What To Look For in Doggie Diapers and Our Favorite Options

French Bulldog dog wearing fabric diaper

There is a lot to check for when you’re looking for doggy diapers. This article will help you figure out what to look for and provide a list of great diapers.

What Are Dog Diapers?

Dog diapers are useful tools when you’re housetraining your dog or if your pup is struggling with accidents. There are plenty of options when it comes to getting the right kind for you. If you’re only housetraining your dog, you won’t need diapers for more than a few weeks. Getting a disposable dog diaper back would be more useful than buying a washable dog diaper pack. But every pet parent has to decide for themselves whether a disposable diaper or a washable diaper. 

Our Favorite Doggie Diapers:

Male Dog Wrap Disposable Diapers
$10.94 ($0.36 / Count)

by Amazon Basics 

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1. Amazon Basics Male Dog Wrap, Disposable Diapers

Amazon Basics has many essential items that are convenient and sold at reasonable prices. These male dog wraps are disposable diapers sold in various sizes so they can fit all types of dogs. Amazon Basics sells these diapers in sizes x-small, small, medium, and large. You can purchase packs of 30 disposable diapers or a pack of 50 diapers, so you have the option to stock up. These diapers are white and can fit almost all breeds of dogs. 

If your puppy is struggling with potty accidents, a doggy diaper might be the best way to help them out. These disposable diapers provide leakproof protection and eliminate urine or fecal messes. They’re great for indoor use in your house, but if you like to take your pup outdoors, they’re durable enough to hold up outside as well. If you bring your pup on car rides and are worried about a possible mess, don’t worry too much because these diapers are also great for car rides.

Dog diapers can be somewhat of a mess, and it can be difficult to tell if your pet needs a new one or not, but Amazon Basics created diapers that signal when they’re ready to be changed. These diapers will change color when they’re wet, so you can give your dog just a glance and see that they need a fresh diaper. These disposable diapers are leakproof and can be very helpful if your puppy is struggling with bowel movements. The core of the diaper is super absorbent and still has breathable layers, so your pet doesn’t overheat in their diaper. The wrap can fit a number of dogs, and they have fur-resistant fasteners so you can be sure your dog’s diaper will be secure and fit them comfortably.

A26 Male Dog Wrap
$17.99 ($0.36 / Count)

by All-Absorb 

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2. All-Absorb A26 Male Dog Wrap

Honey Care makes these all absorbent male dog diaper wraps. These wraps are disposable and super easy to use. They’re offered in blue and white color, and they come with 50 diapers in a pack. Even though dogs of all sizes could benefit from diapers, this brand only sells diapers to small male dogs with a waist size ranging from 12-18 inches. However, dogs at any stage of life can benefit from these wraps, so whether you have an older dog or a puppy, you can use these if your pet needs them. 

The All-Absorb A26 dog wrap diapers have a breathable outer layer because they know how important it is for dogs to stay cool. Even in hot climates and weather, your dog will be protected without feeling trappers or overheated. They can stay comfortable in these male wraps designed specifically for optimal airflow. Also, these diapers have 360 degrees of leakproof comfort. You no longer have to stress out about your pet making a mess everywhere they go. If your pet loves rolling around on your bed, they can wear one of these diapers and do so without leaving little surprises everywhere. The core of these diapers is designed with an extra-absorbent material to make sure your dog won’t experience any accidents outside their diaper wrap.  

Even though these diapers are made for small dogs, they’re designed to stay comfortable but fit as snugly as possible around your small dog. These wraps need to securely fit your pup to ensure they don’t allow accidents to leak out of them. Also, they are made with a fur-safe attachment, so you don’t have to stress about your pet being uncomfortable or getting their fur caught in their wrap. As long as you use the re-adjustable fasteners to ensure your pet is tucked in just right, then they won’t be uncomfortably stuck in any way. Even though these diapers are made for little puppies, they have a unique and stretchy fabric that allows your pet to lift their leg comfortably. Many male dogs will lift their leg to go to the bathroom, even if they aren’t peeing on anything except their diaper. This male wrap is designed with this in mind, so it will stay secure and comfortable even when they lift their legs. Also, like other top-tier male wrap diapers, these will let you know when they need to be changed. The wraps have an indicator, and they’ll change colors on the outside of the wraps to let you know it’s time for your pup to get a new diaper. 

