same health conditions, it might mean that these dogs have a higher risk of experiencing that health condition. Being a mixed breed doesn’t automatically mean these dogs are healthier than their parent breeds. The Irish Doodle comes from two generally healthy parent breeds and will likely live a long 10 to 13 years full of fun. 

The Irish Doodle has only a few minor health conditions to worry about. Most of their physical health risks are minor and have one or two associated mental health risks, but all dogs struggle with these issues. If you’re looking to rescue an Irish Doodle puppy, you’ll need to know how to care for them and what risks they might endure. Luckily there are plenty of ways to help dogs, even when sick, but owners need to be ready to help their pet’s anxiety and stress. Many dogs struggle with anxiety and stress, and as long as owners know the symptoms and causes, they can successfully help their Irish Doodle puppy live their life to the fullest. 

Common Psychological Health Conditions


Many dog owners fear that if their pet hears a thunderstorm, their dog might start freaking out. Dogs can get stressed out from many things, but the most common reason a dog experiences stress is noise and the environment. If your pet isn’t properly socialized, it can easily become stressed around new people, places, or animals. Noise-induced stress most commonly occurs during sirens, fireworks, or thunderstorms. An Irish Doodle puppy will show many signs that they’re experiencing stress when they’re struggling. Some of the most common signs a dog might show are pacing, drooling, whining, barking, or becoming restless. Some animals might try to run away or hide behind their owners, and some dogs will start shaking and trying to get as close to their owners as possible for protection. 

There are a few different methods to help a dog overcome stress. One of the easiest ways to help your pet is to remove them from stressful situations. If your Irish Doodle puppy freaks out after seeing another dog, move so they can’t see the other dog. If you can’t remove your pet from the circumstances, the next best thing you can do is provide them with a calming supplement. You can give your pet zen calming treats. Or, you can also build a safe space for your pet to retreat to in your home. This safe space would be most effective ifthe noise stresses out your Irish Doodle puppy.

Irish Doodle puppy chewing a dog treat


Many dogs experience anxiety, and they aren’t afraid to show it. Most pet parents have come home at one point or another to see their houses destroyed. Couch cushions ripped open, the trash can tipped over, and maybe even a little doggy gift laying on the floor in front of them. While some owners don’t understand what persuaded their dogs to behave this way, all owners need to know that dogs react this way out of separation anxiety. The most common type of anxiety is separation anxiety, although many animals also struggle with anxiety caused by a memory of past trauma. If you get your Irish Doodle dog from a shelter, they’re more likely to experience trauma-induced anxiety, which can heighten separation anxiety. Dogs that have experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment, or homelessness can get an anxiety attack anytime they’re reminded of their past. 

If your Irish Doodle cries, whines, barks, or howls, they could be struggling with anxiety. Anxiety comes in waves, so dogs won’t necessarily bark once a day but multiple times in a short time if they’re struggling with anxiety. Some dogs try to run around, try to escape their homes, and urinate and defecate in the house. Animals with separation anxiety often destroy homes in their owner’s absences because they have panic attacks and communicate their anxiety out of bad behavior.

To help Irish Doodle puppies overcome anxious tendencies, owners can help their pets by providing them with calming supplements. A safe space is also an effective way to allow your dog to calm down from their anxiety. Some owners use canine CBD to help their pets relax; you can find many things to help them in your local pet store. 

Calming Dog Products

Irish Doodle puppy owners can purchase many products to prepare for their pets’ stress and anxiety. As mentioned earlier, a safe space is great for your dog to help them cope with any potential stress or anxiety symptoms. A safe space is an area owners provide to their dogs that are quiet and secluded. Animals sometimes need a break from people to de-stress, and a safe space is a perfect space to allow this to them. You can put many different items in your pet’s safe space to help them relax, but some items are more common than others. Most pet parents will put a dog bed and cage in their pet’s safe spaces. Many breeds, including the Irish Doodle, might find a cage or bed comforting. Other pet owners might include a bowl of water, some fresh zen treats, and their dog’s favorite toys in their safe space. Some owners go as far as to include aroma therapy or music therapy by adding calming scents or classical music to their pet’s environment. Pet owners have full creative control when designing their pet’s safe spaces; they should ensure that anything they put in their dog’s space will calm their pet. 

Common Physical Health Conditions 

Patellar Luxation 

Some breeds are more at risk of developing patellar luxation, like many small dog breeds and the Poodle breed, for instance. The Irish Doodle has a small risk of developing this condition, but it’s usually very minor, and owners need to treat their dogs for pain or discomfort. To know if your Irish Doodle puppy has patellar luxation, watch out for signs they may show. A dog with patellar luxation might develop a strange run now and then. Sometimes, they may lift one of their hind legs and run in a strange hop before quickly using that same leg again. Your dog might also become less active or show pain symptoms when bending its knee. 

To help an Irish Doodle puppy with patellar luxation, ensure you don’t give them too much exercise. Overexercising a dog with patellar luxation can aggravate their condition. Owners should also be able to provide anti-inflammatory or pain management supplements. There are tons of joint supplements at local pet stores too. 

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Hip Dysplasia

Some conditions are common in almost all breeds of dogs, and hip dysplasia is one of those things. This condition most often occurs when dogs are in their twilight and is usually a minor condition. When a dog experiences hip dysplasia, they tend to have pain-associated symptoms in its hip joint. A dog suffering from hip dysplasia might cry or whimper when sitting, running, jumping, or lying down. Some dogs can react when people pet them near their hip joints.

