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Dress Your Dog Up With These Stylish Dog Shirts

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A good dog shirt can come in handy, and it’s more than just making sure your dog looks cute – though that’s certainly a perk! Dog clothes can keep your dog warm in the winter months, which is critical for smaller, short-haired dogs who don’t have as much insulation. They can also prevent your dog from scratching, reducing the need for unruly cones if they can’t reach what they’re trying to scratch. Just because dog clothes are functional doesn’t mean they can’t be fun, and there are plenty of options to keep your dog looking stylish all year long.

Remember, dogs, like babies, must get used to wearing clothes, which may be a struggle at first. As you pick a dog shirt, make sure it’s the right size, the fabric is soft and comfortable, and your dog has space to do their business without making a mess. Dr. Zenithson Ng at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine says a good rule of thumb is that dogs should be able to do everything they’d typically do without clothes when wearing them. “They should still be able to run, play, roll around, jump and do all normal activities with ease.”

Be patient as they adjust to wearing clothes – it’s not natural to them! Each dog is different, so they may prefer different clothing styles, just as you do. Here’s all you need to know to pick the most stylish dog shirt for your pet.

Why Should My Pet Wear a Dog Shirt?

There are many reasons that your dog should be wearing a dog shirt, especially if they are outside. According to Dr. Eva Evans with Pets Best Insurance, small dogs have difficulty retaining their body heat, so when they go out in the winter, dog clothes, including a coat and sweater, are essential to keeping them warm.

This is also true for older dogs, so pay close attention as your dog gets up in years if they need additional help to stay warm in the cold. Dogs with a lot of hair don’t need to wear a dog jacket to keep warm, but don’t let that stop you! They look extra cute when their puffy coats are poking out of their pet clothes!

Wearing a dog shirt is a great idea if your dog has any allergies or skin conditions that have them itching a lot. It can provide a barrier between your dog’s claws and skin and lessen the irritation. Remember, if the skin is already irritated, you want to be extra careful of what you’re putting on it, as some detergents can irritate the area more. It’s best to consult with a vet if you have questions on how best to keep your dog from licking or scratching, but a dog shirt can be a great stopgap.

You may want to skip the dog shirt if it’s hot outside. Your dog will have difficulty regulating their body temperature with these additional layers, which may cause them to overheat. However, some shirts are designed with sun protection to prevent the sun’s harmful rays – like doggy sunscreen! Pay attention to how they move and breathe; take the dog shirt off if you notice discomfort.

You may need to work up to your dog wearing clothes, so be patient with the process. As you train your dog to wear clothes, start slowly and work your dog up to extended periods in clothes when needed. Be liberal with the treats so they begin to associate the attire as good.

The Best Dog Clothing

Whether it’s national dress your pet day and you’re looking to dress your dog in a costume, or it’s cold and you want to keep your dog warm with a jacket, here are the best dog shirts.

KINGMAS 4 Pack Dog Shirts Pet Puppy T-Shirt Clothes Outfit Apparel Coats Tops - Large
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The KINGMAS Dog Shirt comes in a four-pack, so your dog has color options – ranging from red, blue, orange, and green so that you can match their mood! These are among Amazon’s Choice products because they are fun and functional. It’s a polo for your dog, with two buttons at the front and a collar to make them look a little more sophisticated.

It’s easy to put on. You slip it over your dog’s head and fit their front legs through the sleeves. Adjust the body to remove wrinkles, and your dog is good to go – ready to match the family pictures or look stylish while on the go. The KINGMAS Dog Shirt is cotton and polyester, so it’s stretchy and breathable. Your dog will be comfortable while wearing it. Just make sure you order the correct size. Check the size chart and measure your dog to get the best fit. Customers report that these dog shirts run small.

This dog shirt set is designed for small dogs and cats, so you’ll want to choose a different option if you have large dogs. The KINGMAS Dog Shirt is best for slim and hairy dogs, adding cushioning against the fabric. Customers love these dog shirts, with more than 5,600 reviews. Because it’s a four-pack, it’s a great value. They are durable and easy to clean. Pets with allergies or medical conditions thrive with these shirts because they prevent scratching without trapping fur.

This dog shirt comes in sizes X-Small through X-Large and retails for $14.98 through $16.98, depending on the size. There’s currently a 5 percent off coupon you can clip for additional savings.

