7 Best Dog Seat Belts Reviewed

Black and white dog in a car seatbelt harness

Our doggos are especially important as key furry members of the family. Even the most obedient dog gets animated during car rides. Using proper dog seat belt restraints in the car during rides, road trips, or quick jaunts to the dog park or veterinary clinic is the best way to protect your pet. Injuries occur most often when dogs may roam free in the car's cabin. Their anxiety or excitement of travel could make them antsy, leaping into the driver's lap or bouncing around from front to backseat. In an auto crash, airbags could hit dogs, and this high-impact hit could kill them. Also, dogs without restraints get tossed around the cabin in a crash and become a safety hazard as projectile objects to others inside the vehicle. A way to prevent this unthinkable event from happening to your precious fur baby is to buy a dog seat belt.

A Dog Seat Belt Decreases Distracted Driving

Driving with your pet unrestrained by a dog seat belt is unsafe, even on a short drive. According to a Volvo study, the time drivers get distracted doubles when their pets travel without a dog seat belt. Pets create distracted drivers when their car ride hijinks become more than a nuisance. Examples of a few behaviors are moving into lines of sight or mirrors, jumping toward windows as a response to seeing other animals, or attempting to leap out of a vehicle. Or the risk of your pet holding its head out the window and potentially getting hit by external debris. Often, your dog ends up sitting in your lap, potentially interfering with using the steering wheel or gear consoles. Taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds could have deadly consequences or cause serious injury for you and your precious furry friend.

No National Governing Body for Dog Seat Belts or Dog Car Seats

They have extensively tested the ideal dog seat belt for safety. It would reassure any dog owner to know their dog is using a product that has an industry-standard rating based on regulations and guidelines. But fur babies do not get the same industry protection as their human counterparts. It is an experiment for dog owners to locate the best dog seat belt or place their trust in third-party ratings and reviews. There isn't a national governing body to ensure across-the-board features or materials in a dog car seat or harness. So it is essential to do your homework before buying a dog safety harness or dog seat belt. The Center for Pet Safety is closest to a governing body or advocate for pet safety. This non-profit research and consumer advocacy group has done hard independent work to suggest products that offer dogs quality protection without sponsorship based on marketing tactics. Many dog seat belts have not gone through actual crash test studies, even if marketed. This information is a scary thought for dog lovers who want to do everything possible to prevent injuries or accidents but don't have enough data.

Take Measurements for Your Pet's Harness

With so many choices of pet safety devices, such as dog seat belts, harnesses, seat anchors, and booster seats, it is hard to select the best for your dog. What if you have a large dog or a tiny dog? These are excellent questions, and knowing your dog's measurements is one factor you will need to know before purchasing a dog seat belt. Many of them fit snugly around your pup to provide proper protection in a crash. The wrong fit could harm its safety and security while riding inside your vehicle.

Clickit Sport Bundle Edition

by Sleepypod 

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1. Sleepypod Clickit Sport Bundle Edition-5 Star Rated

The Sleepypod Clickit Sport dog car seat harness is a good reason for a top-rated best dog seat belt. It is one of the few car safety products on the market that gets the seal of approval from the Center for Pet Safety (CPS). It garners a Five-star rating along with a Safety Certification. Sleepypod has undergone the same extensive crash tests as child safety seats to assure the highest level of safety for dogs. Easy-to-clean Neoprene fabric absorbs energy in an accident. Infinity loop technology provides three-point harness protection for rear passenger seat usage. Three points of contact are like the child safety seat, and they should prevent forward and lateral movement in a crash. Sleepypod Clickit's design extends over the dog's entire torso. The harness connects and disconnects easily.

Multifunctional Use as a Walking Harness

The Sleepypod Clickit dog seat belt is not just for car travel. Take this sleek, colorful leash on the go when taking walks in the park, neighborhood, or at rest stops along the way. Reflector stripes on the harness make night walks safer for dog owners and pets. The flexibility of use makes the Clickit ideal for an all-in-one solution for dogs from the car to potty breaks and regular training. From a hiking trip to a road trip and all stops in between, the convenience of this dog seat belt and harness is unbeatable.

Wide Range of Size Options

There are various dog seat belts in the Clickit for every pup, from small to large dogs. Order your dog's harness with measurements taken from your dog's ribcage (just behind the front legs). The medium will fit 22 to 28 inches. The x-large can fit 34-40 inches.

