Vizsla Dog Breed: The Definitive Guide to Vizslas

vizsla dog standing amongst autumn leaves

The Vizsla is a purebred Hungarian dog. They may be new to the west, but they’re European royalty. In Hungary, they’re Dogdom’s aristocracy royalty. The question: is Vizsla the same as Hungarian Vizsla? Yes, it is. They call it Hungarian Vizsla because of its birth country, but they are one and the same breed.

Vizslas are unique for their skin tone, having a rusty golden coat that qualifies them as redheads. Their eyes and ears blend with the rest of their fur.

The typical Vizsla puppy reaches its peak height between the ages of one and two and fills out in  weight for another six months, then stops growing. A standard purebred male Vizsla is 22 – 24 inches tall and 21 – 23 inches for females. A Vizsla puppy’s weight at 12 months is 20 – 24kg for males and 18 – 25kg for bitches. That statistic puts Vizsla size as medium according to the UK Kennel Club – KC.

Although Vizslas entered the US after the First World War in the 1930s, they didn’t gain recognition until 30 years later. The American Kennel Club (AKC) was reluctant to register them, which prompted the owners to form a club – Vizslas Club of America (VCA).

They planned to join the AKC, so their Vizsla puppies would gain recognition. In 1960, the Hungarian Vizsla became the 115th breed in AKC history. Despite its recognition, the Vizsla had to prove itself for categorization. Known for being fast, agile, and strong, Vizsla puppies earned their spot as sporting dogs.

The overall Vizsla temperament is warm. They’re fun, playful, affectionate, hardworking, and loyal. The description comes as no surprise because Hungarian falconers bred them to hunt. Hungarian Vizslas followed their owners everywhere. This clingy nature earned them the nickname Velcro, and this trait passes through genetics to modern-day Vizsla puppies. Your Vizsla puppies will follow you everywhere if they’re allowed! You have to set boundaries, or you’ll spoil them.

Before you choose a dog as a family member, there are questions you should ask. Is it a friendly puppy? What’s the relationship with others? How long does it take to groom? In general, you want to know the temperament of the breed you’re bringing home.

Vizsla puppies blend gentleness and liveliness so well. They’re great first-time and family dogs, but experts do advise only families with older children should get a Vizsla puppy because of its high energy.

A Vizsla puppy is a friendly dog and will form good relationships with other dogs and people. However, it should be kept away from small pets. Their instinct is to hunt, so they see pets like birds and snakes as prey.

One good thing about getting a Vizsla puppy is easy grooming. They have a fine, dense coat that sheds lightly. You also don’t need to bathe your Vizsla puppy often. It’s a self-cleaning dog – it doesn’t get better than that!

The AKC Temperament Test (ATT) lists six categories for knowing the personality of a dog: Social, Auditory, Visual, Tactile, Motion, and Reaction. By answering the following questions, you can better understand your Vizsla puppy.

How does the Vizsla socialize? They’re playful, affectionate, good with children and other dogs, making them family-friendly. The hyperactive Vizsla puppy may be too energetic for a toddler but okay for any child above five. When you get a Vizsla, be ready to play! They love human friendship. If you’re an inactive person, you’ll be wasting a fun dog.

Vizsla puppies are mischievous pets. They won’t bark to alarm you but for fun! What is the bark level? Vizslas aren’t guard dogs. They’re so friendly, they’ll probably open the door for thieves. If you’re getting a pet for protection, this Hungarian gundog isn’t for you.

How does your pet react to touch? Physical contact is a yes for the Hungarian Vizsla. They’re so affectionate they’d join their owners at the hip if they could.

History of Vizslas


Vizslas are one of the oldest breeds in history, dating back to hunters in the Magyar region of Hungary. Scientists found proof in stone drawings showing the Magyar hunter with his falcon and Vizsla.

Over time, they became a sign of royalty and wealth among the elite in Hungary. This status put them at risk of extinction during the first World War. The Russian army planned to erase the aristocrats and their properties.

In a bid to save their beloved Vizsla puppies, the elite snuck them out of Hungary. Their escape journey led them to neighboring countries like Austria. By the end of the first World War, they arrived in the US.

Vizslas are resilient dogs. They’ve survived several wars, including the Turkish occupation and civil war.

Historical Use of Vizsla

The first Vizslas were hunters in falconry. In Hungary, the Magyar hunters bred their dogs to be fast, agile, and resilient. They used these traits to assist in the field.

The standard Vizsla size and coat were the perfect camouflage for open field hunting. Their sleek physique gave them the strength to run long distances to catch prey – birds, rabbits, and more.

Vizsla puppies spent so much time in the field with their owners that they became loyal. Magyar hunters developed a deep bond with their partners. Over time, they got the alias “Hungarian pointers.”

Upon entering the US in the 1930s, Vizslas found a new purpose – sporting. The first US Vizsla owners weren’t hunters, so how could the pup show its skill? By competing in championships!

vizsla dog standing in field

Relevant changes to Grouping Status

The AKC registered the Hungarian Vizsla as a sporting dog in 1960. Its lean physique and agility added to the labeling, and nothing has changed in its sixty-plus years as an AKC member.

The Vizsla remains a sporting dog. Some people call it the Hungarian pointer or searcher, but that’s a mere translation of its literal name. In some groupings, Vizsla is a pointer-retriever dog. The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) puts Vizslas in Group 1, a sporting group. In Hungary’s Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), Vizsla is Group 7 – Pointing Dogs.

One thing stays constant in all national groups – Vizslas are sporting dogs!

Controversy Caused by Vizsla

Cross Breeding

In the mid-1930s, some Vizsla owners started cross-breeding. They wanted sturdier, heavier dogs that could withstand winter. Vizsla size and coat are not cold-weather friendly. The implication of their natural features was lower capacity in winter. The hunters wanted more, so they mixed Vizslas with German Wirehaired pointers. Today, there are mixed-breed Wirehaired Vizslas.

The mixed-breed gained recognition in the Canadian Kennel Club – CKC, in 1977. In 2012, the club voted to approve the breed standard. The Wirehaired Vizsla finally gained AKC recognition in July 2014.

Today they’re a separate breed from the Hungarian Vizsla. Though they share some Vizsla temperament, they couldn’t be more different. Wirehaired Vizslas lack the social skills of the Hungarian pointers.

Tail Docking

Vizslas have one of the most extended tails among dogs. The length puts Vizsla puppies at risk of self-harm. Owners who couldn’t bear the pain docked 1/3 of the tail. Of course, this act is controversial. Those against it see it as mutilation. Whereas some agree with it as a protective measure, others disagree.

Many national Kennel Clubs banned tail docking for active canines. There are those on the fence whose grouse is the docking method. This group doesn’t mind docking by a licensed vet. They’re right in saying self-help is dangerous. Your Vizsla puppy may bleed out as you cut its tail. With a vet, however, he’ll get a drug to numb the pain.

The intelligence of your Vizsla

The people-pleasing Vizsla temperament makes it easy to train. You can instill any habits you want in them. On an intelligence scale of one to five, Vizslas scored five of five, and in the world ranking of intelligent canines, Vizsla is the 25th.