Koneseve Dog Shirt

If you’re looking for the perfect plaid shirt for your dog, look no further than the Koneseve Dog Shirt. It gives off lumberjack vibes in a tiny package. It’s great for a matching outfit in family photos or for keeping your dog warm and comfortable when the weather turns cool. This dog shirt features a polyester and cotton blend, so it’s soft and breathable for your dog to wear, and it’s easy to clean should your dog make a mess.

Unsnap the buttons to slip it on over their front legs before securing the shirt in place. Unlike other dog shirts, you don’t have to slip this one over their heads, so it can be more enjoyable for some dogs to wear. The decorative collar adds style without being too restrictive – your dog will certainly turn heads when they’re wearing this dog shirt.

The Koneseve Dog Shirt comes in three colors: grey and black, green and black, and red and black. They have a size chart so you can find your dog’s best fit, but they also make it easy when selecting a size. It has an estimated weight range and chest width next to each option, so you know what to expect. It ranges from as small as 2 pounds and an 11-inch chest to 105 pounds and a 43-inch chest.

This dog shirt retails from $13.99 to $20.99, depending on the size and color. Customers love how soft, lightweight, and comfortable this dog shirt is for their furry friend. It’s stylish, high quality, and a great value. A pet owner buys it to match their pets; you won’t be disappointed if you do the same.

EXPAWLORER Hawaiian Dog Shirt - Summer Hawaii Style Breathable Floral Polo T-Shirts Cool Clothes for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats Pets
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EXPAWLORER Hawaiian Dog Shirt

Enter vacation mode when you slip your dog into the EXPAWLORER Hawaiian Dog Shirt. You can’t help but prepare for the beach vibes when you see this palm tree and hibiscus flower print. All that’s left is to snag your dog some summer shades and other summer accessories as you jet off to catch some waves together. There are three pattern options when you order this dog shirt; each is just as fun and adorable as the next!

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The EXPAWLORER Hawaiian Dog Shirt is made of cotton with Velcro closures along the chest to help you secure the shirt. You can, of course, leave it open to air your dog’s chest out, but it may get in the way! The fabric is breathable, soft, and comfortable. It keeps your pups cool and protects them from the summer sun! It’s durable enough to withstand regular hand and machine washing when it gets too dirty. Like a human Hawaiian shirt, the EXPAWLORER Hawaiian Dog Shirt is lightweight to wear in the heat, though you’ll want to keep an eye on your pup so they don’t overheat.

This is one of Amazon’s Choice products and retails from $11.99 to $12.99, depending on the size and pattern. Customers love this dog shirt, though some report it’s a little long, so you may have to pin it up or hem it for your dog’s best fit. If your dog has thicker legs, they may feel restricted when wearing this dog shirt. Many report that it doesn’t have give, so if you’re looking for a stretchy dog shirt, you’ll want to find another model.

Still, the EXPAWLORER Hawaiian Dog Shirt works as a festive party shirt, relaxed beach shirt, and more. Your dog will get many compliments when wearing this stylish shirt, projecting beach vacation vibes no matter where you are.

HOODDEAL Plaid Dog Shirt

Your dog will look extra dapper when wearing the HOODEAL Plaid Dog Shirt. It comes with a matching bowtie, so this checkered western shirt is one of the most stylish outfits on this list. It’s perfect for birthdays, weddings, holidays, family pictures, and more and will match all your special occasion needs – as long as you’re okay with your dog stealing the show!

This Amazon’s Choice product is 100 percent cotton, so it’s machine washable, breathable, and stretchy. It wicks moisture to keep your dog cool, comfortable, and dry. This dog shirt won’t shrink when you wash it in cold water and tumble-dry it. Thanks to the snaps, the HOODDEAL Plaid Dog Shirt is easy to put on and take off. You never have to worry about losing one or maneuvering the shirt into place with regular buttons.

The HOODDEAL Plaid Dog Shirt comes in sizes Small through XX-Large, ranging from $7.99 to $10.49. It looks like designer dog clothing without the hefty price tag. Despite the sizing availability, this dog shirt is made for small breeds, though it can also fit a cat! Refer to the size chart as the sizing is not as expected. Customers love this shirt. They say it’s high quality, sturdy, and durable. Given the affordable price tag, they also call it an excellent value for their money.

