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4 Reasons to Buy an Elevated Dog Bed, Plus Top Picks

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It’s not an unnecessary item; no, you aren’t putting your dog on a pedestal when you invest in an elevated dog bed. A high bed can give him more comfort and be a healthier choice for your puppy. It is an excellent option for older dogs or those who need extra comfort.

According to Pet MD experts, “Comfortable dog beds that are low to the ground and have orthopedic support will ease your dog’s joint pain and allow them to get back up without struggling.” While the elevated bed is up off the ground, it does function as an orthopedic bed, and the raised level is the height of the dog’s knees, making it easier for your dog to get into and out of, especially if he has joint pain. These types of beds offer many benefits, and the most obvious one is that it gets your dog up off the floor and away from your furniture.

 Yes. Dogs have been sleeping on the ground since the beginning of time, and so did we at one time, but that doesn’t mean they should continue to sleep on the floor. Furry friends that are elderly suffer from hip issues, arthritis, and other joint conditions, and find the hard ground more difficult for their joints as it makes the inflammation worse. Getting up and down constantly from the floor puts more pressure on your dog’s joints and causes more pain. The elevated bed eliminates some of this pain and makes life easier for your furry friend.

Besides, elevated beds are like your dog having an orthopedic dog bed and one that is temperature-controlled. They get your pet off the cold or hot floor and help reduce joint pain. They keep the air circulating in warm weather to help your dog stay calm. So a raised dog mattress is needed for any good dog owner.black raised dog bed

Use Outdoors

You can use the elevated bed outdoors for both small dogs and large ones. It keeps your puppy out of the dirt and mud and protects him against insects. Plus, the raised bed takes wear from a large dog much better than an indoor fabric bed, and the elevated bed is much harder to chew.

Benefits of Using An Elevated Dog Bed

1. Health Benefits for Older Dogs

In addition to keeping dogs cool, elevated dog beds support your dog’s joints. So as a dog owner, if you want to prevent future health issues for your furry friend, you might want to think of getting a raised bed. These beds are usually made of mesh or durable material that is breathable to promote airflow. As a pet parent, you are doing your favorite friend a favor by setting him up on an orthopedic foam elevated dog bed. Dog owners can use this type of bed in the house or the backyard, so the dog has a comfy place to relax and get off the cold, wet grass or the dirt in the case of summer.

Also, when outdoors, you might see how insects tend to flock to your dog. The elevated bed keeps your dog off the ground, so his coat stays dry, and ground insects can’t irritate and bite your pooch. The mattress offers orthopedic support for your dog’s entire body, and he gets better sleep. These beds are one of the best orthopedic dog bed options because they alleviate a senior dog’s pain and pressure. It works much lie an orthopedic bed works for you. In addition, an elevated bed lets him change positions easily. He can go from standing to sitting to lying down without experiencing pain, and the elevation gives him a head start as he doesn’t have to go far to get on and off the bed.

2. Dog Sleeping Area Is Cleaner

You can clean the dog’s sleeping area using an elevated bed. You can sweep quickly under the bed to lift the food and debris he brings. The mesh fabric also stays cleaner and is stain resistant. Ultimately, you keep your home cleaner because your friend doesn’t come back into the house, slopping dirt everywhere.

Have a problem with shedding? Do you always seem to be vacuuming up hair? Don’t buy a standard dog bed. You will be washing it all the time. A better option is to get an elevated bed that allows the hair to blow or fall off the sides, making it much easier to keep clean. Plus, you will be thankful that it stays cleaner for a more extended amount of time. A raised bed also keeps the area where the bed is placed smelling fresher because it has better air circulation. It is an essential feature when your dog suffers from allergies.

In addition, this type of dog bed is also somewhat waterproof because the mesh allows the water to flow off. In summer, you can place the bed outside under a shady tree, and because the bed is elevated, your dog won’t create a hot spot on the lawn where he lays.