They’re smart enough to learn obedience. Start with simple commands like Sit, Stand, and Jump. If you like, you can train your Vizsla puppy for the spotlight.

As a sporting dog, Vizslas play competitive sports. A Vizsla holds the first AKC triple champion record. In 1980, Kai won in show, field, and obedience. With their intelligence, size, and stamina, they are fierce competitors in any sport.

Vizslas live to serve their owners. You’ll get the best of your Vizsla puppy when you give it a job. Many Vizslas assisted in the post 9/11 search and rescue. Today, they work in the police force as drug sniffers and rescue dogs.

They need mental stimulation to avoid boredom. It’s either you keep Vizsla puppies occupied or deal with their creative ideas. You won’t like their choice of entertainment.

Be careful not to spoil your Vizsla puppies. They can work their ‘puppy dog eyes’ magic on you to avoid punishment. Vizsla puppies are manipulative – be wary of them. You need to stay firm – if not, they’ll finesse you. They do it to other dogs too.

Just remember to not isolate your pet – let them mingle. Being around other humans and dogs makes them clever.

Health Condition that is specific to your Vizsla

Key Points Vizsla owners should know

Your Vizsla puppy needs at least 30 minutes to an hour of exercise daily. They have the stamina to go on a hike or run. Vizsla puppies, however, can’t travel long distances because they’re still young. An underaged Vizsla puppy isn’t big enough to handle endurance exercises. If you insist, you can end up hurting your dog. Be patient – when he grows up, you’ll have all the fun in the world.

Swimming is a good workout because they have webbed feet. However, you shouldn’t leave them in the water for long. They don’t have thick coats, so they can catch a cold.

Early socialization is crucial. Vizslas are friendly pets, so don’t be scared to let them mingle. The only exception to this is keeping Vizslas from small pets like birds. Their hunting instinct puts little pets at risk.

If you don’t have time, please don’t adopt a Vizsla. They are needy dogs who love being tagalongs. You can get them comforting items in preparation for your absence. Vizsla puppies love snuggling in cozy blankets. Smells linger on clothing long after you’ve left, so your familiar scent would be a welcome distraction.

Adopting a Vizsla puppy as a first-time pet parent is best. At that age, they’re a blank canvas, and you can mold them into anything you want.

vizsla dog sitting in wheat field


Mast Cell Cancer

Vizslas are at risk of Idiopathic Inflammatory Polymyositis. In simple terms, that means your Vizsla can get cancer. Vizsla bitches are at high risk of mast cell cancer. The tumor attacks their ovaries and affects their womb. The odds increase as they grow older. As a preventive method, do a health check in less than six months. If you detect it early, you can sign off on a surgical removal.

At 7-12 months, you can manage cancer or beat it. Waiting till 12 months or more may be too late, and you may have to remove the whole womb.

You can always adopt Vizsla puppies if you want. Please don’t risk your bitch’s life when you can save it when there are great options for getting the puppies you desire!


Female Vizslas are also at risk of lymphoma: a tumor in the blood vessels causing clots. The natural thing is for your Vizsla puppy’s body to repair wounds from inside. The platelets stop the bleeding from sealing the wound entry. Lymphoma cuts blood flow and turns it into clots forming purplish or reddish lumps on the Vizsla’s skin.

This illness hurts your Vizsla puppy’s overall mood. Vizsla temperament during illness nose-dives. They become short-tempered and withdrawn. They’d avoid playing, so they don’t hurt themselves. There’s good news, however. Small lumps are operable, but the big ones are often fatal.

Muscle Inflation

As sporting dogs, Vizsla puppies risk muscle inflation. They have big bones that can deform if you don’t manage their growth. Keep in mind, the male Vizsla size is 22-25 inches tall and 44-64 pounds – 20-29kg. The bitches are 21-24 inches tall and 40-55 pounds – 18-25kg.


Your Vizsla puppy may suffer from lifelong epilepsy because of low blood sugar or organ failure. Often seizures are a sign of another ailment. Epileptic Vizsla puppies are irritable. Unlike normal Vizslas that enjoy physical contact, these don’t. They may avoid touch or get aggressive in reaction.

Health Impact of Predispositions

Poor health causes Vizsla puppies to act out of character. For one, they can get stubborn and refuse their medication. Also, when you confirm your Vizsla puppy has allergies, go into offense. Place Vizsla puppies on a strict, nourishing diet. Don’t encourage free-feeding because of their disposition to obesity.

Impact on Life-expectancy

Dogs age differently from humans. You’ve heard the myth about a dog year being equal to 7 human years. Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s a lie. The American Veterinary Medical Association says 15 human years equals one large-breed dog year. Their second year is about nine human years. After that, they grow at a regular yearly rate.

The general rule is breeding affects lifespan. So, even though there’s a standard life expectancy, other factors can reduce it. The primary one is a health condition. Large-sized dogs like Vizsla don’t live as long as small dogs because of their health predispositions. Most of them are likely to die from cancer rather than aging.

The average life expectancy of a Vizsla is 12-15 years. They can live longer or shorter based on their health. The oldest of the breed lived 20 years.

Vizsla size in its lifetime can also affect its life expectancy. Obese Vizslas have shorter lives than lean ones. Being overweight exposes them to joint diseases. There’s a standard Vizsla size – height and weight. Anything more puts pressure on the joints, causing them to break down.

Thanks to science, you can increase your pet’s life expectancy. All you have to do is follow the rules which will have a positive ripple effect on your Vizsla puppy.

Can you reverse illness with diet?

Yes, you can reverse some illnesses like obesity with diet.

In 2019, the FDA linked canine heart disease to poor diet. They found many people free-feed their Vizsla puppies. That’s risky because excess vitamins are unhealthy. Although there’s no general dog diet, each breed eats based on their needs. Within the species, each dog feeds according to its health predispositions.

Vizsla diets need three main things – Carbs, Fat and Protein.

A Vizsla puppy needs fat for energy. Fat has calories that convert to energy. Your Vizsla puppy needs it as they run around, and a balanced diet contributes to a happy Vizsla temperament.

Excess fat leads to obesity. Your Vizsla puppy should burn more than its fat intake to maintain a slim body. Reducing the fat level in its meal will help in weight loss. The body will convert existing fat into energy, and over time, your Vizsla puppy will return to average weight.

You can build muscle mass with protein. Animal sources are suitable for Vizsla puppies. Check treats labels for allergens before feeding your Vizsla. Allergic reactions make your pet erratic – you never really know what your Vizsla puppy would do.

Like humans have the Body Mass Index – BMI, dogs have Body Condition Score – BCS. It’s a table that measures weight against height and age. BCS tells you if your Vizsla size is suitable for its age and can be a great resource for identifying which diet changes need to be made for your Vizsla.

vizsla dog laying in front of yellow background

Specific Ingredients that can reverse illness

As a first-time dog owner, know your breed before you feed. To maintain the Vizsla size, it needs a large-breed diet.


Protein is the base for any Vizsla diet. A Vizsla puppy’s ideal diet is 22%-protein and 8%-fat. Vizsla puppies burn more calories in the first 12 months of their lives. Half of that helps tissue growth. You can get amino acids from red meat.

