A Complete Guide to the Goberian Dog Breed

Goberian dog (husky and golden retriever mix) red nose and golden eyes

The Goberian Mixed Dog Breed

The Goberian mixed breed dog combines the Siberian Husky breed and the Golden Retriever. Both dog breeds are incredibly popular with families in the united states, so it’s no wonder so many people love these dogs enough they want to make a mixed breed. The Golden Retriever Husky mix dog breed has the potential to develop traits from both of their parent breeds, but like all mixed breeds, they will likely lean towards one breed more than the other.

Overall these dogs are goofy pups with a liking for fun and adventure. If you love the outdoors, being active, and having energetic animals around, then the Goberian puppy would be a great fit for you. These dogs are incredibly active and super affectionate, so a loving family would be a great fit for the Goberian puppy. This article will help you learn more about this breed to know if they’re the right fit for you. 


There isn’t much history behind the Goberian mixed breed. Like many mixes, these dogs gained popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s. People love this breed for its wonderful temperament and beautiful eyes. They are super big shedders and very energetic. Many families have taken to adopting Goberian dogs, which makes sense since they’re a combination of two of the most popular dog breeds for families in the US. 

a young woman hugging her Goberian dog


This hybrid breed can take the stature of either parent breed, so they can get to be a pretty large dog. The Golden Retriever parent and the Siberian Husky parent are big dogs, so it’s safe to say any Husky Golden Retriever mix dog will grow to be pretty large. On average, these dogs grow to stand between 20 to 24 inches tall at their shoulder. This large breed hybrid dog can weigh between 50 to 90 pounds, but females tend to weigh less. If you’re looking for a medium to a small-sized dog, the Goberian dog breed is not the right choice for you. However, if you don’t mind taking care of an overgrown lap dog who loves to run, the Goberian mix might be one of the best picks for you.


As stated earlier, this mixed breed is a great family dog. The Goberian mix is so popular with families because of their great temperaments. These dogs get along well with children and other dogs super easily. 

This is an active dog breed that has minimal bad habits and might develop barking or chewing tendencies. It’s easy to control these bad habits as long as you are quick with your responses. A calm and swift no to your dog’s barking can help them learn not to bark. But, if you repeatedly yell at them to stop barking, it won’t do much to help. 

These dogs might develop a more Husky-like attitude, meaning they might not enjoy a game like fetch and might not be as happy-go-lucky when it comes to training. All that means is that you might get a Goberian puppy with a little bit of a stubborn streak, but since there is no way to tell which temperament you’ll get with mixed dog breeds, you should consider if this is okay with you before deciding to adopt one of these dogs.


The Goberian dog breed is super intelligent, and Golden Retrievers are great dogs and are quick learners, making them great at training sessions. Siberian Huskies are also super intelligent breeds, but they are a little more independent than Golden Retrievers are. This means you could have a Goberian puppy with a stubborn attitude, and while that’s nothing to worry about, it is important to consider.

Because even if you end up with a Goberian puppy that is a little stubborn, it isn’t hard to train a dog out of stubbornness. The trick is to start young, find something they love, usually food, and train them with positive reinforcement. 


This breed is full of big shedders. The Goberian dog breed can have thick coats with a lot of hair. They might have black, gold, yellow, cream, white, or gray coats. Also, these dogs can have more than one color pattern and might have a bicolor, tricolor, sable, or black and tan color pattern. No matter which parent breed your potential Goberian puppy takes after, they’re sure to be a big shedder, so these dogs are not well fit for those with animal allergies. 

Goberian Dog Breed Health Overview

The Goberian mixed breed is a pretty healthy dog. These pups don’t face many issues, although they have a few health conditions they might contract. For example, these dogs have somewhat of a risk of experiencing joint dysplasia or eye problems. However, neither issue is serious and doesn’t impact their expected lifespan. In fact, most Goberian dogs live to be between 10 to 15 years old. 

These dogs will also suffer from mental health conditions like stress and anxiety, but as long as dog owners are prepared and ready, it isn’t too hard to take care of issues like this. 

