5 Best Lint Rollers to Remove Dog Fur

Lint roller and clothes on blue background
Lint roller and clothes on blue background

We all adore our furry friends and would do just about whatever they want to keep them their happiest. Although they are our friends forever, most of us would appreciate not wearing their pet fur on every piece of clothing in the closet. They seem to always be in a state of shedding, even when they aren't. Pet fur is as much an issue with short-haired as long-haired and any fur in between. Sometimes it is embarrassing to leave home with little (or large) traces of dog hair. It gets stuck to our favorite clothing items as a reminder of being dog parents and our daily pet lives. Most of the time, it is a real "uh oh" moment because you're already out the door or left feeling self-conscious about your fur-covered appearance. Black is elegant, but black with long dog fur strands isn't. It may look like you've rolled in it if you glimpse yourself and the fur. Changing your wardrobe at the last minute is annoying and time-consuming. There is a way to avoid this often-unavoidable routine. Buy a lint roller to wipe away every tiny hair and keep your favorite little black dress (LBD) neat or dark business suit free of unsightly pet hair.

What is the best lint roller for removing dog fur? How do they compare to the toss-away quality of rollers that seem to litter the market? Lint rollers are an essential home tool, but most brands seem to further add to the stress of inadequate cleaning ability and a lack of stickiness. Stressing over how much your dogs shed and how it gets everywhere? Buying a high-quality lint roller prevents your pet's fur from ruining your events by getting all over your best clothes. Need a quick solution when friends come over to visit? A better pet hair lint roller is always a significant find when our furry friends leave too much hair behind during shedding and regular daily activity. You can love your dog without attracting pet hair or keeping it stuck like glue through meetings or engagements. Maybe you're searching for a way to stop gathering your pet's shedding fur on everything you use or touch. When you live a pet fur lifestyle, any small helping hand is an improvement. We can't promise zero fur, but a good lint roller will be a go-to and a daily use item for any pet owner. The brands we compiled make excellent quality lint rollers with features that elevate a simple household product into a performance tool.

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Why Is a Lint Roller the Right Choice for Pet Hair?

Pet lint rollers are easy to use and virtually mess-free. They have sticky sheets that tear off individually so you can toss the lint, particles, and small bits that stick on them away. They are simple to dispose of and easy to pack for travel with your dogs. These small tools are usually lightweight and have no sharp mechanisms, so they are safe for almost any age to handle without supervision. They are usually inexpensive alternatives to specialty pet tools, such as vacuum cleaners or de-shedding tools. A lint roller works in a pinch between other types of pet hair removal strategies or cleaning services and goes wherever you are. Stick it inside your purse, car, or the office, or leave one in your carry-on or weekender. Look for products that come in bundles or multi-roll kits because there is nothing worse than desperately needing a lint roller but having none on hand. If a product has an ergonomic design, that is a huge bonus. Ergonomic handles are less painful to handle regularly and great for anyone wishing to work smarter around the house, according to the Avient.com Ergonomic Design Guide

1. Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Value Pack

Scotch Brite Lint Roller Value Pack is one of the top pet fur lint roller picks. Over 26,000 people reviewed this item on Amazon, one of the market's most popular lint roller products. It ranks #9 in lint removers on Amazon.com. Scotch-Brite's product has a positive 4.5/5-star rating. This review is for the Everyday Clean lint roller option. If a multi-purpose lint and pet hair roller is what you're looking for, this product is a multi-tasker. It also has an ergonomic design. The name Scotch should stand out as a sign of quality. The company that makes Scotch tape and adhesives manufactures these lint rollers, 3M. For convenience, they sell it in a 5-pack. There are 95 sheets per roller, making this purchase a 475-sheet deal. Use this little wonder for any place that becomes overrun by fur and occasional fur encounters with clothing, beds, furniture, and more. This item is safe for dogs and you. And your favorite furry friend might also let you roll a lint roller over them. Belly rubs, anyone? 

Key Features of the Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

Scotch Brite Everyday Clean lint roller is a pet hair remover designed for household use. They designed it with Scotch adhesive sheets, a tacky substance that picks up dog hair, cat hair, hair, and lint. You can use it on sofas, clothes, car seats, and other fabrics that may encounter unwanted particles. The handle is ergonomic to ease strain and hand pain when holding or squeezing an object, and the number of sheets on each roll is more than many competitors. (Several powerful brands have half or even as little as 30). 


