A Guide to Caring for an Anatolian Shepherd Puppy

anatolian shepherd laying in the grass

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The Anatolian Shepherd dog is an animal bred to take care of livestock in Turkey. These dogs are incredibly loyal and have an impressive and significantly large presence.

Anatolian Shepherd puppies are stubborn animals who need confident dog owners. Potential first-time dog owners should look for a breed that is easier to care for than the Anatolian Shepherd. These dogs can happily reward a consistent trainer but will quickly take advantage of less knowledgeable trainers.

Truthfully, Anatolian Shepherd puppies would thrive in a home with an experienced dog owner who is patient and calm. These dogs can be some of the most lovable pets in the world in the care of the right person.


These dogs are named after their native land called Anatolia, which is a central part of Turkey. The dogs are still a point of pride in Turkey and have even been placed on a national postage stamp.

It's likely the working ancestors of the Anatolian Shepherd dog date back 6,000 years. Because of their history in Turkey, they were often not fed after puppyhood and relied on catching gophers or other prey to sustain themselves. Many dogs pass traits along genetically, which is why some breeds are better at being service animals than other breeds. This breed passed down their independent thinking and loyal attitudes, making them great pets.

Anatolian Shepherd puppies came to the United States in the 1930s around when the Turkish government gave the Anatolian Shepherd to the US Department of Agriculture. The US Department of Agriculture was given two Anatolian Shepherd puppies as a gift as an experimental work for the US government. These dogs were gifts to help work with a US mission, but when WWII began, the mission was lost. The government couldn't afford to waste money or resources on a mission that wasn't vital to their current politics. They swiftly and quietly sold the two dogs they were given, along with the twelve puppies they had, to a man who bought them at an auction.

The Anatolian Shepherd dog was introduced into the American Kennel Club miscellaneous class in 1996 and was readjusted to the working group class in August of 1998.

anatolian shepherd sitting on the ground

Anatolian Shepherd Size

Anatolian Shepherd dogs were bred to defend flocks of livestock against outside predators. These dogs were meant to blend in with the flocks they protected, but the dogs needed to be considerably stronger than the livestock they watched over.

An average Anatolian Shepherd can weigh between 80 and 150 pounds, and their large size makes them great at protecting their flocks. However, because of how big these dogs are, they can knock children over if they play too rough and haven't been well-trained. These dogs also do not do well in apartment living because of their massive size. Anatolian Shepherd puppies typically grow to stand at 27 to 29 inches tall at their shoulders. These dogs can grow to be enormous, and even though these are their breed standards, some dogs may fall outside this range.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Temperament

Many Anatolian Shepherd puppies are friendly little beasts, and these dogs can grow to be huge and are typically very kind-mannered. While these dogs aren't known to be aggressive, they can be standoffish if they don't receive proper socialization at a young age. Owners can help their adopted Anatolian Shepherd puppies out of this funk by providing encouraging environments with plenty of treats and calm people. It's important never to force your dog to do something they're uncomfortable with but instead let them get used to it at their own pace.

Anatolian Shepherd puppies will happily welcome people they find familiar or part of their herd. These dogs might be big and intimidating on the outside, but they are cuddly kids on the inside.

Most Anatolian Shepherd puppies are confident, independent, and intelligent. They know what to do when they need to protect their herd, and they know how to care for those around them. These dogs naturally take on the role of protectors, whether they spend the majority of their time with other animals or people. Anatolian Shepherd puppies are very possessive and protective of their people.

These dogs are suspicious of those outside their regular social circles and may be reserved around new people. Because of how committed these dogs are, they are unlikely to let anyone besides their families onto their properties when their owner isn't home. But if you're looking for a loyal guard dog, these pups are perfect.

Anatolian Shepherd Breed Intelligence

Anatolian Shepherd dogs are brilliant animals. These pups are loyal and highly trainable, and their history as protectors has prepared them for training and makes them intuitively smarter.

These dogs don't always obey commands they know because of how naturally independent they are, and they may be headstrong when they have their sassy moments, but patient owners will see improvement if they calmly allow this stubbornness to pass. Their dogs will slip right back into following their commands.

Their sharp intellect and leading nature make them great fits for experienced dog owners. Only people who know how to train stubborn animals will understand the complexities and consistencies required to achieve the best reigning practices possible.


Big dogs have more body mass and more fur that covers their bodies. The Anatolian Shepherd grew their coats to blend in with the herds that they protect, but their coats remained short in length and typically only shed heavily on rare occasions.

Many Anatolian Shepherd puppies will have short fawn coats with black masks. They'll need to be brushed daily when they shed heavily, which is usually in the spring and then again in the fall. These dogs will only need to be brushed once a week and bathed rarely during regular shedding seasons.

anatolian shepherd standing in the grass

Anatolian Shepherd Puppies Health Overview

Every dog breed has certain conditions they are more likely to experience because of their specific genetic history. Even though these breeds have a certain predisposed risk of developing these health issues, it doesn't mean that they will.

