What to Look for in a Dog Tent Plus Our Favorite Options

Golden Retriever sitting inside tent
Golden Retriever sitting inside tent

What to Look for in a Dog Tent Plus Our Favorite Option

Dog tents are great for people who go camping often or for those who want their dogs to be able to relax at a public picnic. These tents can also be used indoors since they’re often easy to set up and put away, and they give your dog a calm feeling of being in a den while also allowing them to see their surroundings so they can relax to the utmost comfort.

Dog Tent Explained

dog tent is almost like a den but for your pet to play in or use outdoors. If you’ve ever heard of a dog house, it might strike you as something bad pet parents use to keep their dogs outside at all times. However, most dog houses are excellent little accessories for your pet. Dog houses offer your dog the option to sit in a covered structure outside, which can protect them from wind and sunshine. If they’re anxious animals, it also helps them relax since they block out any noise from birds chirping or crunching leaves.

Dog houses are great for pets who like to spend tons of time outdoors, or even if they relish an hour or two of outdoor bliss before making their way back into your home. Dog tents are almost the exact same thing. 

A dog tent will not offer as much structural strength as a dog house, but these items are meant to be bendable since their portability is part of what makes them such excellent accessories. 

Two dogs sitting side by side inside a tent

Benefits of Using a Dog Tent

There are tons of benefits to using a dog tent, just like there are plenty of benefits for a dog crate or dog house. For one, a dog tent can provide protection and shade on hot days. Since most tents are used outdoors on campsites or in fields, they often sit in sunny areas. You can easily use a dog tent to provide your dog with shade everywhere you go. 

Tents for dogs are also great at being folded up into little containers and stored in bags. The ease of use of such a helpful product is part of the appeal many pet owners see. 

If you go camping often with your dog, you might notice how their dog hair gets everywhere, and in such a small space like a tent, it can be more noticeable than when you’re just home like normal. Buying a tent specifically for your dog can stop all this extra dog hair from irritating your nose in your tent.

Also, when you’re outdoors, you might see how some insects flock to your dog. Dog tents are often covered in protective mesh, so no more insects can irritate and bite your pet. This makes them less likely to be bothered by ticks, fleas, mosquitos, or mites than can be lurking on the campgrounds you frequent.

Small dog inside a teepee

Dog tents also protect dogs from hard surfaces like rocks, wood, granite, or other debris. Some dogs prefer hard surfaces, but if you have a senior dog or a pet with joint issues, they’ll want a softer place to rest, so their joints don’t feel as stiff.

Often these tents are pretty easy to clean too. Since most of them are made for outdoor and indoor use, they are usually stain-repellent or waterproof. Cleaning them is pretty simple, and every dog tent will have its own special care instructions on its tag.

Even though there are plenty of benefits, it would be a lie to say there are no disadvantages to owning a dog tent. Some dog tents are only hand-washable, making them more difficult to care for. Most dog tents only have enough space in them for one dog, making them very limited. 

Choosing the Right Dog Tent for Your Pup

There are a couple of factors pet owners must consider when purchasing a dog tent. Getting the right size tent is arguable the most important factor when purchasing one of these products for your dog. Many dog tent products have multiple size options, and you need to ensure your dog will be able to fit in the size you purchase. If you want your pet to have some extra room to wander or play, try to get an extra-large tent. But, if you already have a big dog breed like a German Shepherd, it might be hard to find a roomy-sized tent for them. 

Before purchasing a dog tent, you should also decide whether you’re going to use the tent indoors or outdoors. It might sound strange to buy a tent only for the indoors, but dog tents can help calm an anxious dog down and block external noises inside your home too. These factors are present in all environments, not just the outdoors.

After deciding whether you want to take the tent outdoors or not, your next step should be to figure out what material works best for you. The airflow of your dog’s new tent will vary based on the tent’s breathability, and the material also decides how difficult it may be to wash a dog tent. 

If you have an older dog, you should make sure to look for a tent big enough to fit cushions or a dog bed in. Having a dog tent is great, but if your dog doesn’t feel comfortable in it, they might not use the tent as much as you were hoping they would. Some dogs love to burrow when they get comfortable, and some need extra padding. Ensure you can fit some comforting materials in your pet’s tent before purchasing one.

Lastly, you should make sure your dog’s tent has great functionality. There are so many tents on the market, don’t settle for one that isn’t easy to assemble and disassemble. All tents should have an integrated floor cover, and the best dog tent products will have a non-slip underside. This can especially come in handy if you’re using your pet’s tent indoors on hardwood floors. 

Try to find a coat that offers plenty of access to match your dog’s comfort level. If your dog isn’t the craziest about being enclosed, try finding a tent that has 360 visible degrees and multiple entrances and exits. A tent needs to be able to block out noises, but not all dog tents come with tie-back curtains or covers to roll over the sides. Try to find a tent that can match these needs. 

Train Your Pup to Love their Tent

Some dogs will avoid a new tent after you purchase one for them. Dogs tend to avoid new things since they aren’t yet sure if the said item is safe. Be patient with your dog. Never force them into a tent. Instead, follow many of the same rules that come when you try to crate train your dog. 

If you’re looking to get a dog tent to replace an indoor dog basket, pet crate, or mesh box, don’t immediately get rid of these things as soon as you set this tent up. Instead, let the tent sit in the same room as the other object, and as your dog appears to get more comfortable with it, move it closer to the other thing that the tent is replacing. Don’t get rid of the other object until you’re completely sure your dog is 100% happy with their dog tent, and it can take months for them to develop this comfort level. 