2. ZuGoPet The Rocketeer Pack-Multifunctional Harness

Yes, the name sounds like you're taking your doggo for a trip to outer space, not inside your Jeep or sedan. The Rocketeer Pack by ZuGoPet has veterinarians and the Center for Pet Safety on board for its unique upright design and crash-test safety numbers. Your small dog won't miss anything going on outside from the vantage point offered by this product. This dog seat belt safety harness will suspend your dog in a comfortable hug during car trips. It is very similar to how babies get held against a parent in front-facing baby carriers. How your dog will fit securely on the seat, cradled from shoulders to tailbone, is reassurance for safe travels. It hooks onto the car's baby car-seat connectors. A kit comes with everything you'll need to anchor and tether the seat to the backseat of your car.

ZuGoPet The Rocketeer Pack-Multifunctional Harness

Photo source: zugopet.com

Veterinarian Surgeon Approved and Center for Pet Safety Five-Star Rating

When a veterinary surgeon puts his stamp of approval on a pet product, the confidence level goes up for any dog owner. Dr. Joseph Harari, MS, DVM, is one veterinary surgeon who approved this dog seat belt. He also discusses how The Rocketeer Pack helps dogs with joint issues to avoid further aggravation of their injuries in car accidents or regular exposure to excessive jerking of an automobile. The Center for Pet Safety conducted several tests on Rocketeer and gave it a five-star rating for small animals up to 25 lbs. The dog seat belt passed with a 100% grade.

Loved by Owners and Dogs Alike

When you visit The Rocketeer Pack's dog harness manufacturer site ZuGoPet, you'll see an abundance of cute fluffers modeling their dog seat belts. It should be a crime to have all the cuteness on one page. These are genuine reviews from satisfied owners of this innovative dog seat belt. Not only are the dogs protected and safe, but they also enjoy travel more than ever. Their human worries less about how their pup fares in potential wrecks or harm. It's a win-win with ZuGoPet's Rocketeer Pack.

Front Facing Pack Attachment

Take your furry friend into the world in style with a front-facing pack attachment included with the purchase of Rocketeer Pack. This is a modern way to bond with your pet. Let them see sights safely with the Rocketeer Pack dog harness.

Happy Ride Dog Safety Harness

by PetSafe 

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3. PetSafe Solveit Happy Ride Harness

The PetSafe Solveit Happy Ride Harness went through a DOT 3000-pound stress test and crash test per manufacturer. It has an excellent price point for those looking for affordable dog seat belt options or who may have more than one dog. This item is one of the best options for car harnesses on the market today. Major retailer Petco sells this dog seat belt harness with a nearly five-star average customer satisfaction review. This fully padded harness features a mesh lining for breathable comfort for your dog and several contact points for a secure fit. This car harness attaches to the seat by a tether. Use it as a walking leash by adding the leash attachment.

Solvit Deluxe Pet Vehicle Safety Harness

Photo source: petco.com

Integrates with Seat Belt System

If your automobile has a great seat belt system for human riders, expect this dog seat belt to adjust for doggos similarly. The harness works as an integrated piece of the seat belt system with a tether. If there are jerks or sudden stops, your dog's range of motion will be limited. Jarring and the effects of a sudden crash prevented.

4. L.A. Dog Company Rider Turbo Car Seat

L.A. Dog Company Rider Turbo Car Seat is a splendid choice for luxury redefined in a dog car seat with security and safety in mind. This is an upscale product and the first on the list that isn't a pet harness. In place of a dog seat belt, it is more of a booster seat with the perks of a dog bed. They designed Rider Turbo with CertiPur-US upholstery grade certified foam (made without ozone-depleting chemicals), making for a healthier product. Micro Velvet 100 percent micro denier polyester is just as beautiful as velvet but easier to clean and wash. This product checks off several key boxes: Vegan, Eco-Friendly, Cruelty-Free, and USA-made. Give your pet a place to sleep during a long car ride or a boost to look out the window at the sights along the way. It reduces anxiety and limits distracted driving episodes when pets roam throughout the vehicle. More than a pet bed, it is a luxurious status pet item and on the higher end of price points.

LA Dog Company Rider Turbo Car Seat

Calming Dog Ad

Photo source: animalsmatter.com

5. Snoozer Lookout 1 Dog Car Seat

When your smallest pups need a clear view of the scenery with safety as the priority, Snoozer's Lookout 1 Car Seat should be on your list. Sometimes the simple act of looking out the window will calm a furry friend's queasiness. They lined the seat in sherpa for the softest feel and warmth. Pets who may be adverse or skittish in cars seem to do better when they have personal space dedicated to their needs. Small dogs need extra special pampering with total safety, so they stay off your lap (or shoulder) and in their own space while riding in the car.

