Best Stairs and Ramps for Your Morkie

Morkie puppy on a hardwood floor

A Morkie is a small, lovable crossbreed that gets along well with other dogs and humans. The Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese breeds were combined to produce a gorgeous and affectionate dog. While “Morkie” is the most common term used for this charming mix, you may also know them by names like Morkshire terrier, Yorktese, Malki, or Maltiyork. If you ever come across any of these names, you can be sure it’s a Morkie.  The Morkie’s appearance may vary widely depending on which traits they inherit from each parent. Considering the size and look of both the Maltese and the Yorkshire terrier, you may anticipate the pup to be a beautifully boned dog with a slim neck, back, and straight limbs. Because the Morkie is a hybrid between two toy dog breeds, it’s fair to presume your pup will be on the small side. Morkies typically weigh between 7 to 13 pounds and stand between 4 and 8 inches tall at the withers.  You should closely monitor an overly excitable dog like a Morkie. These little pups enjoy jumping and leaping, which can be dangerous for them. Ramps are great for small dogs that may have a difficult time getting up on the couch, a bed, or in a vehicle.  With proper use, ramps can greatly reduce the risk of injury your cherished canine companion may otherwise experience. And, regardless of their small size, you may find it tiresome to continually pick-up your Morkie. Fortunately, dog stairs and ramps are ideal for your Morkie, which can make life simpler for both of you. Before you purchase a ramp or stairs for your dog, make sure you check out the measurements first to ensure you buy one that is the appropriate height for your Morkie. Moreover, if you don’t have a lot of space, a foldable and lightweight ramp would serve you best. It’s also important that the stairs have an anti-skid surface; to protect your dog from slipping. If your puppy hesitates to use the stairs, place snacks on them to help motivate your pet to climb up. You can also place a toy on the steps to entice your dog to use the stairs. Morkie puppy lying on a rug

The Importance of Good Stairs or Ramps

Morkies are small dogs that may often find it difficult to leap on and off furniture, regardless of their energy level. Canine arthritis is found in one in every five dogs, according to the Arthritis Foundation.  Statistically, that is a huge number of dog’s that suffer from joint pain due to this autoimmune disorder. Excessive jumping and climbing can further damage your dog’s joints; therefore, providing them with a ramp or stairs to use will greatly reduce their risk of injury and lessen the probability of developing more pain in their joints. The joints and bones of your dog ‘Morkie’ are still growing. Injuries may be caused by jumping too much, falling forcefully, or leaping improperly. You don’t need to train your dog to climb the stairs or ramps as they’ll likely consider these stairs their personal playground equipment and will happily do it on their own. If you own a small dog like a Morkie, consider getting a ramp or stairs that are the right size to fit your dog’s needs.   Pet ramps are often made of wood, plastic, or foam and designed to allow dogs easy access to elevated surfaces such as beds, couches, and cars; however, stairs may be a better choice for you. Stairs take up less space than ramps, making them ideal for small areas like close to a bed or sofa. Ramps and stairs provide a way for your Morkie to get on the couch, bed, or other high spots with little effort. In turn, their joints are not subjected to the force of jumping and landing; therefore, the risk of injury and developing arthritis or joint pain is drastically reduced. 

Best Pet Supplies Pet Steps and Stairs with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam

Do you have a little dog or puppy that struggles to get up on the sofa or bed with you? If that’s the case, these foam pet stairs will be a delight. Depending on the height you need, you may choose three, four, or five step setups to make life simpler for your furry friend. The design of the ramp provides a gentle incline and a foot grip for a no-slip climb. This pet stair is made up of the best quality USA-made foam and ultra-soft fleece fabric. It’s also to clean; simply remove the stair coverings and toss them in the washer. Whatever your interior design style or color scheme, you’ll be able to find a cover for the stairs in the Best Pet Supplies collection to complement it perfectly. Most of the Best Pet Supplies foam pet steps are coated in a detachable plush fabric that’s available in various colors and patterns, including light and dark brown, animal print, white, and two eye-catching paw print patterns. Anytime you want a new look, simply change the cover, there are plenty of choices to pick from, allowing you to experiment with different looks.   Additionally, these stairs include other characteristics such as an anti-slip bottom and a 15-inch width, which give extra stability. Pets suffering from symptoms due to arthritis or joint pain will benefit from using this product. The gentle incline and easy use provide a way for your Morkie to get on a high surface without putting much pressure on their joints. Plus, the soft foam cushioning eliminates any uncomfortable moments in the event of a bump against the steps. This product is high quality with excellent durability and made with premium-grade material and CertiPUR-US certified foam. It’s worth noting that the top step of these stairs is a bit shaky for big dogs, but it’s great for smaller dogs, like a Morkie. It’s important to keep an eye on your Morkie when they use them as these stairs are not foldable and don’t have side rails. Overall, this is an excellent option for Morkie owners who want to give their pets easy access to high surfaces. 