Small Labrador puppy inside tent with woman owener next to it

Even though you can use an indoor dog tent, you should probably never zip the entrances shut if you’re only using the tent indoors. These tents are not replacements for dog kennels if your pet can’t be left home alone. Many dog tents will easily tear when scratched or bitten. 

If you do want to use your dog’s tent outdoors, don’t close your pet’s zipper entrances until they’re completely comfortable with their tent. Use a leash to keep them within a safe distance, but allow them to retreat to their tent on their own. Once you know your dog is comfortable, then you can start zipping them in their outdoor tent.

What to Look for in a Dog Tent Plus Our Favorite Options: 

Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

by Ruff 'n Ruffus 

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1. Ruff’ n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

Pet parents should know that the best dog tent options will have multiple sizes to choose from. You want to be sure your new tent can fit your dog, whether they’re a Shih Tzu or a Great Dane. But, you may also want to check to see if you can include a dog bed. A senior dog with joint issues will really benefit from resting on a soft surface. Thankfully the Ruff’n Ruffus dog tent offers three size options for their indoor or outdoor foldable tent, a medium, large, and extra-large.

A dog tent should be water-resistant if it is used outdoors. And this product is made of polyester material. Not all playpens come with added accessories, but this particular tent includes a free travel carry case for the tent and a collapsible 16 oz travel food bowl.

This tent is very lightweight but strong. It’s foldable and durable, but it can be easily transferred from one location to another. Portable tents like this one offer tons of versatility when it comes to buying a dog tent with many options. 

This roomy eight-panel design has protected seams and reinforced corners so it can fight against the wind. Out of the eight panels, one of which is a zippered door that can allow easy access for your pet to step right in or out of their little tent. This tent also provides plenty of airflow and visibility from its 360-degree mesh walls. Even the shade cover on the top of the tent can be removed easily. 

If your dog will chew or scratch the walls, know that this tent will not last long. Many tents are made with breathable and thin material like polyester, and they don’t withstand much scratching and chewing. However, this option is great for pet owners who want to deliver style, functionality, and comfort all in one option to their dogs. 

Pet House for Pets

by Furhaven 

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2. Furhaven Indoor-Outdoor Pop Up Exercise Playpen Pet Tent

This standard Furhaven brand indoor or outdoor pop-up tent is great for all types of pets. The special playground play tent can host small, medium, and large dogs, and this tent is also available for use for cats. All pet owners need to do is figure out the right size for them, and they can choose between ordering a small, medium, large, or an extra-large play tent for their furry friend to enjoy. Any pet owners also have the choice to buy a blue, green, or gray tent so it can match their aesthetic. 

Furhaven is a popular dog accessories brand, and they created this pop-up exercise playpen to allow dogs the gift of security and comfort indoors or outdoors. With 360-degree mesh windows to look out of and a mesh ceiling, this pet tent offers great airflow. This is an excellent option if your dog isn’t quite comfortable being confined in a pet tent since you can leave the zipper opening ajar, and your dog can see out the sides of the structure at all times. 

Tents like this one are easy to set up and put away since owners can do both within seconds. It’s actually best to use care when unfolding the tent since it might pop up on you, causing your or your pet to get startled. 

Some items like this are great for the outdoors, but they lack any security to hold them down if your pet isn’t actively lying in them. However, Furhaven took note of this issue and made their tent come with small metal stakes so you can keep your pet’s tent secure at all times. 

Outdoor tents are great for camping trips, picnics, or spending a nice afternoon in the park. Thanks to its easy setup and clean-up, this tent is an excellent choice for those who wish to travel with this portable accessory. The tent is made of polyester material, making it easy to care for and clean. 

If your pet is prone to scratching or chewing, this material will not suit them. Although it is an excellent choice for anxious dogs, anxious chewers will easily damage this tent and cause it to tear. However, if you or your dog ever get anxious about not being able to keep visible tabs on each other, rest assured that the zippered opening, removable top panel, and mesh walls will allow for plenty of visibility for you and your dog. 

Pet House for Dogs and Cats

by Furhaven 

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3. Furhaven Lightweight Indoor-Outdoor Pop Up Exercise Playpen Pet Tent

Although this tent has all the same great qualities as the prior one, a few other special qualities make this pop-up playpen special. As with the previous Furhaven tent, this dog tent comes in small, medium, large, or extra-large size options to accommodate all sizes of dogs and even cats. 

Completely mesh screens allow for a 360-degree view, and their ceilings also deliver great airflow. The enclosure provides a calming effect since it promotes security and comfort. 

This tent is also great for camping since it’s easy to set up and takedown. Its compact case allows it to be easy to travel, and its special lightweight qualities make it very portable and friendly for owners looking to use this tent in many different locations. 

This is designed to give your pet plenty of lounge and play space, and if you have smaller breeds, you might even be able to fit more than one dog in this product. 

The zipper opening and six side panels make it great for anxious dogs and owners. In fact, this product has a special tie-up fabric that lets pets enter and exit with ease. This also allows your dog to have plenty of privacy when they’re comfortable with it and plenty of open space to view their surroundings if they need that level of openness. 


There are a lot of reasons a dog owner might want to purchase a tent for their dog. Ensure your tent offers plenty of visibility and ventilation. It would be best if you made sure the tent would be big enough to fit your dog and easily accessible so they can find more comfort in using the tent. 

Some tents are like dog houses or dog crates, and they’ll require a lot of patience while you wait for your dog to adjust to them. However, when your dog finally figures out the calming effect a tent can have, they’ll be likely to constantly relax in it.

The best tent will fit the needs of the dog while also being user-friendly and easy to transport. Even better tents will allow for space to include your pet’s dog bed and maybe some dog food in their space. A pet owner just has to be willing to learn to use ground stakes and teach their dog how to enjoy their new tent.

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