Closeup of a Goberian dog looking into camera

Common Psychological Health Issues


Dogs experience stress in all sorts of ways. The Goberian dog breed is happy-go-lucky, but they will experience stress in many of the same ways the average dog does. Many dogs experience stress when they hear loud noises. Another reason dogs might have a lot of stress is poor socialization. If your dog is struggling with stress, there are a few common symptoms they might show. 

Noise-induced stress shows when any loud noises are around. Sirens, fireworks, and thunderstorms commonly cause dogs to experience noise-induced stress. If your dog isn’t socialized properly, it might experience stress around new people, environments, or animals. When dogs have stress related to these topics, they often show symptoms of unease. A dog might pace, pant, lay down, get jumpy, or start drooling. Many dogs with a little more intense stress may start crying or barking. Sometimes very stressed-out dogs will shake. Often dogs who shake when stressed will try to hide next to their parents or try to escape wherever they are. 

There are plenty of ways to help stressed-out dogs calm down. One of the most common ways is to remove them from whatever is stressing them out. However, removing your dog from its stressor isn’t always possible, so you should do your best to relax them. Some owners try to relax their pets with a safe space, calming treats, or lots of pets and attention. It might be tempting to comfort your pet, but you shouldn’t crowd them too much when they’re anxious unless they come to you. It’s not bad to comfort your pet in times of anxiety; it will only strengthen your bond and help them calm down. You can also try feeding your dog anti-anxiety remedies like dog CBD. 


Dog anxiety is very common, and affectionate breeds like the Goberian mixed breed are likely to experience this condition. Many things can cause dog anxiety, but the most common instance of anxiety in canines is separation anxiety. However, if you got a dog from a shelter, they’re much more likely to experience anxiety more often because they’re more likely to have experienced traumas. Dogs that have experienced trauma like abuse, neglect, homelessness, or abandonment will suffer from anxiety.

Sometimes dogs will face anxiety if something reminds them of their past. If you raise a toy to get your pup to play with you, they might think you’re raising a hand to hit them. It’s sad, but working to help your dog overcome these anxieties takes time and patience. Consistency is very important, but so is remaining calm. Dogs with anxiety might cower, hide, tuck their tail between their legs, or hold their ears bag. Some anxious dogs will whimper, shake, or drool a lot. Sometimes an anxious animal will try to run away or escape their home. Signs that your Goberian puppy suffers from separation anxiety will be present when you leave. If your dog tries to bite your hand or block the door during your departure, they’re probably experiencing separation anxiety. Many dogs trash their homes when they are experiencing separation anxiety simply because they have panic attacks and don’t know what to do with their pent-up energy.

Suppose your Goberian puppy is suffering from anxiety. In that case, you have to help your dog by treating them with a calming supplement or training them to get used to whatever causes their anxiety. Counterconditioning is a popular method used to treat anxious dogs by getting them to associate the thing they’re anxious about with something positive. It takes a lot of practice, patience, and time but its results are usually permanent. Other methods to help your pet calm down are treating them with calming treats or canine CBD.

Goberian puppy sitting in grass

Calming Dog Products

Many pet parents provide their dogs with safe spaces where they can crawl and escape whenever they’re stressed out. Dogs typically don’t have spaces that are just theirs, but providing a space for your dog is a great way to make them feel comfortable in times of stress. A safe space is typically a room or area that is dedicated to your pet, and owners fill it up with things that can benefit anxious dogs. Many safe spaces contain dog beds, cages, toys, and blankets. Some owners also put fresh food and their dog’s favorite snacks in these areas. You can even supply your dog with calming supplements or zen chews before retreating to their safe space. Some owners play classical music in their dogs’ safe spaces, and some provide aromatherapy. There are countless ways to design a safe space for your dog, many of which will help as long as you know you’re making the space to calm your dog down.

Common Physical Goberian Mixed Dog Health Conditions

Hip Dysplasia

A common health condition that many dogs suffer from is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia occurs when a dog’s hip joint isn’t aligned properly. Hip joints work like a ball-in-socket joint, and they’re supposed to slide when a dog moves their legs smoothly. However, when the hip joint isn’t attached correctly, it can often grind the bones and cause discomfort over time. Many dogs are born with hip dysplasia, and breeds like the Siberian Husky are more prone to experiencing this condition. Thankfully, many dogs with this condition don’t experience any significant symptoms until much later in life.

