What’s Your Dog’s Play Style?

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Wondering what your dog’s play style is? Take this quiz to find out!

Which size category does your dog best fit in?

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How would you describe your dog’s temperament?

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Which stage of life describes your dog’s the best?

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How sociable is your dog in general?

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Which activity wears your dog out the most?

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Which age group does your dog usually play the best with?

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What's Your Dog's Play Style?
The Tugger

two Parson Russell Terrier fighting for a toy

The Tugger play style is one that you may have noticed by playing with your dog alone or when your dog plays with others. Some dogs like to play tug by themselves, with other humans, or with other dogs. However, it’s important to make sure your dog doesn’t participate in this playstyle with a dog that is particularly possessive of toys, as things could get aggressive quickly.
The Lone Wolf

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The Lone Wolf (LONE) The Lone Wolf playstyle for dogs can typically be found in hounds or retrievers. This doesn’t mean that your dog is anti-social. In fact, your dog might just enjoy the company of humans and want to play fetch with its owner instead.
The Chaser


This Chaser playstyle might be your dog’s style if your dog likes to run in order to get out a lot of stamina. With this playstyle, dogs can either run together, have one dog lead, or all chase at the same pace. Herder breeds and hounds are the most common breeds to fall under this category. However, if several dogs are chasing after one dog, a “pack and prey” mentality can kick in, and the playtime should likely be stopped. It’s also good to make sure dogs remain relatively around the same size if they’re going to be chasing one another.
The Body Slammer


The Body Slammer playstyle is one where your dog and other dogs might bump hips with one another in a playful way. It’s definitely important to make sure that you keep a close eye on the dogs that are playing in this way, particularly because it can quickly escalate into fights with other dogs.

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