What Type of a Dewormer for Puppies Does Your Dog Need?


So, your little bundle of joy has its own little bundle. This little bundle isn’t of joy but worms! As soon as the initial panic subsides, you can see what to do next for your puppy or adult dog. You can identify what is ailing your dog in a few quick steps. Next, you can take action to treat your dog with an incredibly effective and safe dewormer for puppies and small and large dogs. Any dog sick with intestinal worms will return to their goofy little tail-wagging self in no time with the top options we’ve included here. Then, you can see how key prevention is for your dog with practical tips to stave off that butt-scooting behavior for good.dogs playing outside

Name That Intestinal Worm

You’ll need to investigate when you face the prospect of your fuzzy-wuzzy being full of worms. Maybe you’ve already seen a worm or two in his bowel movement, or you may have witnessed some excessive scooting around your freshly vacuumed carpet. Consider yourself lucky since some worms can go undetected, wreaking havoc on a puppy or adult dog’s lungs, stomachs, and intestines. This is also true of the heart of heartworm-infected dogs. We’re going to play a game called “Name That Worm!” to identify what’s happening in your dog’s gut. This is your first step in taking action against these intestinal parasites. Before we can safely dose any dewormer for puppies or dogs, you need to be sure of the type of parasite which has made your dog its host.dog tail

Roundworm Toxocara cati, Toxascaris leonina

To understand the characteristics of roundworm, you’ll be able to identify if the roundworm is the culprit of the issues you may see in your puppy or dog. A roundworm gets its name from its appearance. The roundworm looks white, long, and stringy and can make its debut in the poo of your pup. So if you’ve not looked when your puppy is doing their business and you suspect worms, inspect the next go around.

Roundworm Symptoms in a Dog

Sometimes, there will be no symptoms that will show up in your puppy or dog, just some evidence of the expelled adult roundworm in their poo. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not a serious problem. A dog exhibits symptoms and needs immediate relief from a dewormer. You can witness the adult roundworm in vomit or bowel movements prompting medical attention from a vet. Other changes you may see in your pup are a dull coat, weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating of the stomach. The worst part of an infestation of the roundworm is the breech into your dog’s lungs, causing coughing.

Roundworm Damage to a Dog

Aside from the symptoms, there’s some severe aftermath of the infestation of the roundworm. Your dog can display respiratory infection symptoms and can develop pneumonia. Vomiting and diarrhea can easily damage the vital internal organs depending upon the duration or severity of the worm infestation. The dog owner who doesn’t treat the roundworm with a dewormer for puppies or dogs can witness the coma or death of their beloved pet. After surviving the roundworm worm infestation, a puppy can display growth and development issues.

Hookworm Ancylostoma Caninum, Ancylostoma Braziliense

The hookworm is a bloodsucker. This intestinal parasite gets its name from its appearance, a white worm in the shape of a hook. Understanding the life cycle of the hookworm is necessary to know its potential hazard to your dog—hookworms inside the small intestine of your dog mate there. Once the female hookworm gets impregnated, she releases the eggs you’ll see in your dog’s bowel movement. These worm eggs become infectious larvae that your puppy or other adult dogs will inevitably ingest or contract through their skin. Dependent on the oral or buccal contraction or skin absorption routes, the worm will find its way to the small intestine, where it will use its three layers of teeth to latch onto the lining of the organ. This is a hazardous worm infestation for a puppy precisely because of the leech-like activity of the hookworm.


Photo source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Wikimedia

Hookworm Symptoms in a Dog

While hookworm is tiny, they’re parasites that multiply in alarming numbers, and there’s a chance of infection in dog-to-human interaction. Symptoms may be hard to pinpoint since the work of the hookworm happens internally, but you may notice a bloated look in your puppy or dog. The hookworm can consume large amounts of blood, leading to anemia and inflammation of the dog’s stomach.

Hookworm Damage to a Dog

Essentially, we find the damage to be the blood loss a puppy or a dog can suffer from these parasitic worms. The blood loss leads to anemia and can vary depending on the size or weight of the dog. However, a puppy can’t handle the blood loss for too long and can die from the volume of blood the hookworm consumes. Treatment and prevention are imperative for the survival chances of a puppy, but immediate veterinary care is vital to any hookworm-infected dog.

Tapeworm Dipylidium caninum, Taenia species, and Echinococcus species

The tapeworm is like the pinworm of dogs, leaving your precious pooch scooting across the floor or ground for relief of that itch. A tapeworm looks much like the other worms but has a segmented body, and those segmented parts can detach from the whole worm. It makes eliminating this intestinal worm from your dog’s environment extremely difficult. With the tapeworm, a meticulous cleaning of your carpets and a change of scenery for potty breaks is necessary to prevent reoccurring tapeworm infections.

