A Complete Guide to the Crockett Doodle

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A Crockett Doodle is a Goldendoodle or a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. The pup is generally raised in a family setting for the first two or three months of its life. It is a Mini Goldendoodle raised and bred by a specific breeder, the Crockett's.

History and Size of the Crockett Doodle

Most dog lovers who see the Crockett Doodle fall in love with it. They want one of these adorable pups. The Crocketts decided to begin breeding their Goldendoodle with an apricot Poodle. They wanted to have only one litter per year, but requests to adopt pups grew and grew. Eventually, they partnered with other families to produce more puppies for adoption. The Doodles were healthy and happy, so the Crocketts continued to breed them, and their list of families interested in adopting them grew longer. 

Each pup weighs between 7 and 13 pounds, and they are 8-13 inches tall. They are Mini Goldendoodles, and the only difference between them and other Goldendoodles is that they were bred and raised by a family instead of a kennel or individual breeder. Their adult height will be about 14 to 17 inches, and they will weigh between 26 and 35 pounds.

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Pups With a Superior Temperament

Crockett Doodles are intelligent and love to play. When raised in a family, with or without children, they make wonderful pets. They will love you with undying devotion. Crockett Doodles are great companions for older people and are sometimes used as service dogs because of their intelligence and loyalty.

These special pups are very friendly and love everyone who enters your home. They are not watchdogs but friendly, tail-wagging dogs that are easy-going. If you plan to adopt your pup from the Crockett family, it usually takes 4-6 months after you register and pay your deposit. If you change your mind at any point, the Crockett family has a policy that states deposits are always refundable.

The Intelligence of Crockett Doodles

A Crockett Doodle is a mix of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, two of the most intelligent dogs. When these two are cross-bred, they produce extremely intelligent pups. As the Crocketts say on their website, "Crossing a Poodle with another breed usually leads to a smarter puppy." These pups have had a jump-start on their training after living with a family for their first 2 to 3 months of life. Many of them will know the command "Sit." Your pup may know other things that their host family taught them. The puppies are familiar with traveling and hearing different sounds.

These pups are smart and can be trained quickly. Each one is different, and sometimes they can be stubborn. They have a strong desire to please their owner, which makes training easier. You may be amazed that your pup learns commands after being told a few times. All pups learn at different rates.  

How Much Do Crockett Doodles Shed?

The Crockett Doodle sheds very little. The more Poodle your pup has, the less he will shed. These dogs are low shedding and can be around a person with mild allergies without problems in most cases. There are reasons why a mini Goldendoodle may suddenly begin to shed more. This issue is usually related to bathing too frequently, causing skin problems. This excessive shedding may be stress-related or caused by allergies or nutritional problems as well. 

Crockett Doodles Are Usually Healthy Pups

Length of Life

The lifespan of dogs varies. Many factors affect how long Crockett Doodles live. They benefit from a hybrid vigor that might add years to the dog's lifespan. Purebred dogs tend to have shorter lifespans than mixed-breeds. Mini Goldendoodles can live from 12 to 16 years, while Toy and Teacup varieties usually live from 13 to 17 years.

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Nutritional Requirements

Nutritional requirements are important for your pup to live a long time. Crockett Doodles are usually weaned between 6 and 7 weeks. Then they eat soft food mixed with puppy food. After that, the puppies begin to eat puppy food alone. Young pups need nutritional food that is balanced and full of nutrients that will help them grow. It is important for them to continue to eat puppy food for their first year of life.

What Are the Common Psychological Health Conditions in These Pups?


Psychological problems in Crockett Doodles are similar to other Goldendoodles. Since they were raised in small groups by families, they may have fewer issues than kennel-raised pups, but in most cases, owners have found that they are very similar. It is difficult to tell if a pup will develop one of these psychological problems as she matures. Separation anxiety and stress are common in this breed, and stress is common in animals and humans. Moving to another home or if you are gone longer than usual can cause stress in your Mini Goldendoodle. Since he can't tell you what's wrong, you will need to make a judgment by watching his behavior. Common signs of stress are sudden aggressiveness, sleeping more often, and growling at anyone getting close to him.

If you don't know what is causing your Mini Goldendoodles stress, take him to the veterinarian to ensure he doesn't have a painful ear infection or another medical problem. Further testing might be necessary to see if your Crocket Doodle has an internal problem. Describe his new behavior to your vet, who may have some suggestions for you. If there have not been life changes to upset him, you may want to purchase some over-the-counter medication that can help. 

