A Comprehensive Guide to Beauceron: Everything You Should Know

Beauceron puppy laying in the grass

Beauceron Breed Overview

The Beauceron dog breed is the largest, most powerful, and remarkably smart of the French sheepdog breeds. It is a very old breed made purely in France without any foreign crossings. The Beauceron, also known as the Berger de Beauce (Shepherd of Beauce) or the Bas Rouge, is a French shepherd dog named for the extensive agricultural area southwest of Paris. Due to this breed's adaptability and sharp wit, it is well-suited for military and K-9 work. They were particularly advantageous during trench combat and World War I.

The Beauceron dog weighs around 70 to 110 pounds and has a height of 24 to 27.5 inches at the shoulders. They have a flat skull or a slightly rounded one. Their glossy black coats are complemented with attractive squirrel-red fur, particularly the red feet that earned the breed the French Label Bas-Rouge ('red stockings'). Dark oval, medium-sized eyes are horizontally placed on them. These dogs have a firm and leveled back that makes them appear strong and handsome. This dog has its head held high and carries down its tail forming a "J" except when it runs, and its tail is straight out.

The Temperament of the Beauceron Puppy

The Beauceron dog is an excellent watchdog with the size and strength to safeguard his home and family if necessary. It takes time to mature and looks like a puppy until it is about 3 years old. Growing up with kids can be good for the Beauceron puppy. But don't forget that he's a dog that likes to herd. He might chase or bite kids. A family with older kids who can understand how to treat him with respect is the best place for him to live. The breed is incompatible with most pets. When he is outdoors, he is driven by a great desire to hunt and will almost certainly hunt cats or other tiny, furry animals. However, if they have been raised with indoor cats, some Beaucerons get along well with them.

The Beauceron, brave but wary, is friendly but not overly eager to make new friends, preferring to reserve judgment and maintain a distance from strangers. It is suggested to adopt this puppy if you are very active and enjoy outdoor activities like running and hiking. Beaucerons are smart, quick to learn, and have a lot of energy, so start training and socializing them as soon as possible. Proper socialization is necessary to keep the dog from being afraid of kids and will also help him become a well-behaved and friendly companion.

three Beauceron puppies sitting in the grass

The Intelligence of the Beauceron Puppy

As you become acquainted with your dog's intellect, keep in mind that intelligence comes in various forms. For example, certain dogs may thrive at assessing social situations, while others may excel at vocabulary instruction, while yet others may possess exceptional problem-solving talents – Your dog may possess an entirely different cognitive ability.

The Beauceron is said to be the kind of dog always moving and has a great deal of intelligence. However, early socialization and discipline training is required to bring positivity and productivity out of this breed. To keep the brainy Beauceron from becoming bored and destructive, he will need a lot of both physical and mental stimulation. It quickly picks up on commands and signs, but make sure to maintain positive reinforcement as it is always suggested to praise and treat your dog.

Your Beauceron puppy needs your full attention and is eager to learn new things from you, so challenge your puppy every day to keep them active and busy. You can also keep them involved in playing different games like hiding treats in a bottle, playing hide-and-seek, or passing stuffed toys to each other. Such games will make your puppy happy and joyous, and they can also teach your puppy valuable lessons.

Do Beauceron Puppies Shed?

With pet dog allergies being so prevalent, many pet dog admirers are looking for hypoallergenic pet breeds, which is why the Beauceron is the ideal choice. Different dog breeds shed at different times of the year, and some breeds shed all year long. A dog's coat can make a big difference in how this works. The Beauceron breed sheds little throughout the year but more severely in the spring and fall. Therefore, during the spring and fall, your puppy will require frequent brushing to keep loose hair from swirling over your house. Like most breeds that spend prolonged periods outside, Beauceron has a double coat that requires frequent brushing. Their easy-care coat requires brushing once a week and bathing every two months. Beaucerons tend to shed after bathing, but brushing their hair before bathing will help loosen it up. Because the hair is short but thick, it is easy to brush and clean with a strong undercoat.

The ASPCA recommends brushing or cutting out all mats from the coat before bathing your dog. Because Beauceron puppies have an easy-care coat and a low shedding rate, they are ideal for people allergic to dogs that wish to adopt one.