Photo source: vcahospitals.com

Tapeworm Symptoms in a Dog

Although tapeworm isn’t a significant call for concern between intestinal parasites, it can cause some actual discomfort for your dog. The scoot behavior in a dog shows the itching and discomfort otherwise going on in your dog’s body, so a dewormer for puppies or adult dogs will be a large part of the vet’s orders. As soon as you witness the segmented parts of the tapeworm in the bowel movement, it’s time to call the vet!

Tapeworm Damage to a Dog

As we’ve mentioned, the tapeworm has no severe or long-term effects from the worm infestation. However, it’s important to note that empathy will go a long way for a dog owner. Imagine the effects a dog feels while enduring the intestinal worm-eating its insides. Plus, the dog’s discomfort with each worm that collects around his anus. You can see a tapeworm egg, or segments, around the anus, which indicates a worm infestation to treat with a dewormer for puppies or adult dogs.

Whipworm Trichuris vulpis

These mean little intestinal worms resemble the body of a whip, with its anterior (front) end being thick, long, and skinny and its anterior (rear) end gradually coming to a point. The anterior end of the whipworm is the end that attaches to the intestinal walls of your dog. It’s a fact that a whipworm worm infestation occurs in adult dogs more commonly.

Whipworm Symptoms in a Dog

The whipworm lays eggs indiscriminately, and those worm eggs are difficult to find in a fecal matter test. Because of this, a vet will need a few samples of the fecal matter to analyze under a microscope to diagnose the worm infestation properly. However, a dog can exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, malaise, bloody diarrhea, fecal incontinence, painful and frequent bowel movements, nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, sudden and inexplicable weight loss, and headaches. These symptoms are easy to spot, and you must treat them urgently. Make an action plan with your dog’s vet to treat the worm infection stat with a dewormer for puppies or adult dogs.

Whipworm Damage to a Dog

According to the VCA hospital’s website, the whipworm is one of four major worms found in dogs. In small quantities within the cecum, the whipworm, a pouch that begins the large intestine, can be asymptomatic. As the infestation worsens, the symptoms mentioned above will rear their ugly faces. These symptoms have already compromised the lining of the large intestine, causing severe irritation for your dog. It’s an urgent matter when these symptoms of a whipworm infection appear. Your vet will diagnose and prescribe a dewormer for puppies or adult dogs to effectively get those worms out of there.

whip worm

Photo source: vcahospitals.com

Get Those Worms Out of There

Whether your puppy or dog suffers from whipworm, roundworm, hookworm, or tapeworm, these are all intestinal worms and are essentially parasites. A parasite depends on a host to live and thrive. If that host, unfortunately, is your dog, then you, as the dog owner, are responsible for answering the call—or making the call to the veterinarian immediately. You can’t wait to get the dewormer your vet will suggest, so don’t hesitate. These are some of the best dog dewormer options for your puppy or adult dog. We rounded them all up for you based on the weight of the infected dog and the efficacy and safety of each dewormer for puppies and adult dogs. So, let’s get moving.

1. Sentry

Sentry has been there for our pets for over a decade, bringing ingenious dog and cat products to your door. Using purely science-backed ingredients for their behavior, anti-anxiety diffusers, collars and so much more, the proven effectiveness of the dewormer for puppies, small dogs, and adult dogs Sentry now brings is paw-some!

Sentry HC WormX & Worm X Plus Broad Spectrum 7-Way Dewormer

Two incredible worm-busting products come from the Sentry Pet Care Company to save the day. The Sentry HC WormX is a broad-spectrum dewormer for puppies and adult dogs. This liquid dewormer effectively and safely eliminates hookworm and large roundworm infestations from the infected dog. Each bottle of Sentry HC WormX treats any puppy and an adult dog up to 120 pounds. The vet-recommended liquid dewormer urges a visit to the vet before its use.

Canine Anthelmintic Suspension De-wormer


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The second product to deworm your dog from Sentry Worm X 7-way dewormer also has broad-spectrum protection built-in. With Pyrantel Pamoate and praziquantel as their active ingredients, the once-monthly chewable tablet will effectively remove the roundworm, tapeworm, and hookworm. This formula treats intestinal worms of a medium to large dog or puppy. Administer the first dose and be sure they consume the whole chewable tablet. Then, exactly a month later, give your dog the second dose to ensure there are no stragglers left behind in the gut. The seven-way dewormer kills all seven of the most common intestinal parasites or worms.