As they grow old, reduce the portions. For adult Vizslas, serve 18% protein and 5% fat. With seniors being at risk of muscle illness, 15% protein is ideal. They aren’t growing anymore, so they don’t need much.

Too much protein gives an imbalance of phosphorus and calcium. The ideal ratio is 1:1 or 1:1.3 calcium to phosphorus.


Mature Vizslas have a slow metabolism, so 3% fat is okay. Any more would be hard to break down fast. 1.5% calcium gives 1,000kcal, which is about half the total calories needed for your Vizslas to perform better. Feed them less fat to avoid being overweight.

Balance is the name of the game if you don’t want your Vizsla puppy in a foul mood.

Other Vitamins

Find food with Vitamin A for good eyesight. For bone development, add Vit. D, Copper, Zinc, and Manganese.

If you don’t follow the rules, your Vizsla puppy is at risk of bone deformity. Along with increasing vitamins, you should feed your pets fresh, clean water.

A bonus ingredient is “Love.” Affection and good food will help your Vizsla puppy and save it from depression.

Preventive Measures

Form a bond with your pet. Study the general Vizsla temperament, so you can pick up on changes early. When you detect issues quickly, you can fix them before they become serious. You know the Vizsla has monotone skin so that any shading can be a sign of illness, you should monitor that. Also, early tumor detection often leads to Gonadectomy. The vet removes your bitch’s ovaries with surgery. You have to decide which you care for more – her life or having more Vizsla puppies.

With a proper diet for your Vizsla puppies, they can grow at a regular rate. Another aspect people ignore is exercise. You’ve learned that activity is good. Did you know it can be too much? Don’t overwork your Vizsla puppies. That can lead to stress and trigger anxiety in them. Wait till your Vizsla puppies mature at least two years before they start energetic exercises. Let their bones form before they go on long walks.

Health Management with Illness

First, you should find a nearby veterinarian for emergencies. You should train your Vizsla puppy on an excellent diet to maintain a sleek shape. Pay attention to dental care because the mouth is the link to the gut. Poor dental hygiene can lead to gut illness.

Follow strict diets to maintain internal organ functionality and Vizsla size. Focus on the BCS. Your Vizsla puppy’s meal should be in portions. Eating 2-3times daily for 15-20mins is okay. Maintain a loving and affectionate relationship by accompanying your Vizsla puppy. Be patient when they show aggression. That’ll keep them from getting depressed. Exercise as often as you can. Vizslas are active dogs, so working their muscles is good. It’s also good for their mental health.

Join them in daily exercises and get an active job for your Vizsla puppy if you can. Lack of attention would drive it to depression. A worst-case scenario is they get aggressive and hurt themselves. Use the medication as prescribed by the vet. You can get health insurance for your pet to manage treatment costs. Health fosters a positive Vizsla temperament.

Psychological Health of your Vizsla Puppy


Monitoring human mental health is not easy. As a Vizsla puppy owner, think of caring for your pup as if it were a child.

When you notice a changed Vizsla temperament, there are three questions you should ask yourself. Is it normal for the breed? Is it abnormal for family living? Is it abnormal of the dog breed? If your answer to the last two questions is “Yes”, you can begin to worry. Abnormal traits can be genetic or learned. You should see a vet to know which one of those applies.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Senior Vizslas are prone to Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome – CDS. CDS is like Dementia in old humans. As they age, they have memory loss and a decline in intelligence. The acronym DISHAA represents signs to look out for; Disorientation, Interaction – altered, Sleep-wake cycle change, House soiling, Activity level changes, and anxiety.

Dr. Klein says, “They may not respond to commands as they had in their younger years. Your pet may forget your face and treat you like a stranger. And they may exhibit changes in their housebreaking habits.”

Cognitive decline is one of the primary triggers of changed Vizsla temperament. The early signs of dog dementia start with a personality shift as they get confused and lost often.

As they age, Vizsla’s become slow to learn. That can lead to frustrations that make them act out. Be patient with your pet at this moment. Watching your Vizsla puppy age can be sad. It hurts to watch them decline mentally and physically. This doesn’t have to be a terrible experience, though.

The first step is, to be honest about those changes. If you live in denial, you won’t be able to make the right decisions. Next, book an appointment with your vet. Your pet will undergo tests to determine how far the illness is.

vizsla dog standing on rock in woods

Physical and Mental Exercise

Finally, plan ways to make your Vizsla’s life easier. Think of the typical Vizsla temperament – how can you boost a positive one? You can turn lemons into lemonade in this situation. Treat it like you just got a new Vizsla puppy. It helps to have a positive outlook.

AKC trainer Penny Leigh says, “Dogs that still feel useful and that they have a ‘job’ tend to keep a youthful outlook, much like humans who continue to stay engaged in activities after they retire.”

Encouraging the activity in your Vizsla puppies will help with cognition as they age. Start new training programs with your pet to stimulate his brain. You can visit a licensed Canine Genetic Counsellor for therapy. They can learn scent work, new tricks, and participate in rallies.

You can add distinct scents to different areas of your home. Walk your pet around those places to get used to the smell. It heightens their sensory glands. Also, assist your pet in rediscovering itself. Explore evolving aspects of the Vizsla temperament. Be cautious, though, not to encourage negativity.

Teach your senior Vizslas new commands. Their brains tend to forget old routines, so you can create new ones. You can add signals to verbal communication. It helps them grasp instructions faster. Physical and mental exercise can also help with aging. For instance, you can get a tennis ball for fetch. Since dogs have select color sight, get them toys and garments in yellow and blue variations.

Stick around while you keep senior Vizslas occupied. Leaving them for long periods can trigger separation anxiety. They’re already dealing with an identity crisis – please don’t add abandonment to it. Improper management of cognitive decline can lead to aggression. Vizslas can become hostile out of frustration, so you need they need to occupy their minds. The other extreme Vizsla temperament is depression. Your Vizsla can sink into depression if it doesn’t challenge its mind. The worst thing that can happen to a Vizsla is inactivity. Even if they can’t perform vigorous physical tasks, they can do mental exercises. Add puzzles to your Vizsla’s toys. Give your senior pup a daily task. Vizslas are purpose dogs – they like working. Keep their mind occupied to make them happy.

Balanced Diet

Curate a healthy diet for your Vizsla puppy and adult. Not everything is ideal – dietary needs change as Vizsla puppies grow!

Ask your vet for the best senior diet. Some food nutrients may become harmful to their health. For instance, seniors need less fat than puppies. They aren’t as active as in their younger years. As Vizslas age, burning calories take more time. If you don’t control their portions, they’ll grow more than the average Vizsla puppy.

Reward your Vizsla puppy with nutritious treats containing Omega-3 fatty acids. You should also know that antioxidants found in fish oil prevent brain damage.


When your Vizsla puppy is stressed, it affects you as the owner. You have to pick up after them and deal with Vizsla temperament changes. It’s frustrating but nothing you can’t handle. As an active pup, your Vizsla needs attention from you. If you leave it for an extended period, it gets stressed. Moving to a new place can be a trigger too.


Sometimes, stress can be the result of fear. Vizslas are scared of many things, from loud noises to crowds. Whatever the cause, look out for symptoms in your pet to nip it in the bud.