Disposable Female Dog Diapers | Absorbent

by OUT! Pet Care 

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3. OUT! Pet Care Disposable Female Dog Diapers 

Out! Pet Care diapers are made for female dogs and have many options for purchasing the best product for your pup. You can get a size XS/S or M/L for your pet, and you can choose to purchase a 14, 16, 32, or 96-count package or diapers, depending on your need. This brand makes their female diapers white and made out of disposable microfiber pad materials, so they’re comfortable for your pet. They are made with a comfort flex build-in so they can securely fit your pup, whether they’re laying down, wiggling around, or running out in a yard. The actually core design of the material is made for optimal comfortable movement. The sure seal technology these diapers are made with ensures a 360-degree leaf-proof fit, so your pet has added comfort. No matter where your dog is, you can rest assured knowing that when they’re wearing these diapers, they have fully absorbed any secretions and won’t let them leak around the legs or waist. 

Out! Pet Care also uses an extra step of protection, their moisture-wicking edge guard. This edge guard system makes the edges of your dog’s diaper even more absorbent to ensure that if anything gets close to leaking out of the diaper, the edges will catch it before any mess is made. Also, this diaper company knows that dogs can get smelly, so they included an odor-neutralizing powder. To ensure their diapers are twice as odor neutralizing, this company also adds baking soda to these diapers. The female dog wraps offer the best fit for your dog at the narrowest point around the waist. If your pet is in between sizes, the brand recommends you pick a size up based on their size chart so that you can adjust for their size difference with the secure fit technology.

32ct Disposable Dog Diapers

by Paw Inspired 

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4. Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers | Female Dog Diapers Ultra Protection

Another disposable type of dog diaper available is the Paw Inspired female dog diaper option. These diapers come in a number of sizes and amounts, including an x-small size that comes with 32 diapers, a small size that comes with 32 diapers, a medium-size that comes with 32 diapers, a medium + size that comes with 32 diapers, and large and x-large size that come with 20 diapers each. Each of these diapers is white and disposable, so you can throw them out after one use. Paw Inspired offers some of the best disposable dog diapers on the market, thanks to them being some of the best-fitting diapers. These are leakproof, and they stay put, so owners don’t have to worry about them sliding all over their pup, leaving them unprotected. These leakproof diapers are made with super absorbent core materials, are very comfortable, and have a secure fit. Make sure you measure your dog before purchasing your diapers so you know your purchase is the right size. 

Paw Inspired makes great comfortable diapers that offer breathable bottom layers built into their design. They have leakproof edges, so even if your puppy loves rolling around and running about, you can rest assured that your dogs won’t get messes everywhere as an owner. This brand includes adjustable fur-resistant fasteners to ensure your dog has a perfect fit in its diapers. The advanced dry speed technology instantly converts urine into a gel-like consistency. 

These diapers are great for all ages. Puppies, adults, and older dogs can benefit from these wraps, and you can use them whether it’s for training, incontinence, or menstrual hygiene. Unlike other doggy diapers, these diapers can also be used as pet diapers for other pets, like cats. 

Calming Dog Ad

These super-absorbent diapers are best for females and dogs with urinary incontinence. Even if your dog struggles with issues like poop, diarrhea, or bowel incontinence, these diapers can effectively help them get a handle on its issues. The tail-hole position of your dog can change how effective these diapers are, so it’s very important to reference the product images to ensure your diapers are in the proper position. 

Specifically designed to keep your dog comfortable and your home belongings clean and protected, Paw Inspired makes their diapers with convenient repositionable fasteners so your dog can best fit in their diaper easily and painlessly. These diapers are great for travel, car drives, and any type of situation your pet might need a diaper. When your pet needs a new diaper, you can change them out and wash the old diaper. For the most long-lasting results, it’s best if you wash your pet’s diapers soon after they’re soiled.

Luxury Washable Reusable Dog Diapers
$13.48 ($4.49 / Count)

by Wegreeco 

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5. Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers

Wegreeco brand makes washable, reusable female dog diapers. This brand makes diapers fun and sells them in small, medium, large, and xx-large sizes with a variety of color choices to pick from. Each pack comes with three diapers; owners can pick from cheetah print or bright color palettes for their diapers. Pet owners can also purchase a burgundy, black, and jade pack or fancy, floral, inspiring, lace, natural color, or vigorous color-themed packs. These diapers are made from washable polyester, and it’s very important to measure your dog’s waist right in front of its back legs to estimate the size they need. If your pet is in between sizes, then a heavier dog should wear a larger size, but a skinny dog should go down a size. 

These diapers are super easy to put on and take off of your dog. They’re super useful when it comes to potty training puppies and are great for animals in heat or ones that suffer from excitement urination and defecation or incontinence. 