The Health of the Beauceron Puppy

Beauceron is a healthy breed with a 10 to 12 years life expectancy. However, all dog breeds have specific health concerns, so if you're a new dog owner, it's vital that you discuss and learn about your dog's health issues ahead of time.

Beaucerons are typically healthy dogs and are less likely to inherit health problems. However, they are vulnerable to breed-specific health or genetic issues like hip dysplasia, dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), gastric dilation, and bloat.

It is recommended that you take your Beauceron puppy to the vet to discuss any health issues and take preventive measures that will help you avoid any health problems. Additionally, allow your Beauceron to drink clean, fresh water all the time. Feed him up to 2.5 cups of dry dog food every day, split into two meals. Finally, it's important to monitor your dog's weight and talk about it with your veterinarian so that your dog doesn't get obese, which can result in further health concerns and a shorter life span.

Beauceron puppy biting someones jeans

Common Psychological Health Conditions in the Beauceron


Dogs communicate primarily through body language; it is necessary for humans to comprehend what they are trying to convey. Understanding your dogs' unique communication styles can help alleviate their stress and anxiety.

The Beauceron can become extremely stressed and anxious when their environment is disrupted or changed. For example, Beaucerons suffering from severe separation anxiety would often bark constantly when left alone at home. Additionally, they may exhibit additional symptoms such as pacing, destructive behavior, and maybe despair. Therefore, it is suggested that dog owners also examine their conduct to determine if they add to the stress. For example, not giving them clear instructions, leaving them alone, or staring at them might cause anxiety and stress in your dog.

Additionally, it is your job as a dog owner to identify stress causes in your Beauceron puppy. For instance, some dogs find it annoying when their owners do not allow them to smell things in their way, or some are sensitive to loud noises therefore, it is important to make sure that your dog does not come across such circumstances.


Dog anxiety affects all breeds, although it manifests differently in each dog. Anxiety is something that all dogs go through at some point, but if a lot of anxiety goes unchecked, a dog can get an anxiety disorder.

Dogs with separation anxiety, such as Beauceron, go beyond merely pouting or whining when you leave them. Instead, separation anxiety expresses itself in destructive or self-harming conduct, such as soiling the house, tearing up their surroundings, and even injuring oneself while attempting to escape. Other signs a Beauceron might give include excessive vocalization, refusal to eat or drink, and constant panting or drooling. It's critical to remember that excessive panting, salivation, and refusal to eat or drink may also indicate another medical issue, such as dehydration.

Assisting your dog in situations where it is left alone will help him from acquiring separation anxiety in the first place. For example, you can leave a favorite toy or an old t-shirt with your scent on it will do wonders for you. Additionally, if any significant changes occur at home, shower attention on your buddy to convince him that he is still safe and secure.

Calming Dog Products

Counterconditioning and training may not be enough to help your dog deal with anxiety and stress. In these cases, you may need to try something else. For example, if your dog is stressed and anxious, your vet might suggest some calming dog products, like natural supplements that can help. These products can help your dog feel better.

You can also use the calming vest for dogs like ThunderShirt. Another way you can help your dog deal with anxiety by giving her calming treats that have herbs and vitamins as their main ingredients. Herbal ingredients may include lavender or ginger, which have been perceived as a relaxing supplement. A Sentry Calming collar is another alternative that you can use to calm your dog.

happy Beauceron dog in a field

Common Physical Health Conditions in the Beauceron

Hip Dysplasia in Beauceron

Hip dysplasia is a somewhat common bone abnormality that is commonly observed in large or big breed dogs. Numerous variables, beginning with genetics, contribute to hip dysplasia in dogs. Hip dysplasia is a hereditary condition that is more prevalent in larger breeds of dogs, such as the Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Labrador Retriever, and Beauceron.