The quickest way is to find Vizsla temperament gaps. You notice stress when people act out of character – it’s the same with Vizslas. Does your Vizsla puppy pee and poop indoors, even though it’s potty trained? Did they chew your properties? These actions can be stress signs.

On its own, fear is not a bad thing as it’s a normal response to threats and danger. Fear becomes a problem when it becomes Phobia.


The worst reaction to fear in dogs is aggression. 70% of US dog-related emergency room calls were canine bites. Aggression can be subtle in the early stages. Your Vizsla puppy can show signs by growling, making mean faces, or barking. Unchecked, it grows to a more complex issue where your pet hurts others.

Vizsla temperament changes are a result of the fight/flight response to fear. Knowing why your Vizsla puppy is hostile helps with the solution. Is it predatory or protective? New mothers often tend to be protective over their litter. Bitches can display anger over anyone coming near their Vizsla puppies. As scary as it may be, you can ease your Vizsla’s stress. A few treatments include training, preventive steps, drugs, pacifying, rewards, and new habits.

Most times, when dogs react hastily, it’s a foundation thing. That’s why you have to train your Vizsla puppy. You can put good habits in them before they mature.

Helping your Vizsla Puppy deal with stress

Calm your Vizsla puppy by changing its reaction to the trigger. So, for a shy Vizsla, have a two-dog playdate instead of going to the park. Hang around as they play with others. Seeing your familiar face is reassuring for Vizslas. They’ll relax and begin to get back to their usual Vizsla temperament.

You can give your Vizsla puppy a stress ball on car trips. Use calming treats like anxiety vests or jackets in thunderstorms. They keep the heart rate and blood flow steady. Think of it as soothing a scared toddler. You know those things you say and do to ease your little one’s mind after a nightmare. Preventive steps are the best stress relievers. Vizsla puppies are pleasers, so it shouldn’t be hard to train them with good habits.

Learn to pick up Vizsla temperament switches. Train them for natural occurrence – thunderstorms. Check for stress effects like your happy Vizsla puppy becoming dull. There’s no doubt that you love your Vizsla but don’t be its only friend. Allow your Vizsla puppies to socialize with other dogs and humans. It trains them to handle uncertainty better.

vizsla dog standing on the beach

Diet and Veterinary appointments

Don’t slack on diet and exercise. Inactivity can trigger stress in Vizsla puppies. They need to stretch those solid muscles and eat a good meal. Your pup can do yoga to calm its nerves and aid digestion. The Vizsla size works well for stretches.

“What if I adopted my Vizsla as an adult. If there were no preventative steps, what are the corrective ones I can utilize? ”

Keep shy Vizslas away from crowds. Avoid being in situations that stress you. If it’s another dog upsetting your Vizsla puppy, stay away from them. That’s not saying you should isolate your Vizsla puppies. Ease them into controlled situations. There’ll always be situations triggering Vizsla temperament changes, so prepare your pets for them.

Make videos of your dog when they react to stress. Play them for your vet at your next clinic date. It gives the doctor better insight for proper analysis. In extreme cases, your vet would give your Vizsla puppy drugs. You can try natural products like pheromones scent. The hormones appease dogs. Form a reward system with your canine friend. Give treats for good behaviors to let them know you’re proud. It’s positive reinforcement for good habits. Don’t punish your Vizsla puppy – you can scold, but don’t yell. Vizslas are a sensitive breed, so please don’t humiliate them. Stress relief is a gradual process. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

Anxiety in your Vizsla Puppy

Anxiety is a healthy emotion that shows your pet has feelings. It’s okay for your Vizsla puppy to worry about some things like visiting the vet. Even adult humans get scared of going to the hospital.

The top three causes of dog anxiety are – separation, fear, and aging.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is common in Vizslas because they’re needy. It’s not just a Vizsla thing; 14% of dogs suffer from it. Extended absences can make them withdrawn. Separation anxiety isn’t the occasional tantrum Vizsla puppies throw. It’s a more profound illness caused by psychological stress.

You’ll notice a severe Vizsla temperament shift. Look out for signs in your Vizsla such as barking, chewing, growling, drooling, pooping, and peeing indoors. Oftentimes mood swings are the first indicators of anxiety.

Another indicator is aggression. Aggression is never sudden. It starts from subtle behavioral changes like irritability. You can figure this out early because it goes against the typical Vizsla temperament.

Neglected Vizslas become restless and destructive. They do so to get your attention. So, making out time for your dog can calm them. Pain triggers Vizsla puppies to become withdrawn or, worse – aggressive. Another cause of anxiety could be the birthplace. Vizsla puppies pick up habits as they grow, which is why you have to start training before 12 months.

If your Vizsla puppy didn’t experience affection as a puppy, it would affect his adult disposition. Lack of love affects adult Vizsla temperament. There’d be a disconnect because of the lack of nurturing. Vizsla puppies are naturally friendly animals. If your pet cowers and hides from others, it has a separation anxiety disorder. Train your Vizsla puppy to enjoy time off. It’s hard because Vizslas have a reputation of being Velcro. Watching your beloved pet suffer is hard. Don’t give up on them. There are ways you can help your pet calm down.


The cause can be environmental. Your Vizsla puppy has feelings like you do. Remember how nervous you felt moving to a new area? Change can be a scary process. Ease your puppies in their new environment. Spend time with them, so they feel secure. Get a cage or doghouse or crate for your Vizsla. Having a safe space to hide is relaxing for your anxious pet. Instead of a rash reaction, they can enter it and calm down.

Vizslas are very attached to their owners. Another option is getting them a blanket. They can snuggle in it and enjoy your familiar scent. Find ways to comfort your Vizsla puppy in your absence through simple acts of love that can have lasting positive effects. It helps your Vizsla puppy relax in extreme situations.

Check for repetitive behaviors in your pet. Sad dogs fall into calming patterns, and sometimes it can be as simple as pacing. Beware, though, repetition isn’t always calming. It can get extreme when puppies attempt to break out of their cage. In doing so, they may hurt themselves and others around. Find out the cause of the anxiety and pacify them. Introduce the trigger in a controlled space and work your Vizsla puppy through its emotions.

Vizsla puppies are eager pets that love commands. Obedience training is a valuable tool in calming anxiety. Teach your Vizsla puppies to listen to you, so you can soothe them with your words. Then, reward your Vizsla every time it repeats positive actions. Give it treats, and go on walks. That’ll send a message and prompt it to continue for more goodies.


If the bad behavior lingers, visit your vet to find the cause. At that point, the problem may be medical. Your vet may recommend anti-depressants like Benzodiazepine. These pills maintain a balanced Vizsla temperament as they are mood stabilizers and relaxants.

Vizslas do well with pills because they’re chewers. Vizsla puppies can get antsy like toddlers and refuse to take them. When they do that, hide the drugs in treats or food.

Some people also use CBD oils to calm their pets, but it is unregulated. That’s a personal choice, though. It’s fitting to use CBD oils even though it’s a pain reliever because inflammation can cause anxiety.

Study your pet, so you can pick changes on time. Read more about the dynamic Vizsla temperament to stay informed. Meet their basic needs – feeding, shelter, and care.