This breed is generally healthy, and Anatolian Shepherd puppies live to be between 11 and 13 years old. These dogs will be at their best health physically and mentally when their owners provide them with enough enrichment and nutrition. Pet owners should always take their dogs to the vet at least once a year to ensure they are kept in their best health.

A lot of owners forget that, like us, dogs experience psychological distress as well. Even though many dogs live their entire lives without facing any physical health issues, every dog will have stress and anxiety in their life at some point. Some dogs have more severe problems with these psychological conditions and then need their owners' help to rid them of their symptoms.

Common Psychological Health Conditions


Anatolian Shepherd puppies usually feel stress in terms of their protective nature. Because they are so loyal and protective of their 'herd,' they are likely to experience stress when they are without their community.

Dogs also generally experience stress when they are around loud noises or in busy crowds. Dogs that aren't appropriately socialized will be stressed around other animals and new environments.

All owners need to do to be able to relieve their stressed-out Anatolian Shepherd is be able to recognize the signs of their stress and provide remedies.

Many dogs will pant, drool, bark, cry, whine, or pace when they feel stressed out. Some dogs might shake like they're trying to get dry. Anatolian Shepherd puppies will likely show similar signs of stress every time they experience it, so owners will come to know their dog's symptoms over time naturally.

By noticing what causes your dog's stress, you can understand how to limit or remove it from his life. If your dog gets stressed around a new animal, remove him from the space if his symptoms get too severe. It's up to the owners to choose when to act, but they can provide calming treats and supplements when they do.


Many dogs face anxiety when they are fearful in certain situations. Some dogs who have experienced certain traumas, like homelessness, neglect, or abuse, might regularly have more anxiety than other dogs. Dogs can also get separation anxiety any time their owners leave. Anatolian Shepherd puppies are very protective of their families and, therefore, likely to suffer from separation anxiety.

There are a variety of ways a dog may let its owner know about its anxiety. Some dogs have mild symptoms, panting, whining, or pacing, and some dogs have much more severe cries for help like urinating, defecating, vomiting, or trying to hide behind their owners. Some dogs have anxiety attacks when they're left home alone and destroy the house in their owners' absence.

The different severities of symptoms your dog shows will help decide how much help they need to relax. Calmer dogs might benefit from a calming treat or supplement, and more anxious dogs might benefit from a 'safe space' in addition to calming supplements. Safe spaces typically include quiet areas with comfy beds and accessible water. The most severe cases of anxiety will only be aided with anti-anxiety medication and counterconditioning therapy treatments.

anatolian shepherd laying in the grass

Calming Dog Products for Nervous Anatolian Shepherd Puppies

Recently pet owners have been obsessed with creating the right safe spaces for their pets. Safe spaces should be very comfortable and quiet, and it's best to put the space in a place that offers very little noise. Owners can add blankets and maybe even some pillows to their dog's bed if they want to give their Anatolian Shepherd puppies some extra comfort. People love giving their anxious dogs calming treats as well because many owners use multiple anti-anxiety home remedies together for the most effective outcome.

Common Physical Health Conditions of Anatolian Shepherd Puppies

Mant Anatolian Shepherd puppies will live without ever suffering any physical health conditions. Still, some dogs in this breed will come across a few issues in their lifetime.

Anatolian Shepherd puppies are at risk of developing conditions like joint dysplasia and eye issues. Thankfully, these conditions are mostly mild and can often be remedied at home with some effort by the owner.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition where a dog's thigh bone doesn't fit the hip joint properly. When dogs suffer from this condition, they will develop symptoms of lameness in one or both of their hind legs.

When Anatolian Shepherd puppies suffer from hip dysplasia, owners can provide them with supplements or nutrients to help them improve their joint function. Some owners choose to give their dogs vitamins or at-home medication to help them with their pain. Some owners give their pets dog CBD thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and to the fact that it relieves pain.

It's very important for owners to provide their Anatolian Shepherd puppies with the right about of exercise, so their joints don't stiffen and lock up. Owners who already give their dogs plenty of exercises should ensure they aren't overdoing it if their dog has hip dysplasia. No matter how active your dog is, owners should definitely provide these dogs with a place to rest their joints.anatolian shepherd standing in front of a lake


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Elbow Dysplasia

The Anatolian Shepherd has the genetic risk of inheriting elbow dysplasia. Elbow dysplasia is a term that comprises multiple different elbow diseases that all cause similar symptoms and can be treated in similar ways. Dogs with elbow dysplasia have a joint that doesn't align the way it was supposed to.

Degenerative elbow disease can lead to movement issues, especially as arthritis develops in the joint. In many cases, dogs live their entire lives and only develop arthritis in their twilight years. However, more difficult elbow dysplasia situations might cause arthritis to appear much earlier on.

