Top 11 Harnesses for Your Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodle Puppy Playing With A Toy Ball On A Sunny Day

Key Points

  • Sheepadoodles are velcro pets, meaning they don't enjoy being away from you.

  • Walks don't just exercise your dog, they keep your dog tired and out of trouble.

  • Use the front ring on the harness to prevent pulling, and teach your dog that pulling means they don't get to go where they want to.

  • Always measure your dog's chest to get the best for them.

The Sheepadoodle is a hybrid dog breed between the Old English Sheepdog and the Poodle. Some people refer to this hybrid as a Sheep-a-poo, Sheepdoodle, Sheepdogpoo, and Sheeppoo. Sheepadoodle puppies are intelligent and playful, and they became trendy in the 1980s thanks to their hypoallergenic qualities. Sheepadoodle dogs are great household pets because they work great in families and are very naturally social dogs. These dogs are excellent at understanding human emotions, making them great therapy dogs, service dogs, and emotional support animals.

A fullygrown Sheepadoodle stands between 16 to 22 inches tall at its shoulders and weighs between 60 to 80 pounds. Although many Sheepadoodle dogs come from a Standard Poodle and Old English Sheepdog, you can still adopt a Miniature Sheepadoodle or Toy Sheepadoodle. These smaller sizes are the product of a Miniature or Toy Poodle and a regular Old English Sheepdog.

If you are in the New Hampshire area, then the Golden Dog Adventure Company offers you and your dog a way to socialize with others, as reported on July 19, 2023. With so many adventures to go on, you and your dog won't get bored.

Many Sheepadoodle puppy owners know that these dogs are energetic bundles of fun, and as exciting as this can be, it can make your regular dog walking quite troublesome. The key to having a successful and stress-free dog walk is to find the perfect combination of a well-trained Sheepadoodle and an excellent dog harness. 

Sheepadoodle Breed's Needs: Finding the Perfect Harnesses for Every Adventure

Sheepadoodle dogs need a lot of activity to maintain physical health. Daily walks are great ways to help Sheepadoodle dogs use their energy and get plenty of activity, and owners should aim to provide about an hour of vigorous exercise. When Sheepadoodle dogs don't get enough daily activity, they might become badly behaved or depressed.

Sometimes dogs don't get enough daily activity to release their pent-up energy in other ways like destroying their homes.

A tired dog is a happy dog, and the healthiest way to get your dog to be peacefully tired is to help them expel all that excess energy they have stored up. Getting the best dog harness possible is one of the most important things pet owners can do. With the perfect harness, you have better control over your Sheepadoodle.

A pet parent needs to get the best harness so they train their dog out of any bad walking habits. Depending on your situation, you might want an escape-proof harness so your puppy can't slip away from you. Strong and large dogs benefit from dual clip harnesses with more than one leash attachment point.

Number One Top Harness for Your Sheepadoodle Dog

Step-In Air All Weather Harness

by Voyager 

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Key Highlights of the Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness – All-Weather Mesh Step-in Vest

  • Comes in various sizes to fit all sizes of Sheepadooles.

  • Lightweight and breathable, perfect for year-round walks.

  • Three layers of protection keep your dog secure in their harness.

Which Sheepadoodle the Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness Is Best For and Why

This harness is excellent for all sizes of Sheepadoodle mixes since it comes in so many different sizes. The smallest size of this harness best fits a Toy Sheepadoodle puppy as the XS can fit a 13" chest, and the largest size of the dog harness can fit a 23" chest.

It's imperative that Sheepadoodle puppy owners measure their specific dog's chest size, as a Toy Sheepadoodle might need anywhere from an extra small to a medium harness, depending on their specific measurements.

This breathable harness is also an excellent lightweight harness for weather all year round.  The mesh material blends in with the nighttime, so the manufacturer added two reflective strips to the sides of this vest. Adding these reflective strips makes it much safer to walk your little Sheepadoodle during the early morning or late evenings.

This dog harness also has your dog's safety as its top priority. The double clip-on top of the harness and a fastening buckle add three layers of protection to ensure your pet can't slip out of its harness. Often the best harnesses for your dog are the ones that consider functionality, comfort, and safety measures, such as this one.

Additional Sheepadoodle Harnesses That Deliver

No-Pull Pet Harness with 2 Leash Clips

by Rabbitgoo 

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1. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness

While some of these harnesses would be great for any size Sheepadoodle, this one, in particular, would be great for bigger dogs. However, any Sheepadoodle puppy with at least a 13" chest measurement or at maximum a 38" chest measurement fill out this vest well.