Teach your Vizsla puppy self-control in the face of stressors. Remember, pets are no different from children. It would help if you did what’s best for them as a pet parent.

vizsla dog running through field

Physical Health


Vizslas aren’t hypoallergenic, and they can get fatal allergies on rare occasions. It’s best to test them for assurance. The AKC says no dog is 100% hypoallergenic. They can only have more minor triggers. For instance, Vizslas have short coats, so they attract less dander.

Environmental Allergies

Vizslas can get fatal allergies on rare occasions. Did you know there are seasonal allergies? Vizsla puppies can react badly to winter cold leading to epilepsy. Vizsla puppies with their short coat are at risk of frostbite in the winter. It’s best to keep them indoors. Wear protective cloth for them if you must go out.

Allergic reactions can trigger your pet. The pain and discomfort make Vizsla puppies act out. Vizslas can get an infection from environmental allergens like dust, mites, mold, and pollen. They often cause itchiness in the ears, groin, and skin. Allergic reactions show up 30 minutes to an hour after the infection. It’s not always easy to detect the cause.

Your pet can be opposed to insect bites or particular medicine. In general, Vizslas aren’t allergic to any medication, but there can be exceptions. Drugs contain multiple ingredients, so read the labels before giving them to your pet.

Skin Allergies

The Vizsla is predisposed to skin allergies. They can get it from fleas, food, dander, or the environment. Flea infection causes itching, and that can make your Vizsla puppy sore.

Here’s a fun fact – August is Itchy Pet Awareness Month.

Ticks thrive in the summer because of the warm weather. They carry deadly diseases – some of which have no cure. You can find ticks on the hind legs, rear, and tail base. Age, breed, location, and habits affect the potency of drugs. Seek expert help to know what works best. Vizsla’s are self-cleaning dogs that shed lightly. They release dander as they lose their coat. That can trigger allergies.

Some dogs are allergic to a particular food like chicken, beef, and dairy. Visit the veterinarian for a full test. You should know your pet’s health to avoid accidental poisoning. Observe your Vizsla puppy before and after feeding. That’s the earliest way you can pick on allergies.

Food Allergies

Food allergies can develop from constant exposure. Eating the same meal every time can inflame the gut. That’s why you should switch things up once in a while. Don’t mistake food allergies for a picky pallet. The difference is allergies are immune reactions while the other is a mere preference.

The immediate effect of severe allergies is life-threatening. In mild cases, your Vizsla puppy would experience itching or swelling, or both. Swelling can be on the face or throat. It’s a good sign when it shows on the body, as it can reduce back to standard size on its own within three days. On the other hand, throat-swelling is a bad sign. For one, you can’t see what’s going on inside your Vizsla puppy’s body. Also, it restricts the natural airflow.

You may love chocolate, but your Vizsla doesn’t. Chocolate is toxic to all dogs. If they eat it by mistake, find out how much and which brand it is. Chocolate has caffeine and theobromine which can speed your dog’s heart rate. Cocoa powder is the most toxic ingredient to your Vizsla. Your pet would show mild to severe symptoms based on the chocolate size and its weight. Signs of chocolate poisoning show within 6-12 hours of consumption. They include – vomiting, stooling, tremors, increased heart rate, and peeing. The worst effect is death.

More signs your Vizsla puppy has an allergic reaction include – red spots, rashes, atopy, licking paws, and ears. In Vizsla puppies between the ages of 1-3 years, it affects their folds. Check behind their ears, around their neck, and other hidden skin. The Vizsla puppy is lean, so a body inspection is quick and easy.

Managing Allergic reactions

Give your Vizsla puppy an antidote shot before the symptoms worsen. A quick solution is to use an EpiPen since it can stall the effects until you get to the hospital. Be warned that prescription steroids have side effects. These include – thirst, excess pee, and bloating in your Vizsla puppy. At the vet’s, you can get pills to soothe the pain and reduce the effects.

As a precaution, change the whole meal plan. Take away all treats and add new ingredients to their food. If you’re unsure about your pet’s allergies, avoid fillers, corn, wheat, and soy.

Untreated mild allergies stop within 2-3days; however, you shouldn’t risk your Vizsla’s life. Get professional help when faced with a health issue.

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Gut Health of your Vizsla Puppy

Every dog has a unique gut microbiome—a healthy balance in the GI tract nurtures a positive Vizsla temperament. Disproportionate microbiomes lead to gut diseases. As your Vizsla puppy grows into an adult, the microbes change, too. Follow these three simple steps – Add, Remove and Rebalance.

In case of deficit, add more microbes. Introduce the good bacteria through food. They’ll enter the digestive system and get to work.

When there’s an infection, remove it from the microbiome. How can you do that? Use good bacteria to fight the harmful ones. Feeding your Vizsla antibiotics helps.

Rebalance when there’s disproportionate gut content. Balance is the anchor of life – not too much or too little. Upgrading your Vizsla puppy’s diet is an excellent way to start.

Vizsla puppies are vulnerable to gut diseases since their immune system is still in formation. You have to be careful, so your pup won’t catch a severe illness at this stage.

vizsla dog laying on wood bench


Parvo affects the small intestines through exposure from sniffing and ingesting. Vizsla puppies can get the virus from a leash or toy.

Vizsla puppies six weeks to six months are at high risk. A periodic vaccination can prevent the virus. The standard intervals are at weeks 6,8,12,16, and 20 with yearly boosters.

Signs that your Vizsla puppy has parvo are bloody stool, fever, vomiting, and dehydration. If you miss any of these signs, check for physical changes – reduced Vizsla size and fatigue. Dealing with this ailment can lead to a depressed Vizsla temperament. Your pup may recover after surviving the first four days. If they don’t, it can lead to death because there’s no known cure.

You can save your Vizsla puppy from this trauma with parvo vaccination. Also, restrict play dates to immunized adults. Don’t visit public spaces unless the shots are complete.


Another gut disease your Vizsla may pick up is parasites. Vizsla puppies are curious – they tend to eat anything from anywhere and can even eat worms by mistake. Use natural herbs to treat worms, since processed medicine may contain harmful ingredients.

As a pet owner, the first step in prevention is testing. Take your Vizsla puppy to the vet for a check-up, and they’ll examine its DNA from its poop.

Managing Gut illness with a Healthy Diet

Raw food is rich in vitamins that aid gut health. When you cook, the heat from the stove strips some of the nutrients away. With this in mind, serve food that contains probiotics. They’re healthy microbes that aid metabolism. Some studies link digestion and Vizsla temperament.

Indigestion can cause mood swings in your Vizsla puppy. You know how uncomfortable you get when you overeat – your Vizsla puppy does too. Eating junk would add too many carbs in the gut for the bacteria to break. They need to convert fat into energy.

Dog food with fatty acids is good for metabolism. Vizsla puppies are energetic. They burn a lot of calories. Feeding your puppy with human food can alter the natural Vizsla temperament. It teaches a bad habit that it’s okay to eat off people’s plates. That may be okay at home but nasty in public.

