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Keep Your Dog Warm With These Carhartt Dog Jackets

A person on a winter stroll with a dog wearing a coat
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Dog clothes aren’t just frou-frou accessories to make your dog look cute. They can also be essential accessories for working dogs or dogs with certain purposes. You wouldn’t go hiking, biking, or hunting without the appropriate safety clothing, would you? Neither should your dog. Carhartt dog jackets have a purpose. They are used for mental health, physical issues, safety, and training purposes. However, there is no one-size-fits-all vest for every situation, job, or dog. You must know that not all dog coats or vests are equal. Each Carhartt vest has its particular purpose and features.

Most dog owners buy their dog a Carhartt dog jacket so he can be recognized for a reason or purpose, whether a service dog, a therapy dog, an unfriendly dog, or a hunting dog. So, giving your dog a vest helps to identify him. When people see the vest, they understand there is something special about this dog. Best of all, you don’t have to keep repeating the same precautions.

Why You Need to Invest in a Quality Carhartt Dog Vest

We’re not talking about sweater vests here. The Carhartt chore coat has several purposes. Yes, it keeps your dog warm, but it can also identify him for his role or job. For dogs who don’t have a particular job, the Carhartt vest can help keep them warm in cold weather, and it can also serve as a harness to help you train your dog. Some pets, especially those nervous or anxious, find that a Carhartt jacket offers comfort and familiarity when walking outdoors. The Carhartt label is a top-of-the-line brand for weatherproof vests for your dog. They make vests to help working dogs or simply for dogs needing extra warmth and comfort during the winter.

Whether hunting out in the woods or going for a night jog, the Carhartt dog jacket is one of the best working vests you can buy. The vest ensures he remains visible in low-light situations and keeps him warm. It is also adjustable and comfortable for your dog. The Carhartt brand uses materials that all dogs find comfortable. Its mesh-like fabric gives your pooch total freedom of movement. It does not weigh him down and makes him visible to drivers or other people at night. In addition, the cotton duck canvas adds strength to the vest and helps it conform to your pet’s torso giving him added comfort. The seams are all triple stitched to increase durability. Best of all, Carhartt dog jackets are weatherproof and fully adjustable.

Carhartt Dog Jackets for Dog Safety


According to the AKC, “Hunting dogs have been hunting with their trainers for millennia.” The only problem modern hunters have is that these dogs often blend in too well with their environment, which could cause accidents and injury to your furred friend. So their body is hidden in tall grass fields or standing trees, making it hard to identify your dog when out hunting; you may be putting him in danger. You can minimize the risk by buying a Carhartt dog chore coat to help identify your dog and control him when you are out hunting. The vest lets you keep him in sight and lead him away because of its harness ring when necessary. An excellent weatherproof jacket will also keep him dryer as precipitation from rain or snowfall often soaks hunting dogs to the bone when they aren’t wearing protective gear. The last thing you want is to harm your buddy by allowing him to get sick, or worse, injured from a stray bullet or arrow. Remember, a good hunting jacket will help other hunters spot and identify your dog in the field.

Athletic Activities

You can train your dog to go with you as you run, bike, or walk. However, it may be a good idea to equip him with a Carhartt reflective jacket. Being out early or late at night can be dangerous without the correct type of reflective clothing because drivers can’t see you. A Carhartt reflective jacket keeps your pup warm during these more excellent hours of the day and allows drivers to see your dog.

Jack Russell dog with an orange safety vest running in front of a car


Carhartt safety jackets protect your dog, but they can also protect other people from your dog. If your dog is unfriendly or nervous, or aggressive, you can equip him with the vest to better control him when outdoors.

For example, if you have a nervous dog that starts growling and barking when he sees strangers, you can fit him with a Carhartt vest, which will signal people to stay away. These jackets also allow you to retain the control of your dog through the reinforced harness integrated into the jacket.


Training and working with your dog can also be much easier when the dog has a Carhartt vest. Therapy and physical assistance dogs can better focus on the task when wearing the jacket. Putting a special vest on your dog helps him understand that it’s time to go to work. In addition, the coat informs people that your dog is a therapy dog, and they should steer clear and give him the freedom to do his job.

Dogs With Disabilities

Carhartt vests can help identify dogs for their physical disabilities. A dog that is blind or deaf needs to be easily identifiable so that people can help him or stay clear when he is trying to get about. These jackets are also helpful for dogs who have arthritis or osteoporosis as the coat is weatherproof and helps regulate the dog’s temperature, keeping their body warm in the wintertime and cool in the summer. The harness also allows the pet parent to handle the dogs safely and pick them up.

