A Complete Guide to the Huskypoo Dog Breed

Huskypoo Breed Overview

The Huskypoo is a mix between the Siberian Husky dog and the Poodle dog breed. These dogs inherit some of the best traits from these breeds and are known for being affectionate and loyal pets. This breed also goes by the names Huskydoodle, Siberpoo, Poosky, Siberian Poodle, Huskypoo, and Husky Poodle mix.

This hybrid isn't great for apartment living or sedentary lifestyles. But, if you are an active human with a lot of energy, these dogs might be the perfect match for you. This complete guide will help you figure out if a Siberian Husky puppy Poodle mix is the right fit for you.

Woman holding a husky


This mixed breed group existed naturally over the years, but they became an intentionally mixed breed in the 1990s in North America.

In the United States, the Alaskan Husky is a prevalent dog breed, as are Poodle dogs. This mixed breed was a great way to keep some of the beautiful traits Huskies have while mixing them with the adorable traits of the Poodle.

For example, people love the Siberian Husky puppy's blue eyes. This sled dog breed is also intelligent and carries a great temperament. Poodle puppies are also intelligent and playful pets with intense loyalty to their owners. A Poodle parent and a Husky parent can make for a hypoallergenic dog with a lovely breed temperament.


The Huskypoo breed is a Poodle mix, which means these dogs can have a pretty large range of size variations. Whether the Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle, or Standard Poodle was used as the Huskypoo puppy's parent, these dogs might be considerably smaller or larger dogs.

Huskypoo puppies can stand between 12 to 25 inches tall at their shoulders. They can weigh anywhere between 40 to 60 pounds.

A husky, a poodle and a huskypoo dogs


The Huskypoo mixed breed is very sociable and full of tons of energy. Because of how much energy these dogs have, they're best fit for places that have a lot of space. They'll benefit from a big house and a big yard. These dogs are often happiest when they're chewing on an old shoe or digging a hole in the backyard.

Huskypoo dogs are great for families, and they act like lapdogs and love cuddling. They're very affectionate and incredibly loyal companions. Although they love children, they might play too rough to live with small children.

Poodle and Husky dogs are very intelligent, and Huskydoodle puppies can be great support animals, service animals, or even emotional support animals. All they need to be on their best behavior is the right environment and consistent training.

Husky dog


Many animals in the working dog breed group are very intelligent animals. Both the Siberian Husky breed and the Poodle breed used to work in cold climates, which gave them the independence and intelligence they needed to make decisions on their own. Even though the majority of the dogs in these breeds don't do these tasks anymore, they still carry the intelligence of their ancestors.

A newer dog owner should know it might be a little challenging to potty train a Poodle Siberian Husky dog. These dogs have some unwanted behaviors, but they can be well-trained animals as long as you're consistent.

This means that Huskypoo puppies are very intelligent and independent. These dogs can be a little stubborn, but if you are consistent and maintain positivity during training sessions, your Huskypoo will be a pro at training lessons in no time. The most important part of having successful regular training sessions is to get your dog excited about basic commands in training by giving them plenty of verbal praise and treats. This will make them happier to listen to your commands, and it will create a lasting bond with your Huskypoo.


The Huskypoo hybrid has the potential to be hypoallergenic like the Poodle parent, but it doesn't mean every Huskypoo mix will be hypoallergenic.

No dog is 100% hypoallergenic as allergies can be caused by dandruff, dead hair, saliva, and other things that all dogs have, regardless of being hypoallergenic or not. The dogs that produce less of these allergens are considered hypoallergenic. So, while all dogs can irritate allergies, Huskypoo puppies have the potential to live with someone who suffers from dog allergies.

Any potential Huskypoo puppy owners who suffer from dog allergies should spend plenty of time with their potential pets before adopting them. Being around a Huskypoo for a couple of hours can be a great indicator when deciding if a dog is hypoallergenic enough for your allergies.

Three husky puppies

Huskypoo Health Overview

The Huskypoo, like all dog breeds, is predisposed to developing a few different physical health conditions. Although some of these dogs will suffer from these minor physical ailments, most dogs will never experience any physical health concerns. Many Huskypoo dogs will live an average lifespan of 10 to 14 years. Even though many dogs will not suffer from physical issues during this time, most dogs will experience mental health issues in their life. Psychological health conditions like stress and anxiety affect all dogs, but they are very simple to treat. All owners need to do is learn how to understand what symptoms their dogs are experiencing and what is causing these symptoms. Then they can use this information to provide the best treatment options available, which are usually just basic health care remedies.

Common Psychological Health Conditions


Oftentimes, Huskypoo puppies will experience stress around new environments, animals, or large crowds of people. Some of these dogs might experience stress whenever they hear loud noises. Owners can help their Huskypoo puppy best when they understand the cause of their dog's stress, so they can try to prevent it or remove their dog from stressful situations.

Common signs a dog shows when they're stressed are pacing, putting their tail between their legs, or holding their ears back. Some dogs will hide behind their owners or try to run away from whatever is scaring them. Some animals will try to escape their homes when they're experiencing a lot of stress.

