Ruffwear Gear Reviews: Is It Worth the Money?

The famous saying is, “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” RUFFWEAR has beautifully supplemented the phrase, making dogs our ultimate journey partners. 

Restricting your adventurous dog to four walls is no less than a sin. RUFFWEAR, the performance dog clothing manufacturer, offers a variety of options. Their products include anything from harnesses to leashes and everything in between. Their products are stylish, well-made, and highly durable. 

RUFFWEAR is successfully aiming to foster human-canine bonding in the great outdoors. Their products can enhance the quality of your outdoor experiences with dogs. There is no doubt that RUFFWEAR makes high-quality gear for dogs, but are the products worth it? Read the article below for a full review.

1. RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

An excellent harness option for dogs who tend to slip their collar is the RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness, which gives you more control while walking. The harness is lightweight and easy to put on and take off, so it’s perfect for a quick walk in the evening or a full day of exploring with your dog. Dogs love wearing the Front Range Harness because it’s easy to use and provides much comfort. For daily journeys, the harness has an aluminum V-ring in the center of the dog’s back, while the front clip webbing at the dog’s chest has a reinforced design for redirecting dogs that tug on the leash. Reflective trim and The BeaconTM light loop enhance visibility in low-light situations by keeping the ID pocket quiet and accessible.

To date, there is no better harness than this! It’s exceptionally well-made and can withstand even the most energetic dogs, who tend to tug and get excited while wearing it. Since people started using them, they have been regularly hiking and running with their dogs with this harness without noticing any signs of wear. It enables you to have more control over your dog without fearing that it would injure its neck. It’s incredibly customizable and adaptable to a wide range of body types.

Dogs with sensitive skin won’t be bothered by this harness. If your dog is in a “pulling” phase, this harness is a godsend until you further train your pet. You cannot deny that this is a must-have item for your dog.

RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness: Favorite Features

These harnesses are lightweight yet sturdy, easy on/off construction, and constructed for long-term use. Moreover, the strengthened chest webbing resists pulling and improves control (ideal for training too).  

When jogging, strolling, or just relaxing, foam-padded strips across the chest and belly help distribute the weight evenly and provide comfort. Also, it can be adjusted to match your dog’s needs. There are four convenient adjustment points to ensure a full range of motion.

Dog tags can be safe in the ID pouch, which is easily accessible. The trim on the cloth is bright and visible, making it simple to spot your dog at any time of day. Overall, it is a great harness. 

RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness red
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2. RUFFWEAR, Webmaster

An all-purpose dog harness featuring a handle for moving and aiding dogs up and over obstacles, the Web Master Harness is safe, supportive, and comfortable for dogs to wear. The Web Master harness is an excellent alternative to a collar for pet dogs, service dog handlers, and amputee canines who need movement aid.

The high-coverage top panel provides a platform for attaching patches and signage for working dogs, while the thin, resilient foam provides support without limiting the range of motion. The padded chest and belly straps make it easy to wear all day, and the five adjustment points ensure a snug, secure fit.

The RUFFWEAR Web Master Harness is for dogs who may need a little more assistance while out in the field. This harness will be an excellent choice if you want to take your dog on a nerve-racking hillside hike or spend the day at the cliff.

The Grip on the harness is one of the most critical design elements. A grip is a great tool when your dog has difficulty getting up or down. Easy scrambles and aiding your dog over stiles are the best uses for it. 

The Web Master Harness is easier to use than other offerings and can greatly assist. Whether walking your pet on a leash or free-roaming in the woods, this harness gives you great control over your pet.

RUFFWEAR Webmaster: Favorite Features

Designed for canine companions who like to take risks, this harness is pretty safe. It is ideal for working dogs, assistance dogs, and dogs with disabilities. Moreover, designed for maneuverability and to safely and comfortably hoist your dog over obstacles, this harness’s padded reinforced handle does both.

Anodized metal V-ring, webbing loop, and five practical adjustment settings allow for a wide range of motion. It has a sturdy construction for a lightweight, high-performance feel. The structure is solid and ideal for year-round wear. It also has a light safety loop and bright trim (Beacon light sold separately). Straps with foam padding enable all-day comfort without restricting movement and include a patching and sign area. 