You can’t control every action in your absence. The best you can do is reinforce good behaviors. Your pet can eat toxic food like chocolate from strangers. In mild cases, they may not eat toxic food but overfeed. Lack of portion control leads to obesity. Fat and Vizsla is a terrible combo. They are prone to obesity. Watch your Vizsla puppy’s diet, and ensure they get enough physical activity to maintain a sleek Vizsla size.

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Hygiene solution

Maintaining good hygiene is important for your Vizsla puppy’s gut. That includes dental care, so brush Vizslas teeth twice a week to get rid of plaque. Keep in mind, anything that can enter the mouth goes into the stomach. A Mouth infection can spread to the stomach as they swallow saliva. Wash mouth toys thoroughly to avoid bacterial infection or buy high-quality dental chews instead.

Getting dental chews for your Vizsla puppies serves multiple purposes. They’re chewers so, give them something to nibble without getting creative. Also, some chews have multivitamins – who said health couldn’t be fun for Vizsla puppies?!

Most people don’t know there’s a relationship between diet and dental hygiene. Ensure you get low-fat, and carb chews. Wholefoods always have supplements that sustain health in Vizsla puppies.

Routine dental care is a plus for your bank account too because it’s cheaper than treating a disease. Overall, a healthy gut leads to long life and a good Vizsla temperament. There’ll be less risk of sickness except for genetic ones.

Eye Health of Your Vizsla

Many people believe dogs see in black and white – that’s a lie. The same way the seven dog years idea is false. We’ve run with too many myths about canines. It’s time to debunk them.

Dogs can see the colors yellow and blue. They can see their combination and variations, which is why most toys are in those shades. So, dogs aren’t color blind but can see only selected hues.

As hunters, Vizslas have excellent night vision. They can see movement in the dark, so the moment your Vizsla puppy starts losing his night sight, see a vet.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Eye illness is often a genetic issue. A leading cause of blindness in Vizslas is Progressive Retinal Atrophy – PRA.

It’s hard to detect eye disease in Vizslas because of their eye color. They have golden eyes like the rest of their coats, so owners resort to studying attitude changes. Pups with declining vision often have bad Vizsla temperaments and can become antsy or withdrawn.

vizsla dog laying with stick in mouth


Glaucoma is a common Vizsla PRA. It starts with watery eyes, blue corneas, and redness in the whites. It’s a painful disease that makes your Vizsla puppy squint.

Usually, tears are okay, but an imbalance of fluid is an issue. The good news is you can correct this with treatments. Vets prescribe topicals like eyedrops and oral meds.


Another PRA is Cataracts. It affects senior Vizslas by forming a cloud over their eyes, resulting in blurred vision. You’ll deal with a moody Vizsla temperament with this disease.

The symptoms start slowly from loss of night vision to low light sight. With time it becomes total blindness.


Vizslas can suffer from Entropion. Their eyelids roll inward, causing eyelashes to touch the cornea. This illness is an operable defect through a procedure called Eyelid Tacking.

Entropion can be genetic or developed, but playful Vizsla puppies risk tearing their eyelids in the grass. Keep Vizsla puppies away from open fields until they grow in size.

You can pick up on sight loss if you’re observant. Your Vizsla puppies will bump into things and stop making eye contact. Sometimes, they show it by becoming clingy.

Careless owners won’t notice changes in their pets. Please don’t be an unbothered parent. Vizslas can adapt to poor vision, so it may be too late when you see it. More importantly, vision loss can be a sign of another illness like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Managing Vision Loss in your Vizsla

You can treat these diseases with medication. To lower blood pressure, adjust your pup’s diet and reduce physical activities.

Loss of sight can distort the attitude of a loving Vizsla puppy. The frustration can lead to anxiety and other psychological disorders. It’s one of the leading causes of cognitive decline.

The Periodic testing would save you from stress. It helps to detect anomalies on time before they blow up.

At this moment, there’s no known cure for PRA – it often ends in blindness and rarely death. You can only manage your pet’s health with medicine.

You can manage vision loss by keeping your home the same. Vizsla puppies are adaptable, making healthcare a simple process. Leave your layout the same – your Vizsla puppy can move around without trouble. As a precaution, make a clear path for your pet to walk, and create a safe space for it to return when it gets confused. If you must change anything, help your dog learn the new layout.

The slender Vizsla size is an advantage. They don’t need wide spaces to move around.

You know how you baby-proof a home, do the same for your Vizsla puppy. Remove sharp objects from the area and add landmarks. Speak when you approach your pet, so you don’t startle them.

A general practice veterinarian qualifies to treat your Vizsla puppy. You may, however, need to see a specialist for severe eye defects. If the eye defect is a symptom of a mental ailment, therapy will work.

With your knowledge of Vizsla puppy’s sight, you know they see selective colors. Buying variations of yellow and blue toys help in adjusting their eyes. It’s little wonder Vizsla puppies love tennis balls.

As your beloved companion ages, give them activities that exercise their sight. Pay them more attention and increase your yearly vet visits. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Luckily, vision is not a dog’s most important sense. When the Vizsla’s sight fails, it relies on smell and hearing to adapt. With your help, your Vizsla puppy can live a fulfilling life as a blind pet.

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Ear health of Vizsla Puppies

Ear size is a significant factor in predisposition to infections. Vizslas require regular ear cleaning to prevent dirt build-up. As a breed with long-hanging ears, it’s at a high risk of getting ear infections. The ear length limit airflow.

Ear Infection

It’s easy for dirt and moisture to get trapped in your Vizsla puppy’s ear canal which can cause a yeast infection.

Focus on Vizsla’s external ear canal when cleaning. For some vizsla’s, this process is weekly, and for others, it could be monthly or less. It’s dependent on the amount of wax your Vizsla puppy produces and its activities.

Vizsla puppies love playing, so they’re prone to infection. For instance, the slim Vizsla size and webbed feet make them excellent swimmers. You’ll likely catch your Vizsla puppy splashing or sticking its head in the water, and such acts often cause infections.

vizsla dog walking on the beach

Parasite infection

Additionally, Insects and parasites cause inflammation of the pinna – the outer part of the ear. It results in redness, swelling, or itching. Tiny skin mites can hide under your Vizsla puppy’s skin.

Dog ears are the perfect home for Ticks. Check the ears after your Vizsla comes from a day out. Pay attention to its movements – head shaking and ear scratching. You’ll find them often on the edges of the ears. They’re so hard to see and discover – if you notice your Vizsla puppy is experiencing any discomfort around its ears, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary. At this point, you may also notice a switch in your Vizsla puppies – from affectionate to unloving. They may avoid physical touch at that moment.

The type of pest or parasite causing inflammation differs. It can include ticks, mosquitoes, flies, and fleas. It depends on the season, environment, and geographical location. Some bugs thrive in a hot climate.

Cleaning Vizslas ears

Start cleaning your Vizslas ears from its Vizsla puppy stage. It’ll get used to it, making it easy to continue as an adult. Before you clean your Vizsla puppy’s ears, there’s a list of things to have on hand – damp cotton pads, gauze or cotton balls, and a clean towel. Don’t use cotton swabs as they can be harmful if inserted too deep. You can use ear wipes as an alternative and a clean towel to dry the ear after cleaning.

