The 7 Best Indoor Dog Houses

Australian Shepherd lying in a teepee in a living room

You love your pooch and want the best for him. But it can be a little disconcerting coming home from a long day at work to find that your wonderful friend has been playing on your sofa, on your bed, and on everything you have worked so hard to keep clean. It is all dirty, and you have to start cleaning all over again, and this is a daily occurrence. 

Does every pet owner have this problem? Well, according to No Kill 2025, an institution aimed at saving pets, more than ⅔ of US households share their home with cats and dogs, and 22% of those homes have multi-pet. And, yes, if they bring their pets indoors at least for part of the day, they have this same problem. Unless they are one of the groups of pet owners who have found a solution to the problem, they continually have problems with pet naughtiness.

What can you do? A simple solution would be to find a special retreat for your dog, something that is all his own. An indoor dog house could do the trick by giving your dog a special place in the house, one where he is welcome. 

Putting the Dog Outside

Putting your pooch outside all day is not a solution. Vets now say that it is more beneficial to have your dog indoors rather than out. It gives your pet a better and longer life. Expert studies find that dogs who live in the house are less susceptible to infections, parasites, traffic accidents, ingestion of garbage, or poisonous plants. They live indoors, live longer, and have a better quality of life.

This is all great news, but how do you keep your dog from sleeping wherever he wants, on your sofa, bed, and other expensive furniture? Dog trainers believe the solution is to give your dog his personal space, a place where he can retreat, watch his family and be content.

Does it work? Yes, if you give your dog a nice alternative and a soft, comfy place to sleep. Then he will stay off your furniture. 

Where Is the Best Place for Your Dog to Sleep? 

Your dog should have a favorite spot, a place in the house he can call his own. The best solution is to buy an indoor dog house he can use to sleep and relax for a while and at the same time feel like he is a part of your family.

"Hmm, this a bit much," you think. In actuality, an indoor dog house can be your best friend. Consider your own life for a moment. Think about the way you feel after a hard day of work. You want a place to lounge, to sit or lie comfortably to watch your favorite sports or catch up on your favorite TV series. Your pooch also looks forward to having its castle tucked away in a nice little corner of the house, where he can safely lie down and enjoy a doggy snack or a nice yummy bone.  

The Inside Dog House

Your dog is the most loyal, loving friend you have. He looks at you every morning with those sad-happy droopy eyes. If you let him, he'll give you lots of kisses, and every time you leave your home, he looks so crestfallen that it breaks your heart. He is more than your friend. He is your family. So, he deserves to have a nice soft place to sleep, a place to call his own.

Important Reasons to Get an Indoor Dog House or Dog Crate

Still not convinced you should get an indoor dog home for your furry friend? Maybe this will convince you. A dog house is not just a toy or a plaything for your dog. It is a training tool that can keep a nervous dog calm and offer him privacy in a busy home. A good indoor dog house gives your pet a feeling of security, much like your bedroom does the same for you. 

Another reason to consider an indoor dog crate is to keep your dog out of certain areas of the house, like the baby's room, bed, trash, and furniture. So a good indoor dog house can be an essential dog item for your home. 

Things to Consider When Buying an Indoor Dog House

Are all indoor dog houses the same? Not really. There are style differences but also size differences. Dog houses come in small, medium, and large sizes. The size you need depends on your dog's size, and always shop for the right size as a small house will make a large dog feel cramped, and too large a house for a small dog will make him feel overwhelmed. 

 Here are some important features to remember when buying the best dog house. Consider your pet size as dog houses come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Another thing to keep in mind is the type of material it is made from and how that will affect your needs. Some houses are made of fabric, which makes them easier to carry. Other houses are made of wood which can be more of a decorative accessory for your home, or of plastic which is ideal for outside use.

Keep in mind that some dog houses are more artistic than functional. For example, solid wood dog houses with raised floors may be a great piece of real estate for some pet owners, but they are very expensive and more decorative than functional for dog owners. 

How to Select the Right Dog House

It’s a hard question to answer because there is no perfect fit for every dog. Every dog has his own personality, so he is going to decide if it's right for him. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing your pet’s new home. 


You don’t want your new dog house to be too small or to be oversized. Your furry friend should be comfortable and able to get in and out easily, but there shouldn’t be so much space that he gets cold or feels uncomfortable. 

To get the right size, you want the roof of the house to be about 20% taller than the dog. The door should be 25% shorter than his height, and the length should be slightly longer than the length of your dog. 

Because we want to focus on functionality and affordability, this article will focus solely on soft-sided dog crates or houses for your furry friend.