All HOODEAL’s products are made with your dog in mind, helping them stand out while being cozy and comfortable all day long. They have clothes for all seasons, and while this is traditionally for male dogs, plenty of female or gender-neutral options are available, including a dog dress and dog pajamas.

WEONE Dog Summer T-Shirts Striped Cotton Vest,Pet Breathable Soft Basic Clothes for Small Medium Larg Boy Girl Dogs,M
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WEONE Dog Shirt

Some dogs don’t like sleeves on their shirts because it restricts their movement. If your dog has sensory issues but still wants to rock dog tees, try the WEONE Dog Shirt. This set has two shirts, and you can choose between colors – solid, striped, and prints – including a fun Hawaiian print!

These shirts are polycotton blends, so they are soft, breathable, and lightweight enough to keep your dog from overheating. They have excellent elasticity, stretch to your dog’s best fit with each wear, and do not ride up. They are tight enough to help your dog feel secure, and unlike other dog shirts, these are everyday shirts. There’s nothing special about these shirts, which is why they are fantastic for training your dog to get used to wearing clothes. The WEONE Dog Shirt has a size chart; many report they fit as expected.

These shirts come in sizes XX-Small through 3X-Large and retail between $10.69 and $15.77, depending on the size and color. There’s also an additional coupon available, so be sure to clip it before you check out for maximum savings. Each package comes with two shirts, and customers are pleased with these shirts’ overall design and fit. They’re comfortable, soft, and stretchy. The WEONE Dog Shirts are easy to care for, so pop them in the wash when you need to clean them up.

Many picked out these shirts to keep their dog from scratching, but their dogs fell in love with them and wore them all year.

Fitwarm 2-Pack 100% Cotton Striped Dog Shirts for Dog Clothes Puppy T-Shirts Cat Tee Breathable Strechy
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Fitwarm Dog Shirts

The Fitwarm Dog Shirts are another great dog shirt for everyday wear. They come in a two-pack with fun, multicolored striped designs. They do have a small arm with a ribbed hole, so if your dog doesn’t like wearing clothes, these may be more challenging to get on. Snag these dog shirts in sizes X-Small through XX-Large for $14.39 through $17.09. They fit cats and dogs and are cotton and spandex for maximum comfort and stretchiness.

The fabric is excellent for sensitive skin, which is essential if you’re trying to get your dog to stop licking or scratching. It’s soft and breathable, so they won’t overheat when they wear it. One of the best features of these dog shirts is that they are cut higher in the belly, so they won’t ride down and get dirty as your pet does their business. The pullover design also makes it easy to put on and take off.

Customers love these dog clothes because they are lightweight, high-quality, and of great value. Many warn that you should check the size chart. These are for small breeds, ranging from a toy poodle to an English bulldog. Any bigger, and you’ll want to try a different brand. Fitwarm has been delighting pet parents for more than a decade with dog dresses, dog pajamas, dog costumes, dog coats and sweaters, raincoats, and dog shirts and hoodies. They are perfectly designed for pets who want to be stylish and comfortable.

The Final Say on Dog Shirts

Does your furry friend need a dog shirt? Probably not. Does that mean they shouldn’t wear them? No! Dog shirts are a fun way to elevate your dog’s look. They can also be functional as you look to keep your dog warm or prevent them from scratching or irritating stitches. With plenty of styles and designs, you can find a dog shirt that will meet your needs.

Many dog clothing manufacturers favor smaller dogs, so check the size chart. Even though it says XL, it may still be meant for smaller breed dogs and cats. Getting your dog to wear clothes may not be easy, so make sure you assess their comfort level. Positive reinforcement can do wonders as you train them. Some don’t like things being pulled over their heads, while others aren’t comfortable with their legs being restricted. Check the cut around your dog’s privates to ensure it won’t soak up their potty breaks.

Pay attention to how your dog is acting while wearing the clothes. In the winter, the clothes will help them retain body heat and stay warm, while in the summer, it may cause them to overheat. Never leave your dog unattended while wearing clothes because they can easily snag and hurt themselves, especially if they are at a dog park playing.

Ultimately, you decide if your dog should be wearing dog clothes. It’s not cruel to want them to look good! Just make sure to care for their comfort when you dress your dog up with these stylish dog shirts.