RUFFWEAR, Webmaster
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3. RUFFWEAR Hi & Light

When you see this harness, you will be blown away by how light and discrete it is. It’s the ideal harness for outdoor pursuits. Fans of the Front Range Harness will love this one, which is 30% lighter than the Front Range!

The Hi & Light harness is the ideal accessory in the summer heat. It will feel like a second skin to your dog because it is light.

With its ultra-lightweight design, RUFFWEAR’s Hi & Light Harness is ideal for trail running and trekking. With this harness, your pet will feel like they are wearing a skin suit!

An excellent harness for all dogs, the RUFFWEAR Hi and Light Harness is made of strong and lightweight material. It allows easy movement and shows no signs of wear even after months of continuous use.

The material of the harness promises to be both robust and comfy. Your dog can run, jump, and even roll about easily because of the lightweight, minimal design. Designed for fast-paced hobbies and people who prefer the freedom of a simple design, the Hi & Light Harness is a lightweight, low-profile dog harness. An ultra-light and ultra-strong dog leash with a perfect plan, Hi & Light Leash is a must-have. 

At first glance, this harness appears simple and elegant, but a closer inspection exposes a hidden pick-up wrap stowaway and a locking Crux ClipTM for a secure, low-profile connection.


RUFFWEAR Hi & Light: Favorite Features

The side-release buckles in this product are one of the most favorite features. It makes it simple to put on and take off the harness on a long day of hiking or strolling around town.

Sturdy, anodized aluminum V-ring in the center of the back provides a single attachment point for the leash.

Intricate details like the dirt- and fur-shedding liner, a small pocket for identification tags, and reflective trim help keep the vest light and easy to see in low light. Running, biking, or just keeping things cool and light is no problem for dogs wearing the Hi & Light Harness.

The harness has only four easy-to-access adjustment points to ensure the perfect fit.

Day or night, owing to the reflective trim on the bright, clearly visible cloth, your dog will be wearing this harness against any background. Loops of safety lights are conveniently available (Beacon lights are separate).

The debris-resistant liner is designed for little dogs to help them shed dirt and fur and keep the harness clean for longer.

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4. RUFFWEAR, Crag Dog Collar

The Crag Collar is a standard dog collar with luminous TubelokTM Webbing and an easy-to-use side-release buckle. The reflective thread woven into the Webbing, in various colors and designs inspired by natural scenery, makes it even more comfortable and long-lasting.

The RUFFWEAR Crag Dog Collar is made of polyester and is incredibly sturdy. It has a plastic side release buckle that is quick and easy to put on and take off. The collar’s stainless steel quick-ring ID tag holder with a silicone built-in tag silencer and an aluminum V-ring attachment makes changing tags a breeze. For nighttime activities, there is a reflective thread in the collar.

The Crag Collar is a basic dog collar with fluorescent Webbing for evening walks. That’s quite the collar. Rather than forcing it through a metal hoop, it clamps on from the side.

It provides comfortable Webbing and is available in various colors and patterns inspired by nature. The RUFFWEAR Crag Collar fits dogs of all sizes, from puppies to large dogs. The RUFFWEAR Crag Dog Leash is available in three sizes (11″-14″, 14″-20″, 20″-26″) and six different colors.

These collars will assist both indoor and outdoor pets. Even after years of use, the colors stay vibrant. 

RUFFWEAR Crag Dog Collar: Favorite Features 

It’s an easy-to-use collar with many unique features. Because it is powerful and reflective, it is ideal for both day and night wear. You can improve visibility in low light with Tubelok webbing, which has an incorporated reflectivity feature for increased brightness.

Users like the collar’s quick-release buckle, which makes it simple to put on, remove, and adjust the collar to your dog’s exact size. The independent ID attachment point ensures that the leash is permanently attached to the correct position.

It’s easy to add and remove tags from your dog’s collar with the Quick Ring, which makes it quite convenient. As it sits between markers, the silicone tag silencer helps to keep things calm and pleasant. Consumers love this collar for its lightness and comfort.

RUFFWEAR, Crag Dog Collar
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5. RUFFWEAR, Flagline Dog Harness

You can’t go wrong with this RUFFWEAR harness! The handle on the harness makes it easy to tag your dog along while hiking. In the bush or on the street, the Flagline Harness is a light, fast, and comfortable body harness with a flexible design that keeps dogs in motion and with complete ease. Having the handle on this harness is a huge plus. It makes getting your dog in and out of the car much more effortless. It’s sturdy, adjustable, and appears to last long.