This brand’s reusable diapers are super comfortable and soft and great at helping dogs feel comfortable in their diapers. They also have no ‘crinkly’ or uncomfortable texture that would cause many dogs to dislike wearing disposable diapers. Also, this brand’s diapers are made with a special hook & loop closure that is super quick, easy to put on, and won’t stick to your pet’s fur. Any female diaper from this brand has a pad sewn into the diaper, so it’s super leak-resistant. They also have a leak-free outer layer to keep off leaks and damage to rugs, carpets, chairs, and sofas. This brand boasts about how their reusable diapers are more comfortable than disposable dog diapers. 

Reusable Female Dog Diapers

by Paw Legend 

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6. Paw Legend Reusable Female Dog Diapers

Paw Legend creates reusable female dog diapers that are sold in x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large size options. These diapers come in a variety of colors ranging from adorable, black, flower, leopard, vivid, and cheerful color themes. It’s very important to measure your dog with the right measurement tape so you can pick the best size before ordering. This way, your dog can get all the benefits these diapers offer. Reusable female diapers often have a fur-safe closure, and these diapers come with an adjustable hook and loop closure to ensure they fit all dogs and are adjustable to specific pups for the best fit that won’t slip.

Diapers with closures like these are great fits and have fully leak-free outer layers. This prevents the diapers from leaking at all, so you don’t have to worry about your pup accidentally making a big mess. They have a built-in permanent odor control layer that’s great at wicking away moisture and helping to keep a dog’s skin drier. Diapers like these also have a hole so your furry friend can stick their tail out and not have to feel uncomfortable as they move around. Many disposable dog diapers crinkle a lot when dogs move around. A unique fact about these disposable diapers is that they’re made with extra quilted stitching for comfort, making them unique among diapers. Your pet can comfortably roam free around your home, car, or on vacation and won’t have any accidents following behind them. Sanitation is important when it comes to doggy diapers, and these will provide as much special conservation and no leak as possible. 

These washable diapers are great for owners looking to live a greener life or save money in the long run. These can be used over and over and are supported for about 300 washes. You need to make sure to fasten the hook and loop closure before washing them. Incontinence products are designed to make life less stressful and easier to handle overall. These diapers are great at doing that because of how well they absorb wetness and keep your dog’s business private. 

Washable Dog Diapers (3pack) | Durable
$21.99 ($7.33 / Count)

by Pet Parents 

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7. Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers (3 pack)

Pet Parents creates a washable dog diaper that comes in a three-pack. You can purchase these packs in a princess or southern belle color. These diapers are best for little dogs or young puppies that are between 9-inches and 15-inches in waist size. Be sure to measure your dog before purchasing these since the size can be detrimental to them fitting correctly. Three washable dog diapers are in each pack, and three colors come in each package. One pack is pink, one is purple, and one is black. Using these diapers is useful whether your puppy is a female in heat or suffers from excitement urination, defecation, or incontinence. 

These diapers are soft and focus on keeping your dog comfortable. They persist in the ‘crinkly’ stereotype of reusable diapers and have a softer texture. Velcro closures are super easy to use and secure, so they don’t stick to your pet’s fur. These diapers are also super absorbent since a diaper pad is sewn into the diaper and has a waterproof layer to prevent any leaks. When wearing these diapers, your pet won’t damage furniture, carpets, or rugs.


There’s a lot to consider when purchasing doggy diapers. It’s super important to make sure you’re purchasing the right kind for your dog. You need diapers that are the right size, durable, and for the right gender if you’re buying gender-specific diapers. Some male dog diapers may not be able to help dogs in heat the same way, but many female-oriented doggy diapers explicitly state that they are great to use on dogs in heat. 

While reusable diapers are great, if you’re only training your pup, you might not need long-lasting reusable diapers since many dogs can be potty trained in less than a month. Some diapers also have benefits that others don’t. Some diapers come with extra smell protection to ensure they don’t smell awful once your dog uses their diapers. Many diapers have adjustable fasteners, so they fit your dog properly, but not all of them use the same type of fastener, so if you have a preference, research the type you’re looking for. Some diapers have built-in color indicators that are super helpful in letting owners know when they need to change them.

It’s pretty easy to find the right diapers for your dog. Doggy diapers have a lot of factors, but luckily many brands are making them focus on comfortability, durability, and fit to ensure they perform as best as possible without allowing your pet to leak accidents everywhere they go. As long as you do a little recon before purchasing your doggy diapers, you can definitely find a useful pair, especially from the diapers listed above. 

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