The Best Large Dog Kennels on the Market

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Your pets are your babies; they give you unconditional love and company. But like children, you need to teach, protect, and care for them. Unless you plan on being vigilant 24 hours a day, you will need a dog kennel to give you time to do your activities while keeping your canine pals protected and preventing them from getting into trouble. 

A large dog crate is an essential training accessory, allowing you to train your pet's behaviors, and it can also give you some downtime from those regular training sessions. Remember, a crate or kennel isn't a cage; it's a tool that can help your dog feel more comfortable and protected during stressful times. 

A Place of Their Own

Giving your large dogs a kennel provides them a place to escape the stresses of dog life. It is a home or a place they know as their own, a place to stay safe and calm. When you don't have a kennel, you must think of many alternative ways to control your large dogs and prevent them from getting into trouble. Your life can be a lot more complicated without a quality kennel. 

Don’t Feel Guilty About Using A Large Dog Kennel

You shouldn't feel guilty about purchasing a kennel or a crate. You are not punishing your pet by placing them in the crate; you are protecting them. However, you should know that a kennel is only a temporary protective area for your pet, and you should only use it for up to eight hours a day. The kennel has an inverse effect if dogs are left for too long in a kennel (eight to sixteen hours a day). Dogs' anxiety will increase, they may overstress, and they can even become antisocial. Remember, dogs also need to be socialized, walked, and exercised.

A Large Dog Kennel Is A Training Tool 

A dog crate can be a great training tool for younger dogs. Many excellent trainers use crate training to help dogs understand what they can and can't do. For example, a crate can prevent dogs from chewing up the furniture or digging holes. The crate restricts the dogs' access to off-limit areas or valuables, and you should use it at least until a dog learns the house rules. 

A kennel also allows your large dog to rest and relax before and after a training session. It gives them some time alone to destress from the intense training sessions. A large dog kennel restricts untrained dogs from areas of the house or yard where they could get into trouble (the trash, furniture, the garden plants). In addition, a kennel can make potty training easier for you and your dog simply because dogs don’t like to relieve themselves in the same place they sleep. 

A large dog crate is essential when training your dog for emergencies, an often overlooked kennel use. Training your pet to enter the kennel on your command can be a life-saving skill. For example, when your area is at risk of fire or severe weather, you can quickly command your pet to go into the crate so you can better organize your retreat plan. When you are ready to leave, grab the crate and head to a safer location. In a fire, a storm, a tornado, or an earthquake, people must make quick decisions, so being able to command dogs into their crates can save their lives and the dog owners since they won’t need to look for any frightened dogs. 

A Kennel Relieves Canine Anxiety

A large dog suffering from anxiety, nervousness, or aggression also needs an outdoor kennel or crate. A crate gives them a haven, a familiar place to retreat.  This comfort is critical when the dog faces scary situations like a vet or a hospital visit.

A kennel is also handy for dogs that are anxious barkers, nervous around people or children, or simply when they need a break. Even for large adult dogs, a kennel offers a familiar place to calm down and teaches them to self-soothe and deal with their emotions in unfamiliar situations. A kennel can be soothing for dogs, particularly outdoor dogs, who become anxious or nervous because of thunderstorms, construction noises, or fireworks. When dogs start to get nervous, they know they can find a safe retreat in their kennel.

A Large Dog Kennel Offers Better Car Safety

A mobile kennel or crate can also be a safe way to transport your dog. It serves as a place to let them remain with something familiar while on a trip. The dog crate prevents them from bothering other people, but more importantly, it can even help owners transport pets safely, especially if it's a long-distance trip or vacation. No sedation will be necessary for pets that are used to the kennel because they have been crate trained and recognize the kennel as a safe place. Experts say that dog sedation can increase the risk of heart or respiratory conditions, so using a kennel is also more considerate of your pets' health

A Large Dog Kennel Comforts Senior Dogs

A dog crate can also help large adult and senior dogs, especially with health issues such as joint pain, arthritis, or cognitive disease. The kennel forces an active dog to rest and controls them from wandering about, especially during the night hours. It gives an older dog a safe place to retreat before getting to the vet. 