Factors such as an abnormally rapid growth rate, the sort of exercise performed, and obesity and nutrition can amplify this hereditary condition in your Beauceron puppy. Certain puppies have unique nutritional requirements and require food specifically for giant breed puppies. These meals aid in the prevention of excessive growth, which can result in skeletal diseases like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and other joint problems. Hip dysplasia symptoms vary according to the severity of the disease, the level of inflammation, the degree of joint looseness, and the duration of the disease in your Beauceron puppy. Some of the symptoms may include decreased level of activity, lameness in the hind end, loss of thigh muscle mass, stiffness or limping and noticeable enlargement of the shoulder muscles.

Obesity places a great deal of strain on your Beauceron dog's joints, aggravating or causing hip dysplasia. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian regarding the optimum diet for your dog and the type of exercises your Beauceron puppy should have each day to maintain good physical condition.

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Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Beauceron

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) happens when the heart muscle gets weak. This results in restricting the muscle's ability to contract appropriately and pump blood throughout the body. In addition, certain amino acid deficiencies (such as taurine and carnitine) are thought to contribute to the health conditions in your Beauceron puppy. According to the American Kennel Club, ingestion of diets containing peas, lentils, other legume seeds, or potatoes as primary ingredients may be a commonality among affected dogs.

The symptoms may include cold feet, coughing, decreased appetite, labored breathing, and exercise intolerance. If your Beauceron puppy begins to breathe rapidly and heavily, has a blue tongue, or collapses, you should seek emergency veterinarian care.

Your veterinarian may suggest nutritional modifications to help manage your pet's cardiovascular health, such as limiting salt consumption, increasing taurine for cardiac muscle metabolism, avoiding excess protein or phosphorous, and increasing omega-3 fatty acids. If you suspect your Beauceron puppy has heart problems, work with your dog's veterinarian to precisely identify and treat the condition.

close up photo of Beauceron dog

Gastric Dilation in Beauceron

Pressure builds up in the stomach as it fills with air, preventing blood from the hind legs and abdomen from returning to the heart. As a result, blood collects towards the back of the body, reducing the dog's working blood volume and causing shock. Symptoms such as abdomen enlargement, retching, salivation, and restlessness may be a sign that your puppy is suffering from bloat.

Consuming foods containing soybean meal or containing oils or fats in the first four ingredients multiplies the risk of getting bloat in your puppy. Dogs with only one meal per day are twice as prone to bloat as those consuming two meals per day. In addition, fast eaters have a fivefold chance compared to slow eaters. While using slow feeder bowls with fingers or placing large stones in the bowl physically slows dogs, it's also critical to address the stress associated with eating in the presence of other dogs, as this can be a concerning issue.

Oral Health of Beauceron Puppy

Many dog owners overlook the critical role of oral hygiene when it comes to dog health. Because the major symptom of the early dental illness is bad breath, it sometimes goes missed by owners who believe that dogs naturally have bad breath. Periodontal disease may result in major health problems for your Beauceron puppy, which is why it is important to practice proper dental hygiene. Untreated dental problems may result in tooth loss and spread to the rest of your dog's body, causing painful sores and systemic infections. Several products may aid in the improvement of your Beauceron puppy's dental health, including the following:

Toothbrushes and Wipes

To clean your puppy's teeth, you may use a dog toothbrush or a brush that fits over your fingers. However, for those who cannot wash their dog's teeth or just like to vary their cleaning methods, dog dental wipes are an excellent alternative.

Dog Chews

Chewing is beneficial to your dog's dental health, independent of the item being chewed. Chewing removes plaque off your dog's teeth, and many all-natural meat chews include enzymes that aid in dental health improvement.

Dog Dental Treats

Dental treats are supposed to minimize plaque buildup and often include substances that help freshen your dog's breath and clean his mouth. These treats come in a range of forms, sizes, and tastes, ensuring that your dog will find something he or she enjoys.

Beauceron leaning on a blue fence

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Needs of the Beauceron Puppy


The Beauceron is a working breed that requires considerable mental and physical activity. They perform best when assigned a task. If their physical and mental needs are not met, they will be difficult to control and disruptive. A healthy adult Beauceron needs two to three hours of strenuous physical exercise each day. It is critical that they have active owners who have the time and energy to take them miles of jogging, riding, or hiking. Swimming, fetching, and obedience training are exciting activities that you and your Beauceron may do to have fun and stay in shape.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if your Beauceron puppy has a joint health concern such as hip dysplasia, excessive activity will increase the illness and perhaps make it worse. Therefore, it is essential that you visit your veterinarian and have your Beauceron puppy examined physically.