Foam Pet Steps

by Best Pet Supplies 

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PetSafe CozyUp Folding Pet Steps

Many consider weight, durability, and no-slip qualities of pet stairs the most important factors when choosing pet stairs. PetSafe’s stairs reign supreme in the pet stair category. The maximum weight limit is 200 pounds and nonslip rubber pads on the legs prevent slippage. Even the individual steps feature nonslip pads, so if your Morkie likes to race up the stairs, there will be little danger of slipping. The stairs do not require any assembly and fit nicely between your footboard and mattress to provide a tight fit with the bed. It’s equipped with non-skid feet and side rails, providing the utmost in safety. Non-skid feet provide a strong grip on the surface so that your dog doesn’t slip off. As a result, you no longer have to deal with your puppy waking you up in the night to climb on your bed. Additionally, you can easily store the stairs under your couch or bed due to its foldable feature.  The PetSafe stairs are available in two sizes: extra-large for dogs weighing up to 200 pounds with a 25-inch step and large for breeds weighing up to 150 pounds with 20-inch steps. This stair model comes in two color options: tan and gray. The steps are wide enough for small and large breeds. However, it does lack an important safety measure. It stays still on the carpet but slides around on laminate flooring.  Overall, PetSafe Folding Pet Steps are a great option if your Morkie finds it challenging to get on his favorite bed or sofa spot. It’s a high-quality product that’s portable and attractive. It’s also good for preventing unwanted stress on dogs’ hips and joints. 

CozyUp Folding Dog Stairs

by PetSafe 

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Best Pet Supplies Foldable Pet Steps

Best Pet Supplies Foldable Pet Steps is another great product on the list. Best Pet Supplies stairs are the ideal solution for assisting dogs in reaching that high bed or sofa! Available in 3-step, 4-step, and 5-step choices to effectively fit the height of your furniture. They are available in eight beautiful colors: ash gray, brick red, brown linen, dark brown, mustard, ivory, teal, and gray lattice print. They are also available in four stylish patterns to complement your furniture.  Arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint diseases may occur in dogs as they age. Dog stairs or ramps are great for cushioning your dog’s steps and offering relief from the joint discomfort associated with age-related health concerns. Best Pet Supplies has a staircase constructed with mattress-grade padding to ease the strain on paws and joints in such cases. Unfortunately, your Morkie may have an uncanny knack for getting their stairs dirty. Don’t worry, there are many options available that come with an easy-to-clean cover or are simply a washable dog stair. The Best Pet Supplies stair covers are removable and machine washable, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time spot cleaning or hand washing it. Instead, unzip the stair covers and toss it into the washing machine and run it on a gentle cycle.  Additionally, your little pup can easily climb to his favorite spot due to the anti-slip bottom feature of the steps. It is also 15 to 16 inches wide providing a wide area and more stability. These pet steps are produced by CertiPUR-US certified foams and are free of ozone depleters, PDBW flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other substances and chemicals that may be hazardous to your pet. You can take transfer these steps from one room to the next with ease. The robust design and reliable materials used give your Morkie easy accessibility to places they may not otherwise have without the stairs. This product is a convenient pick for Morkie owners. 

