K9 Training Institute Online: Total Transformation Masterclass

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Key Points

  • Using body language to communicate with your dog transcends mere verbal cues.

  • The remarkable bond between service dogs and their human partners is attainable with your own dog.

  • Your journey towards a better-behaved, happier dog begins with the K9 Training Institute Online Total Transformation Masterclass.

Have you ever marveled at the remarkable bond between service dogs and their human partners? It’s a connection forged not through ordinary commands like “sit” or “stay” but by understanding a language that transcends words — the language of body cues and signals.

The secret behind this profound connection reveals itself in the Total Transformation Masterclass, an exclusive workshop by the K9 Training Institute. Dr. Alexa Diaz, PhD, one of the most respected service dog trainers in the U.S., and Eric Presnall, host of Animal Planet's "Who Let the Dogs Out," guide you through the transformative journey.

Dr. Diaz is the Lead Animal Behaviorist at the K9 Training Institute. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Diaz specializes in training service dogs for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Her research contributions to animal behavior are well-recognized.

Eric Presnall is the Lead Presenter and Trainer at the K9 Training Institute. Mr. Presnall has worked with a variety of well-trained dogs, including service dogs, during his career.

Unlocking the Secrets of Extraordinary Dog Training

Beginning with the usual verbal commands like "sit" and "stay" is one of the most significant mistakes in dog training. The science of animal behavior reveals that dogs primarily communicate through body language, not words.

Researchers Masashi Hasegawa et al. at the Azabu University School of Veterinary Medicine published in the journal Animals that "Understanding the dog's body language helps humans understand the animal's emotions."

If you want to connect with your dog effectively, you must use a language they understand — body language.

Service dog training professionals do things differently. They employ commands rooted in body language, use operant conditioning principles from behavioral psychology, and follow a specific process known mainly in the service dog training industry.

Unlock the Potential in Your Dog

The Total Transformation Masterclass, a 10-week online program, unveils these service dog training secrets. This transformative course is not about certifying your pup as a service dog. Instead, it's about helping average dogs become as composed and well-trained as service dogs.

Your journey toward a harmonious bond with your dog begins with a simple realization — dogs don't understand English; they understand body language. Enroll in this 10-week online journey and witness the remarkable transformation in your dog. Your dog's mindset shifts toward wanting to please you, just like a service dog.

Your pup learns to exhibit extraordinary behavior in public settings because listening to you becomes second nature, even from a distance. Your dog looks to you for guidance, staying connected with you during walks. Distractions no longer faze your dog; they remain calm and well-behaved. Treats are no longer a necessity as your dog no longer has behavioral problems. Problems like barking, potty accidents, leash pulling, and more are a thing of the past.

Transformations That Speak Volumes

Dogs like Luigi, Shocky, and Hazel transformed after the Total Transformation Masterclass. Your dog is able to achieve this too, from incessant barking to calmly staying on their bed when someone knocks.

No more jumping when greeted at the door but rather displaying calm and composed behavior. Dogs learn to change their behavior from chaotic barking at other dogs to peaceful coexistence with fellow canines. Dogs transition from constant pulling to walking obediently.

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Any Dog Owner Is Able To Achieve This Transformation

You don't need a degree in animal behavior to make this transformation happen. The Total Transformation Masterclass demystifies the techniques known to service dog trainers, making them accessible to all dog owners. Even if you previously used verbal commands like "sit" and "stay," your dog is able to quickly adapt to this new training method.

Your commitment is 10 to 15 minutes daily. Success with this program requires your dedication, and spending just 10 to 15 minutes daily on training yields remarkable results.

Achieve what would cost thousands with in-person dog training. Professional service dog trainers charge high fees, often up to $200 per hour. The Total Transformation Masterclass offers comparable results at a fraction of the cost.

By enrolling in this masterclass, you're not only helping your own dog but also contributing to rescue shelters, animal welfare organizations, and charities that give dogs a second chance at finding loving homes.

There is a generous and confidence-building risk-free refund policy. If the program isn't right for you and your dog, take advantage of the unconditional 90-day refund policy. If you decide it's not the right fit within 90 days, you are able to request a full refund.

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A Lifetime of Obedience

Don't settle for basic commands and short-lived obedience. With the Total Transformation Masterclass, your dog becomes a paragon of calmness, focus, and impulse control. Wean them off treats, and watch them listen to you without hesitation.

The masterclass benefits dogs of all breeds. Both puppies and adult dogs profit from this masterclass.

You have access to all the classes, so you learn at your own pace. If you have a rescue or a do-over dog, the masterclass addresses and corrects various behavioral issues.

Because the class is entirely online, there is no need to travel to attend. It is accessible from anywhere and open to dog owners worldwide. If you can't attend a live class, you have the option to email your questions before the session and listen to the recording later.

If you've already trained your dog with verbal commands, this masterclass still works well for you. Your dog adapts to this new training method. Similarly, if you want to address a specific problem with your dog, the program offers step-by-step solutions for various behavioral issues.

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While food treats are a great way to initially motivate and reinforce your pup, your dog does not always need treats to obey you. The training gradually reduces treat dependency.

Transform Your Dog's Life

Your journey towards a better-behaved, happier dog starts here. Join the Total Transformation Masterclass today and watch your dog evolve into the epitome of obedience and calm. Enroll now to unlock the secrets of service dog training and embark on a journey toward an extraordinary bond with your canine companion.

The Journal of the San Juan Islands published in September 2023 about the healing power of this remarkable human-dog bond. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your dog's behavior. In doing so, change your life together for the better.

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