Additionally, before you begin an exercise regimen, consider factors such as how long your puppy can safely exercise at one time and what activities he enjoys the most.

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A grooming session normally includes bathing, brushing, clipping, and trimming your dog using disinfected and clean clipper blades and brushes. Grooming your Beauceron is quite easy thanks to his short-haired coat. As it sheds little, with a natural bristle brush or dog mitt made of rubber, you can remove dead hair from his body. Since this is the case with many breeds, the Beauceron's nails should be trimmed regularly, as excessively long nails may cause discomfort and difficulty walking and running.

Allergic skin infections are frequent in dogs, producing itching and compulsive scratching, chewing, and licking the skin. In addition, external parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice, and mites may transmit illnesses and other parasites such as the tapeworm. Make a practice of inspecting your dog's skin after each grooming session. Begin by running your fingers through your dog's coat, feeling for any abnormal lumps or bumps on its skin. You may further explore by combing the coat and inspecting the skin for sores, redness, rashes, bald areas, and signs of parasite infection.


The Beauceron should thrive on high-quality dog food, whether professionally made or cooked at home under the observation and consent of your veterinarian. Any diet should be age-appropriate for your dog (puppy, adult, or senior). A working Beauceron might have high nutritional requirements, therefore it's important to monitor your dog's health regularly to ensure his food fulfills his requirements.

Dogs need protein that contains ten necessary amino acids that their bodies cannot make. This is required for glucose production, which is converted to energy. Protein sources include chicken and turkey after bones, fat, and skin have been removed; beef and lamb; pork in moderation; salmon and a few other species, including whitefish, herring, walleye, flounder, and Arctic char. Fats and fatty acids should also be included in your dog's diet since they help cells function and structure, maintain hair healthily, and improve the flavor of the meal. In addition, giving omega-6 fatty acids to your Beauceron puppy will help promote a shiny coat.

Beauceron wearing a red collar

Top Product Picks for the Beauceron Puppy

The following are a few of the most popular product picks for keeping your Beauceron puppy active and healthy.

Dog Food

Dogs need proper nourishment. It maintains their health and happiness. However, there is no specific formula for how often or what you should feed your dog. All dog diets must have proteins, lipids, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. Typically, puppy diets should include about double the crude protein and fat quantity as adult diets.

Adult dog diets should include around 10% protein and up to 50% carbs by weight (2-4.5 percent fiber). Both canned and dry dog food may give an appropriate amount of nourishment. Canned foods include more moisture and may be beneficial for dogs with urinary tract issues or dogs who do not drink a lot of water.

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Dogs are predisposed to seek out little places in which to construct safe shelters for themselves. Crates are effective training tools for pups, secure havens for older dogs, and emergency lifesavers. Crate training is critical for housebreaking pups since dogs' dislike soiling their sleeping spaces. They learn to contain their bladder while in their cage, which eliminates the need for you to clean up messes.

Crate training may assist avoid exacerbating a dog's stress in the case of an emergency. Dogs may be obliged to heal following surgery in a crate in the worst-case situation.

Beauceron jumping over a hurdle

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As with dogs, dog beds come in an array of forms and sizes. Choosing the right one might be challenging. If your Beauceron is a chewer, cloth beds with foam bits or another padding may not be the ideal option. For "gnawing" dogs, beds constructed of PVC tubing or aluminum and covered in a canvas-like fabric may be a better alternative.

The best recommendation on the material to use for your dog's bed comes from observation. Are their joints achy or do they have hip dysplasia? Are they old or young? Do they have a lot of fur or very little? How does your dog generally sleep?

Memory foam beds, for example, may be an excellent alternative for an elderly dog with achy joints. Some are infused with cooling gel.

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A dog harness may be advantageous in a variety of ways. It protects your dog from injury, is more comfortable than a collar, may help relieve canine back discomfort, and is especially beneficial for puppies who have not yet learned to walk on a rope.

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