A Large Dog Kennel Helps Socialize Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs find that a dog house, whether a plastic kennel or a wire crate, offers them a safe space to retreat and adjust to new surroundings. Having a home of their own is a luxury. They are thankful they don't have to fight other dogs for their own space. An extra-large dog crate for big rescue dogs provides comfort and a haven away from unfamiliar people. It is particularly true for dogs who have experienced trauma or neglect for a long in kennel

Kennels Help Working Dogs

The kennel or extra large dog crate also benefits hunting and working dogs. The enclosed space keeps them comfortable on the road and at the hunting camp. It allows the hunter or the owner to control their dogs more effectively, keeping them calm until they are ready to work. 

At home, a dog kennel also offers a nice respite for dirty and muddy dogs who come back after a hunt and need a bath before coming into the house. Many of these dogs live outside most of the time, so a kennel can help them feel protected and safe from the elements and other dogs. 

What Kennel or Crate Should You Choose?

There are many to choose from, but we've rounded up the best large dog kennels to consider buying.

Modern large kennels have many great features. They are easy to assemble and disassemble and lightweight, so you can carry them from one place to another. Some are stronger than others and have chew-proof latches and hinges built to withstand more boisterous pups. Other kennels are larger and function as large dog pens or dog houses. Still, others simply serve as resting areas for dogs that need quiet time. 

How do you choose the right large dog crate or kennel? The first thing to do is to analyze your needs and decide where you will put the kennel or crate, whether you will use it to transport or travel with your pet, or whether it will stay in a permanent location in your home.

Check out our list of favorite dog kennels to see which of these products will best serve you and your dog:

Pawhut 8' x 4' x 6' Large Dog Kennel Outdoor Steel Fence with UV-Resistant Oxford Cloth Roof & Secure Lock

This large outdoor dog kennel has a UV-resistant roof and a spacious interior. The Pawhut kennel has a durable steel frame that you'll be able to use for many years. This solid kennel is a good option for aggressive dogs because the latches are extraordinarily secure and can’t be broken. Another nice feature is that you can connect two or more kennels to make a larger area when you have more than one dog or an active dog that requires more space. 

The large kennel has a price tag of about $300, but the strong latch and the ability to increase its size make it well worth the price. The tough galvanized wire frame makes it ideal for active dogs, and the chain link dog fence can protect them outdoors against predators or keep them from getting out and getting into mischief. When folded, the kennel is easy enough to move from one spot to another, but this is an outdoor home kennel and not made to take on a trip or anywhere in the car. 

Large Dog Kennel Outdoor Steel Fence with UV-Resistant Oxford Cloth Roof & Secure Lock

Photo source:


Large Dog Kennel Outdoor Steel Fence

by Pawhut 

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Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets, 36-Inch

When you are looking for a quick fix, something your large dog can call home wherever you are, the Noz2Noz dog crate kennel is perfect. For a little over $100, you can have a no-assembly-required, portable dog kennel that's strong enough to take anywhere. This dog kennel uses a lightweight steel tube design, and the cover is made of washable Oxford cloth. Plus, it has a special mesh material that prevents chewing. It is highly durable, but if your dog is a digger, you will probably need to look for another option. Otherwise, you will need to keep your eye on your dog in this soft-sided crate to ensure it doesn't rip or tear. 

This soft dog crate is portable and made for dogs up to 48 in. high between 70 to 100 lb. The kennel has soft sides that fit over the steel frame and is an extremely tough fabric with an interior mesh that prevents dogs from biting through the walls. It sets up in seconds and is appropriate for indoor use and travel. You can also temporarily use this kennel for outdoor areas, but it is better suited indoors. 

This soft dog crate is ideal for family vacations or trips to the veterinarian or the groomer. Use it overnight on hotel stays or in your home to give your large dog a great place to sleep and relax. 

Calming Dog Ad

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets, 36-Inch

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Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate

by Noz2Noz 

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MidWest Homes Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door iCrate Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Pan, Floor Protecting Feet, Divider Panel.

The Midwest Homes dog crate is a mid-range quality level large wire dog crate. Priced at a little over $100, the crate can help you crate train your large dog. The nice thing about these crates is the double door, which allows you to get in while keeping your dog in the kennel. The system is relatively safe and secure. However, some pet owners say that if you have an energetic dog, the latches are not all that secure, and your clever pup may be able to open the side bolt latches. The features extend outside the crate, with rounded corners to keep you and your dog safe from injury should you bump into a corner.  