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is common in Crocket Doodles. They love you so much and want to stay by you. Some pups get very upset when you leave. They might be nervous and shake or show other symptoms. There are training methods to help your pup relax. Professional help in changing your dog's behavior is available, so ask your veterinarian about this.

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Calming Dog Products

An anxiety vest or coat has helped many pups feel happy and calm when they are left alone. These fit snugly and apply gentle pressure to him. One of these anxiety products that calm dogs are a shirt that gently vibrates and helps your pup to relax. CBD treats may also help, and most pet stores sell various calming medications for your Crockett Doodle

Crockett Doodles and Common Physical Health Conditions

When you pick up your Crockett Doodle from the host family, the pup will be in excellent health. She has had a veterinarian check, a records check to be sure that deworming and immunizations are up to date. They are healthy pups but can become sick at any stage of life. Most illnesses can be managed with good veterinarian care and medication. Here are some of the most common ones:

Cancer in Dogs 

Cancer is a common illness in dogs. Scientists are finding more evidence that diet affects whether a dog will develop this disease. The parent's health history also determines whether or not your pup will develop cancer. Processed dog food should be avoided because it can contain as much as 50% carbohydrates. Research has shown that sugar is related to the development of cancer cells. You can help avoid this disease by choosing the best food for your Crockett Doodle.

If your pup does develop cancer, there are chemotherapy and radiation treatment that might be able to add months or years to his life. Surgery is another treatment that is sometimes used. Vitamins and supplements strengthen your dog's immune system so that he can fight off this disease.

Hip Dysplasia in Goldendoodles

Crockett Doodles and all Goldendoodles have a chance of developing hip dysplasia. This happens when the thighbone and hip socket grow at different rates. It can lead to pain and, at worst, to a lack of mobility. This disease is genetic, so the pup will probably not develop it if it's not in the parents' lineage. Stiff walking or limping shows the need for your pet to be checked. One of the first treatments you can do is monitor your dog's food intake. Obesity can cause pain by putting too much pressure on the hip. An orthopedic bed designed to provide comfort and take pressure off his hip may also help.

Pet stores sell over-the-counter CBD gummies and pet treats to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Aspirin and other pain medicines are sold online, or your veterinarian may prescribe medication. Sometimes physical therapy or water therapy is provided to reduce pain and strengthen muscles. Stem cell therapy is another option for treating hip dysplasia. It eliminates the need for medication as these cells are injected into the hip area to relieve pain.

Sub Valvular Aortic Stenosis

This inherited condition is usually seen in large dogs, but Goldendoodles and the Crockett Doodle are also affected by it. The aorta is too narrow, so the heart must work harder to pump the dog's blood. The heart becomes enlarged and takes up too much area in the chest. The dog may cough, have difficulty breathing, and have heart rhythm problems. Sudden death is possible with aortic stenosis. Your vet can manage the condition after completing heart tests and prescribing medication. Surgery to fix the artery is not available at this time. Fortunately, this problem does not happen often if the parents were checked for a family lineage of heart problems.

Calming Dog Ad

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Oral Health in Crockett Doodles

The Veterinary Oral Health Council has many ways to improve your pet's oral health (https://www.vohc.org/). They test canine toothbrushes, toothpaste, treats, food, and more for effectiveness. The goal is to see if one product is better than another. The organization's main goal is to minimize tartar. Oral gels, sprays, toothpaste, and powder made to be added to food all remove plaque on your Crockett Doodle's teeth. There is also a water additive made to remove plaque, as well as a topical gel spray. Both remove plaque from your dog's teeth. VOHC has tested a powder that removes both plaque and tartar. If your Crockett Doodle has bad breath, it should improve if you use products recommended by The Veterinary Oral Health Council.

The Breed's Special Needs

The Crockett Doodle must have exercise, nutrition, and grooming. Each one of these is required for the happiness of your puppy.

The Crockett Doodle and Exercise

All living creatures have basic needs. These are exercise, nutrition, and grooming for the Crockett Doodle. They love to run and play, but since they are a smaller breed, they tend to tire out more quickly than a full-size Golden Retriever. Exercise allows your pup to use his energy acceptably. He can run and play in the yard rather than chew up your shoe. It also strengthens his muscles and keeps him healthy. Experts recommend 15-minutes of exercise twice a day for a 3-month-old puppy. By 6 months, he can exercise for 30-minutes twice a day. A 9-month pup can exercise for 45-minutes 2 times each day. To avoid damage to developing joints, pups should not jump off a bed, couch, or high surfaces. All puppies love to play. Balls and playing fetch are often Crockett Doodle's favorite games to play. Playtime is perfect for bonding with your pet.