Psychological Issues

Dogs that suffer from psychological issues use the Carhartt dog jacket because it gives them more self-confidence and makes them more comfortable. Basically, the jacket exerts a firm and gentle pressure on your furry friend’s torso, and this helps him feel more secure and ultimately lessens his anxiety attacks.

Carhartt Jackets Regulate the Dog’s Body Temperature

Dogs who suffer from shivering or cold need a Carhartt dog vest to keep them warm. Because it is a jacket that is waterproof and has an extra lining to regulate the dog’s body temperature, Carhartt is the ideal option.

 Dogs with short hair or single coats are very susceptible to cold weather, so dressing them in a Carhartt vest will regulate their temperature and give them the added warmth they need. Dogs store heat in their torso, so keeping this area warm will stop the shivering. These dogs also seem to accept the vest more willingly than a sweater or other dog clothing.

In the summer months, dogs are also more susceptible to heat stroke and health issues caused by heat. A dog usually gets more relaxed through the underside of its belly, so a cooling vest can help reduce the chances of a heat stroke in the summertime.

Carhartt dog jackets make the perfect winter coat as they are durable and have quilted liner and reflective piping.

Find the Right Carhartt Dog Jacket

Now that we know the purpose of the Carhartt dog vest let’s discuss the best products in the line. Knowing what types of Carhartt dog jackets the brand makes, you can make a more appropriate decision for your pet.

Carhartt Quick Duck Jac Water Repellent Coat

At just $54.99, this Carhartt water repellent coat is designed for your dog’s comfort and safety. The Duck Jac is a waterproof jacket made especially for walks in the rain, snow, or ice. These waterproof raincoats are easy to put on. They are durable and keep your pup warm. They won’t make your pet feel uncomfortable or affect his fur. Carhartt makes these jackets so they don’t restrict your pet’s movements when conditions are wet and cold. The material is water-repellent and wind-resistant. Plus, it comes with a micro-fleece lining for added warmth.

 The reflective lining ensures your dog is visible to drivers and other people in low-light conditions.

Carhartt Quick Duck Jac Water Repellent Coat
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Carhartt Quick Duck Jac, Pet Dog Vest, Water Repellent Canvas, Brown, Small
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Carhartt Pet Firm Duck Insulated Dog Chore Coat

The Carhartt label makes this sturdy jacket a work coat any pet owner would love to have available, and at just $36.99, anyone can afford it. The outer coating is a cotton duck canvas, an ideal option for active dogs that need a little protection from the elements or for those who visit rough terrains. However, dog breeds who love to keep pet parents company while hiking in the great outdoors will also love this coat.

The jacket is light, made of 100% ringspun cotton, and attaches at the neck, chest hook, and loop closure. It has rivet reinforced pockets for treats, stuff, and other walking essentials.

The duck canvas has a water-repellent coating to protect the pup in wet, windy weather. The quilted inner lining gives added warmth during the winter months. It is highly adjustable with the hook and loop-lined straps at the chest and waist.

Carhartt Pet Firm Duck Insulated Dog Chore Coat
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Carhartt Unisex Mesh Safety Dog Vest

It is a lightweight vest that is highly visible in low lighting conditions. At just $32.88, you can keep your dog visible and protected when he goes out to run with you—made with firm-hand duck canvas and a water-repellent coating. This jacket can give your pup added warmth and protect him from the wind and inclement weather conditions. The quilted liner gives added warmth, and the tabs allow you to put it on, take it off quickly, and make necessary adjustments for your dog’s size.

If visibility might be an issue, this safety jacket always keeps your dog visible. Its obvious coloring makes it stand out, and the wide silver reflective strips give you maximum visibility in low light conditions.

The spacer mesh is very light, giving your dog breathability and mobility. Even so, it is very durable as the 500D nylon binding and triple stitching gives it the durability Carhartt is known to have.

Carhartt Unisex Mesh Safety Dog Vest
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Carhartt unisex Mesh Safety Dog Vest, Hi-visibility Lightweight Dog Vest
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Carhartt Neoprene Dog Vest Duck Camo Reed

If you have a dog breed that likes to hunt, the Neoprene duck camo vest is ideal. Carhartt makes this model for hard-working hunting dogs. The material is nylon to prevent water from infiltrating and keep your dog from freezing after being plunged into that cold water to retrieve his waterfowl. The neoprene vest keeps your dog’s core temperature up under harsh conditions.

The 3mm of Neoprene gives him the mobility he needs to swim and run after the game. Yet it also has easy-grab handle holes just in case your pup gets too enthusiastic or puts himself in danger.