It dries quickly in the sun and is exceedingly thin and light. Even when wet, consumers have no concerns about the cloth irritating dogs’ delicate skin due to the product’s high quality and durability.

The Flagline’s high flexibility and easy use make it a popular choice for providing dogs with a little boost and a lot of freedom when the terrain is flat. A front clip leash attachment while hiking can help train dogs with a habit of pulling. 

This harness is excellent for a dog with mobility issues because it is well-made and robust. It’s convenient, lightweight, and portable. RUFFWEAR’s new Flagline Harness has impressed consumers thoroughly. The RUFFWEAR Webmaster Harness will follow suit as a must-have piece of hiking equipment.

RUFFWEAR Flagline Dog Harness: Favorite Features 

This lightweight, multi-purpose, lift-and-assist harness is for everyday use, hiking, running, and any other activity where your dog might need a little assistance. The chest connection point has boosted tensile strength for pullers, while the rear has two leash points for a more comfortable setting or for keeping your eager dog in control.

Pet owners of canines with amputations appreciate this version because it includes a sleek handle and a load-distributing belly and chest panel for simple lifting.

Flagline Harness, which features six adjustment points, including two on the belly, is a good choice for dogs who try to escape from traditional collars and harnesses.

The shell fabric is to incorporate a debris-resistant liner, reflective trim, and an attachable light loop to increase the product’s durability. Overall, Flagline Harness is a Harness for all sizes of dogs. 

RUFFWEAR, Flagline Dog Harness
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7. RUFFWEAR, Grip Trex Dog Boots

The Grip Trex is highly durable and provides an extra level of Grip on various terrains. When you run around the yard or negotiate slick rocks in the stream, the Trex grips stay precisely where they’re supposed to be.

These are not as well-designed as in 2009, but they are still strong and long-lasting. They help you keep your dog in control and don’t let go during a walk. 

The Grip Trex dog boots set the bar high for hiking, running, and other outdoor activities. Your dog’s paws can go a long way thanks to the RUFFWEAR-designed Vibram outsole that provides outstanding traction and protection on different terrain. The boots contain a mesh upper, hook-and-loop, and hardware closure mechanism to keep the dog’s feet cool while providing a secure fit. 

After 15 minutes of activity, it’s a good idea to inspect the closure mechanism and adjust the fit as necessary. It is an excellent option if your dog needs boots and wants something to stay in charge and control. 

These boots may be ideal for dogs that have difficulty walking over uneven terrains, such as those who are older or with paw injuries as those who are training for extended hiking or another training trip. When using this product, keep an eye out for irritation in your dog’s claw.

RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Dog Boots: Favorite Features

Protect your dog’s paws from the trail’s dangers with Grip Trex hiking boots made for the outdoors. The shoes make hiking, trail running, and backpacking easy. Because of Vibram’s non-marking lug outsoles and robust lug design, these shoes can easily handle any terrain.

These finely woven boots ensure all-day comfort and ventilation and keep debris and dirt at bay. Hook-and-loop cinch fasteners ensure that all paws fit tightly and securely in the shoes, making them easy to put on and take off.

Reflective trim improves visibility in low light conditions, making it safer to travel at night or in the early morning. RUFFWEAR’s reflective collars, leashes, and beacon lights help make your dog more noticeable.

RUFFWEAR, Grip Trex Dog Boots
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Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that RUFFWEAR makes high-quality gear for dogs. Their products include anything from harnesses to leashes and everything that offers convenience and ease. Style, quality, and cost go hand in hand with this brand’s offerings.

They offer high-quality products that are well-designed and will also look great. However, one drawback is that most of their products are out of the price range of many because they are expensive. However, even that con has a solution as you can always purchase them on sale or with coupons. RUFFWEAR products guarantee against flaws in materials and quality on all products, which have undergone extensive field testing.

RUFFWEARs, variety, sustainability, guarantees, and their aim to make our dog’s life as adventurous as you want to make it a unique brand. If you desire to make the most of RUFFWEAR’s wide variety of products, you should choose the best equipment that matches your canine companion’s needs. 

No other brand of dog collars or harnesses comes close to RUFFWEAR’s quality and durability. RUFFWEAR products fit well, are sturdy, stylish, and, most importantly, comfy. Say ‘Hi’ to an adventurous life with RUFFWEAR.

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