The Importance of Good Nutrition Can't Be Overstated

Proper nutrition is important to the growing pup. Feeding your Crockett Doodle the food that he likes best often varies. It is best to buy your pet's food from a pet store. Grocery stores do not sell premium dog foods that provide the best nutrition for him. Meat should always be the first ingredient in food. This is usually chicken or salmon. It is best for puppy food to contain some healthy fat for brain growth. To avoid puppy allergies, there should not be corn, soybeans, wheat, or beef. When a dog eats a healthy diet, there are more chances of avoiding disease. 

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Grooming Is for Health Plus for Appearance of Your Pup

You may think that grooming is just for your dog to look his best. It is much more, and a lack of grooming can negatively affect your dog's health. He may develop an ear infection if you don't pluck the hair on the underside of his ears. He could also develop a nail infection if his nails aren't cut. Brushing can avoid mats that can tighten and cause pain. When the mats tighten, they pull on the skin and cause pain. A Crockett Doodle requires brushing every day to avoid mats. Brushing allows the pet owner to see skin problems in their early stages before they develop into infections that require veterinary care.

Top Product Picks for This Breed

Crockett Doodles can use many of the same products as any other Goldendoodle. There are some items specially designed for smaller dogs like this one.

Food for Your Crockett Doodle

A dog's food is important for him to stay active and healthy. This is especially true for a puppy because most growth occurs during the first year. The pet owner's responsibility is to ensure that the Crockett Doodle is getting the proper nutrition. You will need to go to a pet store to buy premium food for your pup. Most of the brands sold at grocery stores do not have the proper nutrition for your Doodle. They often have grains as the first ingredient. It is always important to have meat as the first ingredient in the food. It should also have the vitamins and minerals that your puppy needs.

Small pups may need up to 4 feedings per day because they can only eat small amounts at a time. The total amount should be approximately 2-1/2 cups per day but check with your veterinarian to be sure that this is enough for your dog. Many dogs will eat more food than they require, leading to obesity. This is usually not a concern in a puppy, but as your Crockett Doodle reaches the 1-year mark, be sure to monitor his caloric intake. Obesity is a major problem in dogs, and your Doodle may lose his energy and desire to play if he carries extra weight.

A Crate for the Crockett Doodle

There are many styles of crates available for dogs. Since the Crockett Doodle pup is very small, it is important that the crate is not too large. If you decide to purchase a larger crate that he can use when full-grown, be sure that there is a way to block off half of the crate. This is because dogs naturally tend to maintain a clean sleep area. He will probably use the opposite end for his potty needs if there is too much extra room in the crate. You can prevent this from happening by blocking off part of a large crate, if you find that the one you have is too big.

You may want to buy a luxury dog crate when your pup is older. Castle Crates makes a variety of crates that look like regular furniture. You can order it to be custom-made with options like bunk beds or a corner model. The advantage of these crates is that they blend in with your regular room furniture.

A Comfortable Bed for Your Pup

Your Crockett Doodle will also need a bed for training and napping. You can tell your puppy to "Get in your bed" if you are working on many issues, like reducing his separation anxiety. This method involves your sitting nearby while you train your Crockett Doodle to stay in his bed for a short amount of time. Seeing you nearby may allow him to relax and stay in the bed for a few minutes. You can put a chew toy there and anything else that will provide comfort for him. This could be a special blanket. Then, gradually increase the time you expect him to stay there.

You will probably soon see that a young pup will have accidents in his bed if you leave him in it too long. It is best to buy a metal bed and put a towel or pad on it. You will want something that's washable because of those accidents. Your Crockett Doodle will not want to dirty his crate and will not do that if you have taken him outside just before placing him in his crate.

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Choose the Best Harness for Your Pup

Your puppy will need a harness to train him how to take a walk with you. If he doesn't cooperate at first, don't worry because it may take a while. Allow him to sniff the harness and become familiar with it before putting it on him. Praise him and let him know that you're happy when he cooperates with you. You might want him to walk around the room with the harness still on and work up to putting a leash on him and going outside. Patience is required to train a young pup, but training works best when begun early in his life.

There are many harness choices in bright colors for the Crockett Doodle. You will find cute styles for females and males online. Choices for your girl pup include ruffles and lace that look like little skirts. Boy styles are mostly made in leather and polyester fabrics.

Other Products to Consider

Car seats, playpens, and many other items can be purchased for your pup. Some of these can make life easier for your pup and you. For instance, a mat remover may aid you in removing a mat that your Crockett Doodle has under his top layer of fur. An electric shaver makes grooming him easier as well. Various grooming combs and brushes will work best on your pup, depending on whether his hair is straight, wavy, or curly.

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