3. Less Chewable for Frisky Dogs

Elevated beds are also better for frisky dogs because they have a taut mesh fabric instead of a cotton-filled pillow, which means the high bed is harder to chew through. After all, the material is like the material on a trampoline.

4. Easy to Move or Travel

If you travel a lot, then some raised beds can also be a great option because it is easy to move. You don’t necessarily have to disassemble it. It is light, so you can pick it up and go or pick it up to vacuum or sweep. Some of these beds also make a good traveling option for pet owners. Having something familiar in an unfamiliar location makes your puppy feel less stressed.

Our Top List of Elevated Pet Beds

1. Coolaroo A Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

The Coolaroo elevated pet bed is ideal for dogs with heavier and furry coats simply because the fabric is heavy-duty mesh, much like that of trampolines. And the most significant benefit to this type of fabric is that it is breathable. Another benefit to this polyethylene fabric is that it is hard to chew through. When placed outdoors, its off-the-ground design eliminates hot spots or brown spots in the yard, helping your yard benefit as well. More importantly, this elevated dog bed gives your pet a low-impact bed to relieve joint stress, all for just $27.

The base is made of a powder-coated steel frame for more extended durability and strength so that it can hold breeds of all sizes and weights. In addition, the Coolaroo is lightweight, so you can move it anytime. It is also weather-resistant and can be the ideal bed for outdoor areas. But that’s not to say you can’t use it indoors either. It also offers your pup a cool retreat in his favorite indoor spot. Best of all, it does not promote that dog smell. It is also straightforward to clean. All you need to do is wipe it off and wash it once in a while with a mild soap. Best of all, the fabric is entirely recyclable and GREENGUARD certified.

Coolaroo A cooling Elevated Pet Bed
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Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed
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2. Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

This dog bed is a favorite because it is very affordable, and when considering the reviews, it is a durable and well-loved elevated dog bed, ideal for any puppy. It is strong enough for a large dog and can help keep him cool during the summer when it is hard for large double-coated dogs to keep their temperatures down, and at $28.98, you can’t find a good dog bed for a giant dog.

When you first unbox this raised bed, it may seem a bit flimsy, but contrary to its looks, it seems to hold up over the long run. The Amazon Basics cooling elevated pet bed is a private label created for Amazon. It consists of a steel frame with a mesh fabric that pulls over the material. It is reminiscent of a camping cot. The bed will keep your dog about 7 in off the ground. The height gives it a cooling effect because the air can flow under the dog and cool his underbelly (the area that regulates his temperature.) It’s an ideal solution for warmer days or homes a bit warmer in the daytime. The top fabric is strong and breathable, but the edges are a bit underdone and lead you to believe your dog will chew through them. But the reviews are mixed, some people state they haven’t had a problem, but others say that their pet chewed through it before long. So be careful if your dog tends to chew through everything.

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 It comes in five different sizes, from extra small to extra large, and can accommodate a dog as large as 110 lb. Cleaning the bed is extremely easy as well. You must wipe it down with a damp cloth or wash it occasionally with mild soap and water. Set it outside to dry for a few minutes, and it is ready.

Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed
Photo source: Amazon.com

Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed, Large
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3. Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

Veehoo makes their elevated bed the same way for all sizes of dogs. They use a powder-coated steel frame with a Textilene mesh cover that fits tightly over the edge. One of the nice things about this elevated bed is that it comes with rubber foot pads to keep the bed from scratching interior floors or from sliding out from under the dog when he’s playing. This bed has a lot to offer for just $48.99.

Again this raised bed is super easy to clean. Just wipe it off or wash it with a mild soap solution and rinse it. Set it out in the sun to dry, and it will be ready in a few minutes. It is an ideal solution for dogs that like to eat in bed. The Veehoo dog bed also has a cooling effect because of better air circulation, primarily because of the breathable fabric used for the cover. Every Veehoo bed is raised to a 7 inches height, except for the extra-large model, which is presented to 9 inches. The purpose of doing this is better to accommodate the more giant legs of the large breeds. All 7-inch models are low enough for a smaller or older dog with trouble getting into a higher bed. So by giving your puppy his bed, he will stop trying to get up into your bed. Plus, the excellent airflow makes your older dog feel more comfortable.

