Black Golden Retriever: A Complete Guide

Black golden labrador retriever with yellow background

Many people know the golden retriever as the perfect family dog. This breed is old and the second most popular dog breed in the U.S. They’re in the sporting dog breed group and make an excellent fit for many family styles. You can train these dogs as companions, service, or watchdogs. The golden retriever breed is amiable and well known for various reasons. This large dog breed works great in many family types and is easily trainable. For a retriever breed, they’re more famous for their calm attitudes rather than their workability. However, the black golden retriever puppy is an excellent fit for many people, and this article can help you decide if this dog is the right fit for your home.

Golden Retriever History

The legend of the black golden retriever puppy is that it originated from a circus dog. It says that this breed comes from a Russian Sheepdog breed bred in Scotland at the highland estate of a man known as Lord Tweedmouth. The English Kennel Club first registered the breed in 1911 as a retriever: yellow or golden, and in 1920, they changed the breed‘s official name to the golden retriever. The American Kennel Club didn’t catch on to the golden retriever fanbase until they added the breed in 1932. This breed has remained intensely popular in the U.S. and is among the best family dog breeds available. Even though golden retrievers are calm-tempered, they have many needs and can be unhealthy if not given what they need. This dog is too big to be happy in an apartment home, but they would do well in houses.

Golden and black labrador retrievers


As mentioned briefly before, the golden retriever breed is a large dog. These pets can grow to weigh between 55 to 75 pounds and might grow to stand between 21 to 24 inches. Even though these dogs can grow to be pretty big, they can get along well with other animals, like cats or small rodents. They are super even-tempered and calm dogs, so they do well in houses with many small children.


This super sweet breed is kind and has a highly gentle soul. They might get zoomies now and then and go running around your home, but mostly, this breed will relax with you at home. Keeping them fit and entertained is essential in helping them maintain their exceptional temperaments. Many parents find their golden retriever is great and trustworthy around their children. Still, it’s crucial to ensure you train your dog correctly before safely leaving them alone with your kids. This dog’s natural calmness is a hallmark of their breed. They’re also eager to please their owners, making them great pets. It’s pretty simple to train these dogs at home as long as you’re consistent with your lessons.

Man cuddling and loving his black golden retriever by the water


Like many other retriever breeds, the golden retriever breed is brilliant. This intelligent breed is excellent at training as long as its owners provide regular lessons. When you train a dog, you want to give them enough time to relax to get them to train again. It’s a good idea to stick to only three training sessions daily, although you can make these lessons between ten to twenty minutes long. Keeping the training sessions short and sweet is vital to maintaining a positive training environment.

Even though the golden retriever breed is very obedient, they need an owner to get them to enjoy training. Teaching your dog to like training is as simple as only providing positive feedback. Don’t chastise your pet for not following commands; instead, focus on encouraging them with positive words, a light tone, and plenty of treats. Finding treats your dog loves is one of the easiest ways to help motivate them to train more.


This dog breed is perfect, but people with dog allergies will not adapt well to owning a black golden retriever. This breed has an oversized coat and sheds a lot, and will leave hair all over your couches, beds, and clothes. If you take special care to groom your pet regularly, you’ll be able to brush those loose hairs out of their coats. Even though you will have your pet’s fur all over your clothes, these dogs have a great temperament and make fabulous pets. You must be a real dog lover to get along with how much fur the adult dog will shed.

Black Golden Retriever Health Overview

The black golden retriever breed has a primarily healthy life and lives an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Most of the dogs in this breed maintain completely healthy lives with an occasional struggle with anxiety and stress. Still, some golden retrievers will develop physical health conditions needing minor care to help them cope with their symptoms. Pet owners should know that the golden retriever‘s loyal personality means they’re more at risk of experiencing stress and anxiety. Still, any dog owner can easily help their dogs overcome these symptoms.

black labrador retriever in the woods in the autumn season

Common Psychological Health Conditions


Many dogs, including a black golden retriever, will experience stress. Dogs can experience stress due to poor socialization or loud noises. When a dog experiences stress because of poor socialization, it will experience symptoms of stress around new people, places, or animals. Dogs that have noise-induced stress will get stress symptoms around sirens, fireworks, or thunderstorms. There are many common symptoms a dog may show when they’re distressed, and the best way to help them is to understand your pet’s symptoms and treat them from there.