This vest is a no-pull harness and prevents your dog from choking if they like to pull on the leash. This company uses a special combination of two metal leash rings. One of the rings works great for training dogs that pull, and the back is great for leisurely walks with your Sheepadoodle.

Sheepadoodle owners also enjoy the fact that this harness isn't complicated to get on their dog. All they have to do is click together two buckles on their dog's sides which makes it easy to take the harness off as well.

Since Sheepadoodle puppies vary in size so much, it's best to have an adjustable dog harness, and this vest has four different easily adjustable straps around the body. The adjustable strap makes this harness a great choice for any Sheepadoodle puppies that like to play Houdini and try to escape their harnesses or collars.

No Pull Dog Harness
$14.99 ($14.99 / Count)

by PoyPet 

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2. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness, No Choke Front Lead Dog Reflective Harness

There are many different size options when it comes to this dog harness since it has a wider range of options than the previous harnesses. This harness fits any dog with a 10" chest to a large Sheepadoodle with a 39" chest maximum.

As advertised in the name, this no-pull harness has two buckles on the sides of it as well as a softer handle for added comfort for the dog owner. The handle on the harness consists of neoprene padded material, and the harness itself is a breathable mesh material. 

The body of the harness is reinforced with special webbing material that is supposed to evenly distribute pressure if you have a Sheepadoodle puppy that pulls. This way, they don't choke themselves on the collar part of the harness. The chest strap has four different ways to customize the harness so it fits your Sheepadoodle puppy as comfortably as possible.

No Pull Reflective Dog Harness

by Eagloo 

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3. Eagle Dog Harness and Handle Adjustable Reflective Breathable Oxford Soft Vest

A large dog could fit this soft vest as well as a small dog if the owner measures their chest and neck correctly. These harnesses range from a small 13" chest size to a large 31.5" chest measurement. Other harnesses offer larger sizes for dogs with extra-large chests, so if your Standard Sheepadoodle is on the larger side, there may be a better harness option available for them.

A clip dog harness like this one works great for dogs who are still learning how to walk without pulling their owners along. The four adjustable non-slip straps and the two buckles on the vest secure this harness on any size pet and ensure they don't escape. In addition to great functionality, this harness is also extra comfortable for your beloved Sheepadoodle puppy as it has soft sponge padding on the inside.

The vest also has a V-ring clip so owners get a casual walking experience. However, if you want to use a harness to train your pet to heel, take your dog leash and attach it to the O-ring on the front of this harness. 

2019 Upgraded No Pull Dog Harness


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4. PHOEBE No Pull Dog Harness, Reflective Adjustable Vest, with a Training Handle

Unlike some other harnesses, this dog harness has three clips, two located on your dog's chest and one located on the dog collar. These extra buckles make it easier for you to put your dog's collar on, so they won't grow to hate slipping the collar part of their harness over their head.

There are two metal hook leash clips to offer you more control as you walk your Sheepadoodle puppy. Some of the best harnesses for your dog have handles, so you have more control if your dog were to get excited by something like another animal or a squirrel.

Many no-pull dog harnesses also ensure your dog gets spotted in the dark by using reflective and bright colors on the majority of the harness. A practical, tactical dog harness such as this one also includes a wide variety of sizes so they fit the smallest 10" Tiny Sheepadoodle chest, but larger variations still fit on a Standard Sheepadoodle with a 39" chest maximum.

No Pull Dog Harness for Large Dog


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5. BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness Front Clip Heavy Duty Reflective Easy Control Handle

This harness only fits medium to large dogs. The smallest size this brand offers is a 17" chest measurement and the harnesses fits up to a 38" chest measurement.

The leash attachment on this harness is in the front, so it prevents your dog from pulling. Reflective strips are built into the design of this harness, ensuring that it's safe for wear in the dark. Also, this harness has breathable nylon material and anti-chafe padding to make sure your Sheepadoodle doesn't injure themselves if they get over-excited. 

Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

by Best Pet Supplies

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6. Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness for Small and Medium Dogs With Waste Bag Attachment

The Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness might sound familiar, and that's because it's the first item on this article's list of harnesses. This version of the harness has all the same benefits as the first harness does, but this particular type of Voyager mesh harness offers dog owners an additional waste bag and leash attachment with a matching vest.

Although the two are sold separately, owners see both the options for the harness and the accompanying leash and poop bag dispensers that match the colors of their harnesses.

Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable Soft Vest


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7. BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable Pet Reflective Oxford Soft Vest

This no-pull adjustable harness has some of the biggest size variations and fit dogs with a 13" chest minimum or a Sheepadoodle with a maximum chest size of 42".

The Big Dog Harness has one D-ring leash attachment option and is a breathable and fast-drying padded material. The only clips on this harness are on the chest, so owners would have to slide this harness over their dog's collar, but this ensures you'll have an escape-proof harness, as long as you adjust the straps to fit your Sheepadoodle puppy correctly.

In order to make the harness comfortable and practical, there are reflective liners all around the harness to ensure you spot your dog in the darkness. The extra sponge padding makes it difficult for your dog to accidentally injure themselves if they are prone to pulling.

No Pull Dog Harness with Front & Back 2 Leash Attachments
$16.98 ($16.98 / Count)

by PoyPet 

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8. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness, Reflective Vest Harness with Easy Control Handle

PoyPet's No Pull Dog Harness is the second PoyPet brand harness on this list and for good reason. This harness fits any size Sheepadoodle puppy as it has small enough sizes to protect a dog with an 11" chest and also fits a dog that has a 39" chest maximum.

Unlike some other harnesses, this one offers multiple sturdy leash attachments, making it easier for owners to control their dogs. If you're taking your Sheepadoodle on a leisurely stroll, use the back leash attachment, whereas if you want to train your dog to heel, use the chest leash attachment. 

This clip dog harness has reinforced webbing to spread any pressure out evenly to prevent choking. Also, the non-toxic mesh padding is scratch-resistant material that makes it easy to clean off any dirt or debris that your dog might roll into. This specific harness boasts about how easy it is to attach to any pet seat belt as well, adding extra care to make sure your dog is safe in most situations. 

Reflective stitching on the side is very helpful if you take your dog out for walks at night. The No Pull Dog Harness also has four different adjustable straps that allow for room for your pup to grow. Sheepadoodle puppies struggle with weight gain, so taking this into account might be important, especially if you're currently trying to help your Sheepadoodle lose weight.

No Pull Breathable Sport Harness

by ThinkPet 

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9. ThinkPet No Pull Harness Breathable Sport Harness with Handle-Dog Harnesses

This harness fits Sheepadoodle puppies that have chest measurements between 13" and 42" in size. Thanks to this breathable sport harness, all types of Sheepadoodle puppies can use this adaptable harness.

ThinkPad describes its harness as escape-proof thanks to the quick snap buckles located on the sides of the harness and the locks that are on top of those buckles. Premium nylon material ensures that this product is durable and long-lasting while still being comfortable and offering ventilation. This material is also great at spreading out any pressure, so your Sheepadoodle puppy doesn't injure themselves when they lunge at anything.

In addition to two D-ring clips, this harness also has an emergency control handle, so owners know they have full control of their dog if they need to. The two D-rings let the owner choose whether they want to attach their leash on the dog's chest or on their back. In addition to an emergency handle, this harness has a reflective lining on the straps of it to ensure your dog is visible even at nighttime, making it one of the safer options when choosing a dog harness.

Service Dog Vest with Hook

by Industrial Puppy

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10. Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest with Hook and Loop Straps and Handle

Sheepadoodle dogs make for great therapy dogs, service dogs, or emotional support animals. This Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest is a great harness option if your Sheepadoodle is a service animal.

Putting this vest on your dog does not make them a service animal, and out of respect for those with disabilities that rely on their service animals, you should not abuse a service animal vest like this just to try to get your dog into a restaurant with you.

This tactical vest fits any Sheepadoodle between 12.5" and 43" around their chest. The service dog vest consists of very strong nylon that is fast drying and padded, so your service animal stays comfortable while they're on the job. This vest has a reflective safety band on its chest and sides, so its bright red vest is still noticeable at nighttime.

The service dog patches on the side are removable so other attachments attach to them, such as service dog bags that are sold separately. The belly buckle and adjustable straps make this vest a great option for service dogs, and the handle on the back still allows owners to take control of their pets if need be.

The Perfect Fit

The main things owners should consider when buying a harness is the functionality, purpose, and comfort the harness offers their dog.

If you have a service dog, you should absolutely buy them a service dog harness. However, if you just need a sturdy harness to teach your dog to stop pulling on walks, you'll want to get one that has a clip on the front of their chest as well as on their back. 

Almost all of these options offer free returns and exchanges if you're displeased with your option. If you plan on letting your dog wear a harness almost all the time, try to get one that has more padding, so it's more comfortable, or get a more lightweight option if you have a smaller Sheepadoodle puppy.

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