To help a dog with hip dysplasia, you should give them the right amount of exercise. If you don’t give your Irish Doodle puppy enough exercise, you can accidentally cause their joints to lock up more, causing everyday tasks to hurt a lot. The best way to help their joints is to provide the right amount of exercise for each dog. Giving them the right amount gives their joints a healthy amount of practice so they will lubricate themselves better. In addition to giving them exercise, owners need to make sure their dogs can rest somewhere comfortably. Giving your dog a bed is important, so they have a place to lay where their joints will be pressure-free. Many owners take advantage of the pain management things found at local pet stores. Owners can use joint supplements and canine CBD to ease their dog’s inflammation and pain symptoms. 

Irish Doodle puppy running through field

Von Willebrands Disease

A less common condition is von Willebrands disease. This condition occurs in some animals, and it makes it so their blood doesn’t clot as easily as usual. Dogs with this condition don’t often show symptoms, and owners might notice when their dog gets a small scratch or goes into heat. Veterinarians and clinics usually diagnose a dog with this condition after a surgical sterilization procedure, like getting spayed or neutered. This condition is minor and usually causes little to no trouble for animals. The best thing pet parents can do to help dogs with this condition is to take care of their pets so they don’t get scratched up. You don’t want your dog playing fetch and jumping all over cement, just in case. It would help if you also tried to prevent your pet from playing with other dogs to decrease their risk of injury. 

Oral Health 

The Irish Doodle, like all dogs, needs a lot of help taking care of its oral health. Dogs have dental hygiene needs to take care of their teeth and gums and prevent the disease from setting in. Dogs gather bacteria and food in their teeth when they eat and drink. This debris then turns into plaque and tartar, which, if it builds up enough, can cause tooth decay. The only and best way to prevent dental disease from impacting your pet is by providing them with tooth brushing sessions multiple times a week. Three times a week is best to keep up with their oral health care, and the more you brush your pet’s teeth, the faster they’ll get used to it. It’s essential only to use canine-specific dental products, and if you can’t brush your teeth three times a week, at least brush them once a week. Between brushing sessions, you can give your pet oral health treats to take extra special care of their teeth. 

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Irish Doodle Breed’s Needs 


The Irish Doodle breed is an energetic breed from two hardworking dog parent breeds. This breed will need a moderate amount of daily activity to stay healthy and in shape. Giving your Irish Doodle a walk or jog daily is the best way to keep these dogs happy. You don’t need a yard, but allowing them to play freely in a safely enclosed yard can help them stay healthy and happy.

Owners also forget that these dogs need as much mental and physical activity. Irish Doodle dogs come from intelligent parent breeds, so they need plenty of mental activity to stay healthy. Without enough mental exercise, these dogs can become depressed and might behave badly. Luckily, some things can provide them with mental and physical exercise at once, like certain training methods and enrichment activities. 

Cute Irish doodle dog playing on the beach with another dog


The Irish Doodle is related to the Poodle breed, which is at risk of obesity. Many dogs are at risk of obesity, and over 50% of adult pet dogs in the US are obese. The best way to prevent your dog from experiencing health issues like obesity is to ensure you’re providing them with proper dietary needs. This breed eats about 2 ½ cups to 3 cups of high-quality dry dog food daily. 

When owners give them treats, they should never exceed 10% of their dog’s daily calorie needs to ensure they stay healthy. Remember that a dog’s diet can change easily, and you should check in with your vet if you are unsure of their calorie needs. 


The Irish Doodle dog requires very little grooming. Their parent breeds gift them with special fur that is a mixture between the hypoallergenic Poodle fur and the shaggy Irish Setter fur. This breed only needs a bath a few times a year and doesn’t shed a ton. However, it’s important to brush these dogs almost daily to ensure they have the best coat probable. These dogs can be hypoallergenic but more commonly have non-hypoallergenic but low-shedding coats. Pet parents should brush daily to rid their pets of any mats or knots in their fur.

Irish doodle pup 8 weeks old

Top Product Picks for the Irish Doodle Breed

If you’ve decided to rescue an Irish Doodle dog, you will undoubtedly be excited to bring your new pet home. However, it would help if you kept in mind that even though this can be a very exciting time for you, it’s very unsettling for most canines to move homes. Dogs take time to adjust to new families and living circumstances, but there are many strategies you can enact to help your pup feel more comfortable in their new shelter.

There are a few necessities you need to own before getting your dog. For example, you should own a collar, leash, and harness. You may want to wait to purchase a harness until after you have your pup so you can ensure they will fit it. It’s also vital to have a bowl of dog food and water prepped and ready for your new Irish Doodle puppy the second they step through the door. 

More experienced dog owners know that a few other items can be valuable when bringing home a new pet. Not all dogs feel comfortable sleeping in the same bed as their owners when they first arrive, and some owners don’t feel comfortable allowing their dogs to be alone in their homes when they first adopt them. There are simple solutions to these worries: purchasing a dog bed and a crate for your dog, which can benefit both of you. Also, some owners like to buy a food storage container to keep their pet’s food fresh. It’s also a good idea to get your dog some toys so they can play around when they move in and some treats to give them upon their arrival. You might find it helpful to purchase other items like portable food bowls, doggy waste bags, a dog car seat, or some dog clothes if you live in a colder climate.

The most important thing to remember when helping your Irish Doodle adjust to their new home is to give them space. Let your dog come to you when they feel comfortable. Don’t crowd them, and don’t have a bunch of people over to see your new pet. Wait until they’re comfortable with you and trust you, and then you can share all the doggy love with your friends. The best way to help your pet feel comfortable with you is to give them space and make all their interactions as positive as possible. You can give them treats and pets, and they’ll love your company in no time. 

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