It is essential that the dog house be spacious enough to allow for proper airflow. In the summer, ventilation will keep your dog cooler, and in the winter warmer. Make sure the door is the right size to keep the air flow adequate.


This is a feature that only you can determine. We’ve all seen the quick deterioration of a loved toy. The quick deterioration of a bed or a toy comes from having a dog that is a little too hard on things. Remember, dogs destroy things. 

The 7 Best Indoor Dog Houses

1. Best Pet Supplies Portable Gray Indoor Pet House

With its soft plush and simple design, this soft-sided gray dog crate offers a warm and comfortable spot for your pet to snuggle. This dog crate is popular because of its gray uniform color, which works well with the furniture and decor of a home. The price of $29.99 is also a plus. Even better, the whole house is machine washable, so you won't have trouble keeping it clean. It is made with durable poly fabric and poly foam. The dog house offers durable softness your doggie will love. You can choose from three different colors to match your decor. Dog houses from Best Pet Supplies measure 16in x16in x 14in, perfect for smaller breeds.

Pet parents love the Best Pet dog houses for their soft comfort and cushiony walls, which give a small dog comfort and privacy. The only negative thing they mention is that the house loses its shape after a couple of years, but not much more can be expected at this price point.

Best Pet Supplies Portable Indoor Pet House Silver

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Portable Indoor Pet House

by Best Pet Supplies 

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2. Best Pet Supplies Portable Brown and White Indoor Pet House

Nothing could be better than the epitaph written at the top of this dog house's entrance, "Home Sweet Home." It's exactly how your small dog will feel when he enters this plush brown and tan fabric-made dog house. You can't beat the price either, at just $29.99. this house gives you a bed, a house, and a private sanctuary all rolled into one. Best of all, you can easily move it anywhere in your house. It is plushy soft, and roomy enough to let air circulate to keep your pooch comfy. Best of all, when it gets a little too dirty, you can just fold it up and put it in the washing machine. Its 16x16x14 inches make this little house ideal for small dogs or cats, and the wide opening allows you to reach in and clean the interior out. 

Pet owners who have bought this dog house like that it is soft, comfortable, and breathable, so it doesn't retain odors. However, they also mention that they wish it were more durable as it tends to lose its shape after a year or two. 

Best Pet Supplies Portable Indoor Pet House Cream

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Portable Indoor Pet House

by Best Pet Supplies 

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3. Best Pet Supplies Portable Tan Indoor Pet House

If you are looking for a small dog house that doesn’t draw attention to itself and blends in with any decor, then this $29.99 dog bed house could be ideal. It comes in a tan color with small little dog bone decorative motifs and the epitaph "Home Sweet Home" at the top of the entrance. It is cute, plush, and comfy for your small dog or cat. This little indoor pet house has a timeless style and color that blends in seamlessly with your furnishings and decor. The soft dog house style offers your furry friend comfort and security, It is complete privacy for him, yet it's tall enough to give the little plush crate air circulation, which also prevents odors from penetrating the fabric and foam. The included pillow bed is perfect for little guys who love snuggling up and staying warm. 

Calming Dog Ad

Pet owners say their little guys love this house, and that the enclosed design of these pet homes provides an extra sense of security and comfort for shy or anxious small dogs. They love that its color is a basic tan, but they do say that the fabric dog house loses its shape after a while. 

Best Pet Supplies Portable Indoor Pet House Brown

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Portable Indoor Pet House

by Best Pet Supplies 

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4. Bedsure Cat and Dog Bed

It is a flexible and versatile pet tent for small dogs and cats. Cats and dogs love this cozy plush tent you can set up anywhere or take with you on your trips. Its 15x15x15 in.size is ideal for chihuahuas, Pugs, Shih Tzu, and cats. It is sturdy and made with high-density foam covered with a microfiber fabric. All for the great price of $27.99. Best of all, it has two functions, use it as a pet house or push the triangle tip inward to make a nice pet bed. 

Pet owners love that this small plush pet tent can turn into a full pet bed by squashing down the roof. They also think the microfibre fabric makes the dog house easier to clean than other types of fabric dog crates. They say their pet loves it because it is soft and cozy. However, it only works for cats or small breeds and the pillow cover can't be removed for washing. 

Bedsure Cat Bed

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Cat Beds for Indoor Cats

by Bedsure 

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5. Petsfit Indoor Dog House Ventilate Wood Cat Houses for Indoor Cats with Elevated Floor&Anti-Slip Bottom Natural Wood

It is a natural wood dog house with a cottage-like decor style. It goes well with the farmhouse or cottage decor, and it is nicely made of fir wood and an environmentally friendly coating to protect family fur babies. The nice thing about this dog crate is it has two functions, a dog house, and a side table. It is 31 x20.5. 20.5, which makes it suitable for cats and small dogs. The dog crate area is elevated, which gives the crate more air circulation and prevents odors. As expected, the price for this wood-crafted dog house is $139.99.