  • Very easy to use

  • 95 sheets per roll (value)

  • Five rolls in all (convenience)

  • Scotch adhesive is reliable

  • Ergonomically designed to assist with gripping issues


  • Sometimes sheets can tear unevenly

  • This may initially be an expensive purchase

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Value Pack

Photo source: Amazon.com


Lint Roller Value Pack
$19.99 ($4.00 / Count)

by Scotch-Brite 

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2. PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Roller Mega Value Set

Take it from this company's CEO, Jax the Husky: PetLover's Extra Sticky Lint Roller Mega Value Set is an excellent lint roller. It features spiraled sheets and extra sticky adhesive sheets made to attract your pet's fur, loose hair, and debris and keep it off surfaces you use most. This value pack includes two lint rollers and three sticky sheet refills. This lint roller gets high marks for consistently raising the bar in upgrades and modifications. It ranks high on the list, and it doesn't hurt that Amazon designated it their Amazon's Choice. Plus, this roller makes fast work of dog hair, cat hair, and anything that gets stuck on the extra sticky sheets. For those little pesky dog hairs, it's always better to have more adhesive power than less. Add 90 sheets per roll for cleaning power that won't run out too soon unless you have multiple puppies. Then, the bonus product is an ideal package to keep your home and clothes lint and pet fur-free. Let's not forget the felines. Cat hair is also equally a problem; this handy roller will fix that issue.

Key Features of PetLover Extra Strength Sticky Mega Value Set

First, there is a massive number of sticky sheets per roll. This roller will last many uses, and you'll never stop rolling the PetLover. Ninety is one of the market's highest numbers of sheets per roll. And the tackiness, or stickiness, of the adhesive material used, is robust. Extra tackiness assures you'll catch more dog hair per sheet. The handle is another exciting feature, designed to move in a 360-degree rotation. Using these rollers can frustrate and make the job much harder. Now roll to the left or right and get smooth, clean results every time. The design of the sheets on many rollers is not distinct or ends up folding over on the next. This product made an upgrade on the average lint roller, which makes it a unique selection. PetLover lint roller has spiral sheets designed to tear away easily for less messy tearing and ease of use. The spiraled design will prevent the sheets from sticking, and you'll save time and money with fewer rollers to toss in the trash. Buying these in a bundle also saves on trips to the store. The price point for PetLover is lower than other brands for the same amount of lint rollers.


  • 360-degree handle movement makes for easy clean-up

  • 90 sheets per roll is a great buy

  • Priced at $16.95, it is an affordable product for the bundle.

  • Spiraled sheet design is simple to pull off the roll, eliminating waste of products that may stick together.

  • JAX, the CEO, is precious and represents a small business. If you prefer shopping small, this brand is certainly one you and your dog can stand behind. 

PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Roller Mega Value Set

Photo source: Amazon.com


Extra Sticky Lint Roller for Pet Hair Removal

by PetLovers 

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3. Delomo Pet Hair Remover Roller

The Delomo Pet Hair Remover is the first reusable lint roller on our top lint roller list. This product has over 20,000 reviews and the support of many pet owners. This durable household tool is a #4 seller for cat hair removal products and #6 in dog hair removal products on Amazon as of the time of this writing. Dog hair becomes a simple clean-up with this lint brush. Save those sticky rollers and free up your dollars for another purchase, as there are no papers to tear away or extra things to buy. Just sweep this across furniture, carpet, bedding, and any other soft surfaces, and any loose hair goes into a dustbin. It is a self-contained item that attracts pet fur like a magnet and keeps it up and away from areas with high traffic and frequent exposure to your puppy. Multi uses mean extra money in your wallet while reusing and being eco-conscious about your choice of pet fur removal. 

Delomo Pet Hair Remover Roller

Photo source: Amazon.com


Pet Hair Remover


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Key Features of the Delomo Pet Hair Remover Roller

If you're tired of replacing sticky rolls or tearing off good sheets along with the bad ones (or stuck to the roller tube ones), buying a reusable hair remover will change how you live with your dog's loose fur. The Delomo Pet Hair Remover houses the debris inside the internal compartment until you dump it, making it a clean way to discard fur. If you've made DIY rollers with dryer sheets or duct tape, it is time to upgrade and buy a tool that will last and keep your home fur-free. Also, using this type of pet roller is sustainable and eco-friendly. With a plastic roller, there's no wasteful paper or so many sticky sheets tossed away. It doesn't use batteries, so there is no battery drain. Get ready to enjoy the simplicity of a manual lint roller with the power of a vacuum cleaner. Roll this backward and forward over any fabric surfaces and watch as the buildup of lint disappears.

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The price of a standard white version is $24.99, which is on par with similar lint rollers, but a little cheaper than the Chomchom roller.


  • All in one reusable pet fur solution

  • Easy to clean; just wipe with a wet cloth or gentle cleanser

  • Eco-friendly, nothing to throw away

  • No motor or batteries


  • You cannot soak housing in water.