When dogs have discomfort in their hip joint, they can become incredibly sensitive to it. A dog might stop running up and down stairs, jump much less, and become less active. Some dogs will get grouchy if they have an aching hip joint and people try to pet them. This can cause dogs to growl or bark at anything that bumps their hip joints. 

The best way to help dogs get better after experiencing symptoms of arthritis and pain due to hip dysplasia is to assess how much activity they get. It’s incredibly important to give your pet the proper amount of activity, and even if they have hip dysplasia, they still need to move regularly. When dogs with hip dysplasia move too much, they overexert their joints, which can cause more pain and inflammation. However, when they don’t work enough, their joint can lock up and can cause them more pain when they move to do everyday tasks like walking around the house or going to the bathroom. Give your dog plenty of exercise, and provide a safe and soft place to rest their joints. It’s best if they can rest their joints off the ground, but a dog bed will provide plenty of comfort to their joints. You can also provide your dog with joint supplements or vitamins they can take to help their joints. 

Elbow Dysplasia

Another very common health condition that many animals face is elbow dysplasia. This condition causes animals to suffer pain due to a misaligned elbow joint. When dogs are born, their elbow joint should connect perfectly, with three bones coming together at the correct point to ensure optimal function. But, when dogs suffer from elbow dysplasia, their joint can be misaligned by the tiniest fraction, and it will cause issues later in life. Goberian puppies are at risk of elbow dysplasia just as they are of hip dysplasia. Thankfully, like hip dysplasia, many dogs don’t experience the effects of elbow dysplasia until much later in their lives. 

When dogs experience elbow dysplasia, there will be a number of symptoms they’ll show indicating this pain. Most often, dogs will try to avoid using whichever elbow is affected. They might try to run and skip using one of their front legs, or they could try to walk and might develop a strange bunny-like hop. Dogs do this to put less stress on the inflamed joint. A dog with elbow dysplasia might try to avoid stairs, refuse to jump onto furniture, or yelp in pain when it lays down or stand up. Watching dogs suffer from elbow pain is hard, but many options are available to lessen their struggle. 

Pet owners can provide their Goberian puppy with joint supplements. These supplements aim to increase the lubrication of joints while decreasing inflammation and, therefore, lessen the pain your pup feels. Other options include dog CBD, which has anti-inflammatory and pain management properties and is great at treating joint issues. 

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Eye Problems

Many dogs suffer from eye problems, but the Siberian Husky is slightly more prone to eye problems than some other breeds. This puts the Goberian dog breed at risk of developing similar eye problems to its parent breed. A dog with eye problems might experience a condition where their eyelid rolls out too far or where they grow too many eyelashes. Either way, dogs with these conditions often only have minor cases and can be treated fairly easily at home. 

Most often, dogs with eye issues will have red or swollen eyes. Typically the best way to help them is to provide some eye cleanse or protection. It would be helpful if pet wonders bought dog-safe eye drops and eye ointment to treat their Goberian dog’s eye health issues. These things would be all your dog needs to refresh its eye and clean it from dirt or debris. Then the ointment would provide a more protective layer to your dog’s eyes. 

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Oral Health

So many adult dogs suffer from dental disease, but most pet parents aren’t even aware of it. Oral health is a serious crisis when it comes to adult pet dogs. Many owners aren’t aware dogs need their teeth brushed multiple times a week, and the smaller a dog, the more work their teeth need. However, Goberian puppies are pretty big, so owners should stick to brushing their pet’s teeth three times a week, but no less than once a week minimum. It’s vital you only use dog toothpaste and a dog toothbrush, or else you can injure your dog or make them sick with human supplies. If you don’t provide enough oral health care, your dog can develop a form of dental disease.

Periodontal disease is a dental disease many dogs have in the US. The first stage of this cognition includes sensitive red gums. When this condition gets worse, it can cause teeth to rot and fall out, or veterinarians will need to pull rotten teeth out from your dog’s mouth. This can cause issues with eating and playing since dogs chew on many of their toys. To avoid the serious effects periodontal disease can cause, focus on keeping your pet’s teeth fresh and clean. You can always give your pet oral health treats to give their teeth a boost in between brushing sessions. Nothing will be as effective at cleaning the plaque, bacteria, and tartar off their teeth as a toothbrush and toothpaste would be, but treats are better than nothing. 