No matter their age, when an Anatolian Shepherd dog begins to experience symptoms of elbow dysplasia, they may limp or have a strange skip. Some dogs will lose some of their range of motion or refuse to jump or perform other activities that put pressure on the joint.

Many owners decide to give their pets supplements to help their joints with inflammation as well as pain, and many owners get their dogs places to rest like dog beds or couches so they can relieve the weight from the joints. Owners can look for joint supplements specifically made to help a dog retain their range of motion.

Some dogs develop eye diseases like entropion. When a dog's eyelid rolls inwards towards their eyeball, they likely suffer from entropion. Dogs with this condition have eye issues because their eyelashes are rubbing off their eyes, causing discomfort and possibly tearing sensitive tissues.

Many times when dogs experience entropion, they have little to no symptoms. But these eyelashes might cause vision impairment or corneal ulcers.

When dogs have this condition, they might not experience symptoms immediately, but they will begin receiving treatment in early adulthood. Treatment can come as topical eye ointments owners apply daily or some medication to help with any pain symptoms your dog might feel.

Owners should brush their Anatolian Shepherd puppies' teeth twice a week at least. Many owners neglect their pack their pet's oral health needs. Without regular teeth cleaning sessions, a dog's teeth accumulate a build-up of plaque and tartar, leading to bad bacteria entering the digestive system. This can then trigger other health issues in your dog's body, such as respiratory tract infections or heart disease.

Owners can care for their dog's dental health by ensuring that they brush their teeth twice weekly and can do even better by providing their dogs with daily dental treats. Many dental treats target tartar and plaque on a dog's teeth and are designed to remove this build-up while their dog chews on the treats. This can help keep up with their overall health and keep their teeth shiny, alleviating a lot of responsibility from the owner.two anatolian shepherd puppies laying on the ground

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Anatolian Shepherd Breed's Needs


These dogs need about an hour of proper exercise a day to stay fit. Large dogs typically require more space to live, both because of their size and because of how much more energy they need to expel. Anatolian Shepherds do best when they can run around in a huge area. But there are many ways owners can make fun enrichment activities for their dogs.

While physical exercise is undoubtedly important, many owners forget the importance of mental exercise. Mental stimulation can keep your dog entertained and engaged while helping them use their energy up, making them calmer later in the day.

Owners can provide mental stimulation in many different ways, and all they need are treats to provide motivation and a good attitude. You'll find that Anatolian Shepherd puppies are smarter than the average dog.


Anatolian Shepherd puppies require a diet formulated for large dogs. This giant size dog breed needs enough nutrients and supplements to fuel its above-average energy and exercise needs. Owners can always consult with their vet to find out the proper amount of calories for their animals. Often, diets change during a lifetime based on various factors. Aspects such as age, sex, activity levels, and other health conditions can alter the number of calories a dog needs in a day.

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Grooming an Anatolian Shepherd Puppy

Anatolian shepherd dogs have short top coats with thick undercoats, and these dogs have feathery ears and tails. The average Anatolian Shepherd puppy will have a pinto coat, a white coat, a brindle coat, or a tan coat with a black mask.

The Anatolian Shepherd puppy has a naturally clean coat, so they're typically very easy to groom. The dogs' coats require minimal grooming and brushing, but owners should expect significant shedding periods throughout the year. Normally during significant changes in seasons, like spring and fall, dogs will shed a lot of their coats. A dog will need extra brushing sessions in order to take care of this profuse amount of dead hair. These dogs only need to bathe 3 to 4 times a year and can only be cleaned with canine bathing products.anatolian shepherd laying in a grass field

Top Product Picks for Anatolian Shepherd Puppies

When you bring home a new dog, it can be easy to get lost in the cuteness of your newest addition. But potential Anatolian Shepherd puppy owners should prepare for their new pup before bringing them home.

After you decide which dog you want to adopt, you need to prepare the essentials. Owners need to have a collar, leash, food bowl, water bowl, and high-quality dog food purchased before their puppy comes back home with them, and having these things makes it easier for your new dog to adjust.

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Owners also like to invest in some extra equipment like dog crates and beds. New pets aren't always house-trained or trusted home alone, so buying a crate is a great way to help them acclimate to their new environment. Getting a crate and bed can also give your dog their own little safe space to lay in when they are anxious during their off days.

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Sometimes owners get so caught up in the excitement of getting a new dog that they forget that they want to excite their new dog! It's a great idea to buy treats and toys before you bring your dog home so you can immediately try to provide a fun and exciting environment. Not every dog will be so eager immediately, but most dogs would appreciate getting a few treats after a stressful move.

There are tons of ways to prep your house for a new pet, but it all depends on the owner. If you've never had a dog before, maybe you should research some of the most helpful things to purchase, like doggy waste bags, portable food bowls, or food storage containers. If you've had a dog before, buy some of the products you know have worked in the past, but don't be afraid to try something new. You can even buy things you think would be fun for your dog to have, like cool handkerchiefs or adorable sweaters.

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