The Perfect Grooming Product for Your Dog

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Wondering which grooming brush is best for your dog? Take this quiz and find out which type we recommend! 

Which most accurately describes the type of coat your dog has?

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How active is your dog outdoors?

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When you brush your dog’s coat, it’s usually for:

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How often does your dog shed?

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How sensitive is your dog’s skin?

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How often do you bathe your dog?

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The Perfect Grooming Product for Your Dog
Pin Brush


Pin brushes are usually good for pets with long hair. This type of brush can help get out any tangle or prevent tangles in your dog’s hair, and it can help if your dog is a moderate shedder.
Shedding Brush or Slicker Brush


A slicker brush is great for dogs with double coats or dogs that are heavy shedders. A slicker brush also helps prevent any matting that your dog might start to get in their fur.
Best for double coats/ easily matted

pin brush

A combination brush can be great for a variety of dog hair coats, especially if they have a double coat, or if their coat has a tendency to tangle easily.
Rubber/mitten type of brush that’s handheld


A mitten brush is great for dogs that shed a lot! A mitten brush is also great if your dog doesn’t particularly like being brushed, and it can be a convenient way to get rid of excess hair.

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