11 Best Dog Cones Plus the Best Dog Cone Alternatives

Golden Retriever dog recovering from foot surgery while wearing an Elizabethan collar in the shape of a cone for protection

When you greet your pooch at the veterinarian’s office after a challenging procedure—whether a spay-neuter or a stitch-up from a run-in with the cat—you’re undoubtedly excited to see your best bud. But you’re probably not ready to see the “cone of shame” that your precious little pet may be sporting. Believe us; we get it. Your pup looks uncomfortable and a little out of its element, and it might tempt a dog owner like you to ditch the dog cone altogether, worried that it’s too heavy or too limiting. And while these concerns are understandable—a cone can be heavy for a smaller dog and may inhibit some peripheral vision and hearing—the protection it offers certainly outweighs the discomfort. So before you toss it, let’s dig into why dog cones are beneficial. Then we can look at some more practical and comfortable options with our 11 best dog cones, plus alternatives you’ll love.

Coming Home with a Dog Collar

As we mentioned, they primarily use a dog collar or cone for a dog straight out of surgery or after a dog has sustained an injury or rash breakout. Suppose the danger of scratching or licking at skin lesions, seborrheic dermatitis or a surgical site is significant enough. In that case, your vet may even decide that an Elizabethan dog collar is the best option. But if a dog owner neglects the vet’s recommendation, they can compromise the injury or surgery site and prolong healing. The exposed wound may become more prominent, deeper and ridden with bacteria to the point of infection. dog in dog cone 2 Our advice? Leave it on until your vet says it’s safe to remove. There is no reason to doubt what a trained veterinarian orders for your animal’s care—to undermine them is genuinely not the best choice for your dog. The good news is that the donning of the dog cone is only one small part of a dog’s life—usually only a week or two—and an essential part of their healing process. Besides, there are alternatives to the traditional Elizabethan dog cone nowadays. 

The Dog Cone Options You’re Sure to Love

Your dog is resilient, so don’t worry too much if he’s having trouble lapping water or moving around your home comfortably. With practice, your dog will adapt and get the hang of things! Still, it makes sense to do your research and choose a dog cone that will minimize your pet’s discomfort. That’s why we’ve gathered our favorite options for you here. Read on for the 11 best dog cones plus alternatives we’ve found to get recovery started off right.

1. Supet Adjustable Plastic Recovery Collar

When you check out what kinds of cool gadgets Supet has in store for every fur parent and baby, you’ll meet with a slew of exceptional training and pet care supplies. Also, Supet truly reigns supreme in the variety of dog cones they sell, and their online store is just what you need when the budget is tight. The cone we love is the traditional Elizabethan dog cone, made of extra soft fabric and lined with premium leather to minimize discomfort and maximize durability. This adjustable Elizabethan-style cone comes in six different sizes to fit any breed, and storage is a breeze with its fully collapsible design. Putting this Supet collar on your pet’s neck is a snap. Follow the simple instructions to size your pup up, and you’re guaranteed a sound and secure fit, no matter your dog’s size. And by the way, all Supet pet products come guaranteed for life! Who doesn’t like guarantees?

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Adjustable Pet Cone Recovery Collar
$14.99 ($14.99 / Count)

by Supet 

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2. In Hand Cat or Dog Plastic Recovery Cone

Next is the In Hand’s Dog recovery Elizabethan dog cone or cat cone. The In Hand store offers essential pet supplies for every cat or dog owner, like a scratch protector for your couch, a front door protector for dogs that scratch to get out, super-cute reusable diapers, and even cuter dog cones. Your dog may forget he’s wearing a cone with the In Hand cone’s ultra-light PVC. They make this cone with flexible and transparent plastic to not compromise your furry friend’s peripheral vision, reducing cone-wearing anxiety. Pets can learn how to adapt to this cone quickly since they can still hear, eat, drink and even sleep safely in their crates. The snap and Velcro enclosure goes beyond the usual securing fastenings to ensure a dog won’t be able to remove it, but the dog owner can. Whether you have a small dog or a large dog, you’ll find the perfect dog cone for your dog. The In Hand cone sizes range from small to 2XL.

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Pet Plastic Recovery Cone
$13.99 ($13.99 / Count)

by In Hand 

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3. Bolbove Dot Plastic Recovery Collar for a Cat or Dog

Bolbove is a small online store with some of the cutest pet sweaters, and stationery sets out there, so you may get lost drooling over cable-knit sweaters and beautifully decorated paper while shopping for our dog recovery pick: the Bolbove Dot soft plastic recovery collar. This ultra-affordable cone is also ultra-small—probably most suitable for small dog breeds and adult cats, bunnies, puppies, and kittens. The Bolbove cone is purr-fect for a teacup, miniature, and the smallest of the small fur babies who may need a special recovery collar following a spay or neuter procedure or injury. Whatever the reason, like rashes or injuries, the Bolbove cone is perfect for a small pet to maintain healing while still being able to use their peripheral vision, eat their meals and lap up water seamlessly after a bit of practice. Finally, a pet cone made just for the little ones! We love the small plastic dog collar that is like the traditional Elizabethan cone but made into a more comfy cone. 

