Best Pet Vacuum Options for All Floor Types

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Best Pet Vacuum Options for All Floor Types 

If you’re tired of your regular vacuum leaving wads of dog fur in the corners of your house, you aren’t alone. Plenty of standard household vacuum cleaners don’t have the right instruments to successfully remove most pet hair and dandruff. Even though a few regular vacuums do have some of these tools, they often lose suction power quickly, which means you have to exert more energy when cleaning your house. This is why so many companies started designing cleaners specifically for pet owners, so they can help keep cleaning their homes simple and easy.

What is a Pet Vacuum?

Everyone knows what a regular vacuum is, and pet vacuums are pretty much the same thing, except they have a few special additions that make them excellent at cleaning up excess pet hair. 

For one, these vacuums are specifically geared toward people who own pets. You don’t have to have more than one dog to want a pet vacuum cleaner. Also, these tools are usually made to make cleaning more efficient and easier, and you don’t need a pet to want these qualities either. 

Pet vacuums are often designed to accompany many different floor surfaces, so they are handy both on bare floors and at different carpet heights. 

In addition to having special accessories, these vacuums are also made with unique bristles. Most regular vacuums have brushes that can catch pet hair, but they tangle the fur in their bristles, spreading the dead hair around the house and making your vacuum more inefficient at cleaning other clumps of pet hair. These pet vacuums have bristles specially designed to avoid this issue, while it also helps pick up smaller things like pet dander. Also, many regular vacuums use bags to store anything they sweep up, making them lose suction throughout their use. Pet vacuums are usually designed without bags, so they don’t lose this suction, especially because pet hair can build up quickly inside a small vacuum bag. 

Pet Vacuums are Essential Products for Those with Allergies

If you or someone in your home has any allergies to dust, dandruff, or pet allergies, a pet vacuum is an essential purchase. Many regular vacuums don’t aim to pick up pet hair effectively, and they don’t even try to pick up pet dander. You don’t need to have a pet to benefit from these vacuums since they can pick up the tiniest particles that irritate many people with allergy sensitivities in general.

Pet danders are incredibly small particles that come off all dogs, including hypoallergenic pups. These small specks and dead skin cells are often very minuscule, but they can easily build up over time, especially if your normal vacuum isn’t efficiently sucking them up in your home. Pet dander can often hang suspended in the air for long periods, but it can easily attach itself to furniture, clothes, or hard-to-reach spaces once it falls. Vacuums designed to clean up after pets are created with this information in mind. Their special bristles and strong suction power are made to target the smallest pet danders and dead skin cells that might’ve attached themselves to your upholstery or living room coffee table.

What Makes for the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

With so many special pet vacuums on the market, it can be hard to discern what makes a vacuum truly worth the money. In a world driven by capitalism and marketing, some completely normal vacuums have been wrongly labeled as pet vacuums since they can theoretically clean up fur just as well as some pet vacuums. Manufacturers use this label to trick pet owners who don’t know much about pet vacuums into purchasing their regularly functioning machines. 

However, don’t allow these false labels to deter you from finding an efficient and helpful pet vacuum. After purchasing the right one for your home, you’re sure to see how useful these products can be. As long as you stay educated and do your research to learn what makes pet vacuums effective, these sad attempts to trick pet owners will not work on you since you know what you’re looking for in these tools.

The very best pet vacuums will require great suction power. Many pet vacuums are created with strong suction power and powerful motors to prevent any suction loss that can come with use. These special vacuums will have measurements to support their motors and powerful suction claims and should be at least about 200 air watts (AW). Some vacuums might not advertise their air wattage and will instead share amps, in which case these should have between 8 and 12 amps. While amps can be a great way to prove a pet vacuum’s motor is strong, it isn’t the 100% most reliable measurement of suction power. Still, it is much better to know the specific machine’s measurements than to purchase a machine without knowing any information. 

Another interesting fact about pet hair vacuum cleaners is that upright vacuum cleaners often result in the most amount of dog hair removal. Handheld vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly easier to use and great in a pinch. Still, all things considered, if you’re searching for the most efficient style of pet hair vacuum cleaner on the market, an upright vacuum cleaner can have powerful suction since its design allows for the best airflow. This helps prevent any dog hair from blocking the vacuum’s suction power and makes it easier to sweep up more of your pet’s dander and dead skin cells. 