People who have bought this dog crate are extremely pleased with their purchase. They say it is durable and its design fits in well with the home decor, and the lift-up top allows for easy cleaning. The coating is also a favorite of pet parents as they don’t have to worry about paint poisoning for their pooch. 

Petsfit Indoor Dog House

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Indoor Dog House Ventilate Wood

by Petsfit 

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6. Pet Teepee Tent for Dogs & Cats, 24 Inch & 47 Inch Portable Indoor Dog House

It is so cute; an actual teepee for your pet, and at $38.99, you can't beat the price. The blue fabric and stars make it a fun decorative piece for your home as well. The strong pine poles and cute star pattern flow over a cushiony bed for your friendly pooch. The teepee is a high-quality canvas, and the shape offers perfect breathability. It is extremely easy to install and comes with an assembly manual. At 24×20 in., it is perfect for pets of 10Kg. 

Pet owners say this pet teepee is cute and adds a decorative touch to their home. The cushion is comfortable and it is nice that the materials are washable. The only drawback some people have complained about is that there are too many parts and they are easy to lose. 

Pet Teepee Tent for Dogs & Cats

Photo source:

Pet Teepee Tents with Thick Cushion

by NUKied

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7. PawHut Wicker Dog House Raised Rattan Bed

It is a great indoor and outdoor patio dog house with a cute decorative flair. It is a dog house more appropriate for medium-sized dogs, and you can use it in the house or under a covered terrace or outdoor patio. At $139, you can expect this dog house to be a bit sturdier than the fabric or cushiony houses, so it will last longer. The wicker dog house adds beauty to indoor spaces and fits in with almost any style. Best of all, it keeps your small to medium-sized dog sheltered from ratan and sun. This dog house is durable, and the hand-woven rattan material is easy to clean. The cushion is soft and comfy for your furry friend. Its thick cotton padding makes it comfy to nap on, and the canopy offers shelter from rain and sun. Indoors the raised legs keep the bed well ventilated, and each foot has non-slip grips to prevent floor scratches. This is an ideal bed for medium to large dogs.  

Customers say they love the wicker look and it is much more durable than the fabric dog house. It is slip-resistant and easy to clean as well. They do mention that it is not appropriate for dogs that want more privacy and it does take a bit of know-how to assemble. 

PawHut Wicker Dog House

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Wicker Dog House Elevated Raised Rattan Bed
$89.99 ($89.99 / Count)

by PawHut 

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How to Train Your Dog to Use the New Dog House

The key to getting your dog to like his new house is to make sure he likes it, and the best way to get him to do this is to reinforce the joy of the dog house for your furry friend with food. Place your dog’s favorite treats around the dog house. Hide some tidbits and give him time and space to find his favorite treats. Place some of the food at the entrance and inside the door. When he finds the treats offer a belly rub or a back scratch.

Reinforce your training with lots of praise and place some treats further back in the dog house so he has to go and get it. Allow your dog to come in and out of the house as many times as he needs, but keep adding a few treats until he decides he likes his new house. 

Train Your Dog to Stay

After your dog has gone in and out of the dog crate several times, ask him to stay or lay down inside the house. Reward him when he does stay or lie in the house with more treats and scratches. 


Choosing, buying, and training your pooch to use an indoor dog house can seem like a lot of work and you may have more than a few questions, so we’ve put together a few of the most common questions pet owners ask with regard to the indoor dog house. 

How Do I Keep the Dog House Cool or Warm?

Keep the temperature in your house temperate and make sure that whatever dog house you buy there is a bit of insulation to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When it comes to the foam houses, the foam serves as the insulator, but fabric and cushions can also help to keep your pet warm or cool. 

Can My Pets Share the Dog House? 

Dogs live in packs, and like children, they can be extremely jealous, so we suggest you buy each of your dogs their own indoor dog house. Sharing a house is possible but these structures are small, and when two or more dogs are crammed into the small space it will cause greater wear and tear on the dog house. Plus, just one sign of aggression can cause your friendly pups to start fighting, and you don’t want that. 


An indoor dog house can solve a lot of pet problems you have been experiencing. However, getting your dog to use the dog house or crate is a process. You will need to take the time to train your dog and get him to like his new home. Often placing a favorite blanket or toy in the house is all you need to get him to use his new home. 

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