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Pet Plastic Clear Cone Recovery
$6.90 ($6.90 / Count)

by Bolbove 

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4. Fezep 5-Piece Recovery Dog Collar for All Dog Sizes

You can find the Fezep dog collar and an upholstery repair kit online when searching for your best dog cone. Although the Fezep company doesn’t have much in the way of other dog care products, this 5-piece set is a solid find, especially for a fur parent with multiple pets. If you’re the owner of a multi-pet home, this could be the perfect set for you. Why not keep all five dog cones from Fezep in your pet first aid kit and never worry about ordering extras? Indeed, many fur parents search for this exceptional deal many. With Fezep, you get five pet cones in different sizes to accommodate dogs and cats of any size. And the set’s low price is what makes the deal a deal. You have a pet cone for the whole litter for a few bucks less than a twenty-dollar bill!

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Dog Cone Collar

by Fezep 

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5. Vivifying All Pet Recovery Cone

The Vivifying store carries various products, from craft supplies to home goods. But we love Vivifying’s range of pet care supplies like leashes, dog toys and their Elizabethan dog cones. The Vivifying traditional dog cone has several color options for the stylish pup. Whether your dog is the chic type or of a more conservative fashion sense, there’s an option with Vivifying dog cones between red, blue, pink, and light green with white polka-dots. Vivifying makes the traditional dog cone into a comfy cone that serves all of your small pets, fitting most puppies, adult teacups, teddy dog breeds, kittens and bunnies. The soft, transparent plastic dog collar is lined with PVC and covered in soft polka-dotted fabric. Who can resist a dog or kitty in polka dots? Well, we surely can’t!

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Dog Cones for Small Dogs
$9.99 ($9.99 / Count)

by Vivifying 

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6. BENCMATE Inflatable Elizabethan Dog Cone or Cat Cone

For the dog owner looking for a comfy dog cone alternative that still works like a traditional Elizabethan dog cone, we can get on board with this not-so-traditional BENCMATE inflatable dog cone. This cozy, inflatable dog cone alternative comes in many sizes to fit every one of your pets, and with chew and bite resistance, this is one tough cone! You can remove the BENCMATE’s inflatable insert from the cover, making cleaning the collar a breeze. Just toss it in the wash with like colors, and dry it in the dryer. Your dog’s regular collar helps stabilize the inflatable BENCMATE by threading through the soft cover’s interior loops, and this protective and comfy cone is the best alternative dog cone for a fur parent that wants the healing process to be extra luxe. The collar’s design naturally allows the dog to see from his peripheral vision field, and there’s no plastic cone to inhibit the dog’s hearing. Your dog can eat, drink and be merry through a ‘ruff time!

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Inflatable Elizabethan Pet Cone
$14.43 ($14.43 / Count)


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7. MIDOG Inflatable Recovery Dog Collar

The MIDOG store celebrates summer with swimming pools for your pool-loving pooch. The pool is a safe 12″ depth, making it suitable for kids and friendly dogs. What’s better than a poolside dog with a comfortable cone who can play and splash the healing time away? The MIDOG inflatable recovery dog cone alternative runs in sizes XS through XL. It has three extra straps to adjust to your pet’s neck comfortably with a heavy-duty metal buckle for a secure fit. Every fur parent wants to see a dog crushing their recovery, and the MIDOG recovery dog collar makes this happen. You’ll see how easy it is for your dog to eat, drink and even play with this ultra-comfy cone, featuring super-soft jersey knit fabric for easy care and added comfort. Like the BENCMATE, the MIDOG inflatable recovery collar has a trio of interior loops to thread the dog’s regular collar through for added security. It’s a cinch to inflate or deflate for storage whenever you need it, with the pinch and blow inflating and deflating mechanism.