Many regular vacuum cleaners use bags, which can cause issues when gathering pet fur. If you have more than one dog or a dog with a thick double coat, sweeping up their hair can clog your vacuum bag rather quickly. The best vacuum types will use cyclonic technology to suck up their dead hair. This technology uses centrifugal force, which is a fancy way of saying it spins the hair inside the vacuum until it flows straight into the dirt cup and minimizes any airflow obstructions. 

Since pet vacuums are supposed to be able to pick up dead hair, dead skin cells, and even pet dander, it’s important to have an excellent filtration system. A dog filter will catch all of these things and will not allow them to escape from the vacuum. Most pet vacuums will use high-efficiency allergen filters, preferably HEPA, employing multi-filtration systems. These systems are full of multiple types of filters and are layered together for the most effective results. The best of these multi-filtration systems even have advanced materials that eliminate pet odors as they clean. Without targeting the smallest particles, it can be hard to remove your dog’s scent completely. But these pet vacuums with the special filters can successfully complete all of these. The best of these vacuums will also freshen the air you vacuum. 

As stated earlier, the easiest differentiation to spot between a regular vacuum and a pet vacuum is that a pet vacuum will have special accessories to make it easier to pick up animal fur in hard-to-reach places. Pet-related vacuum accessories should include a crevice tool, dust brush tool, turbo nozzle, and any other additions that can make it easier to remove excess fur. Since pet dander and fur can get stuck on upholstery, stairs, and corners, cleaning up after your animal without these additions can be incredibly challenging. An accessory pack should inform you if it can remove pet hair from all surfaces, including narrow spaces, furniture, and even your clothes. 

Look for a different product if you’re looking at a so-called pet vacuum and can’t find its suction power, motor strength, filter type, or vacuum accessories. Thankfully, this article is going to list a few products that hit all of these marks and work as excellent pet vacuums. 

How a Different Floor Type Can Determine the Best Type of Vacuum

When purchasing a pet vacuum for your home, you may not realize how big of an impact the type of floors you have can make on the success of your vacuum cleaner. 

Many pet vacuum cleaners are made with a brush roll built-in that can remove any pet hair embedded in your carpets. This is a discerning factor when it comes to purchasing a dog vacuum versus a regular vacuum.

Also, it’s important to make sure your pet vacuum has an on/off adjustment for the brush rolls if you have multiple types of floors in your house. You don’t want to have this feature on when cleaning a bare floor since it might scratch or damage your wood floors. 

If you have a lot of carpets or rugs in your home, you’ll want to make sure you have a manual multi-level height adjustment option so your pet vacuum can more easily remove hair on both high-pile and low-pile carpet textures. This is one of the most important factors when purchasing a pet vacuum since the vacuums are primarily used to sweep up floors. 

Best Pet Vacuum Options for All Floor Types

1. BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum with Swivel Steering 

The Bissell 2252 pet vacuum is an upright swivel vacuum with a 25-foot cord. The swivel part of the vacuum makes it easy to get it around any tables or furniture in your home while cleaning up after your pet. With eight amps for a power rating and a triple action brush roll, this vacuum is excellent for pet owners looking to clean their homes. Although this pet vacuum cleaner has a brush roll, it doesn’t have an on/off brush roll switch, so it won’t be great on hard floor surfaces. So if you’re looking for a vacuum to clean your hardwood floor, this may not be the best choice. 

Although this vacuum might not be best for hard floor surfaces, it’s an excellent choice for carpets. This 12.5-pound vacuum has a carry handle to make it easy to transport. It also has an excellent filtration system along with an airflow indicator. The multi-cyclonic suction system uses a special centrifugal system to keep the debris and mess swept away into the dirt tank. This tool uses a dirt tank with a 1-L capacity. Its multi-level filter system is great at trapping even the smallest of debris. This pet vacuum cleaner is also hand-washable, making cleaning this vacuum super easy. The dirt tank is easily emptiable as it has a button release, so all you have to do is hold the machine over a trashcan, and with the press of a button, your dirt is emptied. 

The Bissell vacuum also comes with plenty of cleaning accessories. A crevice tool is great at getting into hard-to-reach areas and corners, and the combination dusting brush is excellent for sweeping up plenty of fur off of clothes or other softer materials. The upholstery tool also makes it easier to sweep up any dander or fur leftover on your couch cushions or fabric-covered chairs, and a 6-foot extension wand makes cleaning easier. 