To start, ensure your Vizsla puppy is calm by appeasing it. Afterward, lift its ear, holding it between your thumb and forefinger to see into the ear correctly. Carefully observe the ear for redness, secretion, or odor. If you notice any of these things, it’s a bad sign and will require veterinary attention.

If all is well, proceed to clean the entrance of your dog’s ear. Carefully use the cotton balls in a swirl to remove dirt or excess wax. Next, insert the tip of the Vizsla puppy’s ear cleaner into the ear canal. Don’t insert it too deeply, so you don’t hurt your Vizsla. Squeeze the bottle to release the ear cleaner and gently stroke the bottom of the ear to help the cleaning liquid pass into the ear canal.

Use a damp cotton ball and dry the rest with a towel. After that, you can remove excess cleaning liquid. Do the same on the other ear.

Ear Infection from Allergies

Allergies are a significant cause of ear infections in Vizslas. Veterinarians often diagnose these allergies based on your Vizsla puppy’s symptoms, history, and by ruling out other causes. Food allergies are diagnosed or eliminated with a strict diet plan, which you must follow.

Treating Ear infections

Often, a dog’s ear infection will not go away without proper treatment. The medical opinion of a veterinarian is required to evaluate the illness and prescribe the necessary treatment. Treatment involves controlling the insects or parasites in the environment. You can spray insecticides, apply repellents, and use medication to lessen the allergic reaction.

Therapy for these allergies includes “allergy shots” – allergen-specific immunotherapy, treatments, diet changes, and medications. Allergies are manageable long-term issues, and your Vizsla puppies would still live happy lives.

Hearing loss is common in senior dogs. It’s part of aging, so there’s no cause for alarm. Senior Vizslas can use hearing aids or implants. Vets perform surgery to input Vibrant Sound Bridge – VSB, in their ears.

Don’t get mad when your Vizsla puppies ignore your cues or become unresponsive to sound. Nurture the sensitivity in your Vizsla puppy by making him adapt to physical touch. You can buy a vibration collar to alert his other senses. Be vigilant with deaf Vizslas, since hearing loss can affect other senses too. Above all, remember to stay positive.

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Immune Health of Vizsla Puppies

The key to a healthy Vizsla puppy is a healthy immune system. Because you care so much about your Vizsla, it’s only natural you want to take the best care of it. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of your Vizsla puppy’s overall immunity.

As a new pet parent, study your breed’s personality. You can read books on Vizsla temperament to prepare. Know the things that can compromise it and the general healthcare for your Vizsla puppy. It’ll help you notice mood swings because immunodeficiencies are internal.

The Vizsla puppy being slim doesn’t influence immunity strength. A small dog can have a robust immune system, whereas a big one may be weak. It has to do with body cells, not size.

Bacterial and Viral Infection

Like all other dogs, Vizslas are vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections such as the parvovirus, rabies, and canine distemper. You can prevent this by ensuring your Vizsla is up to date on all vaccinations.

Vizsla puppies being active can be a disadvantage. Vizsla puppies love playing outdoors. You’d expect them to stay away from dirty areas, but that’s against their nature. Different worms and bugs can pose a threat to your Vizsla’s body immunity. Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and ear mites infest its skin and ears. Hookworms, heartworms, and whipworms can get into its system.

Parasites enter through drinking polluted water, walking on corrupted soil, or getting bitten by an infected mosquito. They can cause pain, discomfort, and even death, so you must test your Vizsla for them routinely.

vizsla puppy laying on white sheet

Hemolytic Anemia

Vizslas are very susceptible to some uncommon blood diseases such as Hemolytic Anemia. It’s an immune system disease in which the body damages and weakens its red blood cells. In Vizsla puppies with hemolytic anemia, red blood cells still form in the bone marrow. Unfortunately, the lean Vizsla size won’t protect it from immune illness.

Another immune disease is Thrombocytopenia, which occurs when there is a reduction in the number of blood platelets circulating in the blood. As a result of these conditions, your Vizsla puppy becomes anemic, weak, and sluggish. Its gums look whitish or yellow rather than the usual bright pink color. If the immune system destroys platelets, its blood will not clot properly, resulting in bruises or abnormal bleeding.

It’s crucial to request diagnostic testing of blood clotting before any surgeries. Steroids and other immunosuppression drugs slow or stop the immune system’s destruction of cells. Sometimes an emergency transfusion of red blood cells or platelets is needed.


Atopy is the second most common type of allergy in Vizslas. The feet, belly, folds of the skin, and ears are most affected, and it often makes their skin itchy.

Indications of this allergy typically start between the ages of one and three but get worse yearly. That is not a reason to fret as there are many treatment options available!

The Vizsla puppy having big bones exposes it to musculoskeletal issues. Stiffness in your Vizsla’s elbows or hips may become a problem for especially as it gets older, and overweight dogs develop Arthritis earlier than those of standard Vizsla size.

Blood Clotting

Another blood disease your Vizsla can get is Von Willebrand’s disease. It’s a blood clotting disorder frequently found in pups. You’d hardly notice this ailment until your Vizsla puppy has serious health problems.

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Identifying and Managing Immunodeficiencies in Vizslas

An initial diagnostic workup may help find the problem. Lifelong medication is usually essential to help keep seizures under control, with periodic blood testing required to monitor side effects and effectiveness.

Look out for seizures because Vizslas are commonly affected. The condition is usually inherited, and you can trace them with pedigree. Vizsla seizures typically begin between six months and three years of age.

Vizslas are likely to develop many skin problems, especially sebaceous adenitis, an inflammatory skin disease. If you notice your Vizsla puppy has dry, scaly skin, seek immediate treatment. Deviation from typical Vizsla temperament is another sign. Also, patches of hair loss along the top of its head, back of the neck, and back in the first five years should worry you.

Treatment for this condition is usually long-term. Doctors try many treatments to determine the most beneficial for your dog. Response to treatment generally differs, so the earlier the skin is checked out, the better the results.

With careful observation and information about these diseases, you’ll take proper care of your pet.

Joint Health of your Vizsla Puppy

Vizsla puppies are at risk of this common illness. The big bone in Vizsla puppies puts them at risk of hip dysplasia. The hip doesn’t fit into the socket of the joint.

Signs of Joint pain

The earliest sign of joint pain in your Vizsla puppy is mood swings. Naturally pleasant Vizsla puppies become irritable and act out of character.

A typical physical sign is limping and, worse case, immobility. The pain causes difficulty in movement, making dogs struggle to walk. When it becomes unbearable, they stop moving altogether.

Your Vizsla can get a stem cell treatment if it’s in the DNA. In minor cases, physical therapy and medication would fix it. Visit a veterinarian for a solution.


Osteoarthritis is a progressive ailment that affects large breeds. That means it gets worse over time, and there’s no cure. You can, however, manage it.

The disease affects the cartilage – the part that allows smooth joint movement. Although it can attack any joint, it’s common in limbs and the lower spine. Arthritis causes pain from inflammation. Sometimes, it can show in the feet or pelvis area. Your pet would have a hard time walking.