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Inflatable Recovery Dog Collar


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8. Katoggy Inflatable Recovery Cat or Dog Collar

Katoggy has all you need in dog care from their grooming wipes, poo bags, leashes, and a daily collar for your dog to wear. And of course, Katoggy also has an exceptional alternative to the traditional Elizabethan dog cone in many stylish patterns and colors. Much like the last two cone alternatives we’ve introduced, the Katoggy recovery cone is inflatable and is a super comfy cone for a speedy recovery. The inflatable recovery collar is lightweight, easy to wear, clean, and store with a pinch and blow valve for easy inflation and deflation. This collar is it if you want a comfy cone that allows your dog to eat, drink, play and sleep without missing a beat. While wearing the Katoggy inflatable cone, your dog’s peripheral vision and hearing are always open, so your pet can stay alert and anxiety-free. A small cone fits a cat or Jack Russell, while a medium cone will fit a poodle nicely. The large fits a pit bull, and an XL is perfect for a rottweiler. Please note that the Katoggy dog cone may not fit a dog with a longer snout, and a longer-legged dog may kick the cone off with his hind legs. Please size accordingly or acquire direct contact with the fantastic and responsive customer care center with additional queries or insights.

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Inflatable Recovery Pet Collar
$15.99 ($15.99 / Count)

by Katoggy 

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9. ARRR Comfy UFO Cat and Dog Recovery Cone Alternative

Looking into ARRR products, you can easily spot the store’s love for the small and medium dogs of the world. Their products range from leash and harness sets made for safe walks to max-comfort warming or cooling dog bed mats. We just love the ARRR Elizabethan dog cone’s one-of-a-kind fluffy UFO design, which provides the same preventative measures as a traditional Elizabethan dog cone with a padded, adjustable 3-ring circular shape. With the adjustability in the rings, the dog or cat can easily maneuver to eat, lap up water, play and sleep comfortably. It will not compromise the dog’s peripheral vision, and he can hear perfectly soundly while donning the UFO-style dog cone alternative. ARRR has thoughtfully created a water-resistant donut e-collar that repels pet hair for a neat and clean recovery cone. It comes in many sizes and fits any pet’s neck comfortably and securely. The ARRR donut UFO dog cone is a unique and comfy cone to promote proper healing that feels fabulous for any pet.

Photo source: Amazon.com

Comfy UFO Pet Recovery Cone Alternative
$29.99 ($29.99 / Count)

by ARRR 

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10. The Alfie Noah Recovery Dog Collar in Brown

The Alfie Pet Store is the most inclusive pet shop we’ve found—they even make a hammock small enough for a rat or sugar glider! From small dog travel accessories to reusable panties for girl dogs and a belt for boy dogs, the variety of products for furry friends of any kind will astound you. Alfie’s high-quality fabric and unique designs make them one of the most in-demand producers of Elizabethan dog cones! The ‘Noah’ recovery collar is one of many unique styles to dress your cat or dog in when they need surgical care or are in the throes of a mean rash or wound. Recovery isn’t so scary with Alfie’s bendy and ultra-adorable comfy cone. Your cat or dog will feel braver than ever for recovery donning this ultra-sweet lion’s mane style. RARR! With uber-flexible PVC plastic, your dog can live her life with maximum comfort and zero hassle. The peripheral vision, hearing, eating, drinking, playing, and even sleeping are naturally easy for all pets with this expertly created cone.

Photo source: Amazon.com

Noah Recovery Dog Collar in Brown

by The Alfie 

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11. GoodBoy Elizabethan-Style Inflatable Recovery Comfy Cone Alternative

Ah, “Good Boy!” How often do we dog owners say it? Well, that’s mostly because it’s true, and a good boy or girl needs the best dog cone to comfortably promote wound healing or rash. When you find a good Elizabethan dog cone alternative that seems promising enough, but your dog has a long snout or long hind legs, you’ll need a bigger e-collar. But fear not! We’ve found the dog cone that will make it impossible to lick or scratch a wound or rash no matter how determined a dog may be. They intentionally made the Goodboy recovery cone to accommodate those longer snouted dogs. Ready to wear with quick inflation and deflation, the Goodboy inflatable dog cone has everything other cone alternatives have. Still, it’s also effective for a dog with a long snout, like a Dachshund or a Dalmatian. Get your ‘good boy’ a Goodboy, the biggest and the best dog cone alternative. While you’re at it, check out the rest of the Goodboy store, which has a variety of humane muzzles, dog training essentials, and many more necessities any pet parent needs to live amicably with their dog.


Comfortable Recovery E-Collar

by GoodBoy 

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Recovery, Cones, and Lots of Doggy Kisses

In the end, the recovery cone is not a thing of shame or some silly device veterinarians have designed to embarrass your dog. Instead, it is a valuable tool to promote healing a dog’s wound or rash by getting your dog out of his own way. As you can see, various dog and small pet cones for every member of your little fur family are safe, comfortable, and effective at providing a speedy and safe recovery for your pets. So next time you need to cone your dog, take advantage of our favorites listed here—with the options above, you can’t go wrong. We promise your pup will thank you in the end.

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