The best way to help your pet with stress is to make sure you provide plenty of socialization and obedience training. Also, giving your dog special calming supplements can help them overcome many of the symptoms of stress. These supplements can be found indoors at local pet stores.


Many dogs experience anxiety for a number of reasons. The two most common reasons Huskypoo dogs will have anxiety are a lack of exercise and mental stimulation and separation anxiety.

When your Huskypoo puppy is suffering from anxiety, you will notice y the many symptoms they might exhibit. Dog owners will be able to naturally understand their dog's communication through body language by spending time with them and training them. You'll know your dog's specific anxious tells. But there are many ways fogs commonly show symptoms of anxiety.

Some dogs will shake, shiver, or pace. Some dogs whine or bark. Many dogs with severe anxiety vomit, urinate or defecate uncontrollably. Many animals with separation anxiety will destroy their homes in their owner's absences.

The best way to help anxious dogs overcome their symptoms is to try to treat them naturally before using medications. Provide more if you don't think your dog is getting enough physical or mental stimulation. You can also try providing your dog with a safe space or something like dog CBD which has shown to be very effective with cases of anxiety.

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Calming Dog Products

A safe space is a newer trend many pet parents try out to help their dogs deal with their symptoms of stress and anxiety. These spaces are designed to relax your dog in stressful situations. A safe space needs to be set up in a quiet location in the house, away from a lot of foot traffic.

Many pet owners provide a comforting measure to their Huskypoo puppy's safe spaces. They'll put a dog cage in these areas along with a soft dog bed. These things can help your dog feel safer in their secluded areas. Some owners will provide zen treats, toys, or blankets as well. Some dog owners include aromatherapy or music therapy to help their pets destress. Owners have complete creative freedom when designing these spaces, and they just have to make sure they only include things they know their dog will find relaxing.

Common Physical Health Conditions

Skin Issues

Huskypoo puppies are somewhat prone to developing skin issues. This can happen because of the thick and special fur this hybrid breed often has.

Dogs with skin issues might have symptoms of inflamed, irritated skin, and they might itch a lot or have noticeable patches of hair missing. This hair loss might cause many owners stress, but usually, helping a Huskypoo puppy overcome hair loss is easy, and you can do it at home with the right tools.

Calming Dog Ad

In order to help your Huskypoo puppy that suffers from this condition, you need to make sure you provide regular grooming sessions. Brushing your dog's fur keeps it clean of debris and bacteria, but it also encourages blood circulation and spreads the skin's natural oils. These things are vital for skin and hair health. You can buy nourishing dog shampoo and special brushes at your local pet store to ensure you take the best care of your Huskypoo puppy's fur.

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Hip Dysplasia

This very common health condition affects many dog breeds. Hip dysplasia is a joint issue that occurs when the hip joint is misaligned. Dogs are born with this issue but don't have symptoms until much later in life. Both Poodle dogs and Siberian Husky puppies are prone to this issue, making the Huskypoo predisposed to developing this health risk.

When dogs have hip dysplasia, they might show symptoms by yelping someone touching their hip joint anytime. They might have noticeably larger muscles in their shoulders and smaller muscles in their hips as they overcompensate for their weight in the front of their body. Some dogs might avoid steps or growl at people who touch the hip joint that aches.

Most often, this condition is mild, and people can treat their dogs' symptoms with medications they can purchase at their local pet stores. Joint supplements offer a lot of help to dogs with hip dysplasia since they can help lubricate joints to prevent them from locking up, decreasing symptoms of pain, and causing less swelling to occur overall.

A husky oudoor


Elbow dysplasia is another common joint issue in many dog breeds. Poodle puppies and Husky dogs are prone to elbow dysplasia, so Huskypoo dogs might also develop this issue. The elbow joint is comprised of three bones, and when these bones don't align perfectly, a dog has elbow dysplasia. Like hip dysplasia, this condition is usually very mild.

When dogs have this condition, they might develop a limp or lift one of their front paws as if they're injured. Some dogs try to avoid running on their front leg and develop a weird hop before going back into their normal run. Sometimes animals with elbow dysplasia will avoid using stairs or jumping.

Most times, when a dog has elbow dysplasia, it can be treated at home. Dog owners need to provide their pets with a comfortable place to rest their bones, especially one on the floor like a dog bed, so they don't have to jump up or down to rest their already aching joints. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pain management properties, many dog owners give their pets dog CBD. These things can be found at your local pet stores.

Oral Health

A dog's oral health is one of the most important parts of their overall health. Dental hygiene is important in making sure your dog doesn't face any pain when eating or playing. Poor dental health can lead to issues like respiratory or heart disease. These things occur whenever plaque, tartar, and bacteria build up on your dog's teeth. Every time your pet eats and drinks, the bacteria on their teeth enter their digestive system. When enough harmful bacteria build-up occurs, this can cause serious health issues.