In addition, the internal webbing harness gives the coat better structure and firmness for when you need to pull the dog out of the water.

Carhartt Neoprene Vest
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Is a Dog Jacket a Good Idea? 

Is a dog coat helpful, or is it humiliating for your dog? You might be asking yourself, is this something you need? Do I want to dress my dog up in fleece? Does a jacket help, or is it just me playing dress-up with the dog?

Pet MD suggests that dogs are susceptible to the cold and can be uncomfortable in wet, windy, and cold weather. They feel the cold just as much as you do. Of course, some dog breeds, like the Siberian Husky, have natural winter coats and may not need an outdoor working jacket. However, most other dog breeds could do with a good coat, especially if they are not large winter-bred animals and have short hair. And, of course, if you have an older dog that suffers from joint pain, a jacket that keeps his core warm when walking outside can lessen the discomfort.

How Cold Is Too Cold? 

Cold temperatures are not a problem for most dogs providing the temperature doesn’t fall below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, short-haired dogs, small dogs, and older dogs begin to feel uncomfortable outdoors. It is where you want to put a dog coat on your pet.

When temperatures get below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, small dogs, dogs with thin coats, pups, and older or sick dogs may be at risk of getting sick. When the temperatures fall below 20 degrees, all owners should know that their dogs could be at risk of health issues like colds, hypothermia, and frostbite. At this point, the best thing you can do is protect your furry friend and help him keep his core temperature higher. You should also monitor your dogs when it is this cold. If you notice shivering, anxiousness, whining and a slow down, search for a warmer location or head indoors.

Other Influencing Factors

Temperatures are just one factor that relates to the cold. Things like wind chill, dampness, cloud cover, and dog activity can also affect whether your dog gets too cold or not.

If the dog is very active outside, he may generate enough body heat to keep him warm and may not need a jacket, but not all dogs are created equal, and some are affected more by low temperatures than others.

Many variables influence how cold your pooch feels. Some dogs are not bred for colder weather, so their coats are sparser, and they have short hair, which can make them feel the cold temperatures more. Cold-tolerant dogs have thick, double-layered coats. So dog breeds like a Siberian Husky, a Newfoundland, or a Samoyed will do better in cold weather than other types of dogs, simply because these breeds were developed in Northern climates like Alaska, and they have other biological attributes that allow them to thrive in freezing weather.

Another influencing factor is the dog’s coat color. Dark-coated dogs can absorb significant amounts of heat from the sun, keeping them warmer than their lighter-coated counterparts. So if your dog is white or caramel-colored, he may feel the cold more than dogs with other colors.

Small dogs with smaller bodies have more skin showing through their coat. They tend to lose heat faster than larger dogs. So they become colder more quickly than large dogs.

Weight also influences whether a dog feels warm or cold. Thinner dogs tend to get colder more quickly than their heavier counterparts since body fat acts as an insulator. But, the health risks of being overweight are much worse than the benefit of not being cold. Therefore, please do not attempt to protect your dog from the cold by fattening him up during winter. A much better solution is to buy him a good winter coat.

If your dog is older, he may also feel colder in the wintertime. It may not have bothered him before, but now that he is old or sick, he cannot regulate his body temperatures as effectively as dogs in the prime of their lives, so they need more protection from the cold.

Little fluffy dogs wearing coats in the cold winter day

Can Dogs Get Sick From Cold Weather?

Though he is a faithful companion and willing to go anywhere you go, in any condition and with no protection. But dogs are still vulnerable to cold weather. Yes, their fur coat and tough paw pads help protect them against weather, but there is a limit to this ability to stay warm.

Your dog needs special attention and care when temperatures drop to prevent them from feeling discomfort or suffering from conditions like hypothermia. Yes, even an animal can get hypothermia. It’s easy to determine if your pet is cold. He will shiver, try to get warm, and may not act like himself. He may be more lethargic than normal or not want to go outside. It is when a warm jacket can help him, so he feels more comfortable going outside with you.

Aside from hypothermia, your dog can also catch a cold from being too chilled. A dog cold has many of the symptoms of our colds. Most colds come from bacteria, but your dog’s antibodies and ability to ward off illness can weaken in winter, all because he is cold.

Final Thoughts

Dogs, like people, need a little extra insulation in the wintertime. While a sweater may work on some dogs, getting a vest with a purpose in mind is always best. Carhartt makes vests for working dogs or for dogs that are out in low-light environments. They even make vests for dogs that enjoy sports and the outdoors. But even if your dog does none of these things, he can benefit from a Carhartt vest that is made to offer a light, waterproof covering, one that helps your dog better regulate his body temperature.