2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless Vacuum with Swivel Steering


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2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum with Pet Power Brush

The Shark vacuum cleaner is an upright vacuum with a 30-foot power cord with a 10 amp power suction. This vacuum has an XL dust cup that can fit 2.2 quarts (roughly 2 liters) of dirt. The dirt cup has a press-button release canister that makes it easy to empty, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty after cleaning your floors. The brush roll on this vacuum makes it great for cleaning carpeted floors, and the on/off switch makes it an excellent choice to clean hardwood flooring as well. This tool is a great choice if you have multiple floor types in your home. 

This Shark vacuum cleaner uses an anti-allergen seal that’s a complete HEPA filter. It’s a great filter to trap 99% of dust and allergens. 

The 13.7-pound machine makes it easy to carry around, but the lift-away pod makes it even easier to clean your stairs and other hard-to-reach areas. Many pet vacuums come with pet cleaning accessories, and this five-foot hose attachment has a pet power brush and a crevice tool to get the fur and dander out of tight reaching spaces. 

NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum

by Shark 

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3. BISSELL Cleanview Rewind Pet Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2489

This Bissell vacuum cleaner is excellent for all floor types with a triple action brush roll and five different height settings. This 13.65-pound dog vacuum has a carry handle and an 8 amp power rating. The scatter-free surface tool reduces debris scatter on hard floors, which is another reason it’s great for homes with multiple floor types.

With a 25-foot power cord and an automatic cord rewind wrap, it’s very easy to use and put away after cleaning your home. It has a multi-level filtration system, so it’s supposed to help keep any small dander trapped in the vacuum. The washable filter is also hand-washable, making it especially easy to clean after every use. 

A multi-cyclonic suction traps all debris in the vacuum’s one-liter dirt cup, and all the dead fur and dirt can be emptied from the dirt cup with a simple click of a button since the cup has an easy-release hatch.

In addition to great filtration and easy clean-up, this vacuum boasts many tools specifically made to clean up stubborn pet hair. The vacuum has a six-foot extension wand hose to reach corners, narrow spaces, and stairs alike. It also has a multi-use crevice tool, a combination dusting brush, an upholstery tool, and a pet turbo eraser tool. 

Because of its many special attachments and its versatility with multiple floor types, this is a great all-around vacuum for people who are looking to make cleaning up after their pet easier. 

Cleanview Rewind Pet Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


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4. Hoover MAXLife Pet Max Complete

Hoover makes a popular pet vacuum that can be used on hard floors and carpets. This upright bagless vacuum weighs approximately 17 pounds and has a removable handle to make transporting it easier. The tool has a 27-foot power cord and ten amps of power, maintaining a strong suction level for years of use. 

It claims to be excellent on multiple floor types, and since it has four levels of height adjustment, it seems to be a great option for homes with carpets and hardwood. 

This machine boasts multiple layers of filtration in its system. The main filter is a max life system, which has a secondary HEPA filter locked in. These two working together capture 97% of allergens, pet dander, and dust, preventing them from leaking onto your clean floors. 

Since this machine is bagless, its suction traps the debris in an extra-large dirt cup that is about 2.5 liters. The dirt cup also has an easy release button, so all you have to do is hold the dirt cup over a trash can, and with the push of a button, you can let the hair and dirt fall into your wastebin without having to get your hands dirty. 

All dog vacuum cleaners need to come with easy-to-use tools that are essential in getting the cleanest environment possible. This vacuum cleaner has a pet turbo tool, crevice tool, flexible dusting brush, and pivoting Dustin brush. These make it much easier for users to clean leftover dirt and hair on their upholstery, stairs, corners, narrow spaces, and even their clothes. 

MAXLife Pet Max Complete

by Hoover 

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You can find a pet vacuum that works great for you. Don’t let the vacuum manufacturers that falsely advertise being a pet vacuum trick you into buying a less-than-satisfactory tool. 

Look for a vacuum that has the cord length, suction power, dirt cup size, brush roll need, height-level options, and suction tool accessories you desire. If the price of these machines turns you off, then keep in mind when it comes to electronics, you often get what you pay for, so it can be worth saving up to buy a nice tool. These might cost a pretty penny, but most worthwhile pet vacuum cleaners that can help take excellent care of your home will be somewhat costly. Buying a vacuum that is efficient and easy to use makes cleaning your home a breeze, and you’ll be grateful you chose to pick a powerful tool like a pet vacuum cleaner. 

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