Snoozer's Lookout 1 Car Seat

Photo source: snoozerpetproducts.com

Made to Order Hand Sewn Dog Seats

Your pet is unique, and you should treat them like the royalty they are. Snoozer prides itself on made-to-order individually sewn handcrafted dog seat belts, safety belts, and other dog-friendly products that artisans in the USA lovingly manufactured. The ability to quality control assures that your dog will get a thoroughly checked item without flaws often sent to customers in mass-produced factories.

Eight Shades to Match Your Interiors

Snoozer Lookout 1 is perfect for any fur daddy or mommy who also wants a fashion-forward approach to a dog seat. Imagine lush quality fabric in eight shades in the standard model. Nudes, blues, blacks, and grays accentuate your auto and your fur baby. If you appreciate an aesthetic that is luxurious as practical, Snoozer Lookout 1 Dog Car Seat is a beautiful selection.

Machine Washable Covering

If your doggie has an accident, makes a mess, or sheds pet fur (which is 100 percent certain to occur), take a deep breath and toss the machine washable cover into the laundry. Lookout 1's fully removable covers make freshening up your pup's space regularly a snap. Your pet will appreciate how nicely its spacious, cozy seat smells and will love it even more.

Highly Reviewed on Company Website

Thousands of pawsitive, oops, positive reviews on the company website couldn't be wrong. Snoozer Lookout 1 is a fantastic booster seat product for smaller dogs with an impressive look, soft feel, and safe ride.

6. Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Crash Tested Smart Car Dog Harness

For a crash-tested harness that will look "fetching" (pun intended) on your dog, Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Crash Tested Smart Car Dog Harness is an affordable top-rated option. Kurgo Tru-Fit has five adjustable points of contact for a superb fit and a padded chest plate for extra protection in an auto accident. There are only two classic colors to select from, black and red. The Tru-Fit has leash attachments on the front and back for multifunctional use as a walking harness. This product's size range is wide so that any size dog can find comfortable protection for a little fresh air with its owner.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Crash Tested Smart Car Dog Harness

Photo source: chewy.com

Easily Attaches to Seat Belt

A simple tether comes with the Kurgo harness. The Tru-Fit tether has been through crash testing to ensure that your pet will be safe during rides. The dog seat belt has multiple potential uses and could double for short lead training.

Fits Dogs Up to 75 Pounds

Larger dog owners can cheer because the Kurgo Tru-Fit is also sized for your pet. This product comes in an X-large that fits up to a 75-pound pet. Ensure that your measurements are correct to order the correct harness for your dog's body size and width/girth.

Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness

by EzyDog 

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7. EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness

Sometimes there is so much detail in a product that you are simply in awe of the manufacturing and integrity. EzyDog Drive is one of those excellent dog car seats that should be in your car and on your precious pet. EzyDog uses the most durable construction and materials in this harness. It has passed crash safety tests for safety restraints and vehicle interior belts. It only takes one fitting of this harness. After that, your dog can simply step into the design and prepare for a safe trip to your pet's favorite places to share with its human.

EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness

Photo source: ezydog.com

Constructed From Vehicle Tested Seat Belt Webbing

Dogs can experience people's treatment with EzyDog Drive harnesses designed from seat belt webbing. This unique and patented construction has undergone extensive testing in crash safety studies. This step is an integral part of determining the performance of a dog seat belt. Pet owners can take extra satisfaction in knowing that the company considered human standards for particular canine safety products. This dog seat belt met or exceeded specific safety test guidelines and performed well enough to receive a Center for Pet Safety passing grade.

Easy On and Off With Dual SR Buckle System

The easy-to-use side-release buckle system allows your dog to get into and out of the Drive harness with your help with little trouble. This is great for those fussy dogs who are itching to get out of anything confining, even if it is comfy or in their best interest. The easier the harness comes off your pet after your fun family road trip or short-distance drive, the better for you and them.


The perfect dog seat belt or restraint is available for your dog's size and is something you should purchase to protect and safeguard your pet. The proper restraint prevents distracted driving and lessens your pet's risk of being injured or killed in an accident. There is no better time than now to use one of these top-rated suggested dog seats and harnesses.

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