Best Pet Supplies Foldable Pet Steps

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PETMAKER Folding Plastic Pet Stairs

When you need to get your dog in or out of the car, the PETMAKER folding plastic pet steps can assist. It’s designed to meet the needs of puppies and elderly dogs that may benefit from a little help in getting to their desired destinations. The four-step design includes built-in safety measures, and these folding stairs are simple to handle and store, making them ideal for a trip. PETMAKER Plastic Folding Pet Stairs are composed of sturdy and resilient plastic, so they will last a long time. Because the PETMAKER Folding Plastic Chairs are made of plastic, they are very simple to clean. You only need a wet cloth and mild soap. The built-in side rails keep your Morkie safe by preventing them from falling off the sides. The non-slip foam cushions also protect your pet from falls and from sliding across the floor. Another safety feature is the adhesive back felt step coverings that provide traction for your pet, and the snap-lock function that stops the stairs from collapsing while in use. The pet stairs are available in small and medium sizes to accommodate the height of your bed and sofa.  They have a weight limit of 120 pounds which make them suitable for small breeds, like Morkies. You may benefit from an additional set of stairs to use. You could keep one in your house and one in your car for trips. These easy-to-store foldable, compact steps can be conveniently stored in a closet, beneath furniture, or in the trunk of your car. PETMAKER is renowned for producing high-quality goods and products for pets. The brand provides exceptional value to its clients by maintaining quality, affordable prices, and great customer service. 

Pet Stairs Safe and Durable Indoor or Outdoor Ramp

by PetMaker

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Pet Gear

Pet Gear Inc. is a company dedicated to the development and distribution of ingenious pet goods. Pet Gear uses supertax as a removable mat for stairs and ramps where traction is an issue. Supertax’s “pressure-activated gripping” capability is one of its most valuable qualities; the more pressure the pet applies to the mat, the greater the grip strength. The bottom of the mat is made with rubber grippers to make the ramp stable and secure. You can conveniently use this ramp indoors or outdoors, or on floors with a hard surface as it has rubber grippers on the bottom. This pet ramp’s gentle slope gives your Morkie an easy path to a high area and are essential aids for pets unable to jump. Pet Gear’s one-step pet ramp is constructed of high-quality polyester that ensures maximum durability and sturdiness. The ramp has a kickstand and doesn’t require attachments and is excellent for small breeds that weigh up to 150 pounds. Unfortunately, it’s only available in one size and color: chocolate.  This chocolate-colored ramp for pets is lightweight and can be easily moved from one room to another. It’s only 28 x 16 x 16 inches in size making it easy to store. The Pet Gear free-standing pet ramp needs very little care and can be wiped clean with a dry cloth. Customers often choose pet ramps with side rails, which protect your dog from accidentally going over the stairwell’s edge. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on the Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Stairs. On the other hand, the steps are substantially broader than most similar items. Pet Gear’s bi-fold and tri-fold models are foldable. However, you can store this product in smaller places due to its small size. The Pet Gear range is designed to give pet owners the best degree of convenience by combining aesthetics, functionality, and durability. Hence, it’s a reliable pick for dog owners looking for some support for their dogs. 

Stramp Stair and Ramp Combination

by Pet Gear

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Final Thoughts

Stairs and ramps are helpful products for dogs with agility issues. They also protect your dog from developing joint issues like arthritis and patellar luxation. Stairs and ramps will make your short-legged friend’s life easier when they want to climb up on the sofa or bed. It might be a daunting task for a pet owner to decide which product will be beneficial for their dog. The optimal design is both solid and stable, but not big and bulky. The above-mentioned dog stairs and ramps are the top-rated products on Amazon.   If a high-quality dog ramp is what you’re looking for, the perfect one for your Morkie is the PetSafe Cozyup folding ramp. It’s aesthetics, reliability, and quality features combined produce the best dog ramp available. It also has an anti-skid surface that will reduce the risk of slipping and offers budget-friendly pet products. If durability is the number one feature you’re looking for in a dog stair, look no further the PETMAKER pet stair is the best option for you.  If a variety of color choices is on the top of your list, the Best Pet Supplies stairs offer eight different colors to choose from. Pet Gear’s one-step and extra-wide ramp can also be a good option for you if you seek premium quality mat material and rubber feet for stability. The products mentioned above are all excellent choices that might be a good fit for your Morkie. ­

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