  • You cannot use it on clothes.

4. Polardo Lint Roller for Pet Hair Removal

A better pet hair lint roller is always a significant find when our furry friends leave too much hair behind during shedding and regular daily activity. This Polardo Lint Roller checks off many boxes for anyone with excessive dog hair and debris on clothing and furniture. Spiraled sheets make tearing off used and dirty sheets a simple procedure and not as taxing as some hard-to-unroll rolls. This pack of five lint rollers offers you several months of regular use before needing to repurchase. The price point is fantastic for this many rolls, one of the most affordable options in the lint remover category. With its cheaper mega pack pricing, the Polardo lint remover is the choice for keeping on hand in multiple locations or taking on getaways. 

Polardo Lint Roller for Pet Hair Removal

Photo source: Amazon.com


Lint Rollers for Pet Hair

by Polardo

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Top Features 

Are you in a hurry after your dog gave you a goodbye hug and kiss? Toss a lightweight, travel-size lint roller into your bag or car. Weight and heft aren't the greatest when handling a product that needs to fit in your hand for an extended period. Carry an easy-to-use tough-on fuzz and fur Polardo Lint Roller to your next luncheon or special occasion to catch those stray hairs before anyone notices your dog's fur. An ergonomic shape may decrease the effects of hand fatigue after extended usage. Spiraled sheets tear one by one, not in a messy pile like cheap lint roller models. Nothing is more challenging than pulling and tugging to separate sticky sheets from one another when the roller sticks them one on top of the other. There are no worries with these sheets that separate in a snap. 


  • Cheaper than most brands online

  • Spiraled sheet design tears off easier than regular style adhesive sheets

  • An ergonomically designed handle will ease hand fatigue

  • Multi pack adds value over time and convenience


  • Not as well-known as other brands on the market 

5. Nado Pet Hair Remover

Another top-notch lint roller choice that solves many pet fur issues is this reusable pet hair lint roller by Nado Pet Hair Remover. This little dynamo has an Amazon's Choice logo and has thousands of satisfied customers. It will become a go-to for lint and fur removal and get those stubborn hairs off your clothes. Fast and easy cleaning is ideal after playing with your dog; this one is a super performer with a swipe back and forth. It offers all-in-one housing, minus buying extra add-ons or tools that often get lost. Forget about buying refills or annoying runs to replenish sticky sheets. Enjoy the natural durability of plastic and the simplicity of a wrist flick to erase tons of unwanted pet fur, whether on your sofa or your bedroom linen. When some brands of sticky sheets and roller replacements, often costly, don't work well, a different take on the traditional lint roller will change the entire fur removal process and give you more time to take in the fun with your dog. A reusable Nado Pet Hair Remover also replaces low-performance disappointing lint rollers that can't finish the toughest pet fur jobs. 

Key Features of Nado Pet Hair Remover

Durability is a plus if you seem to purchase too many rollers and replace them constantly. When product breakage is the primary culprit, ABS plastic is the standout material that leaves Nado's hair removal tool resistant to cracks and breaks. ABS is an excellent material to use in around-the-house tasks. It should work well for many future projects and resist breakage best if you do not submerge it in water or other solvents. Just wipe the nylon grooming tool with a wet cloth instead of soaking it, and you've cleaned it sufficiently. Pet hair gets caught in the trap that you can either vacuum out or tap into the trash can. It is like a handheld vacuum without power cords or charging stations. Manual use and motion and a very natural movement offer a simple and efficient way to power it anywhere and even off the grid. The sticky bristles pick up particles and lift those persistent hunks and chunks of fur off your sofas, carpets, pet beds, and pieces of clothing. Nado's company admits that specific smooth surfaces will not work well with this lint roller. If your main issues with fur collecting on smooth surfaces like Formica, tile, concrete, laminate, or wood, it's best not to buy this product. 


  • Solid ABS Plastic housing is durable for everyday pet fur use

  • Manual use. Easy to use tool needs little effort to get started. 

  • No additional add-ons or sticky strips to buy

  • Cost-efficient without the necessity to replace items a la carte


  • You should not use it on smooth surfaces 

  • You cannot submerge it to clean dirty external or internal surfaces. 

    Nado Pet Hair Remover

    Photo source: Amazon.com

Pet Hair Remover Lint Roller

by Nado Care 

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The top five lint rollers on this list will improve your overall appearance when you leave the house and make your home a pet fur-free oasis for at least a little while. They will also cut down on buying replacement rollers constantly. Try using these indispensable lint rollers for a fresh new perspective in a home with one or more pets. You'll feel much cleaner without catching yourself covered wearing a furry coat of extra shedding from your top dog.  

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