In order to prevent these issues from occurring in your Huskypoo puppy, you have to be sure to brush their teeth once a week minimum. The smaller your Siberian Husky Poodle mix is, the more you should brush its teeth. Smaller dogs have smaller snouts that lead to teeth overcrowding. When dogs suffer from teeth overcrowding, it can be easier for food and tartar to get trapped in their teeth, making their oral health decline more rapidly.

Many owners find it difficult to provide regular dental cleaning for their Poodle Husky puppy, and they end up neglecting these needs. It's far better to brush your dog's teeth once a week than not at all, and you can provide oral health treats in between cleanings to keep up their dental hygiene.

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Huskypoo Breed's Needs


Like all Poodle mixes, this hybrid breed is special because they can have different sizes. If you have a Toy Husky Poodle mix or a Miniature Husky Poodle mix, these dogs will need about 30 minutes to an hour of exercise daily. However, if you have a Standard Husky Poodle mix, you'll need to provide this bigger hybrid with about one to two hours of exercise daily. Typically the larger the dog is, the more exercise they'll need to stay healthy. Also, some pets will have more energy naturally, and these pets will need much more exercise to keep them healthy physically and mentally.

Working dog breeds need a ton of mental stimulation, and the Huskypoo is one of these breeds. Both Poodle dogs and Husky dogs were working breeds, so they are very mentally active breeds. This means they need plenty of mental stimulation along with their physical exercise to ensure they stay healthy. Without enough mental stimulation, these dogs are sure to develop symptoms of stress and anxiety since they have no healthy way to release all of their energy. There are plenty of enrichment activities owners can partake in with their dogs that will provide for all of these needs.

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The Huskypoo mix needs a special diet formulated for medium to large dog breeds. These dogs are prone to obesity and will not hesitate to eat any food lying on your coffee table if they can get their paws on it. It's important to monitor your dog and never leave food out that they could easily access.

Owners need to make sure they keep track of their dog's daily calorie intake and account for the calories their pet gets from treats. There are tons of treats that are low-calorie if you're concerned with your pet's weight.

A Huskypoo's dietary needs will change throughout their life, and they depend on their sex, weight, activity levels, age, and health conditions. You can always talk to your vet to decide the proper dietary needs for your Huskypoo puppy.

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Poodle Huskies have a few main coat colors that are black, gray, and white. It's rare, but some of these mixes can take on their Poodle parent's breed coloring like apricot, red, and brown. It's far more common for these dogs to have a mix of colors throughout their coat, but they can have a solid coat.

The Huskypoo mix is designed with the goal of developing the Poodle's hypoallergenic coat in a Husky resembling breed. These special hypoallergenic coats need plenty of careful upkeep to prevent them from tangling or becoming matted. Poodle Husky puppy parents will need to brush their dogs once a week minimum, but the softer and more hypoallergenic their fur is, the more often they will need grooming. These dogs will only need bathing about once every eight weeks. Owners should be sure to only use canine-specific shampoo for them and use a special pin brush to detangle their fur.

Husky dog breed

Top Product Picks for the Huskypoo Breed

This adorable mixed breed will need a few items to have a great transition to their new home. When owners get a new dog, most adoption agencies will require the owner to bring their own leash to pick up the dog. It's a good idea to buy two leashes and collars for your new pet. This way, you have a backup in case anything happens to one of your other products.

A few other necessities you might want to purchase before bringing your new Huskypoo puppy home is a crate in case your pet isn't housetrained or ready to be left alone in your home. This can help bring you peace of mind when you're away at work or getting groceries, or whatever event takes you out of your house. Some owners want to buy their Huskypoo a harness, but keep in mind that many harness companies don't follow the same size guidelines, so you should have your dog's exact measurements before purchasing a harness. You might want to hold off buying one until you have your Huskypoo at home.

There are plenty of items dog owners can purchase for their new pets to help make their transition easier. Many dogs will feel much more comfortable when taken to a new place if they're given food right away. It would be great for your dog if the first time they step foot in their new home, there is already a bowl of dog food and water waiting for them. This shows them that they're going to be taken care of and provided for in their new home. Make sure you buy the right kind of food for your dog because a puppy will need different food than a senior dog. Many owners want to purchase treats and toys to help their new pet feel more comfortable too. This is a great idea, but keep in mind that you don't know your dog's favorite items, so you should try to only purchase a few items before splurging on things you hope your new pup will like.

More experienced dog owners will know there are plenty of products they can get that will help them and their pup out over time. A food storage container is a great purchase, as are portable food and water dishes and doggy waste bags. It's also a great idea to get your dog a bed so they have a place to sleep that's soft and comfortable since a new pup might not feel safe sleeping in your bed just yet. You might want to get a dog car seat belt if you plan on taking for car drives often, as these can protect your pup in the case of an accident.

When bringing home your new dog, it's most important to give them space as they explore and adapt to their new surroundings. Let your pup wander around and come to you on their own. Giving them this freedom will help them feel safer and help strengthen your bond as they come to you and see how excited you get around them. Giving them treats every time they come your way is also an excellent way to make them more comfortable while showing them who their favorite human should be. No matter what, you and your Huskypoo puppy will bond with time. You need to be patient and show them your love, and they'll return it tenfold.

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