If your pet gets stressed, it will probably hold its ears back, tuck its tail between its legs, or lower its head. Other stressed signs can be if your dog is pacing, whining, barking, or drooling. Some animals with more extreme symptoms of stress might shake, hide behind their owners, or try to run away. There are plenty of ways to help a dog calm down from their stress, although the best way to assess how to help your pet is to reduce the intensity of their stress. You can treat dogs with low stress with calming supplements or safe spaces. You can also remove your pet from whatever situation is causing them stress when applicable. If your pet is suffering from a more intense stress reaction, try treating them with training that can help them more in the long run. Regular socialization training can help them de-stress in new environments.


Anxiety is common in many dogs, and separation anxiety is the most common type in canines. There are plenty of reasons a dog might have anxiety, although many animals will experience anxiety when reminded of something from their past. If your pet has experienced trauma like abandonment, homelessness, abuse, or neglect, they will get anxious anytime something reminds them of their trauma. It also causes shelter dogs to experience more anxiety on average. The best way to help your pet overcome their anxiety is to acknowledge when they experience their symptoms and decide how severe their issue is.

Some dogs only have minor symptoms, like barking, whining, or pacing. Some animals will start shaking or trying to hide. Sometimes, the dog likes to hide behind their owner specifically, or they shake and sit as close to their owners as possible to calm down. Severe anxiety can cause a dog to vomit, urinate, or defecate. The most common way separation anxiety-ridden dogs show their anxiety is by tearing up their owner’s house when they are away. Owners don’t have to worry about anxiety becoming an issue too fast. Dogs can quickly alleviate their nervousness if owners get them a calming item. It can be calming supplements, dog CBD, and treats or creating a calming, safe space. Owners should consider counterconditioning if their pet has a more severe form of anxiety. Counterconditioning is a training practice that helps a dog change an anxious reaction to a calm or good one. It’s effective but costly and time-consuming.

Calming Dog Products

Many families don’t have the time or money for more costly training classes to help their dogs through difficult moments, but there are plenty of products owners can get to help calm their dogs. Dogs benefit from having a place to go without being bothered. This safe space is a standard method used by pet parents today, and it doesn’t require much time. These areas should be quiet and away from foot traffic. They must surround their dog with things that make him feel calm. This space can be an area in someone’s bedroom or a small private room for their dog. Owners should put a comfortable dog bed, a cage, some blankets, their dog‘s favorite toy and anything else that helps their dog feel calm. Don’t forget to include a bowl of water with some calming Zen Chews to help him feel safe. Pet owners can add anything they want to their dogs’ safe spaces, making sure it helps them feel happier.

Black golden retriever by the water at sunset after a swim

Common Physical Health Conditions

Hip Dysplasia

Many canines struggle with joint issues, and the black golden retriever struggles with hip dysplasia. It is when a dog‘s hip joint aligns in a way that causes it to grind off itself. This condition leads to minor aches and pains and usually only affects dogs in their twilight years. When a dog ages, it might experience a slew of symptoms that align with hip dysplasia.

Most symptoms of hip dysplasia cause a dog to experience pain in their hip joint. Dogs with hip dysplasia might growl or bark when people touch their hip joints. Any puppy with this condition might also show signs through limping, crying when they stand or lay down, or playing less. You can treat dogs at home experiencing pain from this condition. You can find plenty of pain management medicines at your local pet stores. These pet stores also have canine CBD and joint supplements, which can help relieve your dog‘s hip dysplasia symptoms.

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Elbow Dysplasia

There are many common joint diseases dogs face, and elbow dysplasia is one of the most common. This condition occurs in many dogs, and the black golden retriever has a significant chance of developing this condition. When dogs suffer from elbow dysplasia, they’re born with their elbow joint in misalignment. It causes the joint to move irregularly and eventually leads to joint pain and other issues.

Usually, only older dogs get affected by this condition and maintain mostly mild reactions. Many dogs have joint pain and might limp or run without using the affected leg. Some dogs will cry or whimper if someone touches their joint. Some dogs will use stairs less, jump less, and wince when standing or sitting. When dogs have this condition, owners must help their pups overcome pain symptoms. Pet owners can do this by going to their local pet stores and purchasing helpful aids like joint supplements, dog CBD, or other pain management treats their pet store may offer.

Von Willebrand’s Disease

Von Willebrand’s disease is a condition that affects many dog breeds, including the black golden retriever. When dogs have this condition, they show very few symptoms, and it isn’t easy to diagnose them. Usually, veterinarians diagnose animals with von Willebrand’s disease during a sterilization surgery, like spaying or neutering. When dogs have this condition, it’s harder for their blood to clot, so they bleed more than usual. Even though this sounds scary, dogs only have minor issues with their condition and live primarily everyday life. Vets advise people with dogs with von Willebrand’s disease to not allow their dogs to play on concrete. It’s also a good idea not to let them play with other dogs if they’re prone to roughhousing.