You’ll notice a change from a fun Vizsla puppy to a party-pooper. They’ll stop playing and jumping around. Rarely, it manifests as weight loss. The symptoms last between 2-3 weeks, and it’s best to see a vet early. They may recommend rest for mild cases in your Vizsla puppy.

Pick up on any odd Vizsla temperament like irritability, tiredness, and sudden apathy. Your Vizsla puppy may hide its pain until it’s too late. As a dog parent, you’re responsible for their welfare. Even if your Vizsla puppy wants, it can’t speak to you. It’s a good thing they’re expressive. What you can’t pick from their faces you get from changed Vizsla temperament.

Senior Vizslas often suffer from this disease due to aging. The heavy bone Vizsla size becomes a problem. When it presents in adults, the cause is often activity-related.

vizsla dog laying in grass with purple flowers

Diet solutions for Arthritis

Obesity can increase the risk of this illness. When body fat becomes heavy, it strains the bones. Proper nutrition is key to a healthy Vizsla life. Give your pet joint supplements for pain management. Green-lipped mussel is a popular one. You can also add anti-inflammatory drugs to the rotation, too.

At the moment, people believe poor diet and viruses cause joint disease. There’s no exact cause because it doesn’t respond to antibiotics. Maintain a lean Vizsla size to avoid finding out.

Medical Solutions for Arthritis

In severe cases, your pet may need surgery like hip replacements. Your vet would recommend exercising your pup to engage the joint, so it doesn’t weaken.

Physiotherapy involves mild exercises with movement support. Your Vizsla puppy may need a wheelchair as a backup in those moments. For minor injuries, it may get a leg brace instead. Vizsla puppies aged 4-18 months are also vulnerable to bone disease. It comes from growing pains on the front and hind legs.

Alternative treatment – Reiki Healing

Some people try alternative treatments like Reiki healing. It’s a Japanese method based on energy. The word means ‘spiritual energy.’ Reiki healing uses touch to transfer energy from one living thing to another. It’s effective for joint diseases because it’s gentle.

Medical solutions and Prevention methods

Joint problems can start in Vizsla puppies before they mature. You shouldn’t exercise your pup in excess. The issue now is there’s no set rule on what to do. That can be confusing for eager Vizsla parents. You can, however, deduce a plan from the breed size. Large-breed dogs grow fast but mature slowly.

Be wary of the dynamic Vizsla puppy. Also, don’t let purebred Vizsla size confuse you. They may be huge for puppies, but they aren’t ready for hard work. Put off energetic exercises till your Vizsla matures. That’ll give its bones time to form well. Use a leash when you go on walks.

Start with short walks on smooth surfaces. The active genes would tempt your Vizsla puppy to speed. As a dog parent, it’s your job to keep them in check. You can do other exercises that don’t require endurance. Try playing hide and seek, romping, short-distance fetch, wrestle and tug.

On the other hand, inadequate exercise can be as bad for Vizsla puppies. Ensure they get two to three sessions daily.

Vizsla puppies are gullible. You can instill good habits in them before they grow. Teach them the DOs and DON’Ts of the house – correct mischief in your Vizsla puppy as soon as you spot it. Training your Vizsla puppies would keep them from being unruly adults. Untrained Vizslas play rough when they mature, leading them to injure themselves.

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Skin and Coat of your Vizsla

Vizslas have a monotone skin – Gold, Golden rust, Sandy Yellow, Rust, Rust Golden, Red, and Red Golden. They can be any shade of Gold with some white underbelly markings. A slight change in tone would disqualify a Vizsla in a sporting game.

Any Vizsla that’s not a shade of Gold is considered a mixed-breed. If you see a change in your pure-breed skin tone, be worried. Visit a Vet as soon as you can to find out the problem.

Vizsla’s coat is short and sleek. Use a rubber brush with lukewarm water to clean your pet. They are self-cleaning dogs, so wash day can be as simple as a walk in the park.

Skin Cancer

Can Vizslas get skin cancer? Yes. The skin is the most exposed organ of the body. Skin cancer is often genetic, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other causes. Excess sun exposure, viruses, and a polluted environment can be triggers too. Vizsla puppies enjoy playing outdoors, so be cautious on their behalf to reduce the risk of contracting diseases.

Mast Cell Tumor

Mast cell tumors can be under or on top of the skin. They’re firm and painful to touch and can become cancer. As soon as you notice it, take your Vizsla to a veterinarian. Their first action would be checking the size of the tumor. The vet removes the growth before checking for spread. Your pup may need cancer treatment – chemotherapy or radiation care.

close up of vizsla puppy

Parasite Infection

Parasites like fleas and ticks can attack your Vizsla. They can latch on you to get to your Vizsla puppy. Fleas transmit disease-causing germs by feeding on the host. The size and coat of Vizsla puppies have them at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, there’s no long hair to protect their skin from blood-sucking parasites.


Prevent this by knowing your enemy – fleas. They have a four-stage life-cycle – from egg to larva to pupa, then adult. It’s the adult that latches on to your beloved pet.

Keeping pets away from dirty water and environments is your best bet. Your Vizsla can wear a flea collar or apply a topical liquid when they visit public spaces. There are also flea pills and shampoos that kill parasites within hours of contact. A good idea is to ask your vet for recommendations.

Ridding your home of fleas is a lasting solution. Wash your Vizsla’s things in hot soapy water, and do the same for your properties. Spray flea treatment in your yard. Their friendly Vizsla temperament makes them relate to strange dogs so better safe than sorry.

Be careful when treating flea infections. Most products aren’t safe for Vizsla puppies under seven to eight weeks.


Skin bumps don’t always mean ‘Cancer.’ It can be a host of other things – Lipoma, Warts, Mast Cell Tumor, or Button Tumor. Other times, lumps are a reaction to an injection. Lipoma is a fatty growth under the skin. The soft and round lump is common in senior and overweight Vizslas. That’s why you have to watch their diet.

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Warts and Button Tumors

Warts are small bumps from viruses. This disease is common in Vizsla puppies with weak immune systems. It’s a contagious disease among dogs but not humans.

On the other hand, excess immune cells cause button tumors. It often attacks Vizsla puppies between the ages of eight weeks to three years. They aren’t cancerous and will go without intervention.

Medication for Skin diseases

The upside is cancer is rare in Vizsla puppies. A wart oil will soothe the mini lumps, and those present due to a reaction to medicine will disappear on their own.

You can begin to panic when the lump is hard or grows bigger. Visit the vet for regular testing. The American Veterinary Medical Association president, Dr. Jose Arce, says, “The trust between pet owners and their veterinarians runs deep.”

This doesn’t mean you can’t seek a second opinion. Cancer is a severe ailment, so having extra info wouldn’t hurt and is also comforting.

A healthy diet and spay-neutering can prevent dog cancer. Also, don’t smoke around your Vizsla or expose them to chemicals such as fresh paint, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.

Limit your Vizsla’s sun exposure. They’re light-skinned with short coats, which puts them at risk. Apply sunscreen on their fur when they go outdoors in the day. Also, avoid sunscreens with zinc oxide as it’s toxic to your pet if swallowed.

Home remedy isn’t the best when treating skin allergies since most skin diseases have internal causes. Your best bet is to take your Vizsla to a vet for proper treatment.

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