7 Way De-Wormer for Medium & Large Dogs

by SENTRY Pet Care 

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2. Elanco Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer

Bayer tapeworm dewormer effectively and safely eliminates the tapeworm and the eggs from your dog’s body. The tablets are yummy for a dog or puppy, and you can use them for a puppy as young as four weeks old. The package comes in a bottle of five tablets you can crush and mix with your dog’s food for an extra special treat. With a solid yet safe dose in each FDA-regulated tablet, you can quickly say “byeeee!” to the tapeworm and use the other tablets as a prevention method. A tapeworm only exists because your dog ate a flea from somewhere, so your dog most likely has fleas. A good plan with the vet is flea, tick and heartworm prevention from here on out.

Tapeworm Dewormer

by Elanco 

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3. Durvet Triple Wormer for Puppy and Small Dogs

The Durvet company is a trusted and reliable brand for all your pets’ needs, relieving that itch since 1970. The Durvet is a fantastic all-around dewormer for puppies and adult dogs weighing up to 25 pounds. The Duvet Triple Dewormer kills all 7 of the strands of the intestinal worms that afflict your small dog or puppy; 2 strands of roundworm, 3 strands of hookworm, and 2 strands of tapeworm. The flavorful and tasty 12 tablets in the box will treat and prevent any puppy or small adult dog effectively and safely.

12-Pack Triple Wormer Tablets


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4. Durvet Worm-Eze Liquid Dewormer for Cats & Dogs

The Durvet name has been a trusted household name for all things pet-related for over 50 years. We mean when we tell you that this Durvet Worm-Eze Liquid large roundworm dewormer for puppies, adult dogs, and cats destroys the roundworm. The Oxford language dictionary uses the word ‘destroy’ when explaining what an anthelmintic dewormer does. This anthelmintic dewormer busts through the roundworm worm infestation to clear your pet of these pesky critters. They recommend this for a puppy, kitten, adult dog or cat over six weeks old. One bottle can treat a pet up to 120 pounds.

WormEze Liquid Canine & Feline Antihelmintic

by Durvet 

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5. Durvet Liquid Wormer for Roundworm and Hookworm

Last, but not least, the Durvet pet care products bring you a powerful anthelmintic to treat the hookworm and large roundworm in a liquid dewormer. This is a kill-all for the roundworm and hookworm by eradicating them. One bottle treats a large dog up to 120 pounds but is safe enough to treat a puppy or a small breed dog. To dose this anthelmintic, you need to know what the dog weighs and administer 5ml of the tasty liquid dewormer per ten pounds of body weight.

2x Liquid Wormer

by Durvet 

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6. Safeguard 4 Small Dog Dewormer

Next, we want you to know about this Safeguard 4 canine dewormer at your disposal. This Safeguard pre-measured three-day dewormer treatment is the all-around-best dog dewormer! You can effectively rid your dog’s body of all four of the main worms that afflict dogs. It treats hookworm, tapeworm, whipworm, and roundworm in three days. The Safeguard 4 is for small dog breeds like a toy poodle and is not for large dog breeds like a pit bull or Australian shepherd. A dog owner can easily administer the worm medication by mixing the granules with the dog’s food.

8in1 Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer

by Excel

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7. Pet Armor 7-Day Dewormer

Finally, we suggest the vet-recommended 7-day dog dewormer from Pet Armor. Pet Armor is a reliable supplier for your pet with flea and tick-medicated collars, topicals, and dewormer products for every furry four-legged baby. The dewormer offered for puppies, and adult dogs is a 7-day treatment to kill the hookworm, roundworm, and tapeworm in one fell swoop. With a thorough method of cleansing your dog’s body of these creepy-crawly intestinal parasites, you’ll see a tail-wagging and jubilant little puppy or dog after this dewormer gets to work!

7 Way De-Wormer for Dogs

by PetArmor 

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Prevention is Key

After treating your dog or puppy for a current worm infection, keep up the good work. A dog owner should administer a dewormer for puppies or adult dogs every six months to prevent further worm infestations. You can also feed fiber-rich veggies and fruits to drive that nail further in the worm coffin. Safe fiber-rich foods like bananas, beetroot, papaya, and coconut can act as natural disease control. A bonus to a dewormer for puppies and adult dogs is that they can work as a preventative against heartworm, especially in certain regions where mosquitoes may feed on the blood of our little fur babies. From dog owners to the dog owner reading this, know that you’re a phenomenal fur parent, and the prevention of intestinal worms and heartworms is a relatively inexpensive maintenance regimen to enhance the life of your pet. Every dog will love the treat of the dewormer for puppies and adult dogs every 3-6 months, so give them that super-beneficial treat, won’t you?

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