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Goberian Mixed Breed Needs


Goberian dogs need a lot of exercise. These pets are physically active and can be seriously mentally active if they take after their Siberian Husky parents a little more. To ensure your Goberian puppy stays healthy, you’ll need to provide at least one hour of vigorous exercise a day to keep them healthy. If you want, early morning hikes or long walks would be great ways to provide this exercise. Many of these dogs will have thick fur, so it’s important to keep them inside when it’s super hot, and it might make it more challenging to give them their regular amount of exercise. In order to provide exercise during hot weather, you’ll have to be prepared to take your dog for walks in the early hours of the morning before the sun makes it too warm. 

It can be easy for a dog owner to often forget that dogs need more than just physical exercise. Goberian dogs need mental exercise too! Mentally active dogs are smarter, healthier, and easier to train. If you give your dog mental stimulation, they’ll be much happier, and it will strengthen your bond. When it comes to mental exercise, there are a few different ways to provide it, but the most popular ways are through enrichment activities. Enrichment activities are often physical and mental, so you can kill two birds with one stone by doing these workouts with your dog. It would help if you aimed to give your Goberian dog a minimum of 30 minutes of mental activity daily. 

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A dog’s diet is very important to its overall health and behavior. Dogs that eat poorly might get depressed, sleepy, or ill. So if you decide you want a Goberian puppy, you need to be ready to feed them the highest quality dog food. You don’t have to break the bank to feed your pet high-quality dog food. Plenty of dog brands are more affordable and offer just as many health benefits as more expensive brands. It’s important to do the research when it comes to your pet’s food labels and understands what goes into their diets. 

A dog’s diet will also change considerably during its lifetime. No matter their age, giving your dog plenty of treats is safe, but you should never give them more than 10% of their daily calorie intake in treats. Other than that, your dog’s calorie needs can change a lot, and calories need to change based on age, weight, sex, height, activity levels, or other health conditions. If you want to know more specific guidelines for your dog’s health needs, talk to your vet, and they can help you devise a healthy diet plan for your pet. 

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Some dogs are hypoallergenic and don’t shed much, making them great pets for people with pet allergies. The Goberian dog is not one of those breeds. This Golden Retriever Siberian Husky mix sheds a ton of fur. They’re notorious for getting hair everywhere they go. This means they need a lot of grooming. While grooming can sound like a lot of work, it really isn’t most of the time. Dogs like the Goberian puppy shed often, so brushing them every few days is the best way to keep their hair under control. Using a slicker brush or a pin brush to get rid of knots, tangles, or loose hairs is the best way to keep your pet’s coat clean and sleek while controlling how much fur they shed. You can brush your dog daily during their blowing coat seasons. Siberian Huskies have a thick double coat, meaning they have a lot of hair. When the weather changes significantly, usually in spring and fall, a Husky will lose a lot of its fur to grow in its new coat. It’s a good idea to give your pet many brushing sessions and baths during these two times in the year. Keeping up with your dog’s grooming needs will encourage healthier skin and fur for them and encourage a better bond between you and your pet as you spend more time grooming them. 

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Top Product Picks for The Goberian Dog Breed

When bringing your Goberian puppy home, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new pet, but there are some important things to take care of before getting swept up in your new puppy’s cuteness.

First, you need to make sure you have the bare necessities ready for your puppy. Before they even step through the door, you should have dog food, a water bowl, a collar, and a leash in your belongings. It’s even better if you have your new puppy’s food and water set up so that they see that their new home is safe when they come home for the first time. 

It would be even more fun for your pet to transition if you have a bed, crate, toys, and treats ready for their arrival too. 

A few things can come in handy when it comes to owning a dog. You might want to purchase portable food and water dishes, doggy waste bags, a dog seatbelt, or other fun accessories you can think of that might come in handy with your pup. Overall, you want to buy things that can make your dogs better, safer, and more fun. If you decide to get a Goberian puppy, keep in mind all they really want is attention, affection, and activity. So be ready to give them plenty of pets and be prepared to go on plenty of runs, and your puppy will grow to love their new home and family in no time. 

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