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Oral Health

A dog‘s oral health is a seriously overlooked portion of its health. Many dogs in the U.S. suffer from dental diseases, and their owners aren’t even aware. When dogs eat, they gather bacteria and food in their teeth. These bacteria can lead to an accumulation of plaque and tartar, which may develop into dental disease. The first stage of dental disease in many dogs makes a pet’s gums sensitive, swollen, and easy to bleed. In the worst cases of poor oral health, dogs can develop respiratory or heart disease.

The best way to prevent dental disease in your black golden retriever is to brush its teeth regularly. Owners should aim to give their dog three brushing sessions a week, but if you can’t give your dog three, give them at least once weekly. It’s vital only to use dog products, as human products aren’t safe for animals. In between brushing sessions, you can give your pet oral health treats to help keep up with their oral health needs.

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The Black Golden Retriever Breed‘s Needs


All dog breeds need plenty of exercise to stay healthy. If they don’t get enough activity, it can lead to health issues and poor behavior. Owners can help their dogs stay healthy by providing about twenty to thirty minutes of vigorous activity. Taking your pet on a walk twice daily should be enough to let your golden retriever keep their golden mellow attitude. We know these dogs to be mouthy, so it might be a good idea to let them play with balls or soft toys they can chew out. This way, they can get their energy out before it manifests unhealthily.

Remember that you must also provide your dog with regular mental activity. Dogs that don’t have mental exercise will react poorly to their environments and exhibit signs of depression and inappropriate behaviors. There are many ways to help a dog achieve its mental activity need with regular training sessions. Also, enrichment activities are great ways to achieve physical and mental needs. There are plenty of different ways owners can try enrichment activities, depending on how much they want to move.


A bigger breed like the black golden retriever needs a good amount of food to stay healthy. A dog‘s dietary needs can change regularly based on age, sex, weight, breed, height, and activity levels. An active black golden retriever will need about two to three cups of high-quality dog food daily. It’s best to give these dogs their daily needs in two meals at least. Also, keep in mind that your dog‘s daily treats should not exceed over 10% of its daily calorie needs.

Many dogs in the U.S. have weight issues because pet owners don’t give their dogs the right amount of food, and this can lead to other issues like obesity, heart disease, or depression. About 50% of adult pet U.S. dogs are obese, and these dogs may have shorter lifespans than other healthy dogs.


With a breed that sheds a lot like the black golden retriever, there will be a few grooming needs owners should be ready to cover. First, know that your black golden retrievers have water-repellent outer coats. Their coats are dense, but you don’t have to worry about washing your pet, so they don’t smell horrible after the rain.

While the golden retriever is primarily golden, there are rarely white and black goldens, which aren’t recognized as purebred traits by the American Kennel Club. The American Kennel Club recognizes shades of light to dark gold that most purebred golden retrievers have.

To give your golden the best fur possible, brush them daily to prevent their fur from tangling. If you don’t want to brush them daily, you’ll have to brush the dogs at an absolute minimum of once a week. You can always use something like a dog fur detangler in between your pet’s brushing sessions. This way, their fur stays nice. It’s best to bathe your dog regularly, every six to nine weeks, so they keep smelling and looking clean.

young man washing and cleaning a black labrador in grooming salon

Top Product Picks for the Black Golden Retriever

If you decide to adopt a black golden retriever, you might feel the excitement in your build-up. Adopting a new dog is beautiful, and as excited as people get, they can forget that dogs might not get as excited as humans. Often, moving time causes more stress and anxiety in dogs than usual, and adoption provides them with a whole new family. Understandably, these dogs need a little time to adjust. But, if you purchase the right things, you can help your dog with a smoother transition.

Before adopting your dog, purchase a collar, leash and dog bed and ensure your pet has a safe space in your house. Purchasing a cage is also helpful, as they might feel more comfortable in a safe enclosure when they sleep. If you want to welcome your dog, have a bowl of dog food ready when they walk through the door. If you have food and water readily available for them, they can immediately start associating their new home with a positive feeling.

Dog owners find many other valuable objects but might not want to or remember to buy them immediately. For example, dogs need harnesses, but if you don’t know your pet’s size, you must wait to purchase a harness until you get that information. You may also want a food storage container, doggy waste bags, toys, and some treats for your pet. These things will be helpful when you want to play with your dog or take them for a long walk. You may also want to purchase a dog car seatbelt, portable water and food dishes. There are many accessories you can purchase.

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