The assembly for this bed is a little more complex than other mattresses, so it may not be appropriate for traveling because you don’t want to be assembling and disassembling too many times. It is not a bed to take apart and put back together as you could lose screws and parts. Some people mention that dogs can chew through the bed material, but others don’t seem to have a problem. So it depends on how strong a chewer you have.

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed
Photo source: Amazon.com

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed
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4. K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed

The K&H pet elevated bed is a grey/black bed with a large mesh fabric of 30x42x7. It is the dog bed that will endure for several seasons. Like all raised dog beds with mesh fabric that keeps your dog cool, its larger surface makes for a steadier bed. Another benefit to this raised bed is that the mesh fabric is removable, and you can wash it. When placed outside, it is waterproof and dries quickly. At just $54, you can’t go wrong with this bed.

K&H is a well-known brand, one that many pet owners trust. This elevated dog bed is solid, sturdy, and collapsible and easy to assemble. The mesh cover is removable and washable. The K&H pet cot can go indoors or outdoors or even collapse to travel with you.

K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot Elevated Dog Bed
Photo source: Amazon.com
K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot, Elevated Dog Bed Cot With Mesh Center
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How Do You Assemble The Raised Dog Bed?

Most people find the elevated dog beds easy to assemble. Each bed has assembly directions, and most elevated dog beds don’t require tools. Even so, it can be easier to put the bed together when there are two people because the fabric has to stretch tightly across the frame.

Does The Elevated Dog Bed Work?

The raised dog bed lifts your pet off the ground, keeping him cleaner and away from dirt, mud, and bugs like ticks and fleas. This type of dog bed can also help keep your pet cool during hot days as it is designed to let air flow underneath your dog and cool the underbelly of your furry friend, the area that regulates his temperature. The elevated bed can be beneficial if you have an elderly dog, as it minimizes joint problems.

Can You Put an Elevated Dog Bed Outside?

The elevated dog bed is perfect for the outdoor area, especially the grassy areas where you don’t want your dog to create a burn spot. The raised bed keeps your pooch off the grass and helps him stay calm.

All the elevated dog beds we’ve listed here are weatherproof and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your bed outside. However, if you live in an area of heavy snowfall, you may want to bring the bed indoors and store it for the winter months, as heavy snow and inclement weather may make the cover brittle and cause it to break.red raised bed

Are Elevated Dog Beds The Best Option?

It depends on your lifestyle. If you travel a lot with your dog, you may not want an elevated dog bed, as a more conventional padded dog bed or pad will be easier to pack. However, if your dog is older and has joint pain, or you want a bed where you can clean more easily underneath it, the elevated dog bed is the better option.

Where To Put An Elevated Bed?

Dogs typically like to be near their owners, so you want to put the dog bed in the corner of the home where the whole family congregates; something like a kitchen corner or a small area in the living room will suit. If you need to use it outdoors, place it under a shady area of the yard or on a porch. You don’t want your dog to get too much sun.

How Long Will a Raised Dog Bed Last?

A raised dog bed usually lasts for a  couple of years. However, its durability also depends on how much your dog uses it, how heavy it is, and whether he chews the fabric or not. It will also depend on whether you leave it outdoors for prolonged periods, especially during the harsh winter.

If your dog does chew on the bed and it does fray, you need to replace the bed quickly. You don’t want your pet to choke on bedding materials, fall off the bed or feel uncomfortable while resting there.

Bottom Line

The elevated is a quality bed that your dog will love because it keeps him calm. You will love it because it gets him off the floor or grass. It keeps him from getting dirty, hurting himself, or causing damage to something else. No matter the brand, the elevated bed has many benefits and is worth the price.