It has a nice eCoat paint finish, preventing rusting when you place it outside. Compared to other stationary crates, one of the nicest things about this crate is that it easily folds down. Cleanups are also relatively easy as the lower plastic pan slides out for you to remove dirt, hair, and food crumbs.

MidWest Homes Newly Enhanced

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Single & Double Door iCrate Dog Crate

by MidWest Homes 

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LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage Metal Kennel 

The Luckup 38 is a favorite kennel on Amazon. It is a metal kennel, so there is no chewing or digging through it. It has the additional feature of rolling wheels so you can move it around. This metal crate is hard to damage, and the coating is non-toxic, so it won't make your dog sick. It also has two locks to prevent high anxiety dogs from opening the door and escaping. 

The metal crate is a high-quality steel dog kennel with a price tag of about $250. Still, it's not expensive when you consider heavy-duty material. The 360-degree rotating wheels help you move the crate to any location within your home, but because of its heavy-duty metal construction, it may be too heavy to carry in the car with you. Assembly is straightforward, and all the hardware and tools are included in the package. It is easy to clean. All you have to do is slide out the bottom plastic trays that catch all the mess. 

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage Metal Kennel 

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Heavy Duty Dog Cage Metal Kennel and Crate


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Neocraft My Pet Companion Dog Kennel with Roof Cover 

The Netcraft pet kennel gives your dog lots of space to play without risking injury. It is a 4ft x 4ft x 4.5 ft structure you can place outdoors or even inside if you have enough room. It gives your furry friend 16 sq ft of space, and the double door allows you to go in quickly while keeping your pets safely inside. This kennel is heavy-duty, so it is best left at home and cannot be easily moved. The construction comprises a #10 wire frame and a ¾-inch tubular frame. Here is one kennel your dog won’t be able to knock down or destroy. At $220, this large dog kennel can be the perfect addition to any home. 

The roof on this dog pen is waterproof, and the other materials are weather-resistant against corrosion and fading. It is made to give your dog protection and keeps them protected from the sun, rain, and snow. One of the best things about this large dog kennel is that it is expandable, so you can add another kennel to make the penned area larger. 

According to people who have bought this large dog kennel, it works very well. They noted their appreciation that it can be expanded and that the roof is resistant to wear and tear. Reviews also mention that it is extremely easy to assemble. 

Neocraft My Pet Companion Dog Kennel with Roof Cover 

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My Pet Companion Dog Kennel with Roof Cover

by Neocraft 

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Some pet owners have questions about dog kennels and how they should manage their dogs with them. Here are some of those most frequently asked questions. 

How Big Should a Dog Kennel Be?

Dog kennels come in all sizes. They also come in many different styles and with different functionalities. Some are made of wire, others metal, and others plastic or wood. Some large dog kennels require assembly and are fixed where you put them, but others are adjustable and movable.  

Whatever your choice, a dog kennel needs to be large enough for your dog to stand up straight, sit or lay down and stretch out comfortably. Your dogs shouldn't feel confined in their kennel and have enough room to move about without bumping into the sides of the crate. The kennel or crate should be high enough that your dog's head and tail do not touch the roof when standing in it. 

Do Dogs Have a Preference? 

There is no best crate for your dog, but dogs, like people, have their personalities, so they may take to a certain type of kennel and prefer it to other types. You can predict their preference by thinking about your dog’s personality. For instance, if your dog likes to look out on everything and enjoys watching the family, you may want an open-wired kennel. But if your pup gets nervous and likes dark, enclosed areas, you will want to get a covered or enclosed kennel. 

Can My Dog Sleep in A Kennel?

Pet parents often worry about their pets getting into places and things they aren’t supposed to be in at night. They often chew on things, get into the trash or get into mischief, and it is difficult for parents to keep a watchful eye out during these late-night hours. If your dog tends to be naughty when you aren't around, having a dog kennel could help curb its tendency to roam at night. In this case, your kennel will function as your pet's sleeping quarters.

Final Thoughts

A large dog kennel can give dogs a private place to sleep, relax, and calm down. It can help control your dog, keep them clean, or keep them out of the house when they are dirty. It is a necessary pet and training tool that can make your life easier and give you peace of mind when you cannot be on the watchful lookout.

Now that you've thought about your pet's needs and the top 5 best large dog kennels to consider buying, you should be well prepared to make the best buying decision for you and your pup. 

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